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iPads for Sweet Home Middle Students

Oct 29, 2013|

Martin Pizur

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This week the sweet home central school district will begin distributing I pants. To its students. By the end of the school year the district hopes to equip all sixth and ninth graders with an iPad sweet home middle school principal Martin's sister is with us. On the WBA -- on good morning. The morning and into the great thanks for the time. This is pretty daunting how are you able to do this. Arm below its broad and ambitious plan that. And our committee has been working on -- administrators teachers students and parents. And don't know even in the planning issues of this are approximately a year and down. You know we're. -- -- -- learning phase initially here for the middle school that two over or -- -- -- students that the government forty students in total about half of our history they were doing a similar. I don't rollout in the Playskool what our freshmen. We know it's not going to be a -- around the world for written on we've -- -- -- are perked up. A mr. Posey said listen in on the planning stage for a long time so then we assume. That the money to pay for this has been on the budget in the budgets and approved by district voters. Yeah sexually. The district of him do this with pre existing arms to Israel -- there are some of the other. Our general fund resources that have already been in place and just looking at. Making a constant spoke different in different places. You know violent than. Deeper budget in the kind of reflect not. Com textbook or whatnot and the only you know rolling them over into another direction I'm just because it's all this we'll have such great utility for Erica. And then the students are issued these -- as they take them back and forth home to school. Yes they do. The kids are going to be given an iPad charger and a long taking into -- -- we -- -- make our own. The board of the greatest thing that this can do is really expand school experience from beyond the school day. Comment beyond school walls and in the -- and -- Why didn't current district -- in my -- mobile device in this particular lesson in particular. How long do you think it'll take a -- -- for you to determine of this experiment as a success. Or failure or do you have reason to believe it will be a success because it's already been done -- other schools around the country. Come by all of our research we've looked at school look more bill. In the Carolinas into -- and Massachusetts as school district Burlington. I'm district that dunked on a roll up and there's many others are contrary that it they're trying to. Our men you know from everything that we're seeing the line is you -- you know bowl Saturday. On an appropriate pace that isn't in the rollout is. You know tailored to with the kids that you haven't been in particular district and you're needs that people strongly that it's going to be a success -- but along the way we're gonna have checkpoints again that part of what that our committee is doing. And will continue to take a look at that I'm -- were not take a look at the data take a look at. In our -- -- doing how long the adults in the process of doing and it needed to and make tweaks to our -- and so that we can have success. Now they -- and can do their homework on them and then just email it to their teacher. -- the idea. You -- part of a part of the experience -- -- we are confident Bianca going to be able to. -- provide kids access to whatever they need -- -- whether it's background knowledge to other. Resources for particular experience that. You know the teachers -- -- they're going to be able to on. Show us they're learning a new and different ways that are going to be able to create that is for example there's an app -- explain everything work. Literally a student can go on their create a little and movie. Whatever is that there aren't they working on at that point down maybe it's now publicly come dividing fractions that can explain the teacher that process. They're going through and they're actually working out a problem. I'm there at the video is there on the audio of the tests about one file and and that could be -- back with a teacher to -- there. You know that are now and so there's the collaboration -- it could -- be shared with. Classmates kids didn't you know across the building or for that matter. You know any other place in the world. I'm and then. It just exit the student creative that's something that under the work you know is worthy of being published archive somewhere. That opportunities available to him to refer to that a security issue and it and you know better don't have that opportunity as well the -- internationally significant. I mister mister -- I congratulate you on this and we thank you for joining us this morning. We'll take you very much on -- but I appreciate apparent for the. That sweet home at a school principal Martin (%expletive) her.