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9-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Sep 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's our and WBP. And the coolest white men on the radio of the coolest man on the radio period I mean I don't mean to brag but that's just business. Anyway. Things have been trying to do today here in -- I heard the sale of Herbert quote. And -- thought to myself and others don't wanna say about it that I gotta get up my mind. Relative to the double standard in America. Let them. I want to see if we can elevate the conversation. Beyond that stupidity. Beyond the race today. Beat guys in addition to the word racism meaning absolutely. Nothing to me anymore. The idea that in 2013. With everything we've been through it together. In everything our country has been through together. That we essentially. Have become more tribal than ever. Tribal protests happened people now is it really is tribal as I define you can be ideologically tribal you can be. Sexually tribal. And we all have tribes and many tribes to which we belong. I just think. The pact that we even have to do a show that I chose even talk about this in 2013 because I think it pastor. But I try to elevate the conversation I'm trying to bring them trying to elevated. Because there at all. If I know a lot of coal black people who are conservative. House on mark and in the middle. But if -- -- lot of people were black who work for a living who pay taxes just like you pay taxes who don't drop the system we're trying to put their kids through college who think just as much as you do about our gun rights. If I know that we have so many people who have a lot in common despite the fact we look like we came from different parts of the world. Then there must be a lot of those people in Western New York. And always be worker and this goes for anybody always beware anybody's call themselves a community leader. Or community spokesman. Because I always -- -- was that about him Herbert said. I forgive Sam on behalf of white people everywhere. That was me just -- joking about being gay community activist community leaders of a white community spokesman Liam white have a microphone that must make the event. Palm -- just. I don't know -- it's it's almost tragic comical. The fact that we still. View them and us. Us and them. How many times you've had sex and wandered Terry Rodriguez from the movie searching for -- man. That's on up now I need to hear it because this is not this is definitely not a song that sucks is not. It is bad is -- -- Thursday by the way and I've got two more availability is for bad music songs that actually made it it's it's so if you if you have a bad music song that you think needs to be played as bad music. And by the way we've done having my baby aren't of people suggest that every week that's not -- Paul and having my baby. I have heard this -- -- beginning and I saw I said. Are you serious this guy's awesome anyway sorry but I wonder how many people -- out there. Who have realized over time that. You gotta think as I do about this race stuff. Because I think it would almost -- -- people on the face this planet when it comes to race. It truly doesn't matter. I believe that I follow. In that way the teachings of Martin Luther K and more are. And certain community leaders do in America today and not just black community leaders either I was careful not to say that. -- -- go to. Do do do do do what's -- let's go to Daniel on the WB Ian Daniels thanks for holding it as short term and welcomed division. Cry you know I was just wondering to remind people -- agreement -- string of -- -- reward which are something like this about you know. Well I would you know well why he would address and specifically as a mr. white man. On out I mean what thing what I would think trial go to as a rich cultural -- real true according -- You leave the emails at a million people got showing Obama dressed up like a witch doctor you. Yeah. He got a pretty forward of them are afforded far worse than I guess yeah we're pretty. Well worn. Okay and I've seen far worse beams on FaceBook. That was -- to me that was a non issue that was a bogus issue designed by the liberals to exploit white deal. Figure that's exactly what. That's exactly what he's suddenly. I mean. It was at the bogus issue -- if I went through your computer I'm sure -- -- about if I went through sample corporate computer or -- used computer or -- davis' computer that I wouldn't find stuff that I might find objectionable and maybe that they don't really believe but for whatever reason thought it was funny. I say things all the time that I think yeah you know there are meant to but I think -- funny. -- about obliterating your not also you're not ultra actually not a public figure I'm a public figure -- -- -- -- -- We -- -- school work so you know -- -- -- they know Italian American cars are the other of the you know what. And yet be careful because of the language used in there Italian soccer. Thank you 515 at the news radio 9:30 AM -- a seven point seven FM WB EU and Russia give you the even. It's a place it in the Teddy and it would be with the kind of brace accent. It is 550. And again I you know what I'm sorry. I want to see Barack Obama's computers. From the time he was in college on all I'm sorry will never see what happened when he was in college because. The transcripts are all locked up we're just supposed to take it -- work. All the people who bitch about Carl Paladino -- emails. The racist ones the horse -- really is that is that or rat. Can you name one person in the last five years in buffalo. Who has done more to try to help the students mostly black in buffalo to get a better education. So OK maybe he has a six at the humor guess what that's pollen count. Here is -- and -- on WB cancer thanks for all the major turn. I can't say you're saying the current. I'm like oh I watched it I -- -- You're loop hole. Oh are actually -- -- like. -- Is. So one. Aching right. Without -- -- today. -- the current. The one who's here to babysit the superintendent who's got a Ph.D. from Harvard in the linguistics. Well my question is performing expect aren't that aren't. Why should tell the superintendent strapped. -- know you're you're one of about a million people who have asked that question. -- Because Campbell Brown. Pamela brown Campbell Brown has risen to her level of incompetence she is incompetent for the job to which she has been a sign she's not courtship. I -- and one year. And turn it. I mean. Oh -- Here. That's erotic and now you just brought back a funny visual of the on the operating table I'm having my heart surgery and I'm imagining doctor wall looking back and say. -- and I do this right that I spurs opened up yeah. Right. We. Are a much on and it's. Black and purple ball. Better. It's important that children are awkward and not allow -- Area I can agree that apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They re saying it really. Well Alec you know -- they got it back. For governor. In going and we have it at that because I think he's really Willie. -- -- Yeah. -- -- and -- -- -- anger management classes because I don't know but likens it to be wasn't Carlson times could. We're rolling some things but there is far as the as far as what you're saying about you -- surprise that it reached that level. I think it's it's it's almost tragic comical that it's reached that level where a guy calls a white board of education member mr. White man. But but again you know what. It is the spirit of try to elevate the conversation. For all of times. For all of us what are we get out of this. Because it's almost. Did it mean seriously we call again. About Ol will Paladino forwarded an email showing Obama dressed up like a witch doctor. Arrears. Errors. I forward at a picture of Obama who was painted up like Heath Ledger as the Joker and -- are racist. Right he's okay cool that that's the first down. You know and Ted Gibson who used to Whoopi Goldberg -- showing up at an event in black base a lot. By the in this is the double standard that drives me crazy. When certain white people are allowed liberties that other white people could never avail themselves up and stayed away. Like Ted Danson dressing in black race. I. And Ed -- Can you imagine can you imagine. Tommy Lee Jones saying Clint Eastwood probably a better example -- Clint Eastwood saying. You know what. I don't wanna be against President Bush on Iraq because I don't want him to think I hate white people. It's just it's put it how we get out of this more arrests or this quagmire dignity of stupidity. Well it's it's a very. And that I might -- people up at school board -- -- -- In other night and -- looking good for the children's. Try and you know what I'm trying to elevate the conversation. And the whole sisterhood thing. Sisterhood. I'm sorry I. I've been hearing that expression for years. -- with women I've heard it with five women operative with Whitman Whitman Whitman Whitman Whitman this sisterhood. You know we read books together to book club it's the sister -- If there -- some racial. A racially offensive. Component to the word sisterhood. I didn't get my white code white decoder ring. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'll try and again I'm when I'm trying to do here. Try to poured gasoline on the fire right now we're trying to do is just say can we are we gonna move beyond this. Are we ever gonna get to that point because I hope we do but I'm really skeptical that we will. Because for some people you know their rates is the most important thing about them. And to me. In -- -- You know folks. I don't care what you look like you are your male female with your -- -- -- The the victim card. It's so easy it's all easy. To look for an excuse for failure by the excuses. If I wanted to -- But refused to fail. But pride is gonna help we've built up Brian just out of curiosity as somebody who is reporting objectively. At the meeting last night when Sam Herbert used those words well. What was the mood was there with their applause were -- asks of consternation. Well Tom outside this fortunately here may be unfortunately. I'm not sure which one is yet because I was in traffic command here I was not there for idea public comment version. But I was a little shocked today when I got in the car headed to -- and heard that that was a kind of being made to be big deal because this is nothing new. The way those comments were made a what you hear on the tape either obviously very pointed. Do you the mr. whiteman is something that hasn't really been done before and usually get people speaking to the board are not allowed. To address certain board members says it's -- -- individually. Address certain board members. So I was a little surprised that that was allowed by. That's. Not too much further from what is been going on the past few months when people are allowed to speak in front of the board. Calling Carl Paladino or insinuating. In any way to Carl Paladino is racist. Is not something that's new for public speakers and from the board. They'll understood and that's why you did the news story today I don't think Carl is racist. I honestly don't. And thank you Brian I let you go now -- you're not associated with vile disgusting hit a despicable me. I think Carl is kinda like the rest of us honestly I think he's got angels and I think he's got demons in his body and I and I'm not talking about some religious sense or spiritual sense. I think we all do. I think we all have. Good in us and we all have that sliver. Eat. And sometimes it comes out. And I think that's what happened last night. It doesn't do Sam Albert an eager not which most people in the community it doesn't do the community. And I try to elevate the discussion by. Over this around -- on WB -- And it's. Any movement -- fan. And yeah each other since Cleveland you know expand. Together -- climbed hills and treaties. -- into the -- on ABC. News in the hearts of the season and he's my friend and it's tied. They're saying I need this. -- Think of me. Bad music bump Thursday it -- become a popular staple of the hourly show. Somebody suggested it actually is bad talk show host Monday through Friday for -- seven. And I killed. It is 530. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want you to come here that listening. Oh he's doing that thing again. Already. Nevermind was an important. Let's not get back to the calls on WB EN and this is John in Niagara Falls John hi. I don't adapt and right one rear view. I think that that of course we will grow as a point searching and just. -- Porsche in the African and merchant community but got a console championed by the war. Social programs -- -- generation and it'll continue to do so for equality and to be the victims of white side. Their claim that they want equality was satisfied actually -- -- year ago. Acknowledged that it but the about reparations for what happened the Manchester this. And a bullet I don't know we're used to it now have a productive society. The way -- -- that are just gonna reject them. Now and the other black taxpayers the people were listening to me right now who pay their taxes too and who have never looked for a handout they wanna support their own families. To those black people who listen to my show this is like those are my five black people. I say that with love and affection and -- their favorite like thank you very much. So. Go ahead. Well you know a bit of pleasure -- other -- but you know economic and other should going to go on in perpetuity and I sure don't -- virtually every. Individual black person or by apparently like that they're so often. You know and as -- -- -- -- -- -- you know I ice sheet. I'm sorry auto dealership now authoritarian. -- about football -- airport -- sort of -- do -- think it is it's just. A lifestyle that they become accustomed to just -- you know -- worked -- all that are so much a month because it's there and -- give it to me. And ever charged wanna lay all it's all part of it all the more allowed. The fact that all know you only -- it under again -- -- about it all the it's about you only. What percentage. The -- in that population in America do you believe has that attitude. And though unpopular judge -- be honest. -- As a -- you because what I'm gonna do use it as a black audience to call to say whether they agree or disagree with. -- More than half OK but it didn't take that Odyssey what buying black audiences. I get that question. We only on vacation. Well that wasn't the question OK go go ahead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh. Yes how the media and no we're not playing that today. There are no no no that's all the support abortion. Now that that's on that song. Is to bad music but. I'm trying to think of something what a meat grinder is to sausage has that. -- all right yep that's all -- is. If there's a metaphor for abortion involving that music this on Shannon would fit the bill perfectly. Thank you. And I'm glad you golf part so I took my black audience to -- -- audience. These guys that are calling her a little to total hurt. Would you say that more than 50%. Of York. -- racial lists. 50% of people who look like you do. Our -- that I destruct. Yes or -- I think it sounds a little -- But I don't know. Here is. And in buffalo on WB and and I'm trying to elevate the conversation a year Travis terrorists and try to steer us away from the Titanic sinking icebergs not only political correctness but -- outright racism because I think that most of us are like this mean most of us are not. It'll be inclined toward people based on the way they look I mean I long for the day quite frankly. When we can get back to black people and white people getting together just hate gay people. Now what's on your mind and I'm joking obviously and your on going. Out of work. But the war. And kicked the pat you don't want. And I don't know ain't bad it was appropriate it well what -- I've not opt out of England -- -- as -- bill wicket. I shoulder and I think they had yet still I can't eat at access role in -- play but everything. A pop have a beer -- well outlet outlet saying we are. -- -- wherever it is late the FAA. Pick it up all weather and then let it with several -- leader. That letter. And -- -- people wanna get out that they are there not ain't bad in the a bad. Can't -- -- said the bank. -- care act that camp. What out. Yes and Sam Bradford by the way is a black man who is been tireless advocate on the part of city schools. And a little secret about Sam Bradford that only I know that as a youth he as well as the high. We had subscriptions to sky and telescope magazine. Little go to buffalo trivia for. Ignore -- any you know it is that you -- I hit it -- that does it make it and I think it will always be -- And that flat and it released because I don't always they circled. They're long -- and let Deval great -- why we can't go Linda Butler. And you and I okay you're -- I you're your fifteen years older than. OK but -- agree that sometimes. There's just the time to say you know what he said it. Maybe he didn't mean it as harshly as it sounded analysts just leave it alone and forgive and forget it and just move on. And and -- -- it it can be cut into -- -- -- are at it like it that they did it and it happened. Yeah -- -- did implement it was there. -- let's talk about Albert Evans. I think it would all time high by Obama. I haven't been prepared they amputate it right now from that ABC. So I'm not what. But apple app that was out it looked like in their age. -- -- that I came by oh am. And odd man out I think even all day it worked. Below it was an -- To come up our own. I think it would affect. To help people do get. They -- And -- What am I app I don't they -- the baton well I'll let both want to be -- out because that it has never not vote out or not. He wouldn't know art and they're naked in all the low paying their you'll have to go to -- state -- do -- they weren't a fact -- way. Into. As you get all boot -- But I don't know what we hear her here's what I am I I've got to move on but I'm glad you called them. I think that too often government programs have become a lifestyle instead of it stopped again. Measure. So what do folks. A decision to make his talk show host today. First of all going to be honest with -- -- that -- abuses that topic. Because sometimes. We knew who. Stick your hand into a -- that maybe maybe this is bad talk show thinking I don't know but. I feel like -- here today. And it. Just basically getting in this moment. Wicked. Nasty. Name calling fight to operative howling and screaming screeching it. Like people being black people ratio. I just I'm sorry I didn't. It does not mean that I lost my testes. -- that past political correctness as much as I ever did. At this -- at the time ladies and gentlemen. The whole gotcha thing. Whether it's Paula Deen or Sam Herbert. It's just getting a little old with me. Because. None of us have bitten or ever will be perfect. Carl Paladino is never going to be perfect I will never -- -- well all right I may be on the exception to. But other people not including will never be perfect ever. And do what I think -- Herbert. Hate white people now he might hit a few but I don't think he hates white people in general. I don't know this to -- fact but if he had that beginning. Listen mr. white man to take back he might not upset at that way. He let us -- in a different way. What I try to do today again my choice was since we kind of got into this topic. I decided consciously. That I was gonna approaching it as a positive. Because. I can say this from personal knowledge. We do have a lot of morons in this area. Up political morals who basically vote to screw themselves they think they're voting for their own self interest in -- voting counter to their best interest. A case -- -- but we've got a lot of people up there I think the majority. The black people in the white people and Asians and Indians and every other ethnic group may have forgotten about. I do think the majority of us are okay as people. You know we've got saints we've got -- and some review our little butterball. And in the same way as I got sick of Paula -- Being made. A basically. 888 lynch pin. And I use that expression. Kind of in a different way than it is. Usually. Expressed. I got so sick Paula -- Being. Crucified. For using the end. Word how many years ago. That I have to also extend that same. Attempt to understand this and -- Otherwise be a hypocrite. About that for a minute. If I was willing to arguably got all the eight. That I must also. Be willing to say you know what I don't think Sam Herbert meant. To cause. I just don't see. I could be dead wrong I don't think I am I could be. But. Somewhere. In Western New York. They're listening to the show. I hope. -- people nodding their heads at what I'm saying. It'd be easy for me to come here and kicked the hornet's nest. Just rocketed do. I'm not. Because and -- mean -- it twice a year. For saying that I think most people black and white are cool with -- each other and yet you know what. We all have our thoughts. That are healthy thoughts. But. We also have the counterbalance. That tells ourselves general mines that those are stupid thoughts. Because their -- community horribly naive. Or rely on the right track. Because I think -- on the right track numbers. Just you have no idea how much I would love to see us just you get past this stuff. Nine elevenths orange and -- -- but September 11 2001. Never out if you're an American no matter what you look like you're an American. We've lost that again we lost it pretty quickly. 548 I was break more calls coming up on news radio by thirty a Adam. We. But that's all all other start out the next hour with something amazing. You are never going to believe what allegedly. Incited. Right in our area. One of the great mysteries of all. I'll get into after the news at six I think it'll lead story good excuse me let's go to Franken has cellphone on WB BMI frank. Hi Gloria I'm I'm I'm I don't I disagree. With that with the the way in which the comment mr. -- excuse I don't think it was meant to be there actually. I don't think that there was any animosity and I think because that person. Didn't agree where Carl Paladino. That the only way and because the people that board were. African Americans understand that did not vote. To remove. This job and art director of items would lead. That was just it was just like it came up because well it did not figure out. You know you're all together you're sticking together. Okay because of your ethnic background barrier racial back. I don't think anybody any animosity specifically toward the end. Adjustment white people are not necessarily agree with black people and and -- -- blacks were sticking together or it's you can pick up. -- I'm I'm a white man. Okay. By the way. I have to say you're wrong on this because. On the he specifically said the -- the electorate it lets your quote and I can explain myself to you know I'm not I'm not trying to embarrass you believe me but here's here's the exact quote. -- the white man. -- And there was also a reference to of this sisterhood I believe in that audio and that they phrased -- Paladino has used it exclusively. I believe once directed at Carl Paladino but what are was or wasn't is mr. white man and it its 2013. Is that really where we wanted to be as a society. It's your turn that necessary -- They need to drop all of this piece you know there's racial connotation. There really needs it it's real. -- -- I agree it is. So did the minute somebody brings it up. I think their argument automatically goes now. It's like it's like the minute -- dropped an F bomb in the middle of an argument you immediately. Lose the high ground. All right well I guess Franken in the debate Agassi showed. All right well. It would anybody like happy and they. Pet at the end then you'd like happy and cool let me -- -- a happy ending like that the I think folks. That's stuff coming up here that I figured like as you like that before when I didn't have enough time to really do it properly and -- eleven again. What we're talking about I don't know but I'll find out. I'll also. I have coming up after the news at 6 o'clock here on news radio 930. WP. The end. I have a story. Which may. Just match. Blow you. It is a story. Involving. One of the great mysteries. Of all time. And that happened in our area has it been solved. Don't. Touch that dial. Leave it here on WBE. Ten KM.

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