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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>10-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

10-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Oct 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am and the currency or not they are thank your kid crying all the time in Michael it it would be would be. -- getting colder. And it aren't. Bottling up their children. More in there they -- around in -- an ankle. Which they have crying child and your dialogue over our goal I expect he spent a lot you know. In they -- their children but when they get an allergic towards Beijing -- under special labels so they're very. -- -- -- -- -- I I do know what you mean some parents just don't have a clue. Exactly. Now. Get out and not appear technical conference and look at nick -- and it's fault it's and they are probably forty minutes. You know and now get when you -- -- -- shopping under their children that there. Not completely because it is kind of a strange world out there but. Make sure that they're not sweltering and that's and you know what I. I never would have thought of that and I think that's absolutely outstanding and I'm glad you brought that up when you go into a store you got to look at all bundled up to coincide at least open up the jacket to give some ventilation to them. Want to play. Yeah I -- all -- make it every single day it's actually a bit you know what they're getting calls or else I'll -- and and in their in their -- -- crying and it's like. And now from around the corner of all I don't on the same thing to -- but I know exactly what's happening. Eight point. Eight point well made. And -- allegedly called a lot of the mother's not there and father error corporate stake in each other. -- -- What I understand there. I mean I don't know where today's parents are wearing knickers when my kids were little. I -- -- car I mean when I was sure. After they'd be better off in the natural elements. I'm kidding I'm -- that I shouldn't say stuff like that because somebody's gonna take it seriously. Look I'm I'm glad you made the point and you know it's kind of funny -- during the course of your entire phone call you know I was thinking about. -- -- -- -- -- My -- my mom used to -- -- in what he pajamas when I was a baby and a young boy and I swear that's one of the reasons today I cannot stand having my feet covered. What now they can't be here all try to pick -- Yeah. Game. Well those are generally made of leather which -- thank you. Since. Well all right thank you very much you know she plays innocent I can tell that the deep down she's laughing -- -- outside she was laughing. -- let's go back to the calls on the WB Ian here is Ricky into -- to -- the buy -- complaint basket WBE. And is open and what is aggravating the Helen here. Wal-Mart say thank you to you linger through it all the other people on their crews for the good thing you do did you ration out people needed time thank you job. I don't want brought things that just pissed me off I'd be it'd be fair attitude that mine during the part of the waiting for -- loss. They're different entitlements. And and -- people don't understand that. I'm wrong I registry of veterans. I give. Paycheck every month or conversations. Is a pretty page disability claim and and I was in the service. And now I hear people say -- Owe you money the government in this Indian media ball. Now says that is you know I got a taste of insert OK now now you've managed -- pissed me off you've awakened from my stupor. But I can you hold on so we can -- that's what you do battle. -- -- you hold on because that we have some fun here. And all you really want to know about the weather right now Halloween it's going to be in the sixties okay late there will be in the high fifties by the time your kids are all dressed up and walking and Everett causing Havoc mayhem and -- it is 48 at WB -- Now. Wanda as a bone to it with people who bitch about entitlements. Ricky wanna set your mind at ease or thought about I was gonna handle this during the break and Turks and deep breaths and -- meditation I went to the Himalayas and in those thirty seconds Allen was speaking consulted with my yogi. And I I. Don't ever think when people talk about entitlements that they're talking about. Veterans stop because you have earned. That when people say entitlements. The way I take it is. Generation. After generation object after generation in the learning how to game and scammed the system without having contributed anything to it. Well that's an entitlement though that and now. Well because some wide -- and got -- and noted I don't. I wouldn't mind. I don't wanna engage in south mystery on this but I really I I think you're making an issue where there really isn't one. I got you both my brother -- -- -- -- golf does help my brother mark my voice -- in Germany that. And getting a welfare checks in person in my money from the service was considered anything. OK anybody with half a brain would immediately realize he's an idiot. -- seriously anybody with half a brain would immediately call that guy and a rear orphans -- I got the -- autumn. And I think that really guitar is the -- effectively school boundaries. But god dialogue -- -- not -- personal god -- and schools it's a school can sit there and how you're kid. That Obama really great guy. I don't really. Again -- I don't really see the parallel -- It in our country because our founding fathers were well aware of what he in the -- the various religions could be they didn't want a national religion because they were aware of the bloodshed the bee headings. That took place between the Catholics and the Protestants in England most of them were familiar with a famous book called Fox's book of marchers they did not want religion to divide the country therefore. The establishment clause just says there will not be a national religion as far as god not being in schools see I think that god is everywhere. And and god can be everywhere. Mean maybe I'm just a little bit war but if I see -- being I see the work of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And sit there and Obama all agree and teach kids commercials about how Obama is very. Well right -- -- ought to go but I do wanna thank you for your service to the country you've done more than I have. All right thank you. Yeah I you know all got in school. -- I've never I've personal folks I'm not a religious -- I don't believe in any religion. Because I can't put my finger on. Early I can't. I just I don't know I don't know the answer I do believe in god. I do believe there's a creator of the universe I don't think that this is all -- random thing I don't understand. But god can be with you anytime you want ought to be with. Mean people -- mean look I'm getting into the the philosophical and theoretical. But there's nobody that can keep you from -- nobody. Not a principle not an administrator he's always with you if that's what you believe. 525. -- -- Your records are we have. You know I always tell you about speed with a guitar it's about the case. That is a classic example very simple. I mean ridiculously simple and yet it's so perfect. To be passed just simple and right on the money. And it tells you amazed by my music production abilities. She is actually on that. Believe it or not these -- -- -- studio with the janitor at a couple of our let's get back to the calls on a WBD. And and say -- -- if you're just joining us thanks a lot for being part of Liberia and let them party are today. And the sometimes you know when I was gonna agree we're gonna get really pissed off each other and that's just part of being a member of my dysfunctional radio program. -- you and I I'm sorry but there's no getting around -- -- special relationship. I've been around a long time. And you know what you see is what you get and you know that. You know that we go through life experiences together. -- being buffalo audience in on the radio at all and I'm just glad you're still with. And it really means a lot more than I can even begin to express. So thank you. Do appreciate and this has been I got a tea phenomenal -- And it's been a phenomenal show Rica is you guys and I believe me I can't stand it. When bands in sincerely say give yourself -- out of applause answers -- call to certain phenomenal. And everybody's been great. And I want to keep ago. I really do my complaint desk is open. As long as it's something that everybody is gonna know about. As long as it's something about which I care. Or even moderately have some interest in following up on. Give me -- call. Just don't individuals if they're not in the public guy or business is by name. And they'll try that little trick where -- and it's cellphone company of the first that usually is the first letter is because I'm you know been doing this to all the so anyway. Industrial and I thirty start at thirty and 180616. WB Ian and I really encourage women to call Lynn because I have let's put it this way. I'm start to feel like it's buddies on a Friday night. In the 1980s. I'm just saying it. Jolie never. Never went there and what the city lights although funny story I swear this is a true story. No -- -- from all that national TV show less Trent started out -- the news on my old extension 55 -- Less and high. -- I mean yes he's a black man but I need the black friend Ruben out of a racist so we would hang out is he needed to -- for so -- a couple of editors felt that. And so they -- Let's as the guy. Out driving the 192 -- five alarm warehouse fire with less in the passenger seat. Next date comes that says. I turned white. So anyway. Both of us one I swear the sisters Saturday night last trip and I are going out. Drinks and popular for its. And -- proudly wearing -- WG RT 55 jackets. Com. That's and a we walked out of this place and before long we realize that scholars Sampson and -- kiss them. We realized that we had accidentally go on in to a homosexual bar. It's not like it was. And is well it is now 2013. Okay the 1980s. Totally different atmosphere and environment and these days would be just a little. But anyway for the better and but anyway I'll never forget that story as long as I live less I I know -- remembers it because. We very timidly quickly drank or drinks and got out of disrespect intended to those of you would bet that persuasion. To understand you know it was like meetings the last thing we won it was for everybody to think homosexual. Now I wish people think I'm homosexual. Seriously -- That would be the brand right there. All right let's get back to the calls and WBE and I thought that was worthy of a story. Let's find out what people are upset about my complete this is open Franken field thank you very much what's on your mind. I don't the question summit of setting me is the new Medicare coverage that's coming up January 1. Alms starting January 1 if they are telling me if you can in fusion. Rock instead of -- Ballard called pay you'll be paying a percentage. Co pay. I hit the drug. At this. The drugstore. Crisis 800 dollars I cannot buy it because infusion drugs. As the -- -- infusions so long as I heard your attitude in the name should calm. They charge 8000 dollars for the 800 dollar drug. The health care. Provider of home which is a big local. Company. I'm great -- 7000 dollars for the drug use -- coming up January 1 instead of paying a fifty dollar. Doctors. Call it what you -- -- I don't know what did terminology as port. And -- pay for the drugs instead of like -- right now I'll have to -- 12100 dollars. Or it every six weeks. The support of the across the board for all infusion drugs starting January 1 if you look -- -- or other. What other. Need for infusion debt is what it's going to be an anchor it's true. Are you -- the advantage program and I knew there is a much different than Medicare is out there which when he won. Our -- okay bubble -- would shield. -- -- I called to independent I talked to him and I talk UnitedHealth. But as far as your particular -- -- particular Medicare it doesn't have a specific gap brand name of Medicare I mean like. As I mentioned earlier. That the word I used earlier. Not that I know there's just I have a senior blue I believe it's called. Home and they but they're telling me it does not matter -- you have an infusion. Drug you'll be picking up a percentage instead of a whole page. Dollar amount coming up January 1. -- was one person you can thank producer. President Barack Obama. You may thank him and -- the Republicans argued that obamacare was gonna hurt Medicare and the media wouldn't pay any attention and guess what. Exactly what's at all the -- -- because. This if Medicare might not be a lot of people right now in my age group or younger. But you're gonna see some seniors we're gonna be awfully upset but you know those in Cheektowaga will still vote Democrat. Yeah usually a company here I -- one argues specific areas of focus and today I call today -- -- -- -- know anything about. Which you wish to bitch what is pissing you off right now. I wanted to help out 8030930. Started hurting and cellphone at 180616. WB EN now frank and -- field. Is that he's pissed off because he is not an infusion therapy and as of January 1 because of obamacare he is gonna get ball. It's true it's just and what bothers me the most visits the going up from. Currently if it's probably 8200 Alex up to 12100 dollar and once once for the rest of my life I'm gonna have to do. Still keep on paying that it which to -- it seems like an awfully big jump. Just. -- -- awfully big -- it. The health and it doesn't matter just for myself. If you're hitting a can would order if you look at them as -- -- take an infusion all these people will be paying a high dollar amount. We have to vote on the bill to know what's that. I just want to get off my genocide -- Seething with this for a while on the burger -- and I -- until you walked in and I'm glad you had a show people condemn it as much and I feel a lot better even most likely dooming any good. Probably I feel better. What you might do. And I made -- -- I'm not gonna make this a personal because I said I wouldn't but you might call Brian -- office and ask him what you should do because he was the vote for Obama here who is still in congress. There's truth I didn't get somebody talking about going for epic from New York State epic -- calmer -- infusion drug epic is only for part. -- over the counter prescription drugs so they had bad debt doesn't want help out either. Why haven't I haven't thought about epic since the late eighties and Robin challenger was a big driving force behind that. A lot thanks very much I'm glad you called which I can help but I can't it's it's the law of the lancer and let's probate. Okay all right thank you. Folks this is giving me such an insight into what you guys care about you have no idea. What is pissing you off. What is bothering you what is making your life miserable 8030930. Yeah you gotta get a full weather at 6 o'clock on to tell you right now it's Halloween it's going to be in the sixties and by the -- -- throughout gathering candy will be in the upper fifties. -- got my full size bars already ago I could very well by the way so far I've only stolen one quick spar. From the children. Just 11 -- spark real -- journal. I was gonna have another one before I came to work today but you know what I did instead I said that would be a bad choice I'm gonna have Greek yogurt. So I had Greek yogurt before -- came -- -- which means you're when -- it will soon find out the wonderful facts about lactose intolerance I'll be right in guys. Crop dusting anyone. Let's go to our next call I'm such a classy guy here's -- getting hammered by hello. -- -- -- Good opportunity for -- obviously. Holds a little. You know. -- like up every day. And just get sicker and sicker and its northern troops in the -- It's what she might. -- Tiger there's these politicians and the people who think they know what you like for me and you know went and my neighbor might -- -- It's getting to a point where. Is that the tolerate you all just unbearable and. There's nobody out there anymore they -- the country's borrowing at heart and people every parent any. And other her sit -- and do. We not seeing. And it's it's scary -- the one part what content moderation so. So terribly -- -- All my dear sir welcome welcome to the club like I -- you feel a little bit better at least tried. -- Well OK here's what I want to say here's what I wanna say the human. You are not alone. I am mentally in the same boat with -- most people I know are in the same boat with few. Now the question is okay now we've established you were not alone in that -- a lot of people who feel exactly the way you and I feel the question then becomes what what the hell do we do about it. Granted we live in a park left state so our impact is going to be minimal. However one of the things you can't do. Is to register as many like minded people as you can to vote okay and make sure they get out and vote. I wanna see Andrew Cuomo thrown out on his past in the worst possible way. I want him gone and I don't mean gauntlet miss -- I mean gone from the governorship of New York State. So that's taking action it's complaining. Taking action getting like minded people to vote. You know and that and that that good enough and I definitely agree with -- and admit something that I. And challenging myself now and next week. I think like toleration levels peak -- I don't mind serving my country which I do part time basis. But what I served my country under the Y. And that this exception. About prejudice. And politicians. Who want to turn the tide in any benefit from their own. I think just it's sort of point and and -- sir are -- -- -- -- -- that we are getting our military folks -- written word worked harder. I I hope so as I got it it's about cricket. -- I hate to be a it Richard -- but. I have never seen a president. -- as blatantly as frequently as obviously as deceptively. As coming late and whatever the word to pick up as Barack Hussein Obama. The man. -- and is a fraud. And I don't know why people seriously he's off. All. And the people in the military we know what. We know what then do. Everybody out there now and they're listening who are in the military being very careful because he's trying to put something in the play. It's scaring the daylights out of me. And I. My military friends and Brothers and sisters and it's not. Everybody reported. It's such a great thing out. You know all the people dot Q. The one ticket and out and the ones who like all this great stuff coming out or so lying time -- -- sold one into the. Make use of our education system Sox are a lot of time I'm glad you called I could not agree with you more I'm pretty much everything you have said you basically spoke for me and a lot of other folks.

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