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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>10-29 Beach and Company Hour 1

10-29 Beach and Company Hour 1

Oct 29, 2013|

Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello it is amazing that I'm sandy beach and I'm glad that may hear when I say I am glad to be here I'm really glad to be here today because I had a very -- thing. Drive into work. Yes well most of you had a very uneventful drive into word -- was full of excitement and I can hardly wait to tell you about it. And there but obviously animated or you wouldn't be hearing this announcement right now. Yes yes it is a big governor -- here's the deal. You know I leave for work. Right around 6 o'clock every morning okay 6 o'clock and 6 o'clock this comedy -- pitch black. You cannot see your hand in front of your face. And as luck would have it. No town. It's around the world auto. Might be a car every time that I have a special -- be talking about a their commercials. They let it once so I can drive NC you know live with the -- what I what I think about it I can incorporate. My -- my life experiences with that car. Well as luck would have it they had delivered a a brand new global -- yesterday and I brought it home and I enjoyed the drive home took a little drive. I yesterday in the country and -- enjoying OK so this morning at 6 o'clock it's pitch black I get into the car. And I'm not totally familiar with the -- -- are not a -- headlights on. That I know how to operate most of via a cool stuff and -- that's good a driving to work on north tunnel under creek road. In a borrowed car in suddenly. Like right. I know where. Out of the pitch black is the largest dear I have ever seen in my life. Here's how close it was when the deer ran out in front of my car okay here I -- a borrowed car grand. I could see his eyes. In the -- pillar. Of via passenger seat I could see his. -- in the eight teller dubbed the god we have my brain didn't even tell me. Hey either as a dealer on the road you wanna hit the deer so why don't you try and avoid it by swerving to -- My brain didn't even tell me to do it just did it OK I cut that wheels sharper was incredible. Even though I saw him in the -- it was. Our. And their car was unbelievably. Good. I mean I don't know I was not that familiar with the suspension on this car until then. But man it overrun like a Formula One car I hate you usually can't steer around problems. Because if you -- -- you're gonna probably slide and if you have a soft suspension. -- it's going to be problematic. All right I just cut that we -- as best I could cut it as sharp as I could cut it the thing just stayed level and went right around it. But my heart started going boom boom. But because here I am. In a sponsor's car. And my own. But there's a lesson to Baylor and their boys and girls. I'd take a more while lighted highway and neither do you guys ever had that where you just miss a -- no. I that's the closest -- ever -- more -- I have and it's like you said you don't even think about it it's just the reaction reaction that second bogey there. I remember in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin I had a brand new and I was driving at for the first day okay. A a brand new -- OK so now I'm getting up because I did mornings and had to be on the -- five so it's like 2:30 in the morning. And I get in my brand new -- I'm driving driving to work and suddenly. Out of be out of -- out of nowhere on interstate 94 year. -- giant. Blow what was it. What are those ugly things apostle a giant possible. They don't run too fast with a -- apostle was right there. And I hit a hit the -- on the interstate on my first day with the new car right. OK so I get to work and I look underneath and -- are enough. The whole front spoiler. Today it cost me. After deductible 12100 dollars I guess I wanted to go back and get the possibly eat jumped up with 12100 with. But the ball around this thing right it was not it was like a slot car Tony it was really gold I would never have driven it like that. But but and I I did not practice that but just in -- And before I knew what I was inaudible my heart did and didn't stop until I got here she -- explaining that well what do you think of a new Volvo. Well yeah. I quite like yet. And it really it doesn't too much when you hit a huge air. Our solid all right -- So I will not have to say that to a mr. Shriver or mr. Shriver or mr. calories. Kudos to follow that yeah yeah they're solidly so ovals a lot of -- because of the safety issues. I did not win a test driving a car you usually don't test the suspension. But the suspension was solid I mean it just it went it way you -- skated. And I didn't roller anything it just went around which users can do that idiot for trying borrow something that's on the road and do that we'll explore no you can't do it because they're usually top heavy. And boom boom boom. Anyway a lot of a lot of things are about today Ortiz. Wow -- now -- -- 700 and something you have a little bit over ya I mean that's that's remarkable. That may be embassy just falters it's tomorrow maybe like the best batting average or one of what -- crisis they talked about that. Yeah I mean there's been discussion on on certain national art criticism whether or not he should win the MVP regardless of whether or not the Red Sox -- -- 700 and some that I mean he's like eleven for fourteen or something like that Chris why you think pitching to him that's what I don't know a lot of -- well they've they've walked and I think four or five times and and at times your pitching -- it's early in the ball game like last night you saw the system in the first inning. And he took the first pitch he saw I just smoked for double in a situation like Vatican -- into army -- pitched -- late in the game. It's more of a situation -- accused him most of the time. Well you know I like him not because he's betting 700 and something is because after the the terrorist attack. Remember what he says that this is hardly paying city yes I doubt it got a guy get like I'm instantly know politically correct stuff Americans are you that I love David Ortiz so -- -- only have to win a lot of the next all right that's going to be eleven large. You know what's funny is -- fell asleep last night watching the game and speaking of Ortiz he had just fly it out. And then the cardinals were all and I saw Wainwright I think it was struck out in that was last thing I remember. I wake up by 6 o'clock this morning in the TV is on you know save screen mode so got it -- and quickly go to my phone to check on Twitter right. Wow. I mean just sensational. In that mode. You know aware of I'll -- my I know why I'm sending you have I have the dish okay. If if you do not change the channel in like three hours it gives you on screen prompt. And if you don't -- you don't continual whatever that it is shuts the TV off NASA and it just goes to I don't mind set up through a sound system. The sound system would wake somebody up -- sleep and help. And that I always I always dream when I'm sleeping in the chair by mistake but that things don't go off by a week out of that chair several times that happened near. I know because I don't hear the sound like that maybe you don't have a hooked up through the separates us no I don't because it was so when yours goes up it goes off -- gotten silent when Mike goes up it still leaves the audio portion on. But there's there's no nothing feeding so yikes. But anyway I haven't done that while. Well let's give voice and tickets to a real country star in this is Merle Haggard the -- Yeah he's been imprisoned. Yeah is friend -- Johnny Cash and all the all the good people -- -- going to be in town at Klein hands November 1 witches. This Friday as far as I concede. Impaired tickets to see Merle. A value a hundred dollars general confidence rules apply he's the man Merle Haggard is the man. A call 6449875. And I -- away from tickets on sale -- -- box office nauert go to Klein and buffalo dot org. He is. Here is the real deal in country music go one of the one of the bedrock so I think of country music I don't forget 9 o'clock because I'd like to remind you because it -- just after just before I sign on. We do the cash code word and today's can't see who is unlikely given away assemblies to drive management -- -- today is to lose. Oh. It DEB writes he's our frog says debit habit like you have a debit card I'm going to. Mark that down I'd -- it can be helpful you wanna get in on trying to win a thousand dollars. Here's all you have to do -- Go to -- WB and dot com slash -- to enter to win a thousand bucks and just in case you're setting yourself you know. I'd like to enter to win but I don't know when you write the damn thing and I've probably never listen enjoyed the good Joseph alert. Now we just bring -- money in your house but I'll tell you we will alert that's about as we are will bring the money to your house putting your wallet for a good is that. We want to that I just said that a budget and enter via contest by texting cash 30930. What that does is we give you a little advance warning the words coming up. Because the word is heard at 9 AM 1 PM 4 PM and 7 PM would -- -- this will last for five weeks. All right -- they break we'll be back with more with the -- company I didn't hit the -- special show today. And a newsreader at 930 it is a -- company. Under some web page that talks about them but people -- eleven north buffalo. Yeah it's a FaceBook page I grew up in north buffalo. If somebody posted a picture of the -- be daisy. Audio became media crush daisy that has an interest thing today history. We would -- a lot of promotional things with the things -- put on your car. We -- and -- the orange crush which you know a bit of the orange greater Russian whatever. And we gave up these daisies and they were amazingly. Popular. Everybody had one and that we always did things right we did things first class you know -- and -- a Bakes up with KB. But one thing we didn't realize that apparently the people who made the daisies didn't realize. Is that they -- -- a -- That you could never remove the daisy once the daisy was on your car. If it was on your bumper and you want it off you needed a new bumper you could not get them off if you had if if it was on blasts. You'd probably have to break the glass and put in the windshield. And go all out yet people are calling us. And out. -- herbal that -- for my car you know because sometimes it does Wear out. Or you get some anonymous and then you don't wanna put a new one on his -- People found that they couldn't do they just couldn't -- of that that's probably hidden secrets that the people on talk about that much would they be about. If you have those daisies. I'm sure it's gonna stay exactly where its outlook are never going to real movement against the idea that -- you know it's funny funny story. Is that we ordered a city which would a bumper sticker thing I was programming QB at the time. And we were always. This we did was always in demand. So I decided why do -- half -- and I went through the agency will work -- -- approved. I approved. Of the lay out of the bumper sticker but I said specifically. Do not print these until I see the final -- -- Because I wanna make sure cause were ordering the initial -- it was a 100000. Okay well a 100000 so that's great so -- What happens as one day I get a call from my secretary and she says we have a problem in the lobby. So what's the problem she's -- well maybe you better go down and find out so I went down there and this this guy. Had delivered. Is -- teams -- -- thank -- delivered the 100000. Bumper stickers but it was a problem. I hadn't approved. I hadn't seen them. And that was the -- I was gonna do problems so this guy unloads a 100000 stickers I opened the first box and I look at the sticker no. No this no I would not have a process. So I state of the teams that are. I'm sorry but you have to take this back and that does it make -- just noted. Hundred and these boxes as Packers he says. It's a combat this Rick this is not a good for me I said look I don't look like Robert Redford -- not a good day from may back on the truck and take them away. I don't know what they get them. I don't know what you -- them but we never bottom because they didn't but they didn't suit what we asked more. But the good -- I was not happy with loops I I would did not I was not featured in teams their monthly. As the best customers never had that this -- that always stood out to be -- you remember his child it was the the number one of the number one you know we are Jeff Cahill a minute we rip that off Harley-Davidson yes but that the number one I think that's the most iconic of via buffalo friendly place was good to reveal one of the city. A but the number one logo I mean that's a solid blow on an avid Harley still uses. But Tuesday and my my bicycle -- well. Thanks don't really. Know why doesn't Chris tell me that when his grandmother that used to listen to me she was under the covers and grandmothers like. That's the pop realized then there will be a bat -- -- okay -- ahead. Reflection on -- back up again. Thank you I love this to be remembers. Thank you very much and -- well chicken man yeah. And I will take a regular come back we'll get into our subject today is that it is. It's just think it may not be a unanimous vote on this but that's okay. I have a distinctive. A point of view on this and I think you may have won two in regards the the polling center and -- what sheriff Howard has has done. They don't radio and I Israel wanted to hundreds -- the -- -- music star and I -- once we get and if you'd like to participate will be back after this. -- Tom -- weekdays three till 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM. WBE and. Go to Beijing governor said the image of -- and history have not heard it mentioned that much bug Tony just only in 1959. On this date in history Ralph Wilson. Was awarded the seventh AFL franchise -- which became the Buffalo Bills at all. That was on 1959 and those 71 when he was a member of what police call a foolish club. A lot of rich people when that Lamar Hunt was a matter and a people who started the -- later they merged with the NFL and they have what what today is. America's pastime. And you remember what it paid for -- Arab for the Buffalo Bills because -- 25025000. Paid 25000 and I'm gonna. This is I didn't sales and do this tournament I'm gonna do a moment ago right now okay. Ralph Wilson paid 25000. Dollars for the Buffalo Bills in 1959. This is an open offer to Ralph whether Ralph slowest thing in Detroit or not or or maybe -- Russ Brandon might be listening to pass the message. Gonna give Ralph Wilson a chance. To double as money I will I will I will pay cash. 50000 dollars wall to by the Buffalo Bills franchise but they offer has to be accepted by noon because I wanna all the shall still going on. I wanna be announces the new law on the Buffalo Bills fifty grand in cash ought to go to your house Tony ended up a copy cans with a money in them in your backyard remember right here and there. Suspecting nobody was looking for garbage cans in my yard with -- -- New -- yards right I think idea. I'm not sure I got 50000 but I can get other people would chip in. That might be -- help on your belt when he blocks card Christo and maybe Danny never. You know he can cash in some of those. War bonds. Mary closed down accounting house for a day just for days now so that's set it's an open offered Ralph Wilson channel what businessman. Would not wanna double his money on an investment. I mean that is up. -- offer I would pay I would pay 50000 dollars in cash. If he signs the deep into the Buffalo Bills to me by noon today he may have to get on the jet. And and come over here this umbrella man like Michael Jackson used to when he gets up the executive jet comes in from Detroit. As the arrest Brandon. Hold William grow over him he might. Who's Smart who resells it to me all the emerald and not -- I watch a game on the sidelines if you lie ahead sorry I'm telling -- five -- number you guys and have really good -- events and will will limit section after you own real all right yes -- the restrooms. Yeah yeah yeah. I want to. I will pay it'll be the only -- -- memorial restrooms for and against -- top of the hour I didn't hear it -- you can only use it at the top and bottom of the hour long noses and he's a fifth. I imagine. As seriously oh well I'd I'd I'd like somebody to figure out what 25000 was worth in 1959. Obviously. A lot more than -- worth now. But those from Guatemala in 1950. And where they were now quite close to a billion almost all of a war that occurred close to a billion or some a little over a billion Alison Washington I'm sure over the now so and -- if they ever get a franchise in LA what that'll be worth. I can't understand why this -- play. You guys other things to do all the guys govern you guys ever a reason why the NFL hasn't put put a team our two teams and I just don't think Los Angeles cares you really don't blow Al Davis on the -- when you think Goodell said recently. That he wants a team at Los Angeles and London I get Los Angeles I think London is ridiculous. Or LA first the -- the second biggest media market second only to New York. So you would certainly want that. I don't I don't get it and the merchandising of the astronomical to star power. I mean if you think watching Jack met Jack Nicholson. Watch ago watch the lakers is big -- imagine will be there for the NFL sure I mean although all the big big names big faces I mean it would be a big deal. And I remember -- to. Who's there now there's no teams have -- for -- while analysts at the end USC UCLA well that's true that's true of this program as well. Right here's what I'm talking about today when I saw this I wasn't. I wasn't sure. Because I didn't office -- ever been done before and it turns out that it has been done before a similar program. Has been run in a Georgia California Virginia and Florida. And -- not about the Erie county holding center sheriff Howard overseas that. And he came up after you know after some thought and there's some discussion. With something that. Seems like a good idea but maybe -- -- gets preferential treatment and larger view give him my thought on -- it's in the Lake Erie county holding center a new veterans'. Housing area inside the holding senator. Specifically. Catering to incarcerated veterans. Who have served the country and this is from sheriff Jim Howard's official. A release approximately 22 vets are living in the holdings and on any given day. It is specifically designed for them and to be beneficial in several ways. They have many things in common such as serving their country being deactivated and now finding themselves incarcerated. Many suffer from similar ailments such is a PG India PTS Diaz. They can now talk to and relate to others who find themselves in the same situation. The so that they voted devoted a via a -- holiday wing I don't know if it's officially oh win. He said there's if anybody deserves a second chance. Is this is sheriff Howard now it's the men. Who have put their lives on the line to defend our nation flags and -- it seals represent the different branches of the military there prominently displayed for the vets in the new area. Of the deputies. Are are also veterans. The deputies who are working in this area so -- Null. What it's like to Wear the uniform. The and though the one word got out about this and pretty -- staff members or veterans themselves wanted to sign up immediately to be part of a program. Everybody is excited about this. The new housing unit will be made available to both a sentence than on sentenced male inmates are voluntary basis. As we said a similar program is being run in jails in Georgia California Virginia and Florida so they say there's a commonality between. These people who are there because they're all veterans they all serve the country in whatever. And they vote they've got their remembrances with the seals of the different branches and when I first read this. I always look. My first knee jerk reaction was that's good idea I like this OK but I always look for the negative side too because I know when you're doing a talk show. If you -- support something you better be prepared for the negative side. And I don't -- support this I think it's a good idea. The negative side I thought would be well you know there are lots of groups of inmates who have commonalities. There are people who grew up -- you know dirt floor. Who decided crime was the only way out there are gang members. But they don't they don't -- gang members together purposely because they have a commonality. They don't you don't any kind of vote situation -- your home life. They don't house those prisoners together so there's a lot of other commonalities. That indeed. You could say well why not have a wing for this are going for that I think that would be the negative side. But I overrule the negative side in my mind by saying best. These people in the veterans wing of the holding senator. Rose chose to serve our country. And there's an extra dimension to this story. In some some of the things that happened to have them or some of their experiences. As a result of volunteering because we have no draft. Volunteering to serve the country maybe they should get a little extra consideration. I think they should and many things that happened to you what -- wearing the uniform in Europe overseas or even hear a don't happen in civilian life. So you made a choice to join the service. Some of the things that you encountered in the service. Have caused problems for viewing your later life I say. Good job sheriff Howard and I'd like to know if you think as I do that it's a good idea. Or should we not be showing preferential treatment to any groups of prisoners. I'm buying that for the reason I just gave you. I'm saying you know I I'm a great admirer of people who have worn the uniform they haven't all been saying -- some sometimes they were choices made and sometimes the choices were made for them. -- because of things called combat. So I have no problem -- I think it's a good idea if it can help calm calm me again. 80309301806. -- 692 through six and star and 930. Sheriff Tim Howard has a special. It's not a wing actually by the no area and our for our veterans or incarcerated. People who have served our country worn the uniform is this a good idea it is special treatment certainly. There are commonalities of these veterans and that's why the sheriff thinks should be good. If they were housed in as an in their own on it. There are other. People have commonalities of who are incarcerated. Or gang members or people go to certain neighborhoods may be -- -- certain socioeconomic. Status and there's a lot of things you could say. But usually. In some of those you don't put on them together you keep them apart especially with -- gang members. But I think this is a wonderful thing I really do I think anything we can do to help the veterans because besides. Combat related things is just the regiment of vote when you leave the service. Where your day is totally organized. And of this is the way things going now suddenly. You're in civilian -- sometimes it takes a period of adjustment that sometimes some decisions are made which are regrettable. And so I think anything we can do to help the veterans even in this situation we should do. And so I think it's good idea but I'd like your opinion let's go to a mark in wheat field mark here on WB again. Good morning. I would I'd simply point out one quick thing. The difference between Jordan and is that veterans at one major character trait in common and that is the service. He issued -- respect dignity and different. And every now. They've earned that right I don't look at it as special treatment I look at and right do have a chance to get back in the audit. I came back from Vietnam. Their kids. At 1 AM local colleges. They execute their. Sponsored -- Out there calling on the sidewalk and I just want black army order Bob Bob. And that's. And that's and and you know and and members. It's always been on my mind at eighteen months I helicopter around the countryside then and now Vietnam. And gets them on a street corner are bought and bought out. Well you know it was a disgraceful treatment of the Vietnam vets came when they came home they were spat upon their work. There were verbally abuse like you just pointed out I think it's a disgraceful period in our time I don't think we'll ever see that again because now people appreciate the military by and large. And understand that we need view -- order to preserve our rights. I thank you for that and I would -- any any veteran who'd that is not distress than any sort of object of the day. That they have really done a tremendous amount. Two change the -- that veterans are treated in society as responded. And I thanked everyone for. For those moments in the supermarket wherever I am where people that be -- much -- and I think that's an enormously. Pride -- yen and doubtless these building at an event and thanks everyone -- that. -- -- 24. Or you're bringing these -- The pot. It probably doesn't sell a lot of stuff but I know that veterans will be happy agent Niger sponsored by now well. Will be happy to do it because you guys earned its and ladies to thank you thank you for your call appreciate it. I I do that -- I see somebody in the market or whatever. And uniform I thank them I really do. And I think that it comes out of blow your video not really expecting it if you're wearing the uniform. But I think it's it's a little small gesture of appreciation. Let people know so we're asking about the special section of the Erie county holding center of -- sheriff Howard. Has now associated with the veterans. There -- approximately 22 veterans living in the holding -- on any given day and also in this information piece that I have. By having the vets at one location judge Russell's veterans' court and VA. Will be better able to serve the needs. And their respective staffs will be permitted to conduct group counseling sessions dealing with matters of making the vets -- where various benefits that are afforded to them and their families. While -- linking the incarcerated veterans with the existing services so it's really -- help. Because many times even if you wanna serve. Of the country saying you wanna serve the country by being in government. When you take a job in government you still by and large get to keep your normal pattern of life. Most of the time you get to go home. At night and have a meals with your family and spend holidays with -- when you're doing a service. -- mean there are -- it's a major disruption of your life. Where you're you might now be near your relatives your friends your families during holidays. You may not see them from periods of time so you're giving up a lot. To serve the country so I think the least the country can do. If you stub your toe on the way is that help you is best weekend. And as -- as fairly as we can understanding what you've been through. And that's very very important because we hear all kinds of stories about what people have been through that commit crimes. And they kill people and do all kinds of dastardly deeds. And of their defense attorneys trying get sympathy for them by saying they had a tough -- bringing. What's tougher than people shooting -- uniform line. Probably not much. So I'm very much in favor of -- -- share of hours that a good thing in a very beneficial thing I'd like to know if you think it's a good idea. Or not is -- a fair thing to do it 0305301806169236. That I thought or come back without summoning -- hang in there.

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