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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Shutdown Rolls Along - POLITICO's Katie Glueck

Shutdown Rolls Along - POLITICO's Katie Glueck

Oct 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Katie Glick is with us on the WB and -- political reporter for Politico dot com Katie good morning. Day nine Washington gridlock really the only thing that's changed here is the date we're getting it that much closer to that default deadline. -- -- certainly became. In. Especially -- and it's certainly. -- very cognizant -- -- the -- apparently the trauma that and then about lattice at this point. We're also and being an eye on that's -- capricious and keep it separate. -- also read in the debt ceiling because fat and I is strictly in the next big fiscal front line. Over the ball back in the. -- The Republicans essentially have given up now on the prospect of ending funding for the president's. Affordable Care Act obamacare is that right is more about spending concessions now. We have. I you know I I don't know that they wouldn't necessarily go that far out -- our aid is really emphasize that that -- -- for -- get healing if they want to have. People -- in conversation about standing which which they say is that. We really control and a Greg constantly. And that's hard that. Their debates and ended up leading you live shots and that's you know he actually speaker Boehner and it can get in response to President Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- standing issues. And partners at you know at this talk about whatever -- -- -- -- what it is exactly it's exactly right. -- whining yellen nomination today assisted diffuse. The gridlock situation. Our report. And AC YEO and President Obama is nominating Janet Yellen today insists is this an attempt to defuse that the end of political gridlock. Our current application same time. But added it yet it's -- want more Digg stories that say anything. About one -- -- -- -- Signal being back. Yeah I at least one that you options and I want to try to act alone and it negotiation it didn't want to work with the top Obama priority. An -- -- is is gridlock could just drags on house speaker Boehner claims. But the president wants to bring down the Republican Party but on the other hand many observers -- the Republicans who wanna bring down the president. Well OK you know recently he yeah it does and election and accusations. Crying on -- is -- an attack and the President Obama is not the most popular and very much public and that. The same time another conference playing out of pocket change you -- -- among Republicans. And you have that. You know those are opposed the president and then an expert. And fight each other immediately see Republicans don't come out set that they wanted to. The basic accurately that list that connects me. Both -- -- have an identity and anything else. Other than a lot of other Republicans including illegally -- -- that they desperately to -- A conversation about bad things. You know admit that the web part personable they. Katie we're glad you could join us thanks. -- Glickman is with Politico dot com.

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