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10-29 Beach and Company Hour 3

Oct 29, 2013|

Hour 3

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is Elizabeth Warren kind of dump on. The attempt to get this healthcare thing rolling. And that's something else is the senator from Massachusetts. I think she was Harvard professor of numbers that she's on said those she started you didn't build it the secret the builder without the government account a VO. So that says. That as universal criticism of Obama care right now with the exception of a few people couple. Most valuable are applauding. These special veterans area and they're holding senator. Initiated by sheriff Howard now the program had been done in a similar fashion in Georgia. California Virginia and Florida -- -- here. Where road there's a commonality. The regards. Our room our -- also veterans. You have emblems of the various services they are displayed there and you have group therapy you have group help. So I think it's good idea and it just opened and I wish them all the best. But I am asking you should that special consideration being given for veterans I think so I'm no problem at all. I think -- is a small token of appreciation on work and we don't get things better for you in your life. Also like to add measure that this right at the beginning to show what I like that it now. If you are veterans I asked that one bedroom the question how difficult how tough was the return to civilian life. I'm just telling after Rome after being in this press it's going to be like chaotic to come back to civilian life the everybody's got an -- to vote. And nobody nobody has any real respect for almost anything is going to be totally different as a set I was not in the service. God knows I went to a Boston naval base ready to serve I would have been the best MP they've ever seen -- now. Apparently they don't need MPs -- flat feet flat -- would keep you up but it said. 10 they said no. I would have been missed the net and pity that you bank. Would you wanna see me come in the -- to pick you up I don't think so. That's a job well like I just have this vision of John keen. That's not I don't and -- So we are asking is there is no. How difficult was the return to civilian life. The adoption from the the very regimented life of the military. To civilian -- let's go to -- Stan and Grand Island stander on WB yen. I can't -- them. I'm I'm a veteran okay there's been military for thirteen years in the transition -- get up because the medical problem our problem but the transition was. Little difficult -- to kind of culture shock when you get out and military after that long but I. Technical problems adjusting later and I have great job and I'm very -- person you know I say. Thank you -- are veterans out there for my freedom you know like I that we might see a veteran I get choked up you know and I. Tom thank you because I don't exactly is beyond the battlefield you know what their families and in and so on but some. I won it all this is part of the what suffocation of American veterans and end it here me out please okay -- that -- their criminal behavior you know criminal. Yet -- left discriminate victims out there you know that you say there are certain spot and there. Twenty I think yeah I think there's a twenty showed 22 vets lived there and any on any given day. Yeah I don't object to that I think it's great if you can help anybody in that little advantage they have. Well of giving and helping Z because they serpent like -- of the sacrifices beyond. The battle field but is this is just giving veterans commission who commit crimes that they. You know. There's more records that don't kind of do that -- colonel Charlie I was trying to -- them I need to eat it we don't want to make it easy for anybody. These are rules. We we -- -- -- including you doctor I went and got all that and. Served in combat like I didn't I might look like or to a job everyday life. What would not -- back here that was that was going to act in a lot of them. Is badly wrong we sent the wrong lessons these record that the way to do that occurred in Kabul what went and partners a completely the string of them out. No I I really I don't I. I don't think we are I think what we're doing is a continuation of things we've been doing for a long time we take into consideration. Some of motive some of factors that might lead to something. And other wars we've been hearing many many times about somebody's. Upbringing. One parent family. Lived on a high crime area didn't have anything growing. And then we've been hearing these stories forever. A mitigating factors that that might change your opinion or or when their sentencing who knows what. But just to take the whole picture in the consideration. Whereas big they just get out especially if they just get out of the service. Maybe the adjustment wasn't as good as good as could be I don't think he gives them an excuse commit a crime. But what about the victims Geithner records with the ethical or could -- of the criminal certain way I -- you know look at it it it's great thank you don't get me wrong but sure. I guess I just have to wonder if you know maybe what happened people that I am I I'm gonna say that and that's gonna what they stand up and -- manner I don't know what what. What what happened but what what records that may applicable traumatic and and. Yeah our first out -- or you know wait a minute drill while we don't let's assume that everybody that ever wore the uniform was -- saint I don't I don't think that at all but I do believe that. It just as as we give everybody the consideration of what. What led to this. What what factors were -- that caused this. If we can learn from at -- good and and some work some won't be able to help some will just be criminals will be prosecuted. But they had the opportunity. -- attitude to be heard. Look at and Vista and let me thank you wearing the uniform really appreciated and thanks for call to go up a -- No holiday is is the same consideration except on an expanded bases that we give everybody. I mean what do you think these these various courts are about you might have mental health issues you might have drug issues you might have. Issues growing up environmental issues. Maybe -- you have vote. Problems. Maybe have some mental challenges who knows what. But they all come into consideration when you cross. The criminal justice system and they take all of these things into consideration. Now I'd I'd agree that sometimes they shouldn't. But I think where veterans. It gives us an opportunity doesn't really give us an opportunity to learn something. Because the one thing we know is that we're going to have a continuing crop. Of people leaving the military four civilian life it has to be that is survey X amount of time and then you come out and you become a civilian. If weaken if we can learn from of this sort of thing by having a a separate housing area. And maybe people who will open up more it's better than looking at them and trying to figure out from an outsiders point of view. What went wrong to get you to this point so I think it's something that we've been doing for a long time we just happened that. Took a long time to get here but we just happen to think this is a good idea and now the new veterans' housing URL as part of it was a vacation in America. And I did their various crimes and give them my none of them have been convicted there I'm always. There have been accused of so we can see where it goes from about to me I think thumbs up on this one let's take a break we'll be back after the so far. Most of video of people who have responded balls on the telephone and on the on the FaceBook page sandy beach FaceBook page. I have thought that this is a good idea one person said no not a good idea criminals are criminals and them we just had a veterans say. That they shouldn't get any special treatment he certainly has an appreciation of his fellow veterans. But I don't office's special treatment. I think what it is to be honest with you is to get the group together. They have a commonality and they all served in the service. And and find out and learn as best we can and there are none of them have been convicted of anything yet they've been charged. In the holding senator. But hopefully learn from that. As I said we have done this sort of thing with other groups forever never never why it took -- this -- to get to veterans who might have. Perhaps the the most reasonable. Reason. That something happened to them. I don't know but I'm glad I'm glad we're war at that point because and the holding senator first of all according to this information from the sheriff's department. There's about 22 vets who live at the holdings and on any given day. And the system date field's going to be. Beneficial. Because days the inmates there they'll all -- men obviously. Would have many things in common such as serving their country being deactivated. Making that big change. And now finding themselves incarcerated. Many suffer from similar ailments such as PT as the as they can talk to and relate to others who find themselves in the same condition. I know that when you're dealing with a problem and somebody else you know. Bonafide has the same problem. He might be a little something there at the the commonalities. Could be a profound. And by having the vets in one location judge Russell's veterans' court. And the VA the veterans administration will be better able to suit their needs and serve their needs and their respective staffs will be permitted to conduct group counseling. Dealing what matters such as the begging the veterans aware of the benefits that are available to them and their families. And then linking me incarcerating. Incarcerated veterans with the existing firm services so. That's certainly good idea sheriff is quoted as saying Israel is a win win situation for everybody involved in helping the rehab process. Of the men who served our country and I could not agree more I totally think it's all a good thing to do. Because if vote if indeed your life dictates your past life dictates partially what you're through -- might be they all have. Something to talk about they all have a story and -- and deceit and beneficial I think to the person and to society. For a program like this almighty my -- is applauding sheriff. Howard's a program now we have some are on FaceBook let's go to Chris what you got. This is from Robert he says if anybody deserves preferential treatment it is the veterans. I've always wondered if some of their criminal activity has something to do with untreated PT EST as a result of their service. Yeah I mean I -- out of date they've faced more things that we wouldn't know. A bit in LSU bidder -- the service and I is suppose is different for everybody. And -- and the way especially. Even if you in combat or not and come back one thing that is a different as the regimented lifestyle. Your -- indeed it's -- wanna go to bed it's going to do this that the other thing. There's always as somebody overseeing -- and they're giving you orders on what to do become honest out of military alive. If -- make that adjustment again. And plus seeing how are well organized the military usually is -- gone into civilian life it's gonna see Monica Klausner. If here were you guys. And then you got to see that. Says suddenly you don't have the structure that you had in the military now maybe -- the type that neither the structure so that was helpful or you adapted to the structure but now you don't have it anymore. And you come out and though hopefully you have a loving family and friends and and that people -- caribou argument and the adjustment is. Is okay but sometimes it is. And especially if you can't find a job so. Jobs programs very important depends -- -- service. We don't need many tank drivers and civilian life but we certainly can use the expertise that they have on electronics things like that. So do you argue look -- look around his say. Let's see what we can learn from this person and lets see how others can learn and how is that not a good thing. You know three on and 301806. On six nights if your sixth start I'm thirty Crisco and I have another please. This is from variety says not one person who commits a crime and it sent to prison should be given any kind of special treatment regardless of race color creed or anything else that might have contributed. Before their crime it is discrimination plain and simple. But we know we've it's always been a consideration. I'm not calling it discrimination I'm calling -- consideration. Consideration has always been a part of the criminal justice system always sometimes Madden and you know treasure -- It's it's it's maddening because a lot of career criminals use that as an excuse. I don't think I don't think is the same mindset here. If we look. As to why people do things if we can learn now from that and hopefully. It takes all those lessons and cut down on crime is very beneficial we've we've we've given consideration to people who didn't have a stable home life. Who don't have the ability to learn the people who have physical disabilities mental disabilities are all kinds of reasons. Why people may go in a different direction and that's supposed to be going. So that's always been a part it's nothing new and so why would we leave out. Perhaps the biggest adjustment a person has the make and their life. And that is to go and those into the service. Why would we leave that out because of what they get when they get in there and their decision to go in the first place and what they're facing when they get out. So maybe that should have been one of the first things we did now it's it's it's a new program it's in several states now but I think. I think it should have been one of the first things we did and I would like to ask any better out there are how tough the return to civilian life ones. Was it difficult what was tough about it. Now where you used to being told when to do things and how to do them and you get out -- find them that's all gone. You would. Looking for a job. Would do was was that more different well. What kind of job or you're suited for we'd like to hear from you on -- aspect of it. And I'm going Chris before the break please this is from -- -- -- I can see some visible complaining about them getting some special care that does not bother me at all they are veterans and they've earned yeah our consideration. I think is is good I'm not saying. That they have a blanket amnesty. Not saying even that they get -- get out of jail free card but what I am saying is. Give due process to them let them be treated fairly but take in the whole story. And try and just as we try and understand virtually every defendant's. Reasons for doing things and we should understand there's because there is might be some unique. Reasons. Unique responsibilities. And a unique reaction coming back as civilians we'll take a break we'll take your calls we come back on those radio and I'm thirty WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. However aggravates -- governor I think for the first time in a long long time we have an appreciation for our veterans it's probably the best it's been since the end of World War II as my guest. We went through a disgraceful period after Vietnam. In Wichita I wish we could almost the race that from the American history on how vets were treated shamefully by punks in college. And and other members of the you know public. Who apparently weren't Smart enough to realize that the armed forces. Is at the behest of the president United States and the congress and this is where we decide to deploy them. But having said that it's a lot better now a lot better and I think it's an appreciation as this that we haven't had many years. And I think is veteran housing veteran housing area at the holy -- idea. Not saying they're all gonna get off with a slap on the wrist if they're found guilty. A -- what I am saying is let's look at the whole picture may be of this can be helpful. They we can learn things maybe of future discharged veterans -- through the same things that they did. So if we could use it. I'm in favor of obviously if you're guilty of of a crime -- that's taken into the punishment phase just like any circumstances are. But why would we exclude the service when the service can be so important. To you as an individual certainly losses nation must go to a bill in west Seneca -- -- on WB yeah. Hey guys you do very little bit. I'm okay bill what's going our view. Well -- out there at the edit right purpose cervical there. -- maybe it went back activate it's it is just gives you borrowed -- lucky. And a blow up. It was crazy. You know Lombard. I think the story and now and I think you know I had -- great idea but I'm wondering about the security. The better we just Churchill or a general issue -- just picking a lot of -- here. I'm Asian and begin outerwear is they're -- regularly -- the extra mile at all he gave up where they are bad not respecting anything about it he. No nobody has the only thing that's that addresses anything like that is that this is a voluntary thing -- Veterans don't have to go into this section but it does not mentioned dishonorable or general discharges at all I think that would be a whole different ballgame especially. A dishonorable I'm not that familiar with the general discharge but. It doesn't it doesn't address that there but I think it's a legitimate point I'm Roger brought up bill thank you very much and the villagers -- thing thank you for wearing the uniform to. Let's go to frank in the view of frank you're on W. Yeah LA it standing I'm frank what's -- your minds -- great subject we don't do enough for our veterans. Yeah I think I think share authority is doing a great job in and isolating veterans and and keep them. Given it to themselves you know because they can relate a whole lot better than they can relate with. Some brutal on that just -- a little lazy. Yeah I I I wholeheartedly agree but one of the things that. That really bugs the hell out of me in this country is that if you think back it's time that we had the draft. And of was just. I was eighteen I signed up for the draft so that had to deal while -- When I got rid of the draft that's when I think our countries are going downhill. Because you know want to turn them enough people in this country that have a state dinner. They got their hand out but they have never served this country. That's a good point because we talk we talk about all the time. But people who don't have skin in the game people who don't pay taxes who are willing to let other people pay them forum on that one. If any and all want. I think that country be a whole lot better off if they blocked acted the draft. Certainly like that that politician on the back who's gonna bring it up because they're scared that but they're gonna lose something that they dead. -- you know a lot I and I think that the guy and a girl. The girls wanna be part of that flying in the sky blue here and you will. Everybody -- you know. Boys and -- -- to -- that they're going to work held north doesn't mean they're going to war but there's something that they can do for this country from the two years. From the time they're eighteen years only graduated out of high school for two years. And the -- if something if they go through the basic training you know how anyone of this the branches of our service. If they go through the basic training into mountain two years they will be -- -- it sure. That'll shock people and you know a lot. There's nothing better for our country and have mature kids growing up. I love bed I've I've said that in the past I love that idea. The only thing I'm very sensitive to I don't want the military -- is be seen as punishment. I wanted to be seen as an opportunity you're right if they get on their -- think of what we like when we're eighteen we worked very mature. That's maturation and a hurry and that's areas of responsibility in a hurry that's respect of authority and -- And I think no matter what you wanna be. For the rest of your life to a years in the military will be very beneficial. Let them I was I was freaking me. I went into the military. When I got out of the military opened that great can I get a lot of crazy stuff. But it it but I do that. Them much accurate as a consequence to let him. And should learn them and good service I'm sure you can verified this. We are now raising a nation of you are the most important person on earth people. You go and their -- part of a team you go in there you're part of a group I think that's very good. -- up but but you know we won't do that we won't do that because we need the sheep of this country. -- all of these idiots in Washington. I think they'll believe I just can't believe that this country the people in this country are so stupid. That that will be built right into a pastor until we're told we can leave. The always saving grace we have is even though the president as the commander in chief. At least it seems to be like the military. Is the last group we have respect for we don't have respect for the White House we don't have respect for congress but the military we do holes. I could that's exactly what exactly are true I heard wrong kind of going that's just saying that I use a lot of times when I get -- -- and the discussions. You know if you can -- to right you'd think a teacher but if you can do it in English. -- combat. All I -- -- that frank that's excellent and thanks for the call great column thank you wore the uniform we appreciate it. Album like I like that India. Because British we're going to be. For English press tool. At least right now we're still for English press one -- and for the first time I hear that. Well I guess when you go to Miami and find out but to. Well we're back after this we've been talking about basically. Share of cowards. New home veterans' housing area in the holdings and you'll wish that. None of these veterans ever ended up and now in the -- -- embassy in that they do they should certainly get the same consideration. That we give to -- to just about anybody that passes through the criminal justice system. And that's trying to get some kind of an explanation. Some kind of an idea why things happened that may be shouldn't happen. In the past we've always heard about. People who war you were accused of crime or actually convicted of a crime. The reasons maybe they had India. Kind of spotty childhood where mom was around if you're lucky -- there was no dad and or maybe socioeconomic. Things or maybe mental health challenges physical challenges who knows what. There's a whole bunch of things and and the criminal justice system is always opened its arms that try and give consideration. To what caused. Of the problem. So I think the least we can do -- give the same consideration. To the veterans. And housing them to -- like -- it is by the way voluntary it is not obligatory it's voluntary and according to this information sheet. There -- approximately 22 vets. You know in the holding center at any given day. And it's specifically designed. For them because they have the various. Insignia is. For the branches. They have many things in common according through this and we agree serving their country being deactivated and now finding themselves incarcerated is certainly know what they wanted -- ago in the service. Who knows that they had problems finding jobs or -- I'd just being. There's a military skills to -- civilian application I mean there's lots of things like that. Many suffer from similar ailments such as PT as the so -- -- and talk to relate to others as it's a frustrating. I've been leery of the you haven't walked a mile in my shoes -- you don't know what you're talking about attitude but I do think with the military at holes. More credence simply because. If you weren't in there you really don't know I mean you're truly don't know. And ended trying to adjust to the military lifestyle and then back to some lifestyle. -- that's it it's a lot. And judge Russell I didn't even know that there was a -- a veteran's court judge Russell presides over that and the VA. A better able to serve their needs and their staffs are permitted to conduct group counseling sessions which would be good. In that make them aware of the various benefits and services. That they are that are available to them as veterans so I'm Tim Howard on this one I think that. If we're going to welcome -- -- are certainly if we're going to give consideration. To everybody else why didn't take this long to give consideration. -- of the military and regarding the last caller his point of view I've always been. A proponent of a mandatory two years in the military. But I also never wanted to be. -- I never wanted to be punishment. Many times there are a court cases that you follow and you say the judge should sentence -- -- the judge had the authority to sentence this person. The two years in the military that would straighten him out. Well it might straighten them out I I don't disagree with that but -- the military should not be viewed as punishment. Plain and simple. They can. They can take great pride and you can learn a lot -- -- you can -- suddenly. Again that mature in a hurry. You can learn that the world doesn't revolve around you. As mommy and daddy might believe but it revolves around the -- and this is there. So I think those -- in the last and some countries and I know. Israel has that and I think there's -- a couple of other countries that have mandatory. Time in the military I think it's a great two years I'd say it's a -- it's a two year finishing school class of people wanna be mature. That's basically what it is -- deal like that idea of the of of the military to hear -- It's time spent to kind of get through it always have I think it's a great idea for people. As one of my regrets in life is that I didn't -- I -- to me you'll learn a lot of valuable lessons that are difficult to -- and civilian life. You know I mean yeah if you play team sports you might have the concept of teams. But when the military plays winners and losers. There are real winners and closers I mean this isn't just something that's at least standing at the end of the season this is so what you're standing at the end of the -- time in the military. -- look candidate for discipline. Immaturity. To key elements to meet someone gruel to a successful person the system I mean those things that an appreciation. I think that if you were in the first of all. If you were in the military for two years -- from eighteen to one all right. I think a lot of the street punks would disappear. Because a they'd realize that there on the on the positive side. That they don't have to be gang affiliated or mr. tough guy would this or that they can be a part of a tough team. And understand a win when it's needed it's needed but it's not always made it I think it would yeah it would get rid of a lot of street excellence. It would cut down I think on the number of street gangs. And they come with a different attitude a different. Different position you know Hank junior had bets on about attitude adjustment. Boy if anybody needs an attitude adjustment usually it's an aids in -- not always but sometimes. And even if you're on the straight and narrow and your good student and things are going well. Of these things that you're definitely not gonna learn a college campus I can tell you that right now let's at the military school in Maryland that. And you're not gonna be indoctrinated. The first shot that you're indoctrination. Will be with a fighting force and I was some liberal pointy headed professor. A driving a car would be don't know the gay whales that -- In your house calls that you come to a weapon is. Shocked I mean a beer -- -- exact body that's exactly right so it's it's I don't I think it's in its maturity by Immersion. Where are suddenly you're around a a bunch of guys Woodward's -- -- guys right now. A bunch of guys who are of the same age a lot of our -- same mindset and they're going to they're going to come out I think better people to look at the. Discipline aspect of -- alone in in in being able to lose okay. If I wanna be -- succeed in life this is what I have to do and have to stick to it. And they may be coming out of a society that is moving more more toward we don't wanna keep score at the at the games because little hurt feelings. Boy do they keep score in the military. And keeping score on a military you wanna be on the winning side. You know you don't wanna be on the losing side of the military so thanks all of you today and have our share power is -- thing. Our congratulations to you sheriff power this is an excellent idea. Most of the people would call of the overwhelming majority. Agree that it is a terrific thing and good luck whether in the future. -- our apps that will see you tomorrow on news radio 930. Which they never had to need to be used.

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