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Turkey Trot Sign Up Under Way

Oct 29, 2013|

Kathy Romanowski

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It may still be October buddy this the season on -- talk Turkey as in the Turkey -- the YMCA is hosting the 118. Annual Turkey trot. On Thanksgiving morning Thursday November 28 Kathy -- SK YMCA at buffalo Niagara is here with more on the WB and likely can't be good morning. Good morning the planning for this event. Is almost a year round thing isn't. It really isn't -- the race is over we kind of recap and start to plan for the next year other than -- -- preparation. Now this is the 118. Turkey -- which means. It began what 1895. You know how many runners ahead Madras. How will we started out it was just. Six runners on a dirt road back in and 1895 though really his ground quite a bit since then -- And isn't it true that even today -- -- news to you end up. Having to close registration a certain point right. We feel we have a cut off again this year 141000 park at the Penn and last year we actually sold out about two weeks before the race actually occurred felt. It is a popular place to be on Thanksgiving morning but now what a difference from the held back just six runners. How did this race to the official large and loyal following. Think this is something that's become part of Western New York tradition that is something just like the taste about all the people that have to be added. But the lively event and a great way to start your Thanksgiving morning with your family your friends that -- just really has been something that people that we wanna do everything a year. Kathy how many people have registered for this year's event. We actually over 9000 registrant at this point which -- -- for about a week ahead of registration of where we -- at this point last year so we're really trending ahead of of where we worked so if you haven't signed up get a really good time that to lock at and. OK take a minute and tell people how they can register. Sure you can go to wine and DA. -- on my act grant dot org and ran our home -- of feeling for the Turkey -- registration and I'll take you right there. What does do they need to know about packet pick up the next type of thing to. We always kept packet pick up at the Delaware family Y and that's gonna take place on November 25 through 27. LA they can get everything I had the race and be ready to go on Thanksgiving morning. What's a similar costume contest to. Yeah at Yankee starter custom content last year as you guys know a lot of people take part in the -- Not as a runner but at the locker and -- they decide to get dressed up in their pre cast him. The laughter we started a Constant Contact -- the great big yet. To about ten -- before the start of the race we're at a welcome anybody who's participating. To be judged in front of our panel for the backed individual and best group top films. I know that's always a fun part of it also you -- heaven doing missed the last of several years to -- and it's encouraging people to. Bring something to make a donation for the food bank. Most definitely were happy -- Pitt team up with that we collected over 3000 pounds of food last year but the curable 4000. So anyone who's participating generate re asking him to bring down to Tampa nonperishable items to either. The branch itself that you come -- for packet pick up -- about race they were have been that. But he also don't have to be a part of the -- to donate we welcome -- to stop by any Lionsgate branch location to make a donation to the food bank. OK we hope it's a big success can't -- keep us updated on those registrations are paying well thank you shared it's Kathy Romanowski. If you want more information YMCA. Buffalo Niagara dot org.