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10-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Oct 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WEE and now we interrupt this program to bring you a special message from the new. President of the world greetings I'm washed massive -- -- -- -- in total and absolute control as -- Rudolph I demand complete servitude and exactly three cookies before America. They have something to say to me pretty damn sore and have something to say and -- I am very basic let's get one thing straight this is my show and it's a serious intellectual our discussion and wanna keep it that way -- salon. I don't see what the problem is Thomas a wonderful man each local or how your the best man. Undoubtedly he's obviously some sort of Superman I just need to know if he has any shortcomings -- make me feel better news radio 930 WP GA and that's -- -- voice yeah. Is currently on the news radio 9:30 AM WBE and the you know what I'm watching Shepard Smith and I look I'm not a doctor but as -- is not looking well. Oh what's going on with them -- and I'm concerned about him I'm concerned about him like I am concerned about Miley Cyrus and I hope he's okay I really wouldn't wish anything ill on shepherds that whatsoever but he look so hot lately he seemed to have aged about ten years. In the past a couple of months and lecture whether it's you know on the maybe you had a relationship that ended that maybe it's a health thing I don't know but. You know whatever on how -- shepherd and a good luck and godspeed to you whatever the issue might be. Also what you ought to extend our condolences to -- congressman Brian Higgins one must put politics aside Brian lost his mom. Recently so deep condolences on a personal level to a congressman Brian Higgins. So many things that the talk about that today I I barely know where to begin. I do wanna give him up the stuff that happened yesterday with Mindy. The -- Hollywood definitely -- a quick update. Are meant it was able to recover the body of her dog knuckle head and this dog was. I don't know how this happened but this dog has been cremated. By the SP CA serving Erie county and I know what you're thinking if I thought the same thing wasn't the dog already cremated from the fire. No may indeed I was is able to get the -- now for a beloved dog knucklehead. Zero interest in any of -- Hollywood -- by the way. What else do we have here. There was something else is gonna tell all on view have asked about. How you can you can help. And I guess you understand something about this family and about -- personal admit he's a surgical nurse. She's starting out. Her life again with absolutely. Nothing. Nothing has she ever she had was lost in the fire. And some people have stepped forward to try to help the situation because she is in no. But in any event there is really at this point there is nothing. You can do -- she does have the clothes she needs -- shares in new wardrobe that there has been taken care of she also. -- reached out to. I -- to call to -- -- last night and -- Is in touch with men these friends to expand her legal guidance so that she does get screwed. Out of what might. Beat hers under law as long term. Partner. By -- Hollywood and who also lost property in the fire said yesterday I don't think you'll Hollywood at will and that has not changed. -- I still don't think you will but -- -- every his office I reached out to them they immediately got on and so they're gonna cover min these. Legal rights. At least give them some advice on what she can do now majors to get blown further in this situation. And also had a chance to deal with the bright -- in last night from north town. Brian Colligan is he's a friend of mine and he also was cells in my cars. And Brian is gonna take care making sure that -- gets a terrific deal on a new vehicle bottom line is smokes she doesn't want any thing associated with her former life. She wants nothing on Joseph Hollywood's she doesn't mean seriously. She wants nothing from this guy. Nothing of her -- she is starting afresh and she will rise like the proverbial Phoenix from the ashes now the only other thing that's gonna happen down the line is. You know we're we're gonna do area were gonna -- -- shower for we're gonna tour starting over shower for. And it's -- we should be real handle on it thank you. Between -- -- microwaves and posters and stuff like that and if there is anything you guys can do I will let you know. But. Legacies she's got a great support network of friends and family so. This these are not yet understands that -- these are not people who. Our. Given to even accepting gifts from people that's not the kind of people they are -- the -- myself kind of people. But it's kind of hard to start every all over when -- war in the middle wages of Middle Ages. Yes it would be hard -- finding her a eight tunic -- a surface that I agree. Yes value at Whitman is she's cheat again if you can help I will let you know right now I think we've got everything under control. And of healing park is gonna take the longest and there's nothing. That she can do about that we can do about that. I have. Offered her some names of some people I know in the middle -- -- though. She's she's doing OK just I just want to pass them on she's doing OK idea. I do appreciate it lecture continuing interest that in Mindy and I think that. As you -- them learn more about. Horror and that what she has been through. You kind of realized kind of person she is and why as a nurse a certain tumors she was. So in. I think that she really thought you could help him but. That obviously was not the case about a -- something else -- found out is that some of the town cops and by the way I cannot. I can't say enough about the top one police department handled that situation the other very some of those guys actually at the hospital because of the smoke inhalation. There's so much smoke from a fire that has some of the town cops even though they were outs at issues with smoke inhalation. So if one of the past as well and I hope all you guys recover properly and that thank you fortunate for what you do on the scene and administratively. And -- caring for -- from Indy and her friends and family the other day as I've said textbook quality police work. I think Gary that day was one of -- -- two days ago was the it was textbook police work. And then tell tell -- residents can be very proud of what their cops did the other day. Moving up on the WB and lots of things are going -- just to see the movie Parkland. Or park if you prefer. This was it was actually produced in part by Tom Hanks and if you are interest at the Kennedy assassination. As far as I can determined it at work as far as I can't determine. They want that -- -- wants I think it will be mostly leans toward the theory that Oswald what's the process. If you watch them closely. When one of the chief trauma surgeons doctor Perry comes in and looks at the voice box area president Kennedy. He says is that a trick. And one of the dock it -- and one of the doctor's note that it will. And they didn't say whether it was an exit loan or an entrance -- But it has long been maintained. That president Kennedy was hit by more than two shots. And that if he shot from the front could not possibly have -- Oswald acting alone if in fact Oswald even fired a shot. And ladies and gentlemen my belief. Would probably got -- lynched in 1963. But I was two months old when assassinations -- place. And it is my belief that that Lee Harvey Oswald is an American hero I think. Lee Harvey Oswald was the deep cover guy working with both the CIA and the FBI probably with the office of naval intelligence as well. There is no reason and hell what the military in the 1950s the Marine Corps would have been teaching Lee Harvey Oswald the Russian language unless he was involved in intelligence work. When you look at Oswald's associates in. New Orleans this summer before the assassination of JFK you don't find him hanging out with a -- too radical leadership Bynum out with ex FBI guys CIA contract agent like David very. And a whole bunch of other right wing individuals and that's it right wing talking about today's right wing. I'm talking about guys who were really pissed off at JFK because JFK they thought Lou the invasion of Cuba with debate because they were led to believe that American air cover which support the Cuban refugees trying to retake the island from Castro and many of those guys ended up slaughtered on the beach and and tortured by Castro's. Thoughts and you might well imagine that they never forgot. That was in 1961. In in 1963. JFK was assassinated and I've always wondered I believe by Oswald was absolutely the patsy. And if you and I know that in Oliver stone's movie. JFK. Men -- -- like Oswald but didn't sound like Oswald. And I hope you'll forgive me now by Mike and use our words you're old and almost made Lee Harvey Oswald seemed. Mentally impaired let's say that march. He was not. Am I put up a late -- -- -- -- -- FaceBook page Tom about hourly at the top outwardly show page scroll down it and you'll hear the first part with easy connections to beat second and third parts. Of a radio debate. Oswald had with Carlos bring gear the Cuban refugee community in New Orleans about Fidel Castro. And you listen to mr. Oswald the age of 23 speaking he was no -- And he was obviously very well trained for his job -- that that's that's -- you listen to that debate. Folks. When you listen to that debate. It's it's it's to me it's analogous or -- this guy was deep cover CIA and the he got a ball he got blown it big time animal or somebody else who got blown big time. What and that's all of us. Yeah he's the first one if he's gonna be the last one no unfortunately that's the price to be deep cover when you work in American intelligence. And that's just it is part of its part of the way the game is played. It's like the mob guys who say you chose this life. Oswald shows that like he ended up getting screwed by. My personal opinion and the I have to thank you -- I would not say these things about absolutely certain of what I was -- Or reason let's put it this way 95%. Certain -- when -- What you add up everything. When you add up Oswald's connection to the former FBI chief in Chicago guy by the name of guy Bannister. In New Orleans who would recruit students to infiltrate radical organizations. When you look at possible connections to a man named David theory. Who was the leader of the civil air patrol in New Orleans who. Who knew Oswald and all these all these researchers claiming it was Oswald Oswald alone used to laugh at the connection between Oswald and -- and -- all that's admit that never really happened and then along comes a picture of Oswald with David here. Get off the beaten path here folks but. The Oliver Stone had a lot of stuff right. I have never seen the movie savaged as much even before it was released and Oliver stone's JFK. Never. I have never seen the movie. That has been so torn apart and discredited or attempted to be discredited as Oliver stone's JFK before anybody even so. Even Psycho but if you watched Alfred Hitchcock the law Hitchcock movie. Epic theater or now on and it's HBO. On demand. Folks that should be a clue write better. And furthermore proposed -- who believe in the one world order you know new world order one world government mentality. I'm one of these Kooks who believes it probably started or at least got a significant head start on -- on November 22 1962. I do and at the Kennedy family itself on never say this but. Believe it or not actually know people who know the Kennedys and one of the -- I know he's dead now the matter Morton Downey junior. I -- Morton county junior we hung out one night week has stayed in touch afterwards important at a junior used -- no -- JFK RFK and the Kennedy family. And Morton Downey junior told me. They knew it was the CIA. Morton out of junior knew the Kennedy family that's not a record look it up. Okay more about -- junior was a friend of the Kennedys as weird as that might be. He was the son of the of the singer Morton Downey Morton Downey junior himself and a talk show which was very very popular for a while -- still clips of it on. Our clips of it on YouTube. And that we're sitting at the bar at the hotel across from the airport whatever was named them along with Timothy leery of all people. -- Tom -- hung out with Timothy Hillary and Morton Downey junior that is a true story. And that Timothy went up to bed early I guess his brain cells told them through. Maybe he was having a flashback I don't know. But Morton Downey can customize that they would you knew the Kennedys -- swam with the Kennedys you know the family what do they think. They think was the CIA they know was the CIA it is won't say so and by the way when they say CIA. I'm talking about. Everybody in the agency. Or keep something in mind JFK before he was assassinated. After the Bay of Pigs fired people who really worst sacred old Washington people like Allen Dulles. The head of CIA for years. And when you put the guys who was fired. By Allen Dulles odds are with the budget. When you put Allen Dulles on the committee investigating JFK's death JFK the guy who insult them publicly who disrespect to them publicly who. Fired him publicly you really think that that makes any sense whatsoever. Idol I'm not to mention the numerous reports that you can discredit one witness or to witness. But when you've got a number of reports not only of gunshots from the grassy Knoll area in Washington but of smoke from the grassy Knoll at the time of the shooting you if you can't discount there's an M folks up when something I'm not Kennedy. -- am not a Kennedy lover I think JFK it was the best of them. But I mean it to Ted Kennedy ever say anything nice about Ted Kennedy. Now. I'm not one of these guys who worships Camelot quite the cot for a second that Camelot -- I think is -- I think Hezbollah. But looking at it for exactly. How Oswald did it. The top snipers in this country have not been able to replicated. But anyway. Before you see -- after -- -- heartland about the events at Parkland hospital on November 22 1963. Through the end of that weekend. I I really suggest you check out Oliver stone's JFK. And if you really want to look into any further. There's a book by the former DA of New Orleans and by the way this is a guy the government tried to smear as well to discredit him. Or that would never happen Tom -- Tea Party IRS LL wake up people. Jim Garrison was smeared by the federal government and the media elite. You know -- -- at the truth he knew the truth. That Oswald was CIA David ferry was CIA guy Bannister was CIA and that Oswald was simply a patsy in this whole thing. Read on the trail of the assassins by Jim Garrison. And do your other -- to zero or search maybe you'll agree with me maybe you won't. But when I go to my grave problem well that I think I I think I know home most of the pieces that togetherness. It is I try well I thought I'd explain the whole thing but you're gonna have to -- your own research and you might decide that I really don't know what I'm talking about or -- a complete idiot. Yesterday at about 530 most people thought it was a complete idiot. So you know when you get the good with the bad. 325 coming up. Every era but Bastille day ever hear of the winter palace. Every Arab World War II memorial in Washington DC eight. I'm getting a tightly feeling inside. I don't know. I'm sorry I don't these guys are probably packed it in about Alvin and the aids face still. Well I I admire them. -- is going to be a Beatles reunion. We're about that. Well when Paul and Ringo -- -- bad -- it is 334. At I know like 0334. -- -- news radio 9:30 WBZ. Am. And boy. About that one so. Oh my whole point. Might all point about going into the Kennedy assassination. It's amazing -- Well actually it's not a street marches on. Understand today you have to understand how we got here. Under current events. You should know what happened in the past. And put that into perspective. And use your critical thinking abilities votes. For example fill in the blanks. We're all hours when stone announced that he was making a movie about the Kennedy assassination conspiracy. The media savaged here I challenge anybody. To come up with a -- that has -- as viciously savaged by the elite media. As Oliver stone's JFK. Even before it came out now -- that. Doesn't tell you something. I don't know you know it's like -- feel like shaking people by the shoulders and saying hello all hell hole you know electric car up -- well that doesn't do anything. -- -- There is. My opinion of course well. -- our content. He Pollard. That is death that he was a CIA operative among many other things. It's all those -- that we call that the event. Everybody is gonna happen everybody in the what was gonna happen. I think Oswald was gonna happen they'll be it was going to be the Pepsi. And that's the real question Decourt. So up the point issues. Obviously Oliver stone's JFK's twenty years old. And it's available on dvd. But the movie park land or park and if you proper. I think it was great. There are very good for what tried to. What that rule which -- the scene of chaos. Absolute chaos. That park hospital in Dallas after the shooting of president Kennedy. And you know what. The movie was accurate even down to the blue stripes on the howls at park hospital used at the time. In 1963. I was very impressed by the however there were some serious errors in the movie none of them serious enough to tell you like this is evidence that the trying to hide something. But a little things like Jackie Kennedy was in the room where her husband was being worked on the whole time. Bet that it not okay she did -- a piece of her husband skull and brain to the -- absolutely. There wasn't Ers who told all the Secret Service and FBI guys to get the hell out of the room so they could work happened. Now what else. What I really wanted to emphasize. Is. Something that it was -- eerie to me. You don't see -- until about at least through the movie. But the guys who played Lee Harvey Oswald. In the movie park when I thought it dips and at eastern hills are a lot of great movies that -- in fact you know -- -- get free -- the people but. I wanna thank beat Dixon eastern hills mall theaters reporting on for a small theater one hell of a quality operation. Seriously I've never seen that backs are open. Up. But you guys were great job for a limited staff and you guys bring in movies that actually wanna see. You know if I turn more -- more gay every -- I guess according to the Internet IE. These movies are terrific. But anyway but a little with you guys come there's anything wrong with that. But the lead Harvey Oswald actor ladies and gentlemen looks. Exactly. Like the idea at all. Folks this guy and if you want to see go to my FaceBook page. And people with his age as I am it's part of Iraq we call shoulders. This guy. They picked. To be Lee Harvey Oswald in the movie park what. It is it's. All great. As they did actually in 1981 they took DNA and they cloned Lee Harvey Oswald that's -- much as it looks like Lee Harvey Oswald. -- -- He certainly didn't sound like him either this guy they -- -- up to plate Lee Harvey Oswald folks go to my FaceBook page it's frightening. It's eerie I don't think I've ever seen a historical movie. Where the lead character looked so much so much that the character in the movie looked so much like the guy he's supposed to be portrayed. The possible exception in movies I've seen. Would have been Jeff Daniels. As Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in the movie Gettysburg frightening resemblance. But this guy. And there's only one color picture of Lee Harvey Oswald by the way the real the RBIs well. But anyway if your interest and and go to my FaceBook page there're certainly resources out there on YouTube and everywhere else. And look and one of -- -- that I always like to say whatever you do don't take. -- for. Don't just say well pot -- -- it must be true please know that if I say it I believe it to be true but you don't have to go. I mean. All people that believe Oswald did and they will -- a million reasons why I brought in and outside a million reasons why they are wrong. The obvious well. I've -- probably talked enough about fifty year old presidential murder are just it's just that's the stories with which I grew up. I have always been interested in the Kennedy assassination always occurs when when Jack Ruby died are playing my mother's carpet. Now what it -- them at all. Our member being in the living room and we -- to have this bumpy carpet not -- mind you but -- carpet. -- playing with matchbox cars and their bulletin came on saying we have made CBS news special report Jack ruby's dead. When your kid named Jack -- like a cool late model who is Jack Ruby. Well he's the man who shot the man who killed president Kennedy -- Whose president Kenneth -- -- you go to that's all -- so I grew up with. And I've always had interest because I basically came into the world with the -- assassination. And I don't know what I'll leave it. I hope it's under better terms. Like a Tea Party president will say 341. At that news radio 930 WBB and -- and rare form today folks. All right so anyway it's at 67 degrees at news radio 938 -- -- and I almost of the FM station and I didn't notice I quickly swallowed my. My words very unfortunate choice of words are given the preceding now what coming up up up so many things to it and to get a funny. And you know. I was faced with a ethical dilemma last night. And I I keep getting email and text messages from people. Problem. I'm trying to say something and I'm trying to make it is. I don't do things for people because I. Want. -- It's just not how I roll. There is on my FaceBook page. This story. Of what happened the other day -- the and my buying her her wardrobe. I wasn't gonna mention that I did it. And I think it would have been disrespectful to Dina who put that post up there last night to take down the post. I do not claim to be -- saint I'm. But what I saw was an individual. I wanted to help some stories. Reach out and grabbed my heart. The Alex Wright story I still stay in touch with Tammy and I wish I could see them Mormon like sometimes and feel like my own any more time. But some stories reach me this one -- I don't know why it just did but the little voice inside my head. The voice aggressive. Decency. Told me that it would be stupid. And really -- in this economy. To ask other people to help Mindy. Joseph Hollywood's girlfriend. By close. When other people are are are hurting. And I've been in a position where. I've invested well. And I was in a position to help. And I wanted to help I don't want praise for I didn't want praise for. But my dilemma ordinarily I take stuff like that off my page because I don't want anybody to you know. I think it would have been disrespectful. Of need. To have taken what -- wrote on my FaceBook page down. I think that might have been an insult to her so that's why I left that up ordinarily it would come down. I don't need praise for some of the good stuff I do and most of what I do believe me nobody knows about. And I prefer it that way. But this this was an exception and I'm gonna let it stand on my FaceBook page. Yes it's true on the guy who bought it the wardrobe for men. And I'll be helping her some more as time moves on. I also I think I mentioned this earlier Paul camp -- He is friend of mine he is designating somebody to make sure that mean these legal rights are protected. Meters there is money. And now the question is. Who is gonna end up getting it you know that's why don't want anybody to buy anything for her because I think we're gonna handle that ourselves. And Brian Culligan I mention him he's gonna help him indeed get rid of anything Joseph head and turned it into a new vehicle for herself. I don't know why I did it I just did it. And it's just. I don't folks it's not it's not guilt. It's just. But I was drawn up without -- tunnel one it was very good to me. And along the way. Lot of nice people from the town -- -- Wanda. Were my friends and they would help me out if I was left with nothing there might come a time when I have absolutely nothing. But I didn't feel like asking people for hand me downs. Because it would have been too much work for everybody else. So instead asking to do fund raising drive or close dropped clothing drive for -- what I thought -- needs and needed was. I think she needed to feel like a woman again. A beautiful vibrant woman. And that's why we went to Macy's. And that's why we bought -- some some nice things very nice things. And it's based -- that. The people Macy's. Were. Beyond wonderful. -- the manager. Her husband as a volunteer firefighter in the town as it turns out. She made short expedite everything. So we could get in and get out as quickly as possible to get those close to Mindy. And for those people I look I know what's gonna happen. Or you just did it to sensationalize. If that was my motive I would have brought a microphone and tape recorder to interview the grieving family. If I ever do that stuff. I will retire. Because I'm a human being before on a talk show host. And I would that the thought of doing that never even crossed my mind. Fortune has placed me in a position -- can help people sometimes. And when I can I will. And part of me feels like a chinook. For leaving it up on my FaceBook page and even talking about it but then the other part of me says I think it would be disrespectful to Dina to take it now. So I was kind of in a dilemma. Last night and end this morning so I decided to leave it up and that's all I really wanna say about it. Except that I don't make any claims to be -- saint. I don't make any claims to be some kind of wonderful person. Goes you know I -- bureau Richard I know. I can be a first rate yes I know. We all can be but this was an opportunity for me help somebody. Quickly who needed help quickly so I did I can afford it I did it. So. That's the story I didn't really wanna get into it but. I was faced with a real dilemma and that's the best way I can describe it is giving you the truth. Today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks is a twenty dollar certificate for Bob jobs La hacienda on hurdle avenue for only ten dollars. Enjoy Buffalo's best pizza with many other favorites. Made from only the freshest ingredients go to WB EN dot com and click on the my buffalo -- logo. Already event it is -- hourly on news radio 930 WB. -- And it with you on a Wednesday. And coming up on the program by the way. Her. Coming up -- shell I am so encouraged today. And you know. Idea. I've been trying to find the good. President Obama. I have. And all I can come up with is the man is a wonderful father and he's a wonderful husband. And by the way guys I know who know. And know very personally tell me Tom you're spot on. He is a great father a wonderful husband. Now. That being set. I think that politically his true colors are showing an -- yesterday and no that's not racial. Because I just don't like the white part of Obama. The way he's acting. With this so called government shut down. And the disrespect. He is showing our veterans while allowing illegal immigrant demonstrators to make their presence felt. Is absolutely disgusting to me. And I think we need to talk about veterans and truckers in Washington coming up this Sunday. God bless them.

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