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10-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Oct 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As everybody else about -- -- three people that have spoken well -- agree Joseph are you migraine or migraine -- -- you migraine or migraine free. Well like all the today -- the -- that you migraines and because well equipped in the light choices you've made so rector recklessly early point your career coming into -- business. Anyway yeah its hourly on the WB Ian going to be reviewing Tuesday morning. And that we did in fact have rave reviews were yesterday's program on painkillers. And the difference between abuse and use and it was a really really really awesome awesome awesome show and it was that way because you guys. -- -- To give yourself a round of applause. Nine people. After the calls were great everybody was cool record was on target and reproductive. And that worthwhile show to do to -- during a little bit but it went very worthwhile showed. Now today I thought. That. I would be a little less. Stringent. Coming into the Chicago. I wanna open up the radio completeness. I don't think -- do -- well customer service. I don't. Because the minute it would start the -- me about employer. I would probably say three words and be -- or by the people listening to the tape recording of the conversation always they're gonna make. And then two seconds after the call ends the call to say your service like up there he quit erupt every two minutes escalates -- -- So America when he thirteen. Everybody's got and how my service. My service expect the food. They come after after the driver -- are certain how my service. I guess it's all about the awards ago our customers 100% say they'd recommend that 100% that the service was great. My favorite is a -- in the Jeep into the the shop to get just an oil change. And then two days later pottery were calling from such and such dealership. We want to know you're sure as laws it was a freaky real change and it was free and came at all. And it wasn't good about it. I just think -- necessarily cynical. Or measure that as well. Something else that relate back kind of annoys me and I I don't know if you there's not a pollster here which is like I'm branching out my goal is that you guys do most of the talking today. That's my goal. Well probably sick -- hearing my voice I can understand that sometimes I get it delivered when it which of course that don't show. But I want to get your. You're complaints. About anything really. -- anything within reason Richardson all -- that would be of general interest to all of us. That's what I'm curious about my complaint desk is open because as they started to say this would not make a good show. In and of itself but this is the time of year folks it's as predictable as clock work. Every year are now when there's an election I start getting emails daily emails. I support Europe power. And -- -- has been stolen I support or down side is installed I support direct opposite side has been stolen. For every political there there is a political operative -- moon and ready to rip it often happens every single election cycle it's never going to stop sometimes wonder how much of it is really malicious politicking and much is just the neighborhood kids I don't. -- and I probably. Never well. Until we have the drone program America fully in effect and we can -- people literally 24/7 365. And then all of your movement put into the giant and has a supercomputer so you can be ready for assignment to your desired task. All part of the master plan. I think maybe that's going too far but to -- may be watching a little bit they're too much -- quietly. Damn you James Woods and you really did want horror movie like it irrelevant vampires. Anyway it is a twelve minutes after three at news radio 930 WB yen still up those who are political economic signs ripped off and everything. I'd like to do and I think this is what most likely informed voters -- I. I always vote for the candidate with the most sites. Because to -- that makes cents. If I'm pulling up to an intersection in icy power power power in an -- option option I know that my vote is going for. Because that's the way to vote that's the intelligent man's way of voting. He who has the most signs wins right. I must confess I never quite understood the whole purpose of political yard signs except the ones I really like like repeal and watched tape. That's it that's a good one because it its its standing up right in not a candidate. But some of these candidates signs are right. And then of course 45 weeks after the election will be seeing the remnants of campaign signs poking up through the snow we may have been. Sell out that's an issue. Definitely not a huge one but. If you had been victimized that it by via via the sign goon squad that's one that's one thing. -- what else to him. What others category to the -- -- to do these hourlong monologue at the beginning -- the show honestly I wanna -- do you guys get an update on some gold year. So there. It till 330. I ask -- a simple question what does pissing you off. My complaint desk is open. Something else that's pissing me off is this guy in Niagara county losing his pistol permit and as weapons seized. In block -- and Baghdad is that. Well let's put it this way. What a lock for cops have done basically is put me in a position where I have -- -- Where where I have to tell people that really really the police are on our side in this but they're really not. At least insofar as the situation in -- is concerned. Com and unfortunately. You know if if by the actions of the police in enforcing this law all you're doing is pissing off the people you're supposed to protect. And you took an oath to uphold the State's constitution about everything else. And I just don't get it I don't understand that and this stuff is all gonna backfire on you boys and girls with the badgers all gonna back Byron. You don't know yet but it's all gonna back Byron. Even if you think what you're -- on Torre is all sixty more years on the job on pension baby. You're gonna have kids at some point in a grand kids at some point you want the growing up in the country without rights. Probably couldn't give a damn because many was just don't see that far ahead. I would Austria and having a bully them bullying shows up a lot you probably more bullying shows inning single individual in history. That may be a slight exaggeration by the way that I just wanted to bring. Now I get angry email from somebody to -- -- it was an email but there was only in it on the up on the Niagara county situation. And this guy who's a conservative and he's very intelligent he's highly educated. And what he says here is. The next time some flood it tells me that the police are on our side I'm going to puke. And I hate to say it but he's absolutely right and I feel like a total winner right now. I don't I don't this arrest was made days ago please don't misunderstand. But I think the district attorney ought to throw it out in the interest of justice the district attorney ought to recognize him to block the DA unless you're out there what. If the guy who was arrested can somehow figure out how he's related to a county legislators. In Niagara county being Niagara county on this and ya might have -- out there. These things -- -- happen once or twice in Niagara county. But seriously for all these cops out there. Ball all you'd go whenever you make a safe -- arrest did you make it harder for me to be on your side. You do know that right -- don't probably don't give a damn. But I'm just one voice and I've got thousands behind me against and -- say that I -- my street -- may be bigger than your street -- To put it in the vernacular. -- cops what to call themselves the biggest street gang in America. And where there's millions of -- work -- awful -- -- safe and we like to support law enforcement. But all gonna do is turn off the very people most likely to support you you're basically doing the Buffalo News things. You are having a newspaper for by and about liberals and they wonder why nobody's buying it. You wonder why subscriptions are going off you wonder why nobody is advertising like they used to -- in the campus Victoria rates like they used. Well it's simple because you can only. You can only do that for so long. You can only insult your base for so -- your base of support for so long the people most likely to be a part of your market for so many weeks so many years so many decades before they say you know what. Why am -- contributing to the financial success of an institution. That is dead set against everything for which I -- And you say screw it I don't need the paper mean I do for my job I have to be honest with. I catch things in there that I do share with you always give attribution. But anyway my complaint -- is open it 03. On I thirty. Start at 3180616. WB are a couple of quick -- -- number one. Do not name businesses do not -- people that's all I ask don't think businesses and don't blame people any politician you can name Andrew ball. Barack Obama George Bush of these these people can be named. But as far as people in private life though they may not be named and I really really really am going to be Berea. Headstrong about this. To see my name. As opposed to CYA. I don't cover your bottom is more worried about mine I don't -- businesses because I just can't do for example if you're gonna name a specific cell phone company instead of name the company just say. A cell phone carrier. And don't play little games with me like a cell phone care our company the name of which begins with the letter. I'm so used to bet they'll do because I just figure -- Ethier delivered -- to complain. So up anyway that being said let's go to issue in Hamburg on WB I can't leave and take a call does not even twenty after three RWB and talk. What I hate and everybody thinking about the unemployment. Yet. However -- -- ironic when they come in current -- they'll maybe steal one or two weeks. Every call out our. Do -- and are -- -- and never go on. And you -- all that type of training and everything. And it's ridiculous. Okay so -- is a constant problem and low wage jobs there's very little incentive for employees to stay I mean you you want loyalty get a dog. -- a bailout. Package here. How many people think. We're saying is people will work. You. That week. -- Yeah whose government. You know -- -- Pace. Well -- that. You and everybody else. Just like that and -- week ago. OK got it yet I just I -- that -- clarify that because I think people kind of forget. Talk about. All right Sheila thank you very much I think people that we talk a government money. Does matter that the feds aren't paying for something because this state is paying for something. State legislators admit this this state just prints out money. Now on and on and the state only has the money takes from you LL. Let's go to Margaret in Clarence on WBE. And Margaret my complaint desk is open I can't solve anything but I I'll -- -- years. Yeah I can't quiet yeah Daniel. Went about about. I would I -- And it might -- like yeah pat I think you hit it and yeah right now -- are probably that are running. How about that Barack Obama I don't I'm Harry adding -- and that people that opt. -- top banner. And I got to thank people on it but that impact. Well -- as much as part of me wants to agree with you think you're being a little bit shortsighted because there is at least one politician who has stood up for our rights you know of whom I speak. I think I don't know -- Yeah there were at this along with your New York -- year Clarence is in New York. And we have -- it is in Erie county. And you're gonna be able to vote in a county election which candidate has stood up for your rights. Okay New York say. All right Margaret out of it which of us but thank you very much in magical. Our. See this is this is what. This is why am -- here. Because that lady there she represents most people out there I think she's busy with a wife I've ever -- that. This is my job my job is to talk about stuff you find to board and make it interesting to you. -- The biggest part of my job to make you wanna. -- -- -- Here's what I try to do is talk show host as I can be -- -- this and we Tom centric phone call. Because it's all about narcissus you're looking awfully -- today will thank you haven't grown -- good -- -- -- OK but it looked great thanks. All right thank you elected new conversations of myself renowned again. But anyway the person who stood up rewrites obviously -- -- sure Tim Howard avenue very very big proponent of New York say so which year -- he gets my vote. I've done but. Folks that's part of my job to make the on interest earning interest thing to the disinterested. They joke again something really neat I just said I expect to write that down. Sparky and out of every brilliant utterance that comes out of -- and flows out of your thoughts on the Internet because on the Internet that gets lost. Last I looked at myself on the Internet and -- weapons of Russian built site so pick a place just right these brilliant things down before I forget. And Tom that was quite a brilliant that you said well thank you to 8030930. Let's get back to the calls hastily moved to raise our Arabian group waters Jacqui hello. I. I guess something aggravates me is. And they packed hearing news or whatever they treated like we don't have any common sense. I just heard that there will be no increase for both security here because cropped -- this -- didn't go up I'd like to know where they shop. You know I did actually did not hear that story -- and occupied elsewhere. But it is your your increase in your Social Security payments are tied to at the rate of inflation. -- MI correct. I have a long way from Social Security I'm never going to get it so to me it's to me honestly it's irrelevant because I don't think the programs that exist by the time a -- the collect everything a pump into it. Well and I I realize that we shouldn't get it because but why have they just come out it's safe because the economy is now. But but they say that the cost of living hasn't gone up that's not true. Well at that that's spent and thank you for catching up to that because I don't pay attention to that stuff to be brutally honest with don't put -- -- to do my off their research like -- -- an intelligent conversation with you hold on okay thanks very much up right. There are things that are on my radar things that are not on my radar Social Security. Is not on my radar. You know what. I'm fifty I just buried my cards from the eight AARP join the retired my gas. Never gonna happen. Fired maybe. Dislodged by the advancing crud of old age perhaps. But I'm gonna go down fighting every step of the way it albeit. Joseph fifty years from now when I I behind the microphone you what to me. To leave me sit here lion here for at least five minutes before the might before you carry me out of it is that a good deal fifty years from now okay thank you. -- my spirit must still be here. All right. -- the less sleep I get the more incredibly funny and become. Well actually that isn't the case eventually got sleep last night and sliced it up with African -- a figure. I'm here. Still relevant. Still relevant recorded in January February of 1978. And out The Rolling Stones. Like it this -- all course every Thursday we do. -- -- Music music bad music -- Thursday you know it's like here when people up to the red light. Windows were all in the top down because it's going to be what the sixty's following devices that somewhere anyway. And then that bad music comes on. And it's sold out. And you just have to look at the iPod and straight bat an iPod add music. Nobody else should know I know that song and you you. My personal favorite by the equipment is lobby lent his version of Mack the -- -- -- which we played -- the other day I don't know why. But for whatever reason maybe it's a cultural thing. I always like that song. That's song takes me to a place my grandmother or my grandfather or great greats would have known -- -- -- hi Dave the -- Yeah had to -- in the state law in other words on get. -- dizzy -- figured out there right the shark -- the but he hides in his face would be via rough translation by very rough German. Just laugh and hey Joseph -- news for -- they speak German in your ancestral homeland of Austria to boost solo like. All right I gotta say that German through your air. But -- folks the ball -- -- -- desk is open. It's been so long since I even had the chance to do a show like this I and so on -- up and -- And basically as long as it's going to be interest in other people where you can make it compelling case why your problem is interesting enough to go on the year to my call screener Chelsea. Give us -- -- this is fun so far one line and one line only is open I pulled a fast one on you today I refused to go to the phones after. Or -- basically go to the phone earlier today tribes. -- -- Note to self do not sleep eight hours. Okay let's go to John in beautiful Yorkshire New York John WB and John not to and I got to stop here and are you -- called before who got arrested some kind of a domestic thing and then they recharge -- -- something. -- -- I. This is partly my fault because I asked Putin called in with -- an update. How the thing was going in without going back and ancient history John you're pretty bitter about the justice system is anything ameliorated -- were. It's going out that fact I get to go to the county court to our lovely -- of the world literally. I spent 21 days in the -- there until I was really stopped by grants from a higher court of execution of educational grant. That's -- situation -- Yeah and they refused to make the right decision and they had to remind -- that this costing taxpayers including myself. We all order I compliment to what it does to -- two children in my life. Refresh my memory was as I was is the situation involving I think a son -- stepson. -- not a bad memory considering thousands of phone calls I get. It. Yep believe me if you only knew how amazing I can't remember where my car keys have to time. And go to Glen Campbell anyway. All right so your stepson you had Edwards had issues UN -- -- collared him. The bottom car. You know a couple of -- sort of Britain are they after -- brochure because of all with the production and at that point apple accused and the insurance. It decided that if I can hear all the Nazi plot along it's not turn it aggression to me. So I had about one time and apparently hurt pretty badly. There restaurant. Well don't start a -- you can't finish. I'd rather wait person and I agreed to be at least in front -- -- and do that with a criminal because they yield which I've actually. Hey John I just I have a question for because there's something about this that isn't passing my smell -- and I don't know on -- and it would be. Have you talked to an excellent criminal defense attorney and I know he's high price but for all the misery this is causing you. It worth it to retain Paul -- for your case just to get a -- You're I have I have one of the best upon returning in new York and I'm not gonna say that anybody protester -- So we'll open up the courts that are chalking this -- because they know they did something wrong. I'm not only. Recharge -- -- it was dismissed the previous court. Pot to go to the extent and put me in jail for a -- John I'm not a lawyer but to me that sounds like double jeopardy. And screw up as your lawyer told you that. But your lawyer has said this is double jeopardy. -- OK I mean that is a constitutional issue that should be cut and dry. Now you're sure your lawyer look I don't mean to say that some lawyers might stretch things out to increase the number billable hours and driving new Porsche nine elevenths. Which is different than the old portion -- Second in the world from well to the point in time now. Transcripts that they don't wanna try to. They keep kicking back to the power chords at the top court goes -- we're gonna have to look at this morning in that regard. And you know I got transcripts. I don't know that they would comment. That and at that at least on a portable light on the. Just listen to -- I can't really do anything about it Chelsea Chelsea would you all. John here's what you did. You see Chelsea. Who -- maturity happens to be and whether we can put the attorney on the air at some point to talk about jobs issue. Because -- I'd love to do that because you are you know basically you are at the party who is fighting it's okay and your lawyer is going to be. I think perhaps in better position to tells all exactly what happened and why it's wrong if your attorney chooses noted. Okay -- put on hold we're gonna get that information. Will also ask you questions like a review hi -- Turkey. What is your door at -- what is your full Social Security number how many children you have and can we have access your passport little things like that. -- -- I -- to at all because I really would like to see some resolution to this because it's been an ulcer just -- about a third for three times. Obviously. -- the wheels of justice grind slow yet they grind exceeding small. I -- thank mr. David off the Ben Franklin middle school putting that he's in its story in my -- electric light. Will go on the golden cage. Anyway let's find out about. Traffic. WB at my parole officer says that I have that adult supervision when giving out the candy to kids but we hope if that were up 421. Our 341 at WBE and you know this is this probably a horrible thing I say to people when they move out of history. That's -- Jo and Chelsea have to understand. My neighbors are the best people in the entire universe OK seriously I I live in perfect place for me. Because they're friendly get there also respectful of my privacy. They know that a little hurt and they give me a lot of space they get a lot of leeway I mean not weird weird -- in you know yelling and screaming now last edited. -- Turkey's that was unpleasant. But anyway. It's just it's just a terrific place that's what entrants. And you know sometimes. I just get the biggest kick. And where that story was actually going to -- but that sometimes they just get the biggest kick out of the little kids and Halloween and just enjoy the heck out of it. All right. Somehow we end up -- Halloween 342. At a news radio 930 WB and -- complaint desk is open. I wanna complain I tried -- Merle Haggard tickets today from sandy beach and I couldn't get through even on the secret number I'm very disappointed. -- WB Ian. Remarkable Todd is on schedule today these things rarely happen I'll be something to mess -- -- 349. At. News radio 930 WB. The other -- that hold on that's what we did pick up on the social security and -- but he. Might my crew is looking -- -- and she apparently hung up. All right let's go all the research for nothing let's go to. Glitzy. -- -- -- -- -- By the way it would have been it's as buffalo as high -- does that answer your curb balls Yemeni people got to. Mike I'm WB and might go what's this in the off -- in my complaint desk is open. You know the last -- conservative hired on the midnight legislation going. National and state level amen brother. You know that the bills and laws if you look at the majority of the American Christian Americans as celebrating Christmas and Easter. The wheat -- -- work. Well you are you are correct and you know what you speak because last week you called out one of the biggest weasels. That is the guy who I heckled Hillary. I'm going to let fly ball. Textured -- There and I encourage everyone to think of individual right. Think of the constitution and think of America as a whole people share -- And up by the way I wanted just a passive information -- because they're told -- find this out number you said that there -- some chick who looked like he Janet Napolitano clone was harassing you well when -- sitting waiting for the warts and wants to come back. Yeah she's not she's not local she was gone when they were wheels up to see you know. Yeah I was sure I'd sure like -- start this -- Well yeah I mean the -- of trying to communicate to you is we have a question as to whether she was local or not and she's not locals she's gone she doesn't work year. Yes sir I did my work in other words for you you know thank you would be nice to a tip in nicer. -- -- -- The curious whatever -- figured he would -- and -- but I think you very much for looking. All right my thanks brother budget called -- and I have a little fun there might just one of those days. Always coming up beset here's traffic bidders could make it's -- right now. All right here is a -- but all that useful opinions. Here's David David you're on WB on my complaint desk is open what's your bench. I political right now what -- city name there -- adversity. Over proposed -- here in the all. Two weeks or so in order for the project. The developer donated thousands dollars this first in the campaign. And it seems to me. I'm back -- -- -- the interest of working out there. Were hijacked in -- on -- thousand dollars. Well it's also called freedom of speech the developer has the freedom to contribute to the candidate he believes best represent his interests and as far as a kickback. -- what you're talking about something that is in the official records of campaign finances if you're gonna do a kickback if somebody assures -- give -- to the campaign to put it in an envelope. Well. Underneath the table -- All because that's too cliche sorry that doesn't work whatever do the under the table playing like he did in seven. Yeah but it just -- so we're going. -- contemplate what you do something like bad and then they turn around to give you money back. In development donation I know legally a donation but it is being. But but seriously -- in the great scheme and I'm not here to argue with you today but in the great scheme of things any political campaign 1000 dollars. -- a lot of money and when -- developer billions a thousand bucks to them. He's like yeah -- on the sidewalk would be TU. -- My friend I'm -- called and I understand how that pisses you off but it doesn't sound like any laws have been broken this is just politics. Is -- way the game his plate. Well okay we -- a friend. When you have a friend that. Do you try to take care of that Fran leakage or friend has been supportive review. Well yeah -- -- Pratt -- that way we know each other -- business I mean. -- -- -- If you are if you are in business and you have a business person that you -- communicate with periodically we don't you guys got to watch each other's backs. Cruel but it it really bad one order you know just froze when dealing. We weren't really in the which I don't -- at all. It seemed to me kissing me like it's expect it like it like I'm paying you for your old. I completely understand your thought you're not the first person to believe bet the -- great book. And you can read it in the night. And it's called on -- of Tammany hall. If you ever want it an eye opening experience and it was it was from the nineteenth century. But if you ever want -- an eye opening experience about the stuff they never talked to and civics class high school history. Pocket of Tammany hall is an eternal classic you can probably even downloaded for free some. I see my opportunities. That took his famous quote. All right David thank you so much for call you up and up folks and -- movie gangs of New York. Yeah folks -- history was more like back. I'm not saying it was it was that but I think it was more like that than half the crap we're talking high school to wonder I can think at all.

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