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9-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Sep 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So all that hullabaloo earlier this week about my fiftieth birthday I forgot them intimate a -- -- time machine in my expert time. And I can take you anywhere you wanna go anywhere you stay there for -- power but you can't really touch -- thing. And you can't change anything. What's going to be is going to be you can't change it recently watching like a movie from the past it's that time machine you work in it. What you're -- that. Should be like Austin Powers gold ever. Mel you don't think so all right. Let's go to present calls here on WB he can answer it looked do. John in -- hello John your hello. I come our Internet serve. I'd like to go by ancient Rome in the coliseum -- with it's a gladiator fight followed by the Romans. Feeding Christians -- alliance. So are you wanna see gladiators fight. Is -- to -- Christians turned into a quarter pounder with cheese by alliance. Well I think it all happened in the same day one might -- me -- I don't know two separate shows like meet people people sit -- at a seminary dollars I realize I only have one. Well yes this is true they also would hang people play in the other there would that you don't wanna have a -- moment in one of these blood extravaganzas have to count our coliseum general. Pod like the witness -- just she hits that it it was really what a looks like in the movies just from what I heard a lot of but also a gladiator fights -- not end up in now you don't want gladiator killing another. They weren't they weren't comment also that not that the -- senate that weren't as common as the ones in which the -- would be spared. Not sure about that. Could be you don't know. All right well the whole feeling human beings to hawaiians. There that that's who. That's a little disconcerting but. I guess you wanna see what I wanna. Got like I don't I got like watching it but I mean. Just bottom line here like curiosity I would just like to see how it went. And I wish I could speak Latin because I would like as members in the cloud you know what they all so exciting about it because they obviously enjoyed it. There all right thank you. It Thursday 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yet. Approaching 10 minutes after 4 o'clock reminder you see any huge traffic issues that are blocking your drive home on Friday or at any point or traffic -- as always is 803. 032180. Threes are 321. Up I forgot the Clinton took the day term fiftieth finished work on my time machine and I just ran out of time I thought I was gonna ask you guys at that point what year you wanted to go to. You you've got one hour in my time machine. It is well you go crews all over the place you've got to pick one -- one spot and categorize. Here is. Here is who's who's next here is Willie and moment -- -- on WB Ian that will hello. Today I read through the beautiful community component. In September. And -- there's September 11 around. 8 o'clock in the morning I'm not felt that piece. And then also in the world changed. On September 11. You wanna go back in the revisit that with my time machine is my time machine lets you to Judy you just let you know. Which I did what appeared to be so I used to. And it's gone now. So you wanna leave before those planes at the tower. -- -- -- No way to -- Do. Well sorry to hear that Willie thank you very much here is that Joseph is just too long ago. Fair -- you don't care. I'd like to work through what might I can't -- that under. -- the best editorially -- I'd just -- that. It would be. Indeed the. Be -- to give us any details now. Well -- well now he's got the way now but yeah. He told me that. Guy that shot that was done now by. -- -- -- -- And people who can't. I just. Better -- supposedly feel. The guys that didn't beat Bernard and provide but ended up being a politician but yard. In western new York. And donated. It. Anyway I presume that your father was fighting for the Americans and this guy was also planning for the Americans. Yep you have people who later and ethnic guys that shot my father. Perfect guy shot my father was actually gunned down by -- politician the pilot error. OK so the German structure fun. All right it's all making sense now. All right thank you very much for some reason I thought that -- say that the guy whose father eventually became a politician Western New York. And we all of the politicians are good for -- they are good for screwing. Let's go to. Well screwing us were we the people let's go to. And -- well in buffalo cell where would you like to go. Well I -- back and I'm. I think that perhaps. What the outlook. It got it right -- left the hospital where whether reported right now. -- what it was it working. It's time of his death that you think would revolutionize the world as we know today. Well he's the -- adult at -- February -- Oakland should disappear. And reappear every appeared. The crew and all that can. The bulk. But I don't know at what would you go back in time and that's -- I -- so they're certainly had brought them. I mean that that's another and -- W all you bring them here and told them what it you know and we look at the carrion. Hey go to court title where did all that happened and what they think about thirty currently under 200 years later. Or could you imagine Tesla trying to figure out iPod. -- all right thank you have very much. As -- -- -- knowing that Nikola Tesla one of the greatest physicists and electronics expert -- ever. Brilliant genius of the men who statue adorns the American side of the falls. Tesla was an absolute. Absolutely brilliant man. But the idea that he might fumble over trying to get the charger into the right hole on his cellphone. And then made a figure out how to get his voice bailout delights me endlessly. Back to the calls. On WBE evidence say hello to live is -- worked a lid you were on why would you like to have seen over there. I got that article record time for an hour. I would choose to Quebec in the time and other than our morbid but the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In order to see that pain and suffering he went through for the -- of my salvation. Well obviously it Mel Gibson does do a -- very very long. Addition of that project. They hope to see their capsule will. Yeah. -- -- making -- question in my mind that what what life is really all about well. I area thank you very much. It -- -- thirty start at 3180616. WB and the who else's is with -- -- for hours where it like to go in my time machine up up and away in my beautiful time machine in the we you know obviously you know we could mess with anything. We could stop that Holmstrom. Have recording. -- -- playground in my mind you know that Beckham have been put prohibited. We can band that I supposed. I suppose we can somehow interfered with the production of seasons in the sun. Jerry jacks -- both songs they hear is one of them we -- it is. Terror music here yesterday on a terrible bad music on Thursday which were not doing today it's Friday. It's only sound like it's Monday. We think Joseph how much longer for the ragweed. I was longer. A week today month. And I don't care what they say epic there and stuff. I don't works great for a lot of approval. Any allergy thing I ever take knocks me out. So there's no way I could think about a -- before work if I come in here and -- I would be falling fast asleep after you would be in -- doing the program. You'd be hearing guys talking about Christians being -- one's ability you know from watching. Let's go to the calls a game on WB others say hello to. John in -- oh John you were on WB and hello. Hi -- hi I would like to go back to opt. The first Easter and being fair way to keep it came back but why. Yet there well there were according to the new testament there were no eyewitnesses to the actual resurrection. Yeah that would be I can't imagine. Anything more awesome. And being back in the act yet it and how he did it. Interesting stuff you've obviously thought about this great goes for -- place else you'd like to go let's say we spent the first half mile or doing that -- -- has -- an extra hour. I would want to see what am I. John Lennon and Paul McCartney's first met at the church concert John Lennon was playing at. And gotten that -- you wanna join the band. And very prophetic words as things would have to thank you very much. -- -- thirties 3180616. WBM and here is. Bill in the north -- Phil hello. Yeah -- 1980. May eighteenth. I'm elected -- brother's birthday I'd like to see the eruption of mount saint Allen Olympic watch the -- It was. It was pretty obvious side of the mountain dot. Yeah what a premier advocate and public pays workers the eruption of mount saint helens the one guy like you'll prospector that guy that well. After Israel you have direct interest -- -- that ever devised by. -- -- -- -- Well yeah out of this thing was forecast how long in advance and still -- took lives. Yeah I was pretty pretty. Repulsive I hit by the video on one of those disgusting sites have been known to visit from -- Todd thank you mean not disgusting disgusting but disgusting disgusting. There's a difference between levels of discussed these and well. Are coming up by the four quality of news radio 9:30 AM and seven point seven upn WB and a quiet hour in the time machine court admitted thought it was a -- -- test drive anywhere -- anytime I want. I would love to soar over the New York they -- way. About how many years in a few days ago to see the New York State through a flow. Flow closed down because of the concert at Bethel New York -- Woodstock concert. And that would like to build their for the other whose performance. Ladies and gentlemen with The Who. All right let's say get back who calls on WB EM. And next up we have. We have. Roger in Hamburg. Roger you are on the -- hello. I doubt like to see the ya. Immaculate conception have achieved that. But could take LT supposedly Christian than. John that -- it was early or. Well. Well that's very early or. It's you know it's the way did that is -- try to get with his big shock value out of it he's he's totally let down Malkin is didn't even react. Just like let him do his little finger. I don't -- job laughing mr. OK let's get back to the calls on WB Ian here is. Here is -- in -- well balanced young fellow viewers Mitt hello. -- -- -- -- I would be -- time machine political acts the last supper -- -- Am not trying to trim listen to reflect -- your show but it would be nice to see my lower. I don't why I was there is something stupid to light could you pass me the pork chops that just wouldn't have been as. It if -- asked Jesus to pass the -- -- Well now. Now that I would have done it two there's not a doubt in my mind that my lack of social skills and class and race no doubt would have -- -- that kind of a social folk law. All right thank you love very much thank you. What would you say you know you gotta talk to the guy because he's -- you know if Christians believe that Jesus is god in man's -- right. The only perfect life ever Toobin live understood. They put out there. The other guy's opinion was. Quite different issue probably heard. Are we need to take a break here momentarily but before we do to find out who in effect. Once you back in time here is Jason in Jamestown. On WB and Jason. -- I'd love to go back to November 1960 Syrian dissident dealey plaza with a -- and we know now and take a look around and trying to figure out what really happened that -- Take a look at the grassy -- look at the school book depository and try to get an idea or really actually occurred with everything now that we know. Yeah I brought that case up earlier and I would love. To know exactly happened also in another case of -- just a documentary about -- is of the Lizzie Borden case. There's not a doubt in my Lizzie board -- children parents but she got off. It all right thank you very much you know Lizzie Borden took index gave her mother forty we're actually she's which it doesn't she gave her father 41 something like that. But a jury found -- not guilty. But it made you did not know until just now. -- Together sorry mr. Huey Lewis -- that is the news mr. Huey Lewis you're done now its hourly and my time machine is taking people. Of the place now I -- -- Corporate -- -- two places to oversee. Wanna do it that you'd like to see I would like to see which -- machines against Jews have been easily -- -- -- -- blog writes on time. I'd like to see the battle of Hastings as it unfolded. Moreover. I would like to seat the entire campaign. Led by king Harold. -- got Woodson. Because. We all remember him as the guy who lost England it to the Norman's but what nobody remembers is the fact that just a couple of days before he -- -- England from the from the Norwegians. From from the vikings. The battle of Stamford Bridge so he had proven his mettle as a commander in the field against a very formidable adversary. And no one it basically asked the question. Why would he let himself get roped in the Hastings the -- he did when he retreating and roll action might have been the better tactic. We'll never be at that there. Remember in 08030930. Start at 3180616. WBE and so while. We're gonna take you back in time in what you wanna see it here would be a -- in came -- and use -- -- WB and hello. Probably doing they'd comp so I'll I would like to go back to November 5 1955. When doctor -- -- -- -- before compressed that are and we all know what's next time travel possible thumps. Well the other -- an interesting. An interesting thing because that's his version of the time machine the flux capacitor. Does not play a role in mind my. Or worm hole oriented. If -- -- to go back to. Back when they first started they cannot deal ships back when non particularly as the pond in -- You know millions of rivets were on the ship justice the other -- it's just amazing how it did it years ago. All ends well some of the classic shipyards around the world they would show you how to do it faster time than that mimic those guys built. They built ships like John -- -- track. All right thank you very much. Or -- or like so many ways cable like western union used to -- cable. That's a 4368030930. Starlet 3180616. WB -- at all about the normal I figured out -- were animal I've mastered the formal. Just say yeah let's go to. Somebody with a little bit of a different take -- where they let you go in the Bay Area have the opportunity to do it this is that Peter. In west and it -- well. Peter is as you. Well you know they say. When you've lost your Peter you've got some problems. Let's go to Paul in Florida on WB and hello Paul. -- -- Didn't get more injuries or is there I was going to go back in Cairo would be 1980. On Friday night. He's taking -- with -- in her book. Really. It's that time and roll rock and -- beer will be there. So nothing about this excursion into the unknown may be watching via the -- what Indians on the Niagara Frontier -- nothing like America. -- well. It's a bad with a simple dream. We all have to have them thank you very much. In 030930. Start at 3180616. WB Ian here's an ill in forest build Neill hi. I I have to be Maryland wrote Specter of course. -- what. And athletics. Passed away well I it's a very fair and reasonable question because how familiar argue with the domestic like a lack of tranquility between Joseph and Joseph and when Monroe. I'm tired but I heard she was in the news and so call me the power. Well let's just say this Marilyn Monroe. -- how -- put this delicately. She had it an issue with guests. Lot of people don't know that. -- I'll put her issue hurt her flatulence. Issues are absolutely legendary. -- imagine it there or Joseph Joseph DiMaggio you know mister America in the 1950s. You're married to America's heart -- Maryland Munro and only you know that when Jesus said the house -- smells like a bar. Well we all of that issue the other thing I'd like to you is that the look on ninety unstructured and stop stop the especially certain. Our -- -- gonna say when he stepped off the spaceship out of that California oil. -- right thank you very much. You know up over here is going up to the head to the moon this week well they're not going this week -- their planning China. The other Chinese are planning on going to the moon. Boy are we going to be so surprised when they get there and they come right back. Because they're gonna take a look around the corner of the far side of the moon they're gonna freak out the gutsy stuff they never expected the legacy giant bats on the moon. Trust me. I know I know. Next up we go to. We go to a Dominic in the -- on WB and hello Dominic. They and I'd like. That battle of Lexington and Concord. I I've always wanted to know who actually fired the first shot and why. Because the well it was the British and my understanding is it was the British they were ordered to do it because they had to cross the bridge to claim the war material being held by the Americans. Well what what underwater -- show rounds fired and an. It was always some question as what to one of the officers what did somebody out in the woods. You know what what I -- I don't recall them actually -- in order to -- I could be wrong -- you're much more is starting to mean that it seems to me that there was some question as you know who gave the order. Like Kent State. Well yes and sort of like it bring you run the modern history -- like Syria right now and a Roger last. A week. Nice and that flawless not perfect is nice but. Pleasant. To buy outs. You know what -- devout as that. It -- out I don't understand the definition in this in this. Contacts. In new York and the fact that you don't understand the definition in this context actually means you do understand the definition thank you. Sorry about -- sorry about the boys but that it's just that time of the year for Chelsea handler as yesterday and a iceberg though that today. Just in time for the weekend which makes me feel very very delightful as you probably can imagine. About those vitamins and things and that's electric cars some of those just in case. And other vitamin C and -- sucked on -- -- supposedly you know. Will but it wouldn't leave it at that for right now we'll see however how well that -- of -- allergic it was shouldn't have any effect at all. -- -- Clearing up just a little bit clearing up trying to clear -- that feeling in the -- You so much pressure in your head -- think it's gonna blow up like a giant John Belushi zip in the cafeteria. What -- A couple. Animal house National -- -- and nobody -- here is. Touching a nerve with somebody. Here is that jail -- and it. The story. It -- and that is Joan. Europe's very Jill in slow. It don't let the red button whatever you know. None all's well the red button launches missiles in China some not gonna tell Obama that -- That's. I would like yeah -- island I would love to think the -- that my grandmother under on the came over from Tripoli which he was a we want. Do you were called the vote and you know when and where she came from. You know I'm sure you can find your name on some of the passenger lists some of those Ancestry.Com. Pamela writes. If you're that interest today. Yes indeed I would love to talk to her in the and to her parents and I think came with one sibling and then the other came later. Did you know heard all the Jews alive -- yes she died when I was only got 29. Yes I get a long life of my grandma. But I would love that -- what she wore what they both look like when I got here it would have been right. You know unfortunately they didn't have the ability to do the cloud storage of photographs back then. Just a shoe box and a third shoe boxes got messed up forget about it negotiate anything ever again. All right so to reset for cloud backups. Which had a cloud backed up by brain today accidentally to west negative you're grab one of those days. Just it's it's it's it's funny how one little. One little thing. Can have a ripple effect and the entire body is just in comfortably cool. All right now let's go to true. More people who want to be transported away. I've built a time machine didn't talk about image or a number of they'll probably should have. Here is David in Albany on WB and David what do you wanna see take place before your very ears eyes noses all senses. Well what do you do when you -- at tech but -- -- rock and he turned around and part of the worksheet you know -- these mouth dropped open. -- it's not every day you see that yeah that's true. I mean David Blaine has made available -- them as far as I'm aware. Yeah amendment no one -- Egyptian blender -- step closer respect. To. -- this week. I wanna know the mechanics behind it I wanted to open Eddie -- a lot of through these sudden squall or storm whites will pick up. Yeah. Mark -- something I don't know. Are you the video about -- no -- in -- short enough. Syria and Saudi Arabia and Al all -- the church is true that this really at its shots on. Well why -- the web troop leader. Why would ensure that we -- the year ago. Or apple still coached owner fossilized they've been -- for so long but -- like she would go on the ocean bottom right there. In the ocean did a -- you know certain point it was a little higher than everything else. And it always -- wheels and everything -- so they went -- brown you know underwater video. A better question would have been did they find her -- of courses that they find -- remains of Egyptian military armor consistent with the time period during which the Red -- would have been part of it. Yeah why he can't go there because -- you know -- you know. -- all that they took that -- I know at its charter -- they want you there in April expenses and everything which he really does like on their doing exploration. All right -- -- island -- Grand Island in the united ran around here diamond factor and bind it over -- problem here thanks very much. 80330. Start at 3180616. WB Ian. But remember it's very important. Factor person it's very important that I advise you -- you need to have yeah -- -- a black straw hat. A pair of black voter. You have to -- immediately black socks and of course sandals because you wouldn't -- -- do that but he -- think -- stuffed -- to understand sovereign. No let's get back to the calls on WB and say hello to. More people who want to see what happened in the past year is Brian in buffalo Brian hello up. Is to have -- out. -- -- -- again Bryant OWB of a brighter here are high. -- -- I won't go back to that November 10 177 inside the witness the birth to my Marine Corps. The birth of your way of -- you're calling you or Marine Corps and W satellite. But it is -- to Obama my military on my shoulders my army. -- -- -- take you thank you very much in adultery on -- thirty. Started 3180616. WBE NN. Building the Great Wall of China which at the CIA that was built public building the pyramids or the space. About the garden beaten. About Babylon. Athens where you can -- go to efforts. You won't breathe which you can still go there. Back to the calls we go and say hello to. -- Say hello to Mike and Kim or on WB like. I don't -- I'd like to OPEC to about February 1992. And I do two things on their first of all -- and Billy Ray Cyrus. And I would give him a packet Arab and and -- and all -- pick up a couple hundred shares of apple computers are all it was an attempt as time. But I think our priority would be technically great. Aren't getting to himself so as to prevent any possibility that he might have spawned in Miley Cyrus. Exactly. Mike -- execute or in November I looked upon Internet November of 92 -- -- about February 9 to may get around January just to be sure the Obama. Which supplied me he was well -- Our Leavitt thank you played as a good and you're atop your game. Top I have a time machine at -- -- for a fiftieth birthday. I would not wanna go back and live in any of these errors that we overly romanticized the past I do. I think we forget that the people were the same -- as they are now. That. I just I think we we assign them a super humanity that actually takes away from their genuine humanity which is something women actually like. Let's go to out. And a hard time reading mr. today I don't know why here's Peter in the west Peter you were on WB -- Owed some back again. I would go back out to -- it was it was when my grandfather passing away. And there was a moment when Michael -- collectively was brought you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then we went perfect and the grandfather and he was caught -- -- time I would go back and sit with them -- -- too many windows folder and you know. -- -- -- -- -- Wish him well where -- -- you know. Very very appreciative I'm sure. Thank you -- thank you were very much well. I have a time machine where they wanna -- you have an -- to check it out where he wanted to be here anytime you can witness anything. And as long as you stay in the spacecraft you will be -- So if your job over your fantasy is -- Europe flying over Nazi Germany during one of the aria bombing runs in the American bombing runs when you know what. You'd be able to do it without interfering. That would be cool. Okay back to the calls we go and say hello to. To. Lies in this -- it's a mark on a cellphone via mark your WB and hello. Etc. look at gone back. In 1950s in Cuba wondering expect a major arteries now. Yeah. You have Tony Soprano and these -- guts. Whoever the -- nobody tries to buy the -- -- -- of the breakers. No I never -- much. Ball well. The very idea. Of -- very idea that that. It was just one of the funniest scenes ever approach long story short -- interest in the real estate deal. The guy who's seller goes forward if Tony because it with cash. Later that night. Carmelo did that finds out that -- and other indiscretions. With another woman and then the marriages falls apart Tony demands to get his deposit back the lawyers as -- was back. And only then says screw it in this park -- and got off of off the point and let the music ripped all you hear. Is a celebrity roast. True story well true that humans are pros. Back to the calls all -- this is interesting it is Lee and in middle were to -- and what happened for us to what you. Good cheer -- plenty. Or woes drop. -- Not at any. I would I'd like that it will take -- Some sports you know what. I'm probably -- -- -- -- hearing. I miss which is that. His work was pretty condensed remember he had a relatively short working library assured that the play of all of his players that -- you both of us in working upon. Well I don't. Air or. While it doesn't matter what I care for the the play itself was okay Hamlet it's just that these crucial elements in decisive that it is like Barack Obama. Without cruise missiles. I I think K app but that it would be really speak to the United States done. But that's -- and. Well one thing you have to realize is we try to -- child's on the shelves of chaos. That thank you thank you very much relate to keep things on novel here on the program. It is up hourly at a Friday morning on news Friday morning to regular Friday afternoon news radio 9:30 AM and a 107 point seven FM.

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