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David Bellavia - Oct 28 2013 Hr 2

Oct 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now it's late night and he's on his. It's that the ability ratio on news radio 9:30 AM WE. Earlier favor could you played at CBS news story the first one that played in the break you have that accessible. So when are conducting. OK I just got to hear that again because I really think that CBS should be ashamed of themselves. The news. The station -- benefit and that's that called numbers of that news organization. For a story that they were doing. If I heard what I heard. They should they should apologize. Did you hear. I think so they were WKY. Don't they send. WO line that's what it is. It's WK why they're doing a fantastic story. Look you I'm just that now now I have to find out and nobody did it struck me that doesn't really insensitive. Personal you know it's you place and in in Pennsylvania so the -- talking via so it can't be he has to have a W on -- on lasts it's TD KK. The only eastern radio station allowed to have any. Cigna vacation it's grandpa OK it's WK it's now notes he DK summit of double checked it. Things. Got 26 million dollars. At 26 million out our website at fifteen years sixty million dollars 26 of these kids. And you know everyone saying you know this is disagreed -- -- -- myself. You know that's two million dollars. A kid. And if I mean that's I think if nothing. I mean when you look at these lawsuits again Toyota the gas pedal falls down. State. It's made millions and millions of dollars on football. Fifty million dollars for 246 kids whose lives were ruined. I mean really who put the protect them. I should at least a hundred million. I mean it wouldn't tell me what your round is not our money. You know I should give those -- a hundred million. Somebody money their lives are ruined by an animal and that university did nothing to stop this at all. And if we live in litigious society where once -- whenever one of the woman from McDonald's could get thirteen million. Would -- -- -- thirteen it's hot copy one. I don't know that's. Now thirteen what is she. I just made that number fives -- four million steal it and more money market and ultimately stood up it didn't. Did you watch the document. Don't know because it's a story about this is -- -- and urban -- you know problems spill coffee on herself and she was awarded millions of dollars but. -- she she actually was really burn the -- -- that you know joke you know has put out there but let's go to the phones while we find out the news station. Kevin -- pedal and kept my friend I don't. The movie dvds. He didn't need and demand that the. What's going on you wanna -- of politicians. You can -- in the situation as you want you. No about problem. OK but it took that sort of thing the Dutch decent you guys out of the discussion about -- Russians do you. We're you know -- this terrorist. Sporting hostages and are we would you know. I think -- Kyra stricker aren't arsenals. -- -- involved in the in the former Soviet Union. Does occasionally on the estimated and think they've become so americanized that is in order that he terrorist -- the Russians were became so americanized. That it -- That you know that that Putin Putin and those guys that rushed in with armies of lawyers the right to negotiate instead of you know. So there's been you know they're they're regular you know. Who's the western as the terrorists and the Russians have. -- -- -- -- -- -- that I think. That. You thought -- the other thought they had evolved as you'd like Selma yeah we're gonna -- -- we want a pizza and a carton of cigarettes and they came in that would mustard gas. You know you would occur about that that was like the world. It seems like especially educate I grew up and I remember 1980 and watching him square. And I was absolutely. It was the first time you know there was no reality TV. And this is the first time I've actually seen you know carnage Lima told I was blown away that we didn't do anything about. I'm -- couldn't understand how a government to slaughter its own people. And we did nothing about. And and it was like well. We have to do something innocent kids just trying to. Get liberty and democracy is what America's all about and we intuitive thing about it if you click the more cool you can be. -- -- -- Here is it seems yet it's been an eight. Because it was a prominent -- keeping your facility. He's and he's constantly and we look at his PR handlers have him short lists and every horse he's wrestling is like catching sammon like he's a grizzly bear. Get out. He's out and you know out there in the hunt team and doing everything else Manley Manley at. He divorced his wife nor senior fits like Benedict -- revenue will. Good shot at a site variously the ultimate. They -- -- at what what would come about trade you wanna make for a politician. Well let out -- -- side of it if I -- tree and Nancy Pelosi. Only because of which reminds me of optimism decisions so much three to perfect people equipped. -- -- -- it as much as she's you know changed her her physical law. Have you seen like Paul McCartney recently. What what is ahead of them man. American I mean. At a picture of Paul McCartney Kenny Rogers and I thought to myself you know who ever was advising. Parents got to be like -- -- -- -- in the society where. You get a credit card. And on the back you know congress have to pass a law that tells you you pay the big Kevin if you -- the bare minimum on your credit card it will take you 750 years to pay out -- gonna -- It really and that's society a plastic surgery has got to meet with other. Regular civilians in Saint Louis and I'm about to put a new forehead and Kenny Rogers what is ever would think. These guys can do how they want and -- nobody is -- you know someone with money can just go get things done. And I just think it's got to be sure -- some guy you can't flip. Paul McCartney do that to lose faith she's. There yet you know Africa's dimension that you remembered the out they didn't do of these second terminator movie Wendy. To me it was militant is almost like you don't. Yeah teacher who actually that intrigued politician note here at Jindal who. Heartbeat in a heartbeat but you know Bob -- I don't know how he survives out there and Odyssey one of the most corrupt. You know states in the in the union and and huge very conservative and you know you wouldn't really upset me -- -- -- -- that did that. I think it was. He did the response to the state of the union. All -- the way his like his facial expressions were. Ever -- abused him said he he was blinking too much and he didn't look you know ready for prime time attack a man for blinking too much -- agree it's like. Everything each is just. He hits right on that especially when Republicans were trying so hard not to be rich white caucasians. You know we're we're trying so hard to say -- we've got other people in our party here coach Bobby Jindal and he's an all star. And he's a stud and what does the party do are you are ready for prime time you stay in Louisiana. Don't want to hear I call that you know on his detractors like -- article that. -- in -- grass and destroy it if you can find anything to talk rebels. -- exactly and you can't attack them meanwhile Christie who you know. There's so much did to rip bonds and governor -- -- and Steve Christie to build -- There's always to rip on unarmed. You know Governor Christie and yet you know he'd just get a -- because he's from major. You know these guys next to metropolis where he gets all the media and he wants and I think that if you look at the governors in. In the union if you're gonna draft -- Republican governor I mean Jindal he's got the track record and and look. You know look at what he did with Katrina post-Katrina and he really clean it's. It's it's -- it's going to be product. Yeah exactly I know. As the MVP here at a thought that. -- you -- -- I think you know -- Because he's you know -- you know put amendment. I take on the democratic side that dad a mayor from San Antonio. Is a really strong candidate for the Democrats to. On some sides as he spoke at the Democratic Convention in I was he's he is what we want rubio to be I don't think rubio. Is is ready for prime time but this guy from San Antonio is like. To put to rest there I think I'm obviously -- could just prove what you know I suspected -- just part of the establishment. He really yes and it and it makes me sick because we would they've tried so hard to make him to superstar. And you know it's it's a shame because there is genuine superstars out there and you look at someone like Palin. Who nobody defended him they just let you know -- of the party throw her under the boss and he literally under the campaign bus. Yes when I believe it just -- that you know to get in the light of everything that's happening right no veto which people. You know included marrying -- -- I get coverage from the whites you have Germans are. And it would -- and keep going up and step up in light of this I'll let you know what my grip. That the Republicans would keep its message and properly and did that read you know I think big would've been a mess this up to what. Well I have there's not a there's absolutely no doubt in my mind. I would say authority governments. I would I would say that it's hard and done. Hey thank you Kevin for your -- appreciate that we got to go to break we come back Ono percent to apologize. What is imposed on you right I was wrong what is it. Well listen to the guys. Details from radio KYW. KYW is a station in Philadelphia. And what they don't have a WR in the eyes. I must be getting it wrong Hamels the other stations are allowed to do because it was supposed to be the all the w.s are east of the Mississippi and all the keys -- west of the Mississippi but some of the early ones apparently not just won some of the early ones were allowed to keep their. There K designation that's another one. He says that when we have WK BW. They have KE YW a YW you can have the same letters just it differently -- conforms. -- -- -- they are at their regular little left broadcaster went. We're back after a quick break and Israeli -- -- -- deputy. But in the end exclusive AccuWeather forecast. Outside -- hammer studios 34 degrees and mainly clear. And that's exactly what's going to be for the majority of the night it will be mainly clear and cold overnight low of 29 degrees Tuesday. Sunshine will mix with some clouds high -- 47 mostly cloudy Tuesday night. -- 36 Wednesday milder with a more clouds. More clouds than sun high of 54 degree. Mentioning that Lindy -- came back for the first time since he took over coach of the Dallas stars and well his team was victorious tonight. -- shocker if it was -- pretty. Miserable season. Many people were. Given me live updates of the game it was a sellout. That's the first reporting it was. There there -- an email saying that it was sell out and I talked someone -- there he said now that line DC's. And there was that -- -- with a couple guys got thrown out of the game for -- enough player Darcy manner. And they were escorted off the property you know yeah I mean I've. Got to be. You gotta be honest I mean it was incredible for people. Manic was gonna walk it's no secret he wants to go to Minnesota his wife from Minnesota. You know there's a report if you believe that we offered to make in the highest paid player in the league he said no. Say whatever you want to about the Buffalo Sabres but ownership. Ownership spends the money he got the best owner in sports is the Mark Cuban a hockey guy loves his team loves the city do whatever he can't. To spend money. And dark to read here had a pretty much a guy who was going to be on his way out and he got to two high round -- first round -- second round. In consecutive years when he got Matt Olson who will probably and just gave us some more picks and and the tree line if we can sign him. Funny thing though if you brought -- -- number 26 Jersey. You've got the chance to exchange. The letters and get -- -- being replaced -- Olson's name. And then get Molson name replaced with a number two draft pick because probably we're -- evidence that line is we treat him as well but. Great start to his buffalo career two goals tonight. We were talking in the break about Steve brigade also did that in India at first game was there mostly. Eighties and we got him from what Vancouver via via. And Nike. The end up back in Vancouver. You know I think he speaks in a couple of stops in Jersey in in various places but would. We can with that. Eric we talked a little bit about the -- question today which is on FaceBook page. And you can also email me David at WB and could make a trade like Darcy made what politician would you trade. As a side note. Pick up players have those things where they're like. I refused to go to these five cities. It is a city if you've got a job offer. You're very few places I refused to go to I really hate these towns and travel and wouldn't you know they have jobs and travel. I gotta be out there few cities I would under no circumstances what I wanna work. Detroit is one of I think Detroit is one of the worst of these urban Detroit needs the Marine Corps. -- like Fallujah when you think about it Detroit is to -- a -- taken so much potential so much hope an industry that built the middle class. And it's just been aptly neglected. It's it's such a sad state of affairs that your adventure this it's similar to buffalo I'm sure it has its a crime. Not the crime and I'm talking when you go to any sort. Restaurant. Whether B drive -- anything you bulletproof glass. To make exchange a drive through it -- there is -- Detroit. You literally put the money down and that swivel the window you can have any contact. Open air contact with the people on the side. You go women in you wanna get a fair which is something and it's like the entire. Cash register areas bulletproof glass crazy. -- -- Anyway. So here's. We've got -- -- -- my idea. By the labor and ended up at the Canucks and then went to the Panthers and then to the doubles. He's playing -- doubles now he's -- -- -- -- -- the -- But is your city I don't know circumstances you moved him. You know that's an excellent question I think I'm -- -- now would you waive your no trade clause I if you had like four cities that you would refute. Right militant wanna go and I would wanna go to the city. I'm evident usual perspective on the -- actually been to 48 states. Hands. I've been all over the country and -- and like the mall I can't even place that would just would not go at this would prefer to go someplace warm at this point. I guess I would have to a city in the state in the Massachusetts degrees of the great state and defense Boston. But I love Massachusetts and am New Hampshire is great and new Hampshire at beautiful state. You know but. Nationalize it pretty miserable town. You know put it degrades its local La Colonia. Apparently limitless Rochester is a nice area and in New Hampshire as well. On Manchester beautiful Manchester got this old kind of you know it's got this steel town feel to -- tool and a you know factory industrial revolution stopped. But got a great old field and the other place in Detroit you would go to I don't think I would go to. You know that was at one place. San Antonio Texas. When I do it. Don't like it too warm not just it just via hot and I just didn't get a good vibes from the people who just like Santa. Because it's always pockets of places where you can find the right climate he -- -- -- Texas is beautiful Arizona or Arizona you know sometimes to taco Flagstaff Arizona. It's like this. Little old leases -- also went mounts in the voices in the middle of Arizona. I would waive the no trade clause for a served for Arizona where it is. Everywhere I love buffalo so -- please let yours to lose. Tom Connolly and newsroom at 930 WB yeah. So you know I'm looking at -- Monday Night Football in this 31 seconds left and Seattle. It on defense fourteen to nine over the rams the rams are third and goal on the three yard line. And later in Saint Louis. Fourteen to nine. 31 seconds remained third goal. It all comes into this folks. I'll do my best to give you my rate down. You know. Counties -- is just bothered me -- on the tell you why you know the biggest problem this administration we talk about. You know with it you know were joking around the hole comes panic trading in New York State what politician would you trade in what would you want to return. The thing about about this administration that is so -- him. If that Jay Carney. The statements that come out of this White House coalition I was the first one who is the job. The fact that it was after Ari Fleischer. Scott McClellan. Living god. I think it was it was it was McClelland right. I want to say it was enacted -- can look at. Anyway yes McClellan Scott -- he was this when he got that look like he just. Scott McClellan would have a look on his face as if he'd like found out third person that you soil themselves. Scott McClellan just looked like every time after requesting -- frozen in deer in headlights you know what the hell was going on he was a horrible. Could not articulate anything. And just -- and I can't remember them. McClellan was just a loyal good ol' boy from Texas I think it was like George -- driver. But in you know didn't have that background the Jakarta Jakarta were from time magazine. And the statement that come out of this White House. We're talking with the NSA spy scandal now. And recent reports have come out. That. Essentially. The the Obama administration has. That the recent reports that they were eavesdropping on heads of state are friends. There's personal cell phones. Should the White House come to put your own world but I don't comes out with a statement and says. We're thinking about stopping the practice. Of eavesdropping. On heads of state. And our friends. Of actual direct it in the news clip that -- you gave tumble of the actual team I think we're thinking about. Were were debating whether or not we're going to stop the practice. A senior administration official tells the Associated Press. At the US is considering it came to spying on allies the heads of state consider no final decision has been made. Why -- would you say that equivalent you get caught in adultery. And I'm considering stopping cheating on my life I'm considering. You just got busted. Spying an outing at a stage. Cell phone and rather than saying you know what. We have a huge Nat we're trying to save you were trying to protect you from terrorists sometimes phone calls -- in Germany get picked up we regret. That it was the head of state we've I'm so sorry with Angela Merkel you know we did recently found out Angela Merkel. We apologize to work which is never gonna happen again and we put her name on -- do not -- list. You can spend another way you have to -- we're gonna consider. First ball when. Now when accused of Scotland this is not a. A complete report. What I'm seeing those with accused of spying. The word that should not come out of your mouth is spot. If you're certain it's like did murder that man I'm considering not murder in any more men it. That. That they wouldn't say that I'm sure they didn't say that but I cannot and how it's filtered through journalists and the journal's writes in the way that people expect the spirit. It's about spine. I just don't understand why this statement wouldn't be an -- and declared -- have no chance of this being. Misconstrued by any stretch of the imagination. If there's any time. That you're gonna come out and be completely. Candid with the American people say let's. Our allies mean everything to what we are partners in this global economy were partners on the war on terror. And if anything happens if anything happened it was unintentional. It was immediately stopped. And we apologize. For anything. -- things were said about this administration we hear written. -- Talking to -- were contemplating stopping that practice but we don't know we might need that. I'm talking to the reporters and saying. You know don't quote me on this blood. -- and whoever we feel it. We're very United States of America forever you can mess of those now comic on spying on the German chancellor. But I know what you're planning to win here for the party on Friday because listening into your calls. You know what was going to a party on Friday that's. That's exactly what -- top of my tail. -- that is exactly what is so disturbing about that you would think. That this administration took him just master manipulate them and then. You all for that that's sort of its clumsy. A perfect example. You couldn't you couldn't keep a better picture. Of exactly what -- talking. If you wanted to and you did you do your first go Mike for example reports that example with a perfect. -- you're gonna tell me that the president of the United States to come out had fifteen different. Answers for why the computer systems fail. The F Seattle Seahawks just stop the brands on fourth down in the game fourteen linemen global. Saint Louis loses two big games -- national TV World Series and money football. But back to -- Though the -- making that was that I -- -- in this administration when it comes to. You know things were like you know what -- and I don't -- compare you can't compared because. Every. Every Press Secretary has tough job and every press secretaries can have their own you know but as we're trying to stop leaks in the White House we're trying to stop. It's noted we're trying to stop all these leaks from going out and ruining our national security. We can even stubborn -- at the state department of hiding under a pseudonym who's tweeting under the name of sect Def. And pointed out that that Sarah Palin has chunky thighs and it. I mean what -- call the guys can't. The highest echelons marina in new killer negotiations. And you don't know that he's tweeting. To be better off just like. It's it's absolutely absent. It's completely without excuse. Any person that came out and made that statement media I guarantee. You forget it I'll go right to Jay Carney press coverage today. And I would hear those identical talking points and no time did you hear the word it was a mistake. Where we're trying to protect you. I got. Nobody. Talking points are better than the White House. Don't go. Right now if I got busted. Doing this I would say listen I'm trying to protect you -- in Cheektowaga. And try to protect you from the bat I would give view. The I would give you the monologue from a few good -- men that's -- -- out of the time you give the monologue for a few good men. Usually Jake hard to say. You need me on that all you want me on that while you need to be on that -- duty honor. These are these are watch words -- use -- punch lines. You know that is the time -- say. We need to be huge fight on people you don't know what's gonna happen trying to kill you are trying to destroy you. George and we're here for you. Can never get. You put this nonsense. Garbage. Explanation of listen them. Here's a situation where were were contemplating. Perhaps. Stopping. The act of spine of our friends -- -- We're thinking about saying. We're thinking about not doing that anymore we know what -- Bob this year we know that. But we're just gonna have to do we. It's crazy it's not at least Scott McClellan would you know sweat and and looked absolutely yeah. I'm McClellan literally look like so we just went mr. McClellan. -- -- royalties. He looked like it he just got busted in a lie every time they have to -- he'd start sweating. He just would like sweat poured on its face he is all part would be all messed up and disheveled you'd think. Horrible for you would never want. You know if -- public defender came out with Scott McClellan. You'd -- like I'm screwed I'm absolutely urgent arrest me right now Scott McClellan defending may. Is there an insurgency go insurgency -- The sergeant there -- There are people wouldn't asks an RPG's. Did dad detergents side -- -- absolutely. Even in the instead of the -- at the press would get up there and he did you know what maybe he was hired because bush we'll articulate. Maybe that was the whole thing behind you know. I know people like try to put food on the family. In and did do was make all make sense gonna go to Greg Greg we come back to your call 030930. Star 9310616. WB and you can also email me even at WB. Our goal to buying brand new look spectacular fan book. FaceBook page. Its inability WB and look back at this quick break. We bmg school's regular forecast mainly cloudy clear. Cold overnight low point -- degrees Tuesday sunshine will mix with some clouds high of 47 mostly cloudy Tuesday -- below 36 and Wednesday. I'll be -- will be some but the -- show up high of fifty or degrees. Call 8030930. Start at 310616. WB talk about the well -- got. The topic of the days that will be big trade. With Thomas. Were -- New -- politician would you trade and you wanna get in return for a trade. And we kind of involved in the discussion of press secretaries. In an administration especially when constantly didn't in the bottom of Obama care and the idea you know. You just got busted spine and Angela Merkel cell phone. I can't but. Yeah a year ago. And thank the day before Thanksgiving the Jay Carney announced. The day before Thanksgiving at last year's Turkey. Was evidently these. The president pardons two turkeys every year it's like a problem Turkey. And Omar mr. Turkey you know the Turkey is allowed to live. And the the president party to Turkey from 2011. And that for whatever reason the Turkey goes to. Mount Vernon where Washington -- Or live action which is ironic that should actually go where Franklin lived because then Franklin wanted Turkey to be the national. And so anyway long story short the one of the turkeys of that was part in 2011 died. The day before. Thanksgiving 2012. And the response from Jay Carney was this Turkey was not -- And it was not eaten it was euthanized it was sick there's no story here a -- You can't get around the Turkey's story. I mean Jay -- just got tripped up out of talking story. The say would you Hubert he would. And -- all the time. It is no coincidence that coinciding with the game. If you can't do and work with me here. I mean you you want transparency would it be transparency by the way to of the anniversary of the statue. You know. October 28. In six minutes won't be but I took 28. 1986. To liberty came from. And with put together its third week legally of go to the phones. Matt and -- Moore Matt you're on WB and -- The global accountability. Administration is is on track. And do I he is like mafia and they're all of them they've seen nothing I don't know. He's been deeply. What happened now. Again those that I've come. They finally horse heads inside the home. Of health and human serves as your Sebelius is going on -- this should really is bubbling sound like a planet of the apes a friendly ragtag. So if a woman Cornelius really. -- millions of billions. -- civilians go in front of the subcommittee tomorrow should grow. You know. I'm sure that we can handicap that. But you're actually right -- the transparency issue is the problem I just don't understand why. If I were to you know if it catches you in some horrific scenes act. I could think that Madden Kent Moore would be able to spin it a little bit better than were considering stopping the practice of -- it's like you don't. Are you a -- in our. Are you involved in. In cock fighting -- like -- first evolved we are considering stopping cock fighting in our backyard -- I'm a rooster. Yeah I never rose to that is well. Is game. We take him down go to Guadalajara in any Vista I mean it just makes those of you we used the -- spy would be accused of it's never a good word. Spying is never -- pot you don't ever say you know. This is. They're supposed to be a secret society is supposed to discuss these and the fact that it's public knowledge. Is another failed to me -- another failure of the administration and so you wanted to trade who would you trade. -- I had an opportunity I would probably throughout Obama and outside cruised to a one year. You know I have benefited horrible. You would drop Obama -- Ankara what do I told you right now. And this is like you were were both things -- owners of these politicians. What I've told you right now instead of giving you a good conservative for a bad liberal what I said. That I could get UAE. Let's say. What Harry Reid. I -- did you Harry Reid for Andrew Cuomo would you take it. So are there long period it much more beautiful. -- nobody else I think that the I think if you look at it you're looking at taking -- -- powers. I decided not -- decided it. He's gone but what would you take would you take like -- -- see here what about like someone like. Steny Hoyer out in South Carolina. Would you take Steny Hoyer for inner core of southern Democrat for Andrew Cuomo is gone. Oh. Probably because we -- -- settlement pubic tactic against -- -- -- fifteenth visit southern Democrat I think that the. It's just a statement which group they have them do we can in these two state. Is it corrupt whoever we put. You know. I can't believe I'm actually like followed my knees praying for the deep attack he was. Really -- you just -- you know that always -- I heard was that the 2004. Almost 2010 he with Iowa. I think to myself what the. Well you do in Iowa and you can get your critical eye when you're gonna kick the tires and presidential run. George Pataki. I mean do we love you because of the choices in New York but I put you watched. It literally taking you know. A martian throwing them and Miss America consciously you can. Looking at my choices in new -- -- two of the greatest thing in the word you're George McGovern. But putting you entered in a class of other Republican conservatives that that. -- In doing it. Like. Well like I should horrible actually ridiculously you would go La Cruz for Obama. You would drop Obama truly funny you put him on the waiver wire. Yeah -- -- include a little bit relief coordinator -- to see how things work out what is dialogue you know especially records immigration. I would trade. Chris -- for Sheila Jackson Lee just like to be entertained every day. Sheila Jackson Lee with her. Giving her us her dissertation I would appreciate them that you take care can more stay strong Matt is the resistance and can more. And I'll be back after this quick break topping our news.