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10-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Oct 28, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I give let us -- -- nerd auction will never forget news radio 930 WD EN. Yeah -- -- to talk too much. I also listened to much and it's trying to real cold hearted show and like -- I like hurts people's free elections. When you think when you want about me I'm not changes. And I like I like meetings. My kids like reasons like friends like -- mean. There's on the realignment was Smart she is what you get -- It's Tom -- How do you like to let off steam once in awhile it's like guy he would journal. Actually I got shipped to them my right ear and my left here to fire away its lines. That's broken down its local yeah. -- is that it's time now let him. News radio 930 I. Movie references WBE and that's who we know that it's never like this that have little thing that's OK okay. -- -- They felt throughout the world today where you. All. Our man. Or any euros are talking about I don't think it's David Allen goes to visit various places on the Internet Muster who originally sang the song. Where you born in a hole. I hope I'll bet your response were you born it was like this -- it might. Anyway well it's just it was a troll but it was a -- -- I mean a patrol with whom I had fun. Anyway. It's after three its hourly news radio 930 WB yen over -- after control Chelsea did you call screener and I think I've got about fifty ounces of water so far today and another fifty are coming. Boy you guys are great for the protest Saturday at the state police urged Europe oh my gosh too -- guys get blown away. I mean blow -- by the -- While you were doing that I was giving my official statement. To the New York State Police investigators are looking into the complained that over Columbus Day weekend IE EE. That after one hour and that that would equate to 65 miles. Of reporting a very erratic driver and weird driver I was unable to get any police response. The real. The the people there let's eat I had the tribal law firm team -- me. I'm SAT I mean T I three guys from Trent -- with. A bit of overkill or what but in any of that column. In fairness to the state police and I I mean this sincerely. I am of the opinion that they are serious about for figuring out what went wrong. They are not closing the door on any possibility whether it was a system failure or a personal failure or combination there of some others that. Now the the investigators. Pocket and name them but the investigators. Were what was sergeant and one was higher -- that's all about bet. I tell them to be professional polite and a pretty much business guys. Except. And this is why that's why I'm glad Jim transmitted next repair and other people from the actress and present law firm. Because at a -- point. -- might be scope of the investigation is to determine what went wrong why I was unable to get police response or one hour. That is to say 65 miles when we're reporting and obviously impaired driver. And that the last question lives. We noticed in your program I'm paraphrasing here. We noticed that in your program. Some troopers had made disparaging remarks about the guys in troop T who were those people. I just like -- you serious. -- you the how well you know you. Like thirty plus years I've never -- anybody like I'm gonna start now -- these thoughts are going on in my. So outlawed in the short of it is I declined to answer I said -- that was irrelevant and outside the scope of this investigation. And that I said that you -- the same question all day long. And I'm not giving giving an answer. So I've been out of the only thing that I've got a bit awkward and out of place because it really is immaterial to the investigation and hand. And I would never seriously right. You know. I'm privy to a lot better information and that I have a -- that debris and there's so that's outlet. But here's the bad thing bad thing is we're never gonna find out because it is gonna turn out to meet. I think at least partially personal idol of mine who is in what happened. Who got this I wanna know what. I would like -- know if there are systemic issues within the -- in the New York State Police -- thruway authority's system in terms of about following up on call regarding drunk drivers that whatever whatever issue there is where wives will be has -- -- Because I can imagine. If you its net and then you'd seen the driver you've been trying to get pulled over for you know 45 minutes fifty minutes 55 minutes. The worst thing in the back guys are actually lady. Would have -- read -- -- busload of gifted schoolchildren on the way back calculus contest killing all of them as of course the impaired driver walks away. So well. Anyway -- that -- part of well it was done with all I have to do now is their -- statement and sign it as binding and all that -- but remember -- gave these statements under under which means that if outline. I'd be subject to Maria prosecution for perjury. But anyway folks even if it was an advisor now and I'm kind of lucky because -- lawyers. How they just gravitate to me it's weird. Up -- anyway I. Know a lot of attorneys and I will tell you that I would never ever ever ever ever make a statement to police without an attorney either. Because anything you can't add anything you say can and will be used against you even if it's -- affidavit. I mean it just makes cents the interstate and it is always makes cents but again that's me. And by the way those who care -- Who always wonder what is your right and what it's not -- right when dealing with the police there is a series of videos many of which are posted online for free called know your rights know your rights and I think it's important to -- two to watch those two. Reviewed those and understand. Bet at least in some parts of the constitution we still do have rights and in the United States as citizens so I wanted to put Nevada up. Well the shock I didn't see this coming at all. -- The Buffalo Bill is endorsed how. Shocked shocked I tell the buffalo. Ours is -- -- the Democrat for share. All my god because the law is the law. -- Geniuses at the blues. A and our rights supersede any law a constitutional right will always supersede -- god made a manmade law. At least in. End to the view in journalism in general and the Buffalo News. -- -- Remember reading an article about our United States attorney general sometime back. Where you guys condemned that the attorney general and said he ought to resign in the because he was infringing on first amendment rights of the press. Following let's talk about it looks as if it's. That message along that means in German snake -- that were for a. It sound like crap repair assured that those people who might. Spent better part of my youth when they were visiting in regional -- a -- -- -- anyway it's -- 315. Captain news radio at 930 WBE and and about oh yeah. The Buffalo News I ever make it a big deal out of at the time they actually had a editorial calling for the attorney general of the United States to resign. Because he clearly had a respect for the First Amendment protecting the threats. But the Buffalo News then the does flip flop and -- -- -- -- -- because Tim Howard will not enforce an unconstitutional law. I mean there is no logic in the flip flopping editorials in the buffalo and -- I don't get it don't understand it really doesn't matter because at the Buffalo News is dying. And I hate this truly know is I'm glad that they have some guys over there are some ladies over there who I regard as excellent -- an excellent. -- spot reporters and people have been around for a long time. I feel badly for them that they're gonna bear the brunt of the newspaper's editorial slant. So far to the left that would probably make most college newspapers in America look conservative. And I'm not exaggerating by much. But the Buffalo News endorses him -- opponent now for those who don't know this Tim Howard is sure of Erie county. Is he perfect of course not only hybrid that distinction. But as far as the as far as New York State Tim Howard early very early -- Said he was not going to enforce this because he believed it was on the constitutional. I believe it is unconstitutional. And -- millions of other New Yorkers believe. It is on constitutional and the last I checked the the rights. The rights codified. And made it into the English language -- founding fathers in the bill of rights the first ten amendments to the constitution of the United States' rights supersede laws. Rights are rights. Rights are given from god nature or nature's -- a lot of -- You're out there our guys simply codified. The first ten amendments to rights including the right to keep and bear arms the Second Amendment -- seven -- the eight. That the -- that was the second most important thing. To the founding fathers right after. The freedom of speech freedom of religion freedom of the press and I just find it remarkable how the Buffalo News again can call for the resignation of the United States attorney general. For going after the First Amendment. Yet. Endorsing a guy who basically has announced that he is going to urinate all over the Second Amendment. It's inconsistent it's irresponsible and it's wrong. And like and I don't subscribe to the Buffalo News I obviously read it because we get a whole bunch of your work and I'm sure they listen how's it -- so let's not play that game. But. Well every media person monitors every other media person they always had the always well I mean that's just the way it goes. But if I were subscribing which adult to the Buffalo News that home. I would definitely not be subscribing after the endorsement of a man who wants to take away. My Second Amendment Rights a man who says he will enforce an unconstitutional. Law. Because I don't want to have to resort to using violence against anybody but I will. The minute they start coming for my guns that's where I draw the line and I'm willing to die for and a three times already it's really no big deal. So anyway subscribe to the Buffalo News and you believe in your rights if I were a subscriber I would cancel and tell them why. They refer to Tim Howard standing up for our rights as gun owners. As they stumble. I stump sports and up for rights is a -- Three -- Mike White adds. A stumble. It's -- expand it for the constitution of the United States. Why is that so hard to understand some people. Stump. With this -- -- with people what's now. When white people at south to march with black people against the Jim Crow law was and a stumble -- the law's the law. You have to enforce the law. You can Buick where you have. Enforce the law. -- So that was a stumble to a standing up against laws that we're no good laws that were made by a man as opposed to rights which are clearly delineated in our constitution. I don't know what else the buffalo news -- thank would be okay as long as it was passed under the color of law. You know in not in Germany in the 1930s. Up here he goes again well folks this is all part of my youth my upbringing and -- The way the way I learned history in Germany in the 1930s there's a fire at the German parliamentary building -- called the X dot. Now as far as we know there's one guy who was involved in and he was a nut cases they was under -- -- -- -- Anyway. The unfortunate fellow he was later picked up -- directorate by Darcy -- by the way in the tenth round. But anyway this guy was. You know he has a few -- short of a full box OK but the puppies were Smart. Herman giving at the scene oh nice rolling a BR Tom thank you Tom. Anyway Herman Goering at the scene that's like. We talk about Hitler. And the figured out that they can parlay the fire at the right stock. And to complete dictatorial control but on all pissed or basically saying it was a national state of emergency. And that was the beginning of the Nazi dictatorship scare the people tell -- -- under attack and then make sure the executive has all the power in the country not. And in much the same way Andrew Cuomo used eight is used in. A mass shooting in Connecticut. Two in the dead of night -- all essential purposes and without debate issue an order of necessity. Bat NY safe had to be who I had to be voted on without any debate and had to go into law. And ladies and gentlemen that is not representative government. That is government by fiat that his government by terror that is government like cool. That is government by panic that is government by design to screw you out of your rights. OK and when I see the Buffalo News endorsing. That I know exactly where they stand. They are -- the totality or it's they are with those who want to control your every move us of course in the case of -- -- attorney general. The attorney general happens to zoom in on the First Amendment and start going after media people. Then suddenly the Buffalo News they become strict interpreter is that the constitution. You know it's funny how that works. One cents the constitution is irrevocable it is forever has written against. Freedom of the press. But then with the Second Amendment helps. That really matter that is for -- locals. It should even talk about this now but I will. Idea. Was watching dragnet over the weekend night. I'm like this with TV shows or movies folks I start simply want to watch that watch it until it pretty much memorized every scene every script -- and -- and blah blah. Because I like the fully appreciated so. I'm watching this one dragnet episode which I've got to find them a dvd collection actually aired on TV -- last Thursday or Friday. On BTV -- them book them oldies but anyway. On this episode Jack. Web playing Joseph Friday appeared on this panel this TV panel with a bunch of radicals. And I was stunned. Utterly stunned when they took a call from somebody talking about his right to keep and bear arms. It sounded exactly like many of -- who call my show making this point back in the 1960s. That we are making today in 2013. And tragically. The tragedy. But the way Joseph Friday sergeant Joseph Friday he was by the box man he was -- hard core as conservative as the man. And I could not will -- my hero Jack up. That. Flight training like -- watched the police academy. Joseph Friday saying based making it public ownership of arguments. I've got to find that dvds. Amish guys have finally gotten YouTube I tried and was unsuccessful. But I would just you got -- so a lot of respect for sergeant Joseph Friday Jack web dragnet over the weekend and I just felt it important. You know there. I liked him to get my deposition to -- and your state police. On a Saturday I was very intent. On going in there and talking exactly like Joseph Friday will let me tell you -- misty. The circumstances did not allow I didn't have a good audience program. Now -- I think the president has looked at me and said oh my gosh I think the sergeant -- appreciated I think higher -- probably would have written me off as a nut case. Which I did myself many years ago would be somewhat redundant aren't a lot of things against you on the program today but then again -- beltway. An Olympic about what we're gonna talk about -- I really don't have a clue what to say we a lot of things without even knowing where I'm going but that's okay if sometimes you find the sweetest places when your loss. On news radio 930. You can write that down jail again as something. Not only brilliant but -- I just -- on WB. Okay. -- and a little -- -- active on the way in as little different than Chet Atkins okay. It is at 333. And well you know what well -- At this -- and folks I don't care what music you listen to now -- pop music -- that's rock or country or you know maybe everything but alternative but I can't really count out alternative. Com you have to go historically back into the roots of music to understand how we got where we are today and all of the musical genres if you were all. Have long and proud histories and and very traceable lines it's like a family tree. When you start looking at music and how it sounds of what people like after a period of time. And just always been fascinated by country by the blues by rocked by the various configurations thereof. And frankly in law of those who can master all of those different. Genres or twice I've used network. That's like -- back. -- Sola yeah. Alia to beat by jealous society beach. Beach it's a liberal -- ticket to. I think sit ups and its -- -- -- to get away from it. I have nothing I buckets this week. So it's a populist in the -- -- nine to noon because key as those tickets go to or -- -- -- -- -- give away a few weeks ago. Or a minute ago. I don't. It doesn't matter the important thing is if your country free and -- like the at the old times -- real rebel of our country music. Number -- haggard Friday. -- surprise you at least here lineup I don't have anything to give away but you -- win those tickets for up. Up for the show it was -- beat nine to noon Monday through -- -- Thursday he's got 4 partner if I am not state. If not for a pitcher -- about a part of the front page. That market to speak to the microphones we all -- like one of the more interesting things. Yes go ahead. It's your parenting if the tigers November 1 8 o'clock. And said he has only three or four appear. It's -- for. Well or are well good luck and I'll be listening to Wear sandy beach and I think when you listens and if you are not a sandy beach regular listener you'll -- your -- stock which separate painful. Government at an unfortunate incident with the middle potent as a young man taking -- year -- you will in fact the having shorten up stock. On 9:30 AM because remember you're too stupid they grow 107 point seven FMM 9:30 AM so now we're just 9:30 AM okay just give it just put out just a little bit like that about one frequency. But actually I'm I'm -- one the alternative stuff. Definitely has a market I will say that question there's a move that happens here that is not based on. The bottom line. And I don't say that disparaging me that's what business is all out. We happened to cap is successful business year. We happen to have. Smarter people -- Aware of what the numbers were on the -- what the numbers were on the AM and the profit potential alternative -- talk. Looked like personally affected -- -- them anymore I have -- war. He won at many stations as possible. But overall for the team -- I'm sorry that many of you have written these things like it was an anymore because you're not -- -- 22 which recently responsible. You know how -- the the WB. The WB EN dot. Because I can listen to radio station and were one on my idea like on my cell phone. My idea my galaxy my new galaxy. I've cell phone from Samsung. As I've always. People lately. It comes in black or white interestingly enough the black one is about two inches longer. Which I've had a hard time figuring out electrical the BBC you might like the big black cellphone in my life. And right now Desmond brown is chuckling somewhere in buffalo. Anyway yes Desmond I know it's a -- anyway. Perhaps only play. Is to go so many things to do and I -- -- -- subject is taken off like wildfire like FaceBook page I'm stunned. I can't believe -- I'm flattered and honored but the subject is really kick ass right now is a subject that's almost half a century old. I don't know about you. But that when I first heard that president Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas literally. And I mean there's absolutely literally I peed myself. I get gonna get -- two module that's what you're supposed to do when you're two module. But anyway. And I've always had a tremendous interest in the assassination of president Kennedy. And believe me folks it's not because I would ever bought into the Camelot nonsense. I would not have been swayed by JFK's school books or Jackie's hot this outward beautiful family they got they had it wasn't anything like -- But I've always been interested in it simply from a homicide investigation. Point of view. Because to me. I have to tell it -- a case could have been made against Oswald head he stood trial. Oswald could never have stood trial. Never. Because too many things would have come out. Which would have plated not to Lee Harvey Oswald but to -- much broader conspiracy. And I know the argument is how -- so many people keep a secret like that. And the counter argument is power. Power can convince people to shut the hell up. There were a number. Up conspicuously suspicious deaths surrounding the various investigations. Into the assassination of president Kennedy. There was a wave of them in 196364. There's a wave of them in 1967 when -- garrison probe got under way. And there was a wave of suspicious death in the mid 1970s. When the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Got together. A lot of people they wanted to talk to ended up missing. Worse or or that people like George to more and -- Lee Harvey Oswald -- for the Dallas. And quite frankly on the surface Lee Harvey Oswald the books backer and George the more and -- of the Dallas petroleum club. Seem to have had very little in common. Except of course the fact they were both CIA. I say that without any fear that I'm wrong. Lee Harvey Oswald you know what. He is such a perfect example of the profile of league deep cover CIA guy it's not -- He was so I'm sorry so CIA. All right eight and we're back 340 it news radio 930 -- and Bauerle other radio and -- here we are and I guess I'm kind of gratified by this the -- don't care unfortunately I guess this kind of turned into a bit of a parlor game who killed John F. Kennedy almost fifty years ago. And boy were not even a month away or just a little while but wonder about the way from the fiftieth anniversary. A bit grim day and people still. People don't care of people who have studied this people looked at a people of thought about it and them. You know one of the one of the most I think. There are so many books on the Kennedy assassination. And there were so many links. Between so many people it is very difficult for the reader to them without a basic understanding. Of the players. And the best book if you asked me today. What book should I start well with. To understand it from where you Tom are coming from it would be on the trail of the assassins by Jim Garrison. On the trail of the assassins by Jim Garrison there are many many many many many other books out there. But remember what's important about the Jim Garrison book is that he knew with New Orleans. Jim Garrison was the and it was Jim Garrison and his team that put together the connection between. Lee Harvey Oswald and at this former FBI guy out of Chicago. And many other strange circumstances. Surrounding the incredible friendship making ability of this loan. Wolf loser. Malcontent. There are so many interesting facts in that book. I don't think you can read it and say there's nothing to this conspiracy stuff. And then later on a guy named Bernard faster -- came out with a book called coincidence or conspiracy but that my friends is for people who know the basic players. In fact I've read that book so many times I've busted it out again I got to get a replacement copy. That would be -- deliberate coverup of the fact that he used gave me something I forgot because a mortgage -- had a segment. 352. At WB -- here reminder that on Thursday Thursday. Unless all hell breaks loose elsewhere and that's always a possibility. I'm out my intent is to do. A full. Four hours of ghost stories. And Chelsea we still have the numbers of those two people we need to call back right the one lady who is. -- was noisy in the background. And the gentleman who did have a chance to finish this story because he kept on going often to branches where he didn't have to go so we're at a time. Where we're gonna call the people first on Thursday right. My getting any kind of feedback here you guys even listening to what I'm saying and it's gonna take that as a yes. Already -- so whether it will be Thursday ghosts all day hopefully. On that WB -- in other words I hope nobody screws it up for me because -- -- just mail -- in on Thursday. Anyway it all and by the way full size candy. Full sized candy at the hourly household I don't believe in -- size. Fund size to me when the first two letters of fun in this case yet that's pretty much -- -- saying anytime you give away a fund that size yeah F. You and that's a fun and -- been. It's only full size. I don't care what it costs but it's don't want to face up. Look guys I realize many of you and a very very strict budget and believe me I I get that but for me I have. You know I can do this and the look in the kids' faces. The grownups races. When you give away a fund's size after a full size candy bar today it's priceless. The kids look at you like your Jesus you know what I mean where can I get the kind of jubilation. No where. -- so they look at it like -- the best human being to ever walked the face of the year. And it's worth. And in my neighborhood the little kids are so cute. And it puts so much time in their costumes. And they're just so they're adorable and even the teenagers. Even that teen agers in my neighborhood. If I it it's remarkable to me how every Halloween. Seriously they are polite. And they are thankful. And if you got the feeling that even the other teenagers with pillow cases of that -- to pumpkins that you know they got a kick out of you might as well. Absolutely now a little bit should be heard sandy talking this morning about the -- dressing up for Halloween. Sandy beach and I are kindred spirits on this point. Because I have to admit here at the radio station I get a little Steve doubt when I see a grown. Walking around -- -- Joseph -- received here on Halloween. When grownups walk around in Halloween costumes you do kind of sort of just like really -- doubt especially when they come into your room. And they want it and noticed that there costume. And you ignore them as if they're not even there. That's a way to reverse -- Chelsea you haven't been here long enough -- opinion I don't believe but in general at the workplace. Grown ups and Halloween costumes ski or no ski. Now doesn't care what were the other pilot Chelsea because she she is. She's our ballots may call you the balance lady are right. Chelsea is now the official balance lady to offer balanced between Joseph and your humble host -- Lindy Ruff is gonna be back in town that I hope it receives a standing ovation luxury will. Our Joseph Bieber is going to be there and I am so excited. That he's gonna come back the town because of the military service. -- believe it was time for him to go yes I do believe. And I knew with the night before he got fired that he that he was he was out of gas he was out of ideas he admitted as much. And I I even said -- at the time is that you know what this is his last news conference he's getting wet. And Lindy -- however left in such a classy. Magnanimous -- And that when he went off to let the Dallas I mean when I later today Lindy Ruff. I just think class to class act. And I hope that we reciprocate. By giving him a standing ovation and the long one tonight at the arena and -- to the sabres by the way for making sure that the event does not go on marked.

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