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Re-Working the Obamacare Website

Oct 29, 2013|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB and lifeline senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity -- good morning. Where there are two big issues Obama care and the NSA spying insist that this to start. Are we believe that President Obama did not know the end is saying it's been spying on her allies for years. Well so he's better than you can -- America's war or not there have been a couple of columnist for the Washington Post today -- figure out that the president can says do not know a lot about what's going on. Inning is -- administration's -- one and you have a lot of skepticism right now. That's the president really didn't actually know what was going on and that's something as major as. Spying on the leaders of foreign nations. -- not part of it is security briefing portfolio. Now part of his knowledge and the data they operation and running out. It's -- -- administration. On the other hand that the that the government is pretty darn bad step it doesn't know intimately the details of every single thing. That's going on but expect that this is not going to be an issue but its way to go away anytime soon and that there's going to be some call. Lawmakers perhaps have both sides of the aisle feel luck trying to find out what the president I only -- you repulsive. Perhaps did not. OK let's move on another health care dot gov. You know it's getting hot web designers letting their product loose knowing good wasn't ready for prime time though you undersecretary. Should be alias did not know this. The old saying is the buck stops of the top you think he's gonna resign to take some some heat off of us. It doesn't seem it get this. Carson moment that she is going to resign and has been calls for murderers I'm pretty much from day one coming from the Republicans or Republican Party is actually made that. -- campaign fundraising campaigns something that they really tried to hang their hat on saying what ultimately there's an app to beat somebody held accountable. For the troubles have been going up I mean it's about LeSabre sit at a more successful year -- the Obama -- out and the so many of trouble and there's a big. Congressional hearing today at -- house Ways and Means Committee. That that effectively is going to. But he had the cheapest Medicare Medicaid and names and Maryland amateur on the stand and really try to get some answers that are going to be the first. Many many many congressional inquiries. It'll what's going on but ultimately back to your question it's somebody -- -- that's. Well you've got to think that that between now and the end of the year or now. -- the end of the at the -- period something is going to have to happen although there are no firm indications that anything will. In terms of -- You know Dave we're hearing that more people are signing up for Medicaid than for the Affordable Care Act now that's not the intent. What's gonna happen if if this continues. But it's a lot of confusion and neglect if you're sitting at home and trying to figure out what is the best path forward for me. He probably got a lot of computing -- and it -- bills you've got to put food and you're able to go to work if you what you -- out to jobs. You probably don't have aren't necessarily cynical trolling the Internet for hours and hours it's time try to figure out what it's going to be the best health care plan. For you whether it's center at extreme in what it's for obamacare. Medicaid Medicare -- what it -- and of course many people are just going to have. Certain options that they can avail themselves to -- There are a lot of confusion right now among middle America we've read polls we talk to people all the time and as this is not something that that regardless of whether you like obamacare principal or don't like it in principle. It has been very confusing -- ministry -- -- a lot of trouble communicating conveying what exactly is going on them period very basic basic level. You all people who potentially could be affected by it and buy it it. Are attained he has he's told your dead ringer for Jack Osborne and Dancing With The Stars. What are they yeah no absolutely. That this skipping the first you're hearing now. You know it's it's it's unclear but but but I'll occupiers of the four mile route and Florian and shall it. Thanks. I'll do my best ingredients he begins to -- They I packed my my bats but that may be ugly thing to watch that -- that they weren't a writer Erica. We might just have to put your picture and Jack as points picture on FaceBook page based Dave. The simulator that's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.