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Analyzing Testimony in Taglianetti Trial

Oct 29, 2013|

Paul Cambria, Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo defense attorney Paul came Brea is with us in studio this morning. Helping -- analyze this murder case against Anthony take marine medic Paul nice to have you here my pleasure you obviously watch these things differently than we do. What's your take on this trial. Well I think that patterns emerging here think about what we know so far. We know that the husband found out that there was an affair we know that he did some sort of research. On the Internet to find out where read it is and we know the life. He told the life that he was going up to Chautauqua county but also the wife said. To read that my husband is coming. Now one of the facts that will come out that has been discussed. Among lawyers and others who have been talking about this case is apparently Reid was somewhat of a gun not. In other words. You know had like a dozen guns most of which were pistols. And think about this fact we have a small caliber hole in the deceased but a large caliber gun found intently and -- car. We have bruises on tag -- and -- we have bruises on mr. Reid. And we also have sub cutaneous. Gunpowder and so on I'm Reid. Meaning there was a muzzle to skin contact or at least a close shot. So to meet this case is going to be one of justification. I think that you're going to see a defense. Which says that there was a struggle. That there's a missing 38 caliber small caliber gun. Possibly reads. And that they had a struggle and there was some form of justification or solve the French on the part of on the part of a tag with a unity. -- you say that Anthony -- DeLeon at the owned or had in his possession of 357 Magnum. No that's what the police said they found one in his possession with the email wrapped around it supposedly and -- Well if they had a struggle. That could explain the close contacts that explains the bruising. And if it's a small caliber gun and we find that on reads pistol permit or. You know searching through. Any of his friends or others that he had a small caliber gone 38 for example. It is missing. Okay you're suggesting to them -- that Reid may have come out of this house knowing something might. There might be a confrontation well that's a possibility gone with him that he was notified by the wife. And sell and here's a guy with -- all of these guns. It seems to me that you know he'd be in a position to try to protect himself all all the see all the close contact shaft. When they said when the medical examiner said that they found. Residue under the skin gunpowder and -- those -- context yet. And that means there was obviously close situation now are all the bruises on that -- the fellow who's who's the victim. And also on tag -- many to me that indicates struggle. So this. They would not be a slam dunk for the prosecution has maybe some people are starting to to think here. Well it all has to come out so far I don't think that it's come out about all the guns. Obviously the police -- the DA know that read at all these. But clearly what did come out is the morning. It came out that there is small caliber hole it came out that there injuries and bruises. So I mean to me that indicates a stroke. You describe the Q3 music and not well well until anybody has twelve guns to me is more than simply passing gun down. I mean I. I've had. I knew this would get Chia wa I'm not I -- I own I -- some guns. And I also know. That. You can put a 38 caliber. Bullet in a 357 Magnum firearm and fire you can take a 357 Magnum and put her in the thirty extra fire that. But the 307 Magnum as an outgrowth of the thirtieth special bullet. Well but here's the thing the ballistics in this case one I've heard so far cannot identify the gun that fired routes. So that's another problem you know it isn't like Longo and where you know there lands and grooves in the barrel as the bullets spins out it put say. Very unique pattern on the bullet and that's how -- match those up with a pistols a little different. Because obviously only a very short girl. And it may not be possible to match those up I mean it's a stretch to say that while well. He probably fired at 382 out of play 357. On the other hand what's to say or read them shall -- one of the longer absolutely. Absolutely. Boy you've really. Well as you as you think about it I mean listen I've tried lots and lots of homicide cases. And when you hear about contact shafts. And you hear and you see damage to the person. Of the person accused and the deceased it's obvious Tuesday struggle was captured cage. And rolling around and all that could explain shot in the -- shot in the back. Whatever and all the defense has to do is put down in jurors' -- well. I mean you know people say that like it's so easy to do. There has to be reasonable doubt. And certainly things like this can contribute.