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10-29 Beach and Company Hour 2

Oct 29, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- MacBook Beijing company applied to sheriff Tim Howard dove for the veterans' housing area. At the Erie county holding center this is where -- in cars people who are incarcerated who wore the uniform. This of this country are put together in a group. And the guards are many volunteered to work in that area guard guards who were veterans themselves. And so they can relate to others they can get their help and in group sessions things like that. A sheriff Howard said this is really a win win situation for everybody involved in helping with the rehabilitation process. Of the men. Who served our country and I totally totally agree. So I'd like to know if you agree or do you think this is special treatment. A substance of -- treatment to consideration. And because of this special consideration but it's special consideration earned. Earned. The sides are taking the dangers of wearing the uniform. They also accepted the change in in their lifestyle to change in the things that they. We're used to doing and then they have to come back and integrate themselves into the community after being in the military for a period of time so. I say what we can go over the -- We should do for them and the -- -- programs that one I like to hear from you let's go to Allen and Clarence Allen Iran WB and. And they still haven't. Completely and should get preferential. Treatment if you want to call a reference to get special treatment. And an arbitrary but I wouldn't mind. -- -- -- And it back and I'm usually it's. -- and but I -- and -- That a lot of hard. And -- two bit and didn't back and -- -- and these -- things that get special treatment. Well I'm glad I'm glad you feel that way and we always welcome your calls thank you very much this program was patterned after programs that have vote. Bill and they used in Georgia California Virginia and Florida and I like it really do to show. That extra special consideration of how much we appreciate the people in uniform I'm so used to saying men and women. In uniform however the polling centers Beazer. This wing is men. Much is the men would prefer that of men and women that -- hit the ground where they're used to. When when you gender rise any thing now you have to be sure to conclude the ones you normally wouldn't have included a day. We appreciate the men and women who have worn the uniform but this is for the guys -- Israel and I Israel wanted hundreds excellent six minds of music star and I'm thirty let's repeat thanks a pizza in Ontario -- on WB yeah. You know it really wonderful program and I just got a fake at the strength the conservative talk radio. You are true. Patriot by bringing its four. What's good about that now is they're going to be a -- aboard by the community and others think it's important. People want to repeat that we don't see -- aren't. Such -- okay sequestration. And the thirty Republicans were taking money out of out of our our digital out of our veterans and our group of people at this point would it completely untrue. And golf. On how the money it's time. You're not -- And you -- -- I think it's got wonderful picture during again I'd like your governor to act in Canada. And I all of -- talk radio now for awhile and I really think again if you're doing a great service. I bring it to the fourth. Well I'm glad you I'm glad you think that Peter and thank you always welcome your call to the share Holland says this is a good chance for them. To have some commonality. To understand what what the others have been through and as we said earlier. Besides the actual -- wearing of the uniform in combat. Just the change in lifestyle. From going from a civilian to a military lifestyle. In which you may have a family you may have a in this case a wide if you may have children whatever. And you choose to serve the country you put on the uniform. And you go aware of Italian ago and you do what they tell you to do and then when the time is up and it's time to get back in two. Civilian lives as a period of adjustment there. There always has been and probably always will be. To go from a totally regimented life it's a total the one that says totally unregulated as we can get in civilian life now. And so I think that that that transition. -- the veterans administration or wherever else is involved in this case. There's also via a -- court I I was not aware that buffalo old veterans court judge Robert Russell. Presided over veterans' court but there is and dark and the judge Russell and his staff members of the VA. They all very much care about rehab of imprisoned veterans. -- will be dealing with them. And they will be in in groups so that they can talk and interact with the -- and to me it's such a natural thing is such a good thing. There -- other groups that have commonality. But not necessarily. Would benefit from this type of scenario. I'm thinking about gang members. -- date and so would try and separate gang members instead of putting them together. In the people who use their their background as an excuse. To get out there and and commit crimes and whatever or that's the excuse they used earlier caught. I intimidate not the same thing at all. This is just one small way we could step forward and say yeah we appreciate what you've done. Obviously. Not everybody was in the military there has been in the military. As -- perfect lives but I think sometimes the impact of of -- service to a country. Makes makes a Europe. Readmission to civilian life a little more difficult solemn and and we can do now Meehan. We'll take a break will be -- -- -- company 803093018061692. For six start -- thirty. And I would like to hear from everybody regarding if you think this is a good idea or not they have -- emblems of the various branches of service. The -- -- At the holding center that would oversee this group. Many volunteered to do it because they are. Veterans themselves so I think it's it's a via a better environment than just putting him in jail cell and waiting for -- court date will be back after this is Beijing knowing. Ever heard from the Buffalo Bills yet they haven't gotten back to -- some of my generous offer let me check voicemail maybe we -- something during the break -- -- -- Woodward I was there this morning and today is the anniversary. In 1959. On this date. A Ralph Wilson was awarded the seventh AFL franchise which of course of the Buffalo Bills. And that paid 25000. Dollars Ford I made it what I would consider a very generous offer to Ralph. You know in case you want stable easy I'm willing to double his money I am willing to pay 50000. Dollars increased. 100 dollar bills in cash. Right at the fifty yard line of the of of the stadium if by if you would like to double his money I'm the man he should do business -- They fifty grand -- that the franchise over immediately. And take good care evident in the man doubled his money now. Many businessmen can say that double their money any not any at all and I'm willing to do it willing to help especially in today's economy that's that's what I'm mumbling to do and we'll all have good seats. You can sit in the owner's box on me. Well that was would you like that that would be nice actually my all time dream is for watching -- would be on the sidelines yeah because you get more of a feel for the speed of the game in the size of the guys and all that if you're at the same level as they are. So that's good. Our Chris we had to be able post on whether they like this idea. Of those share powered seven new veterans housing area at the holding senator. Man Juan Pablo. I think query just -- the button there on America gets very excited when his vote on an act at. I so are the callers have been very much a favorite of Britain's Omar what we have on. On line this is from -- says I am a bad I think it's his first depend on the severity of the crime your pedophilia murderers that shouldn't matter if they're veteran got but it it's a lesser crime why not I think they've deserved it. Well what I like is the ability as I said the VA can do group sessions there. It's everybody's in one area their -- might be more I agree with what he what that proposal said. But it just makes it I think not easier but more efficient. And so I like that yes and Evelyn please we have won the disagrees clot that says I am not a fan of -- -- criminal as a criminal simple as that. I don't think it's as simple as -- -- it's because if you look through the criminal justice system. You'll find that many many cases. Include extenuating. Circumstances. The extenuating circumstances would be in the charging of a crime. The extenuating circumstances. Though might be things that a majora a jury would consider. And they certainly would be a thing that the judge would consider -- found guilty. And what type of punishment you should get those extenuating circumstances. That -- most of that time have nothing to do with your service to the country. But because you're giving up as far as I could city. As an outsider I was rejected that he didn't want me I was willing to go but they said no not that desperate. But basically. People give up their bitter -- there of the way they -- the lead better lives. And then go into the service where they may have put their lives on the line and in exchange for serving our country I think we -- them some consideration. And so things happen to them in those jobs that simply don't happen to other people in other jobs. So when they come in after doing that. And and they commit an infraction. Of course it always the pencil and it is. But I think if we can help -- which should help because without these folks that think you have to realize. We wouldn't have the freedoms we have now there's no way shape reform. And I I'd I think that we're in a strange position now. Where have the public has a great deal of affection. For the military I wish it was shared by our current government. But luckily just remember just as all contracts. Come join and eventually. All elections and the results of those elections come to an end to end -- the -- -- again on the veterans but this isn't a great time for the veterans relationship with our. Government as far as I'm concerned. But it is the best time. On the relationship with the people another. This is from Christopher he says this is a good thing the military's the largest fraternity in the country. If that's their place together there's going to be less problems with behavior and I think overall that while the -- I mean the commonality of having having somebody discuss something where that thank you Chris that and knows we're just talking about. Another words as civilians we don't really appreciate. Unless you bin in the service if you have been a service like I -- okay. You don't really appreciate what veterans go through. I've always -- my two uncles and my father they never talk much about their service I knew where they were what they did but they never told stories. They were usually of kept that to themselves so we don't really know. My father was in the Pacific. In World War II it was machine gun in my uncle -- was on. A mine -- And Michael -- landed in Normandy says pretty distinct was certain distinctive service. But I couldn't get any of them tell me anything about what went on in the war to save myself. So I don't really know. What they're caring with the -- comeback and sends them live there have been many wars in many incursions and whatever since forward to and all these people. That -- would they're living in this in their head. It's another John -- -- you force me to live in my head and they bring it back and we don't we don't know what kind of and impacted as we always try and find out. But if we can give them some consideration but what they've given us an exchange for. I'm it will never be able to make it an even swap was go to Mike in buffalo Mike here on WB and. Yes certainly. I just one of our talent that it is holding turner and nobody has been proven guilty yet in there and probably the right to be. All all. They don't -- to clear very very important spot on it just continued it is. Retrospect one of the callers -- a -- criminals. I. I think it's a good idea I think they deserve their chance and -- -- -- -- that's basically what that I a I agree. -- the other in the holdings that are ready to be you know go to the next level. And the via. A judge Joseph judge Robert Russell I didn't even know there was a buffalo veterans' court but he presides over that. So I think it gives them a fair shake and shows that we do well we have to consider the crime certainly but we also have to consider your service to America. Well thank you are and I just wanted to make a portrait does it all the turner nobody is guilty yet. That's right that's exactly right thank you very much Mike -- In -- and -- in the -- Cotchery and listen until proven guilty in court of law nominee cops episodes I've seen all of them. I I can tell you from the first scene. What that what every cop show has ever been about a watch Jamal do you guys watched cops now you don't want you watch cops I don't watch TV. You watch sports or or vote or or folders appeal lodged Dennis jumped food channel and you don't watch cops now I think it's I just program -- it's great because. It's so much fun because nothing that the -- the purpose has on the Monday get arrested. It belongs to them -- not I think it does mean that's what people give them cars to drive. Stay here drive the car they never even have to pay for it. This one woman that they found drugs in her bra okay she said they weren't hers and they she didn't know how they got there. Now armed and -- came up where that Coca martial arts would know where it came from in our blog about I would know that I get there I don't know all right. I didn't have -- my shorts when I left the house. -- somebody yeah. Somebody gave me said can you -- this package in your package president surely. Yes that's not my and I don't know I have nothing I was. And charge and my shorts I don't know. -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 180616. 9236. LE a backward vision governor applaud -- sheriff power -- sheriff Jim Howard. This is a program on that is similar to one run in jails in Georgia California Virginia and Florida. And hour and it is of the New York it is for a sentence then on sentence mail -- inmates and it's not a voluntary basis you don't have to go there. Members of the the veterans. Who are incarcerated there until they get their time in court. I can have a commonality. It's the new veterans' housing area -- holding senator. There are 22 vets there living at the holdings and on any given day. And it is specific for them they have a common traits of serving their country being deactivated and finding themselves incarcerated. Many suffer from similar ailments they can now talk to a relate to others who find themselves in the same condition. And a judge Russell's veterans' court in the VA will be better able to serve their needs and their respective staffs. Will be permitted to conduct group counseling sessions dealing what matters. A such as making -- aware of various benefits that are afforded to them and their families while simultaneously linking the veterans with the existing services so. Judge Howard a judge Howard -- sheriff Howard. Said this really is they win win situation for everybody involved in helping with the rehab process of the men who served our country and I couldn't agree more. I totally agree. That though when we can we should do what we can. To show veterans -- we appreciate their service and understand that they may have had to go through some things we didn't have to go through we weren't in the service. And I think consideration should be given that we certainly give consideration everything in the criminal justice system. You know you are you a barn on Sunday and the sun was shining while we understand why rob the bank I mean. -- We use it as a bogus excuse. A lot of times this is their legitimate reason. That many times the adjustment back to civilian life is difficult or the memories carried while wearing the uniform difficult. And I think we do what we can reach out and trying to understand that and I think this is another step toward that so. We've only had one respondent. I was say that they did not think it was good idea. But he said that you know of inmates or inmates and that's no I don't agree with that at all let's go to its bomb on a cell phone time -- on WB CN. Good morning Andy hello -- taking my call us or what it got worse than. Well I'm an agreement with. Your topic today. Along with the cursor -- situation. And so. -- -- together which is. Many years investors may remain an old veterans respond better when their with other veterans and -- situations. I assure our orders also explored and I believe it still exploring. The possibility of doing something and -- individuals driver's license. As well -- on the license plate. To aid in the safety sector for the law enforcement people. We may make a traffic stops there are aware that there are dealing with a veteran prior to coming out to the vehicle. I like that I like that outreach. -- -- show them that you know we always appreciate them but we wanna do what we can to imploded to make it easier for them I think I think they we know that and I think they deserve it. Well actually right and I can tell at a church -- program. From the numbers are there are based on the results it's done some great things in the a lot of veterans that they've had a bump in the road sort of streak. Really great pick and -- the community and become. You know very proactive citizens. Finding employment. Starting to take care excellent getting paired with their family. -- He doesn't think about it the whole life is different we're in the uniform as opposed to Lehman uniform behind coming back to civilian life and that's -- that's the immigration we would like to see as smooth as possible so. Congratulations I did not even know that judge Russell had a veteran's court is good to see that there there is especially there are no they have drug courts and things like that but. I was not aware of veterans court. Yet yet -- and they've done some great things I believe just like the drug court program. I believe George Russell and is there a sense introduced it to other cities that are getting as satisfactory results as they are here and awful. Well good good to -- or on the cutting edge of of something like that thank you Tom thank you very much. My brother in law on the man who's married to my system all the some man's. Is that idea is a veteran and he received two bronze stars and the bronze stars on his license plate. And Monday were visiting the last time we were visiting which was last this summer. Every time I would go out -- the mailbox at the -- whatever and I'd see you on there and he gives you great pride. It's you know you're associated. With somebody like that and so while he they damn well. He like my two uncles my father don't talk much about it at all. But he did write down his his memories of being in the service in the one written down. For his family you know sons and his son and daughter's. Whatever and our secure our usage or a component down I was fascinated by it. I spent about four hours straight reading. Because I usher in the service you don't really realize. One it is and what's expected of -- -- and he retired as the colonel. -- Soviets responsibility. And several tours of duty overseas and Vietnam. And them and ended up with a couple of -- -- -- good for him but from my sister. -- one man who's been through. Combat would choose to marry my sister with a cement passes beyond me call a little more -- that. You're doing now I can't come up. -- that's my visit over there and get bad though lasagna you're getting email I. Yeah. All right well take a -- orbit back Lamar or beach company on his radio at 930 but is region company. Just like Kathleen Sebelius NC. Seemed. Every time I look at hers seems like she's just settlement tree branch recently. Initially she looked like a happy person at the -- is over I'll actually go up. And smile oh I've seen as well. Which is -- -- she was like that analyses. -- And is in this lofty position overseeing obamacare and she has a reason not to smile -- this. She seemed very happy person is now knows giver happy you know happy party. Because it's like -- god -- just sit on this though that's not pleasant. 833010669. Through music start on third and Tim Horton Erie county sheriff congratulations. I think there's. Veterans area in the holding -- a good idea. The the special consideration that's the way blows phrases. Given to veterans to show some manner of appreciation. We owe them everything we have so we can help them let's do. And a wanna know if you think this a good idea and let's go to new GO would be the next one and Hamburg Jolie on WB again. Or comment on the -- -- -- athletes and movie stars and famous people getting break after break after break. I think it's. It's it's great that the veterans of people that actually put their lives on the line this country what are gonna get so little more support. Being a veteran myself I know I like it all. Analysts. It's fairly difficult to try to transition from being an account that -- to being. All mommy and 48 hours after Alan -- in my living -- out of a combat zone of 48 hours later I was in my living room just Warner. Well except what what was going out and it was and it's very hard transition. And especially order for veterans that. Can't serve anymore I got out because they have because they watch due to injury. Or or one abbey which it's very very difficult and like you step forward this is the plate they think that everybody. Should remember his election experience. Experienced the lifestyle and the trials and tribulations of being in the military you have absolutely no idea. And -- they -- chair art -- great thing I think John Russell's doing great saying. And that you are unique people and the experience unique situations and all the people that has an -- on that are truly understand and be able to give he's not a -- that are at our real heroes. But my friends my Brothers and sisters. Given that the support that they really actually need. Does video service -- as you're about to leave that they give you any transition training as the advice on -- tips on how to get back into civilian life or they just say thank you for your service in the -- like on your own. In my experience that it would actually not -- got back to the states went through a out. Went through small little little area where a -- OK here's. Injured your paperwork your outlet that and but Lockett like at 48 hours later my -- and it was still -- was -- -- different world. Just amazing well let me be the double of the latest wanna say thanks for wearing a uniform Joseph appreciate it. My pleasure thank you tortured -- bringing that light it's it needs to be. Need to be out there's there's there's but directly over at -- is lying and now what the problem that that returning about. Are gonna -- are just beginning. I hear you loud and thank you very much he had this isn't like. In in the business world in the civilian world where you take a job. OK take a job in the job may have its own it's all its own challenges but you still get to go home so get their. You know get on your computer -- whatever even if you're on a road trip -- still have contact with your family your friends in the neighborhood and you go in the service you go have a decade ago you could be you know. Ten miles away could be a thousand miles away. And he's doing some things that you never have to do well when you're a civilian. Why you're doing doing a service of our country so I think the least we can do is say hey let's give -- a hand with some of the stuff. -- to go you know it really affects me and policy it's its own Chris event virtually the same way. And you see this every once in awhile you'll see where an elderly. -- service. Guy. Will be attacked on the streets and robbed of something. And I'm thinking this guy fought for our country. He wore the uniform who's willing to die for us. And now some punk on the street is robbing him the elderly they do their best to fight back but there's usually no match for some street punk. That kind of crime rarely really bothers me you get the same impression when you see them. I get so angry I cannot describe it just the same way I do when I go to -- high school game NIC the is it Tony remove their hats during the the national improper spread yet it drives me crazy or are you Chris. Today it's it's troublesome especially when you consider that some of these guys are you know World War II vets and I'm not a combat is easy today -- back then it was completely different the technology that they used. When they were fighting in World War II. You know these guys are digging trenches and sleeping on the snow sometimes depending on weather station. And then to come back and be just attacked the mystery it's it's almost like you survived all hell of the I guess -- -- -- and you're just gonna get attacked a. On you know I think one thing that has really helped a lot with -- appreciation what the veterans do. Is some of the Military Channel I mean I watch at all locked. And you see who we have as seen movies about you know the different wars or whatever but the -- -- first our Military Channel covers a mall. There's a you know there is a lot on forward to but there's certainly on every other skirmish conflict police action we've been involved -- And the extraordinary circumstances that are people. Went usually overseas hopefully people presume he's not here. It suited to do for us. And then to come back and be a victim of street crimes like he likes and one thing I like is the but on news runs a series. A veterans' stories because there were losing them at an -- law a one arming number especially the elderly. To see what they did they show their pictures when they -- -- when they were younger. And it's it's quite a moving process. And so this court I mean activist court to be able there. That is say the veterans are in the holding senate together like that the veterans court I like that I like which are -- did and I'm glad he has an appreciation for. Susan and buffalo what do you think resume. Yeah I don't think it's a fantastic idea. Don't put together a program in the app and -- the -- I'll wait here about well. All I was doing an internship. And I -- -- -- out there and cap for the conference or his. And windows programs -- -- and -- that our truck. And I already had encore and mental health court gallon while I. I think my brother is at the mean they're then I ran he served in Afghanistan and he is now headed over to -- alone. Yeah. 51 saint and the in the army and -- having seen. I don't know about who would ever in I ran and he got injured I got an apparent. And what a genetic strap in order. We kind of am and have experience. And uniting. Issue. On the field effort just inside and keep our. Oh yeah because they have stood you might they have to make the sacrifices on their hand to move to make it as smooth -- transition as you can. My opinion -- may come out the adjustment back into the society. Is anything we can actually relate here. They come back and they're. Derek aggregated from their friends their Stanley -- that they get and they are awkward my other hand I've watched him in gambling event where he feels awkward and -- back. And it's quite literally months for him. You Hillary adds up to being around that people -- -- Well I'm glad first I'm -- to work on the program. And I'm glad that they have you as as a support person to help -- it's a very different open and I think the programs going to be a rousing success thank you assume that -- -- -- we'll be back after this.

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