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More Taglianetti Trial Analysis

Oct 29, 2013|

Paul Cambria; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Arena studio guest is buffalo defense attorney Paul camera and we are discussing the Anthony tech community murder trial in the should talk -- county Paul. You know this trial is bordering on sensational if it doesn't already sensational. You think -- bloc would be down there -- and I'm not trying to be funny but you would think that a very experienced trial lawyer like yourself. -- -- -- You know one of the big guys would be down their defending this man. But we have Nathaniel Barone terribly and always lawyer who does -- -- any trial experience you know how he was hired by mr. Zhang -- Well he does and he's he's actually very excellent lawyer known net for a long long time. I think that he and Pelletier the two attorneys are both part of the public defenders team down there. He and he may be defending him basically as a public defender I don't think he's privately retained earnings -- -- suggesting that to the mister Tagliabue the I mean borders. Being in -- must've qualified. He has them. I know that their public defenders and so he must qualify you must satisfied towards it he needed uses Paul talk about Mary take communities. Testimony what did she do for the prosecution. Well she gave the prosecution -- heard frank Clark earlier talk about motive remember motive really isn't an element of any crime. It's relevant. To try to explain things. And of course they've established that so she gave mode she gave a reason for technically and ready to be upset then. -- prosecution will say to seek revenge and deadly revenge on the other hand she also gave. The defense. The fact that she warned Reid who's an armed person. That the husband was on his way. So that sets up a defense of justification that there was a struggle and the gun went off during the course of the struggle. And it was you know one guy or the other guy. And it may be defensible that. And so she she helped both sides actually so I mean is there like remote possibility that. Mister Tagliabue the -- shot. Read in self defense absolutely. I mean -- there's struggle there's close contact shooting. There's a small caliber gun that hasn't been accounted for. And I mean it seems to me that that's exactly what the defenses going. So good defense attorneys could tell the court tell the jury that mister Tagliabue the draw he was mad he was enraged. He loved his wife but he drove to a climber New York to talk to -- to raise certain. Like -- And they struggle I mean that's a -- -- possibility. And may very well be that tightly and -- takes a stand and says that. And then prosecutor will have the old. You know when -- -- and -- just because. Haven't defense lawyer for all these years but it's like kind of a stock argument all sure he's telling you what happened because the other witnesses daddy killed. And you know there will be some of that -- there's no doubt about but it could very well be that that's what happened. Are you just were bringing up what I was gonna ask you next. Does the defense but tech community on the stand -- he could I think he I think they have to actually if they're going to. Put a justification defense together how else can be done except for -- under from what we know so far. Except for tech lead -- Rolled around and had a fist fighter something. But I'm a family can look when they when they keep stressing family man. It seems to me that tag glee and Eddie's gonna say I went up there and said we have a family you're breaking our family up. Leave us alone. You know let us stay together as a family that kind of thing you pulled the gun I mean we struggled and rolled around and the gun fired several times and you know he lost. After discovering his wife's emails Jack -- actually is on record. As sending an email to Q3 and saying that he is definitely mad -- children and you're trying to break up my marriage -- play. And I think that. And and in read again contacted her apparently had these discussions so now he's gonna go up there and confront them face to face. And probably say the same thing I mean I think that's where the defenses had. I just wanted to go impress upon him he's running my -- if it was self defense now. -- -- -- -- Why did well and go you know in the woods of Virginia there are lots of cases where you where people in self defense situations flee because once it's over. It's like you know you can't believe you were involved and I mean in the heat of the moment. When it's either your life for somebody else's life in their lives guns floating around. It never know what people are gonna do and then after that when they think about it I mean tightly that he might have taken the gun. That was there and disposed of it.