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10-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Oct 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't have decided today to open up PW be the end complaint -- Bottom line question what's pissing you ought. To all I wanna know what's pissing off. Just don't name businesses if you name businesses specifically you will not make it on the year. And please don't say well I was doing business with a cell company whose first name starts with a letter. Is that doesn't get on the year either I mean. You know these these little tricks do not work I've been doing this to logs or just get help Nicole all right we've series -- I'm I'm not trying to be Richard just. You know be cool. 803 on 930 what is pissing you off. That is in my question. 8030930. The land line start 930 on the cellphone and told Fareed it is 180616. W. Be the end. All right let's get to the calls and say hello to Randy in those -- talk county Randi what's up. A lot of what our moral or whoever it was -- -- name of the town I guess at all couldn't sue you so -- -- all -- Okay all out and over. -- -- little -- out there are. And their little fiefdoms. Landlord and a what got me going this week. That's Tenet who had to pay the rent mumps obviously so we didn't eviction process to get my thirty day notice -- -- They of course that there -- so that they're out to a remote in Iran -- appear in court yesterday at the court date we show up. And at the Trojan out of order here earlier chat a little and a adjournment. But any particular turning. Into another month that they're free of course. -- -- -- They they know the system they they've game the system with batteries or did you and did you do when these people before eleven have reports. Well unfortunately the property with -- just over fight yours ago and he lived there when we got to place that your but it just goes down -- -- Borderline and at the other real good real bad. But they just recently and couldn't. And for you and work. What you see it's another acute. That it is not. Cool and making them see only a few of the and the that's kind of the I think -- -- because of which are they were actually kind of Renton and department job and cry and I haven't even. In this debate as to what they're trying. Well I guess your eight year old daughter you have to feed -- doesn't matter because your evil capitalist landlords scumbag. -- And that's. Well I'm -- well this fine upstanding myself in a Republican and conservatives who don't appear like. Russell Russell Russell what are what are we gonna do about this when does this end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't graduate from will be on Friday we moved on Saturday. To DC where he started -- job on Monday morning when I mentioned to party which are more back to New York. Think cancer is -- I won't say no but that may change as he gets older. All right your. Maybe I'm maybe and is overly sentimental. All right sir I'm glad you called -- -- -- were all right I got. Literature that they can work itself out and get the hell out of this state you people can hour. Rock your own successful. All Russell has a very kind of done nothing to you know Russell you're -- Or read. You know what -- -- pace of their two lights on this phone too close together and just doing things thank -- You know you can lightly because you're you're you're you're like a few months older than I sell. -- -- magical men have a good one. -- a landlord there is a show unto itself I don't know any orders that are all miserable. By the way for those who do are very pissed off that you could no longer give us -- and you can download everything and he -- Your cell phone really. I can't so -- Almost the WB and enough -- -- to W Ian. And all have to attribute your Altria plug your cellphone in the part of your car -- actually be like listening on the radio. Provided you've got itself section. All right so anyway there's -- so let's get back to the calls I've opened up a -- -- with one -- just a couple of computer issue what to talk to me. -- the Arctic now computer issue here it's no I couldn't possibly be the case always worry when -- -- -- running back and fort. Anyway my complaint desk is open what do you pissed off about. I suppose I could say about what are you pissed off but it still up in the absence with a preposition. Boy that's weird okay let's go to. Frank in the polls prank on WB Ian frank you know any landlord is that because I sure don't. -- are not a -- just want to recoup money. Now well -- just seems like some landlord -- magnets for people who just know how to game the system what do you pissed off about. Well good health care issue again. Like everybody else you'd get canceled player to get canceled. All the oil and who would you go to the popular vote duplicate cancel the other -- country can't get on line. Well vehicles to put your -- to vehicles on the -- area. I would call Bruce Springsteen. I would call Bruce Springsteen's. Make -- personal collect call to Bruce Springsteen to explain to him a big supporter of Obama what's happening to you and your family and asked Bruce if -- can write to check to cover the difference. Yeah that's about it. Or what Asia George Bush of people in the short collection he was gonna leave the country. The water at an international. I don't get it. When he said George Bush you lost me. Well the computer -- -- -- George Bush if you want the shotgun term election usually the country. All all like to leave not leave debt okay thank you. -- yeah. I have ever ever Bruce Springsteen specifically saying that but he's been a big Obama supporter and all of Hollywood types folks all the the people of music stars if you're running -- problems paying your health care why don't chew. Write them letters asking them to pay their fair share the -- That's a good idea. Good luck with the -- largest on the development just analytical to return to know. You've got no but now there is nobody -- I mean you know rush I thought Russert showed today was absolutely unbelievably awesome. I have to play event because basically what he told you in his show today. I don't know how much more obvious it can be. -- obamacare. Is a giant Mongolian cluster of epic proportions there has never been anything this -- maybe in the history of the United States of America this whole thing has to be swept off of the books and that that we've got people in this area who would vote for this idiot again. And people like Nancy Pelosi. We've got to vote for the law applied what's that folks this is ridiculous but if you want -- government by idiots because you're EBT targets fill up every month and you've got to nine weeks of employment and natural Bob appalled. -- -- I -- Obama phone that's a signal for you to do something I'm. Again we live in strange times and that I'm afraid that. My dad what he prophesied his way back when in the early 1970s is going to come to fruition at some point. The next civil war between between will be between the haves and the have. I rest my case -- you gone you still there. He was you know he was born -- and on and he was taken. With the air edition of brilliance that he found himself temporarily stunned by the wisdom. Like a -- It was cerebellum -- frontal -- actually. Let's go back to the calls on WB at 8030930. So tell me. What are you pissed off about my complaint desk is open I'm literally all ears today I hope you do most of the talking let's say hello to Richard Cheektowaga -- talk. Only on pit stop myself. Because I don't do anything about everybody else said. They're doing that they shouldn't be doing that this beyond that I can't do anything about because then. It would only create -- Case -- point. Talking on the phone texting her and so -- it's a daily thing in this part of me off because I'm abiding by the law. Doing what I got to do. And being you know people not doing the very. And they are -- and helpful mostly women. Steve here's here's what they ought to do they ought to let people -- on their cell phones and people that wouldn't text under cellphones with nobody his. Well what amazes me. I'm not the smartest person in the world. And it's obvious to me that people started texting when they couldn't talk on the cell phones anymore what's more dangerous than what people talk on the cell phones. You know and I thought about that true if it is it's -- important we got a track. For a 32 phone calls that -- three minutes -- lecture you know young ball younger a deal with DuPont. Unfortunately you know I'm sure you're great driver. I know that I'm a good driver and the bad ones spoiled it for the rest of speakers. I guess the more it drives are the more I realize that they must just be giving out driver's licenses and cereal boxes these days. You know what this is a great opportunity I got a call up some cab drivers in the years did you mind if it takes a vehicle or -- your time -- I want your comments. OK I like taxi drivers I have a built -- affinity for taxi drivers politics it's -- them. In the last year I -- in the quality. A local taxi drivers are driving ability go down. It'll and a big big way -- a -- these people how to read English in the other half the how to draw. -- -- -- With a light I gotta I gotta agree with that one I think in a nutshell and the one big collage. Pretty much everything that -- anything that anybody is doing. That I -- not to be normal it pisses me off because. I don't think I could ever pull anything off like that. In US what are. Limit you don't like people who are normal and you're listening to me. Well at the market and that put on FaceBook and say guns. The open about aliens go back to the whole planet. So -- yeah. Anybody Ritchie are displayed in L -- -- to former rumor that I really am an alien human hybrid I thought you should know first. Yeah don't have to be chargers felt like that put you at. And against big collide it's everything it's like walking in -- shopping. You get bumped from behind with a shopping cart because the lady behind you -- -- in the. Well you know what -- -- her. Richie I got to give him answers she was having. She was heading to -- -- -- figuratively and literally she was hitting you know woman is that. I'm glad you all. Boxer I am glad you call so that's why I love my audience and tell us that the folks I have the most unique relationship with a talk radio audience at any talk show host in America I am convinced -- -- I'm sure I have attracted a legion. -- altitude. Affects those of you who share our joint this functionality. And we don't regret it we revel in it. Now -- likely in different. It 030 -- thirty start 930 my complaint desk is open and let's hope that Alan harris' complaint -- has a very small pile on it. Bomb I have taken more calls already guards but I think I've taken every show I've done since I took over the afternoon job. Because I haven't done this before. And those who were Smart can figure out what I'm really doing when I say what is that you law. What this is you what would you pissed off about today ladies. I've got to sausage fest going. Which I suppose we'll be OK on vacation. But we're not on vacation it is the real world. And I need to hear from women through because I know. That. You. Have things about which you are extremely irritated. Let's go back to the calls on WB -- here's Mike and -- -- Mike what's on your mind. There were outrage in the powerful fire damn -- social service judge curtain and the brown administration are -- the ball -- or hurt them. Two. Higher -- minority go outside a couple of points automate. The Russian GDP through because that's the minimal qualifications to GDP is no longer -- school diploma. They're having the exam on a Tuesday morning which is unheard of for a total service if there are gushing. Which means people with jobs have to take it day ought to take beat -- them. And they're they also have no age limit. Which allows people of any age. To register. For the examined now here's where -- where it was just a terrible a -- in this called. Applicants well. In what this means is anybody rebate check -- go up. To civil service on the -- for a City Hall register for the exam. And check the box African American. Well. It doesn't matter if they even take the example register short they applied -- -- there and in this that -- hiring basis will be on. This how many people that persuasion. Applied for the job in statistically will be a lawyer for the job well. I think you should make the case that you are in fact African American because if you were to take your family tree -- -- logical conclusion science tells us that humanity originated in eastern Africa before the great migration about 57000 years ago. But you know Mike I would like it is -- some more information on this what -- and coming up. In November. November what you know -- You know I don't it's just get us started taking it you'll -- undertaking at eleven well it should be residences. I'd like to know more about this because I don't like racism whether it is I don't care who the victim is I don't like racism and -- what you have said is true. I can't think of another word to describe that is racism. Yeah I had -- in May the best man win I'm on the third story open house that it burned I think it made about candidate jamaat that because and to quote. Well amen that's all I can say amen thank you very much and I don't know that that that's its service to anybody I think it does a tremendous disservice actually two. To African Americans to just presume that well it. We we don't think you are is able to do well on this exam is some of the caucasians -- I think that is an insult. -- I truly what. But that's that's the way I am well. You couldn't possibly watch me it is. And then watch me finish -- is 425. Bad news radio 930 WBM. Hourly can't play how great it is to be with you guys today especially those of you who who get the show and it may be a regular part of your afternoon. Your ritual. All right. My complaint desk is open -- to me. Calling me from my. It's actually -- he lives -- me. They're rounds on the way to do things and then he was issues that need me. Maverick Lou -- -- has -- Freeman at remembering -- read. This is the only song by re really well. Take a walk in the wild type what could I. Well is that -- read. Was married to Laurie Anderson and the familiar -- Laurie Anderson 1980s. -- performance artist. She had not hit with -- Superman. Boom boom boom boom. -- It's a female musician worse than Yoko Ono and use. It couldn't be done it has. But anyway I extend my my thoughts to. Laurie Anderson and everybody who knew and loved -- -- He's certainly a great place in music. And adventurer he will be missed. It is up for 34 at news radio 930 WB and work Joseph. By the way let me give you a pet -- It's sausage fest. -- eighties -- you can get through our local. Pelé is what you're a dude hang up call that has got to Sterger some female voices to think that I've gone to the dark side to see you know. All right you don't thrilled at thirty -- and 3180616. WB yen out of they would pisses me off. Employers and managers. Who treat their people like crap. And then wonder why they don't what or why Morales solo. That really bothers me it truly it's. I've worked in those situations before. I wonder why nobody wants the -- -- what should be self evident. Now you take for example Jo and Chelsea. -- the -- -- -- your folks and I'm not just got to pat my back in the least. Maybe -- I go over the top for Jo and Chelsea. Looking for them making sure that they don't have the papers expedite its all Monday. Tried to be Newsnight is like Camby to them you don't like it return. I get in return like 200% effort each and every show I do you know why because they know that I don't just say I like them -- And I think that we just you know. I think there's a lesson there. Rarely do for those -- -- it doesn't take a lot I guess that's what I'm saying it doesn't take a lot. To make people feel and know that they are appreciated. Maybe I'm just. OK let's get back to the calls are you know what guys. Oh more free food and -- cells steal it from promotions. That would that would go over very well already. Assortment of filet mignon every night look out here is Ross in the west senator Russ. Hey. My pet peeve is the attitude of entitlement. When people believe they should be given the same standard of living. When they don't work for as people who do work for don't get me wrong I believe like with the food program you know people -- think should be given them. I just think though it gets out of hand sometimes. Like for example in Greece won over 50% of the population has gone public so subsidies and just recently in Switzerland when -- thousand people signed the petition. Demanding that the government give them 2800 dollars a month. Those kind of things bother me because I work hard for my money and my standard of living. IA could not agree with you more and I find and again I think rushed just hit it out of the park today. Or could have been yesterday but it doesn't matter because he's just been all over this when he talked about working with women. Working women in two parent families are announcing they're paid going to support not working women whose word out about tickets. -- hold -- different baby daddies. I think it really bothers me -- me attitude has gone on my daughter's teacher to teach sixth grade English. She's trying instruct the value of education and you have one students are vitally needed I can just go on welfare like my parents. That is a cycle of an attitude after the so I'll stop that a lot how you do it home and have a typical pet peeve about this whole thing about attitude. A entitlement as well politicians think that Social Security of entitlement program or not. Don't I don't know like I can't even think of a recent example at all of us somebody who might have an entitlement mentality and thinking and yeah. We got Obama cool yeah. And I got a lot -- -- well Bob -- president didn't know yet but the ball didn't model car but he didn't vote. -- and -- very you'll bulls then closes out. And yeah. Headlights come there was on the ground again. -- -- So our -- I can't remember recent example of an entitlement mentality can you. Well unfortunately I think he just did it. I'll. Let you -- Margaret Thatcher hit the nail on the head when she -- social lives with little left person stops working. Well and I tell you run out of other people's money I believe is another quote ends. -- no big deal I mean that we know we're committed reveals that. I'm glad you called her the attitude of entitlement I could not agree with you more and you know all that is something that one of the biggest incentives I had to try to succeed with pretty simple I didn't wanna be pork. The -- why that's really base that really basic of people but I did not wish to be pork. Because I know that poverty sucks. And I was bound and determined to make a better life of -- myself using the skills that god has given. Present failed miserably because my career never took off but onto the next best thing. -- -- -- -- figured it works like that and I know you guys -- and magical meant banks that you he's going to be a market sets. Because on this show I. Realize George Carlin in his book when will Jesus bring the pork jobs I didn't. Realized that George Carlin. That was also wanna pet peeves people calling radio show saying thank you for taking my call it George pointed out -- as I've pointed out independently. That's what I'm eager for -- it's like to thank you for taking all ago. I should thank you for -- I try to even upon it and not be -- I yet need to take a break but I want it and the only complaint desk is open. As long as it's interesting to me as long as I think it's going to be interest in other listeners let's hear your complaint. It's something that's great that. Keep bouncing and that I think it's false flattery is it really isn't. But this right for me to do what you guys talking -- shut up occasionally something brilliant. Possibly. On WB Ian. I had -- -- David Bellamy FaceBook guy can't wait to see a lot of things get a text from him David didn't log out of his account here. So all I just post it on -- page Tom -- is the greatest human being ever. That underneath that I wrote a comment better remember to start logging -- game I wrote that. Compared to what I might have written ability is page. Events and David and -- in your personal email back I am going to log you out has that we do appreciate that of course you would. I'm logging -- David Bell Libya. Wait you know what -- do that we're probably gonna happen is I'll end -- scoring myself. I'll do that later -- don't worry a lot of luggage off line you got to log off your otherwise people will have fun with viewers I've found to my. Great -- made here's Laura in Farmington or the complaint desk is open what's undermine. Laura. -- Well and not only are you on the phone which are also communicating through the medium of radio -- practices -- multiple. College. Why would you say that. Please don't say that please because it makes me not wanna like -- Has adjusted the whole thing. I adjusted the whole thing about we don't do that on the show it makes a lot better it's like if you listen to close games sports shows are brought. Part of what I thought I can't take it. -- -- -- -- -- Well Michael -- is yeah with Al. It black apparently one paratrooper and about 1:15 in the morning we do it was -- on the street or comfort in the world. Why the people are waiting to go through the accurate and eighteen. Who would clean and then -- all -- Brent Kendall reports the urban they're about their welfare. Yeah and -- -- -- up at a convenience store in the civil -- company and there was a light people. -- -- -- -- Well all we enter their cat and 1:50 in the morning. And some -- And big big big Warrick and eat a lot to me the money at one Illinois. And can't speculate -- get there. Optic while no that's not the government's job. The government cannot -- to put two and two together the government exists because it is run by politicians politicians who take your money and give it to other people to secure work -- votes while at the same time mentally enslaving. People to believe that only the government can provide sustenance went deep down you know that only you are the answer to your lights miseries and successes. -- all right Laura I'm so glad you called thank you so much and a -- I believe that -- every fiber in my body I think unfortunately there's a lot of kids today. In this is gonna enough for how many generations the only thing they know about income is that it comes in a government check. That's really a shame when a -- wasted potential. When I think about all the minds about the use when I think about all the possible productivity and people relegate themselves to a life of essentially slavery slavery to the government. Have fun with that folks you don't get a do over -- life. It's a one night stand. If there's a rock and roll heaven. You know they got a hell of a band. Our folks have just done out of the goodness of my heart because I feel so bad about writing what I did on David Bellamy is -- -- I log out of his account for him. And I also put on my FaceBook page. A link to his FaceBook page so you can like David Bell beer. Because I want David to succeed and I want him to get at least 8000 likes on his page today. Do we make them happen I want him to be equal with me in likes. It all three don't -- thirty -- 3180616. WB EM. By the way. Bella via. He's gotta be star I just what you should now. Let's go to. And Russell in buffalo Bill Russell yeah. I. What does today addicts don't Monday. Credit card reader you want your kids in -- are. Starting its -- or -- the 2014. Also security checks need to be directly deposited into your bank account. Also under the there is a -- resolution 4646. Sponsored by Democrat. From Pennsylvania. Every bank transaction. Will be 81%. Of the transaction got -- so far. Yeah I'm budget's going back -- research on that'll run. Keep going keep going. Well let me democratic uber Social Security person like I am I get a pension check again that Social Security check. Probably the director department celery -- the radio station every penny of money into your bank account and every time you take money out of your. There's there's one problem we want a -- servers one problem with what you're saying it's not true. It's an urban -- Outlet collusion or support. Yes it is it is what you're talking about is an urban myth it's not true. I would put it. That's that I did look at Iraq I would not put it Obama and Obama heights but at this point it's an urban myth without any basis in fact. And -- -- bitch about Anderson. -- articulate because when I go to media is Bob that's a I quite minor thing and definitely yesterday. Even you know what. My friend even thank you very much by the way protocol even intelligent and informed can fall victim to urban legends I've fallen victims on. Generally speaking whenever you see an email. That seems designed to push your buttons and make you furious. The best thing to do was to find out whether or not it's true before you forward a -- difference. I've done -- I know believe me and boy like catch hell for so like you this year and a little bit of that plane. -- -- three on -- thirty starlet 3180616. WBE and the what pisses you off I knew this call was coming what took so long -- Spencer report relative. Look I hope we're not quite tell you why am calling that you won't let it be because it's really gonna. Take me off. But I'll promise and brings her college days at what irritates me that that -- There's so that I can no longer pick fuel up and your station and the app and that. I don't (%expletive) me off to I can't do anything about it. I agree with you I'm not laughing I I I agree with -- but there's nothing I can do about it because they've done the research that shows alternative is going to be more profitable than doubling the signal and let them. There's this station needs some money that I could get some areas -- there -- is a direct affiliation and that. No I'm of afraid I'm afraid there is not. It's it's -- Well I mean -- it's the latest but certainly you can download WB and I'd listen to WB and anywhere at any time I'm traveling. It's not that hard if you got a Smart. -- I am I'm older than dirt and computer illiterates and drag terrorist from the seventies and eighties. And I was really afraid that -- First of all I get to find out how to get the -- fan there at the AM stations out there sir and I thought. They electrical system would fry it up big government and go. Sir I'm gonna give me a little life lesson here all think that your life is over and that your idiot because you're -- Really. Vote. I wanna give you some encouragement my father was like. Seventy he was almost seven years old. When he actually got a computer and started to use it and I'm convinced that computer gave him so much joy. In his final days because there was nothing like father like more than going online posing as a 22 year old lesbian.

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