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Analysis of Taglianetti Trial

Oct 29, 2013|

Paul Cambria, Pt III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our top local story this morning for the murder trial about the -- -- -- idea to talk for county court. It's been in recess for the past three days and testimony on Friday too badly and Eddie's wife Mary so despite the many emails she traded. With climber in New York school superintendent Keith Reid Sheehan Reid met only wants. Well listen to -- you know he was living whether parents in the Albany, New York area. They had dinner Mary gently -- toast of the couple drove around and later. Engaged in sex in reed's car. Anthony -- unity of suspected of driving to climber and killing -- after discovering his wife's and reads emails testimony is expected to resume today. Are in studio guest this morning helping us analyze the testimony so far buffalo defense attorney Paul came Brea at Paul we've been talking and it's looks like. One of the most damaging things so far during this prosecution testimony is that Mary take -- any warned -- that her husband was coming. I think that that is something that helps the defense. And also she testified that tag in that he was bruised. When he came back from the trip. And I think the medical examiners testified that the reed's body was bruised so you know that sets up a struggle. In addition to the close close range firing. And the mystery of the of small caliber gun hole in read vs the large caliber gun that's found Dante -- and. You know for folks who may have missed the beginning of our interview at the top of the hour. Talk about it again -- 357 Magnum verses mean who knows what kinds of goals mr. read that in his house. Well again. Apparently mr. Reid had lots of guns and lots of pistols. And they find a small caliber hole in him large caliber gun and tagged in and he. -- had bruises on tangling in any bruises on read. The wife tips read off the tag leave Andy's done this way. It seems to me that now we've set up a perfect scenario for a struggle. In their struggle to pay any kind of who pulled the gun in the struggle whether it was read. Or tag glee and -- he could very well would be a justification defense. It's. Okay what do you see next here for the prosecution. -- -- winding down do you think well yeah I think that they've. Pretty much done it. I haven't heard and evidence guy yet usually they come on relatively soon. And my guess is -- the evidence. Officer gets on the stand that gonna stat -- all the guns and so on that read. Which put that piece and the case. And they're gonna have to account for. His guns and whether he had small caliber gun it could've been. The one that eventually took his life I mean that these are all up in the air in but so far there is no evidence there was no other government found at the scene. Well I I I don't think there's any evidence that any gun was found see I just think that. There's evidence that both individuals had gone. And and there's a small caliber hole and read in large caliber gun in -- in these positions -- You think it's likely that take in Andy will take the stand in his defense well I think so I think that -- outcome because we haven't heard any other difference and what else would they have. To inferred for area I testimony the only thing would be. More details about gun possession and so on on the part of read. I I I just think that you know there may be people who are familiar with them and in his gun habits and all the rest of it. And again it'll be up to the evidence guide to describe what they found it -- house that'll be import. Mr. Hadley and Eddie says he loved his wife he -- children. He was a US marine he worked for the US Marines before -- quit his job how important will character witnesses -- in this trial. Well it -- -- we don't know whether or not they will introduce character witnesses it really doesn't lend itself to that. Usually character witness cases one where truth. Is involved that's that's a very usual time that you use character witness or propensity for violence and so on. In in cases of self defense. Although this just doesn't seem to be that kind of case to me I would peace prize to the irony here to -- this this is a high profile case and they've got a lot of attention to talk with county. Was the defense hoping for change of -- were they trying while I yes absolutely that went through a hundred and some jurors I mean you would think that there would have Bennett changes and you. They eventually did get yours and you don't know whether they're the product of people who are potential jurors haven't been called yet watching news. And saying why and off I get called I'd I'd say the right thing so I was on the injury mean we don't know that. And so whether or not he's prejudiced as a result of this jury it'll be almost impossible to establish. On the part of the defense. Well this is a very intriguing Polly thank you very much for coming in and sharing your insight with us this morning we've learned a lot of them my pleasure. That's buffalo defense attorney Paul came Brea.