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9-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Sep 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It. FaceBook -- before it went on the air for a month from from some. -- -- -- -- -- If you're going to be a fifty year old professional. Why -- you look like he's scum -- who just rolled out of his mother's helper. What did you come to life since and that's if you look at video get your right in my -- It. Is it because some idiot lied and said you looked like Brad Pitt and you let it go to your head god ice bill. Can't get past the thought of you sucking face with your son at a restaurant. This is more of a search and by showing up at his door at 3 in the morning it is definitely worthy of that adds cowardly -- I'll leave it up their biggest argument and a fine -- with -- -- empathetic like he leads. I do look like a scumbag that's the part bothers. In part that bothers me look like it rolled out of my mother's emperor is sure is a 100 dollars or -- -- dollar shorts. If that was your mother's doubt if that isn't your -- or maybe a better upbringing and boy. -- tool. That they seized up and that says this is what I have to differentiate. When I get -- -- media on FaceBook. -- that they insult or merely. What do what do I am thinking about this port tortured soul. That base that there -- out of the limelight out of the out of the public. Sit here. Drudge work every day in day out. They probably haven't gotten -- ten years they probably haven't ever been -- day. And -- they're trying to figure out well this guy is somebody. Let me see if I can sentiment note to convince him that reason nobody. And to make his life miserable. It really does is it makes me think of how pathetic you are. -- whatever your name is supposed to probably not a real a profile -- that figured this would hear and see that the Newton Newton to do. Three hours ago. Yeah it looks like you the it was a troll. Looks -- the like sandy beach. They don't like stop it. All right this is obviously somebody who is a false profile person. Not he really eggs that person so we can -- -- they -- that. You know do what will probably block and will report them that's organ that we're gonna we're gonna report submit a report. Report -- -- account OK we're gonna do that. And that we're gonna block like -- against -- report to camp -- appeared so we're gonna report news. This this person is using -- -- name this person is annoying. It was just like one. Elections like the total a hole is that would be would be good. Ask well that okay now block okay all right get it done. Anyway. I was actually fuel. Some creativity and you know it's sucking face with its at the restaurant. That's right there on the child molester its troops. -- and the police most likely that myself is that the picture when. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The air or saying you're wrong here is that it should be the night before I did an experiment edged up as though I was just myself on the -- To the cost management beat -- faces at the frozen deploys but I did not give him on the anyway. -- I know that they don't really exist. How -- years ago. That they don't really exist but and they create this -- profile like everybody station that Neil McManus have anything else to do that time. Is that working here during the weekends. I'm just kidding registered the first name him abide who's actually -- beaver. I'd joke ever of course his master control and Chelsea -- -- reader and -- to talk about Syria. Not -- -- target mystery anymore. It is more on president we have decides to go lobbed cruise missiles into Syria well you know what he he deserves the world wind he will -- in unfortunately so the rest of us because you guys put this. On qualified French Fryer in charge of the nation's military. In fact that the gamut of Bradley French Fries because I don't think that really he can actually figure out -- to take out. And what he's been too -- and they like eat the French Fries because his wife would give balls are holy hell. So the folks this is what happens when you put an incompetent like Barack Obama in the White House. Texas cowboy fans who do you think -- -- lot of report respected more. You can traitor who cares but on the world stage who do you think we get more respect right now Vladimir Putin who eats testicles for breakfast every day. Now he that's not his -- but he -- that testosterone by doing exactly is that most people put Captain Crunch. -- both people let Captain Crunch hit. No no no no no no. Lot of report that he got -- testicles okay all right that's what eats our president eats a rock -- And they have remained -- the Roman and lot of the -- like a man. Barack Obama seems like -- kid who's just in so far out of his depth. Folks went at least 80% of the American public see no value in sending cruise missiles or bombing Syria. When nobody else in the world except let him fall below the allies what the French are allies now all right Josh -- -- ten years ago. That we renamed French Fries freedom Fries in congress because the Fred -- of the force at that point would what is -- air other air space so we called the freedom Fries. This is just this is so ridiculous it's it's absurd. And obviously I can root against the US military I hope they're not asked to carry out. And as an attack on Syria by an unqualified. Man in the White House if you want column that. Who is in so far over his I mean this guy. Is so easily outmaneuvered by any other world leader with with half -- brain it's it's just amazing. It's it's it's being so predictable. And even if congress says no. We do not great -- the authority to launch a military action against Syria you know he's gonna do -- anyway. -- nobody's gonna just do it because he asked do because doctorate what he lied about yesterday he did draw a line. Or red wine. Between Syria and the rest of the world and chemical weapons. As doctors say you know what -- Syria I'm sorry I really don't wanna talk about theory. Because of the shape of our country's about to do -- and the man who is the commander in chief of the military. I believe that this man hates the Tea Party movie movement far more than that you already by -- -- -- the president of Syria. And the Russians moreover to produce 100 page document that says it was the rebels using chemical weapons and not -- Al Assad the president of Syria. So that this whole thing folks I hate. And went and I always feel like that the sabres if it were president Romney in the light house President George Bush in the White House I would say the exact same thing it isn't that funny. How that. There's so many different sides on this now it's funny because you've got Democrats who said where's the beef -- of the chemical weapons in the in Iraq powers than what -- over the BP it is it's in Syria but there's so that we don't know pulled out the beat who actually cockpit. The rebels for the Syrians. You know what. -- pressure that's the president of Syria if he personally took the chemical weapons canisters input and and artillery piece in the democratic civilians -- withdrawal cruise missiles in Syria it's ever got. Our business. It's their civil war. If we're Smart we just say hello let's further. The last that you know thanks to the US marine for 83 who called -- earlier this week back in 1983 October 19 victory. We're talking the Cold War folks were talking the same year roughly the same time that the post a product will be -- -- day after came out all the hype about that. What the United States be like after an atomic attack by the Russians while we now know who do you like. After -- after six years in office that's pretty that's what the day after would look like that but seriously folks. After that same error which all of these United States Marines in the Beirut. Because they are going to be peacekeepers for the United Nations. Well you know it happened to those Marines over 200 of 283 it was the 303. Diet because. -- at the same scum bags were trying to overthrow sought in Syria. The courses is yours before. They decided that they would rather blow up Americans instead. Gay Americans will all always we will always be the first to be blown up and decapitated anytime we stick a finger in the dike where the -- Ought not to be. We have stopped put -- figures and bikes we gonna start. We gonna stop trying to fix all the world's problems we get a stop in the world -- -- one words we can't afford it anymore we're Detroit we don't really have a police -- -- and every call well. We just don't. The whole world -- all outraged about the use of chemical weapons let the rest of the world deal with a for change. All right let people like to criticize the United States let you guys that you guys go to Syria if you think it's such a big problem. You go to use you spend your money you put your treasurer I'm trying to knock off a shot. But at the end of the day all you're gonna see anyway in the Middle East problem. East to west and everywhere in between you're gonna see every one of those governments go Islamic there won't be -- Israel by the way yet he does the funny thing is the Iranians were nobody else. -- the lob missiles at Israel they -- just breed the Jews were out of Israel. Seriously. They can just -- they can -- that well you know there's a great line. In. The Bill Gibson will be. The Bill Gibson movie were he wasn't hearing of a musket -- And the king of England. Who by the way it's given ridiculously short shrift in the movie. Long -- it was not exactly the villain in the made out by Mel Gibson and Hollywood. He was quite atypical. I mean evil case of England for that matter Europe. But in any event you're number of the case and talking with his aides but the problem with the Scotch. The Scottish however you prefer senate and that. He said -- start doing his will grant them the right of print knocked out first right. What that -- is the English over lords of the Scotch bay got two. Take the virginity of the new bride who married a scotsman. At all of course was that somehow genetically. -- -- alteration of the Scottish character -- peaceful and -- it was -- and to be Scottish character of the English character of vice -- Which was actually done dates back. There or -- rate many years later under the act of union. Which almost sounds like become a -- but inspected it it wasn't our product. Up but in any event. Yeah miserable existence. Israel's it would be bread or -- out of existence mark Woertz. -- -- You don't even have the bomb. It's gonna be bred out of existence so that the world will be peaceful. Think about it I think it about. Everything that via the left -- As far as enemies are concerned. And I think about how help how helpful and wonderful the world is going to be first of all whether or Jews. Whether or no or Jews the world is going to be a better place I just want it though that all -- Jewish listeners without huge news this world is going to be a beautiful place it'll be filled with peace love -- Charlotte. And everybody getting along just great. And by the way the same thing applies to old white men of whatever -- the minute white people disappear from planet earth. The planet earth is under an era of peace and prosperity and progress like that which has ever been seen before. I just remember these things as well you while -- I'll be dead but that your children. I will not be your grandchildren great grandchildren will be enduring yet but. -- logic of these people. Is that it is long as there are no Jews and no old white men in the world that suddenly everything's going to be just hunky dory. Because it would be hunky dory for obvious reasons dignity so anyway I get sick of that kind of of thinking. But as far as that Syria and getting involved in their civil war I say -- well. Hell no absolutely positively. No way. We have no business there. -- we need to really heed their. The worries of George Washington in his farewell address which really wasn't a speech as we -- today it was more like a press release it was every newspaper in the United States because back then they didn't have wires services. You know he couldn't deliver statement in new York and then have a transmitted via telegraph all over the country simultaneously. He had to write a letter published in the published in new York and then somebody in the Philadelphia he re published there and cut like a committee of correspondents in a way. Evolving our nation's first president George Washington. The farewell address was warmly a written thing. That was via a speech here as oratory. Well for what the president Washington didn't have a teleprompter. So that would have made it virtually impossible for him to do when it. Are right it is -- -- -- -- 320. Four have I mentioned not how I don't wanna see the United States or cruise missiles and Syria are vigilant enough. How absolutely disgusted I am right now with the united states of America's foreign policy and its leadership which which does not even seem to exist. How discussed that I am. Well you're just going after Obama because he's a black guy and he's a Democrat now I'm going after the white part of Obama number one. Number two John -- how they help that I defend what John Boehner is doing. Or John McCain. Or these so called Republicans who. Have. They have out stated their usefulness OK they are basically they've hurdle. They've gone from fresh whole milk into some got a cheese that looks like. So -- alert about an eighth grade health. It is at 324 news radio 930 A haven't won -- seven point seven FM WB he. -- -- Yeah. Didn't. Yeah yeah it is gonna shoot the children at so he sings that song. No exception to the children. It took though after the company was advocating that the children without shoes ought to be -- -- right. I've lost track but. Anyway it has hourly -- -- is -- master control. Chelsea -- -- call screener and I see that I've also giving -- case of that marriage that is that Chelsea brought in yesterday our shirts. Not bad okay are well mine is is just starting and it's not like we touched anything at the same time. I touched I touched nothing you've touched. You touched that the I've touched somehow it -- simply carried across these sparks in that room went zero and you and -- all the rules of the creativity is -- and it's coming out it's oozing out of every -- -- it is getting that every Specter of control we have. And just get all over the walls and everything such as the talent that just spews. From the people who work on the show. When users start exactly -- starts actually right now. I -- dimensions of the and to the other day about the joy -- it is the other day at 250. The Big Five -- -- held that happened seems like only yesterday were denied but there was a few days ago but the the forties as a decade. An image of the center of the program. The four days as -- decade. The generally speaking generally speaking the best. Ten years of my life because. After -- thirties and you start to establish yourself hopefully -- a little bit more in the forties. Things do become a little more a lot of -- enjoyable. Easier to handle in a lot of cases which you get to a certain point to these things during a -- -- one where the other. So there's something to -- said that for that. These these records are but I forgot to mention that. The other day idea I I'd -- the -- machine. I know I should've talked about that movements that are I just forgot it slipped my mind. I have built up quite machine. It's in the Erica studios it's to my right. It took me put a few days of the directions were -- pigeon English printed in China. But I I figured it out eventually exactly what they're trying to get -- to enter set the time machine but but see here's the problem. We've we've got to pick one specific period in history. To go back to -- -- -- stay there for an hour and a we've got to come back. Which is actually not bad. As you could see anything you ever wanted to see. In this hour you've got in the buy hourly time machine everything you have ever wanted to -- in the hour in the time machine and when you think about. All of the things that -- you could see. Happened on the face of this earth. From its very creation. To the alien importation of life from the planet Mars seed in the planet earth with organic matter capable of bringing it to life from a vote. Was that out loud I don't know restaurant up -- itself or it could be. It light for all we don't could be -- one big Alien Ant Farm which are turned out to be the Denver group from 2030 years ago. But if you could pick out any the period any historical event that you would actually let -- see first what would it be that he hit -- Pulitzer. There's nothing you can do it would be like you're going back with the ghost approach of Christmas past and present and future. You would see them they would see you there are being built in treating you could make about them to change their ways. They would simply just have to play out the cards -- dealt. And that whatever would be would be going in the future as we figured well. -- -- That's for certain things that would definitely latency in my case there are so many things actually would like to -- -- take place I would loved to have seen. If you wanna get mad at me met via this one I. Odyssey a -- -- C a a sex act between -- Neanderthal. And a modern day human being. Because I think. I definitely see people on the face of the planet sometimes who looked like they could be part theater at all I truly do and they drive like it too. I would like to if it ever was any real meeting between other operatives are either by pads and it. You know. Big -- that's paid for I would like to know that I truly what thinking about human activities. Would you love. To have seen the beginning of the civil war. As you're gonna get what you get one hour. One hour in the Bollywood appreciate. It's like trying to write that right at Cedar Point takes all of Europe. Drag racer that goes over the Greenberg circle. People wait for that ripe for hour after hour after hour the right itself takes about twenty seconds. -- -- it figured girl out for basic but to have dinner at them. Regular opens in the fireworks of the -- August 22 you can order -- -- investment that was so -- -- but I appreciate -- the -- What what do you want to see -- at that time machine. I would elected I would love to go back and see how these -- really looked at a public share. Tom Hanks and his oil production crew with Saving Private Ryan Loveland Ohio. They were able to do that way in which they were able to carry that out. I want to dissect other great machine -- I would like to. I would like to be on the grassy at all. When president Kennedy was assassinated. That I think is -- have advanced notice because I would have been coming in recovering from 2030. So we will be very familiar with where some people believe. A second government or have been additional government was stationed. That hill by the roadside. So yeah definitely the JFK assassination I would loved to have seen. -- and in person and with the knowledge that we have today -- theories that we have today that the shot was not effect barred from back but was fired from the front. So I'd -- to be stationed at dealey plaza. I'm just trying to figure out where I'd like to be stationed because it's a big place it's bigger than the looks of those matches. -- the shots supposedly. The Warren commission league agencies that investigated the assassination of president Kennedy the Warren commission. Concluded that it was one assassin. Lee Harvey Oswald. From the sixth floor window of the Texas will -- about three years later the joint committee on assassinations. Actually the house committee says they said that the attack the murder of JFK was probably the result of a conspiracies -- score one from late the world Wednesday a year Jim Garrison. That to be confused with mr. -- from start up from South Park. It is 340 who's ready at 9:30 AM what dose of the boards of America WV outlets there. I -- -- -- -- flew internationally get back into the airport Philadelphia an uphill all cocky here you have got a little card. It says other trusted traveler the United States government trust -- baby so I put another machine reader. And walked away from machine not realizing that it left my passport right on the machine. All I can say is there was a real huge -- working that day as sergeant. At the Philadelphia branch of of ice or whatever the office was called at that time. There's also what really nice guy who is rather large with the ball he took pretty -- He found my parents work he saw me he gave it back to me so I didn't have to deal with the with the do muzzle as it turned out I only had view with the -- -- and that was those were. Very good indeed. Let's find out about traffic right now well hopefully it's going to be a little better than it was just. I'm sorry about traffic. Acts on what we're gonna find out about traffic coming up Paribas -- -- about that but it from right now as part of the overall game plan. Two totally ruined your life here. WB. That if you had a time machine that's that's the question we're going to right now that the traffic of 2013 but the traffic of 18631862. America stuff. Where would you like to see. What that you have to realize that and that this is why I always say it's gonna be our you will be a look out the window -- time machine. Like people look out the window of the submarine with a dealt with the Titanic. You wouldn't I don't live there. For all the talk about the good old days rather good old days but all of it was just a lot of the world really. Well. Donald it's you know at a sweat of your face off all summer -- With flea infested bed bug infested. Mattresses made out of straw at a very rough fiber cotton. It would not a comfortable. Forget about Frederick's of Hollywood. Well forget about -- it -- forget about sure. Forget about it -- elect Barack. No but he's alive or is that. No worries about personal hygiene either back there. It was a Sebelius -- period of time at -- to whip effect that well the author of the book 1000 AD. So well known I've forgotten his day. He. He is quote was thinking of the year 1000 as being perfumed by and that he uses via. Expression were open. That is the S word. That's what the Middle Ages were were perfect on the odor in the role of -- And it's absolutely direct. You would have liked living is that the Middle Ages. Of the -- year 1000 I guarantee. For all of the wealth and all the trappings of power and the sector of the or herbs in the in the explode in the royal rigged. At the power of love that figure. You live better -- bots you better than any king or queen who ever existed back then you eat better you enjoy it more comfortable surroundings. Even if you war in America today used all live better in the case in the hear what. Seriously. Flush toilets. Ever expect them. All Wednesday. That would happen the Romans. Via -- actually part -- indoor plumbing. That clearly was an art that was lost over the years before it was rediscovered again. So what really -- what period would you like to visit for one hour you don't get the state -- only get to visit. Because short like eight minutes you said yourself. I wish -- been Borodin. 1920s. Because that I would have had a chance to experience that the best -- the worst of America. But at least that would have died of an up -- Now I don't know the people and saying all right it is at 346 now we will have -- about the whereabouts but. I have I forgot to mention this the other day when I told him that I turned fifty. I have a time machine invented it perfectly -- it'll take you back for our weekly Q&A seat at the event you witness and a lot of though what you -- -- departed. Through the -- of the prism of history. We're like to go if you -- in the type machines. Hope it's true that futility in the time machine would go back that's -- affects the entire outlay of the world like tend to doubt it. 8030 that thirty is people that you know three -- thirty. Start thirty of the cell phone at 180616. WB -- -- -- I have one. Right here it's its right to -- right. Heavy tearing up the stairs but thank god the bad adore all the engineers -- it'll be carried and here and make sure we get all fired up we -- engineers back to the 1920s. Because that's when that's when the transmitters were -- In fact these transmitters were used now I think we're probably put up in the 1920s. So a lot of humor jitters and she has to -- initially it looked like they were true. But -- doctors well. -- -- -- -- Which is going to be here is that the more I talk here the more congested myself with that ragweed and everything else is going rogue leader. On news radio 9:30 AM 07 point seven FM WBE. Our game. I want you to tell -- -- I have a time machine. I've bought it I forgot to mention -- for my birthday. -- find out where you wanna go for right today kids would you like to say would you actually like to see unfurl. Before your very eyes for the history. All right let's which -- great people calling it here so this is the going to be fun. So for it to sausage -- guys so let's get to estrogen go to here to here is up but not too much estrogen because that's gonna feed it to over -- all about the during pink ribbon month which are freaking hate. Here is. WB and James hello. All girl are the other -- IE they could be very interest staying true. Arm stepped off the mayflower are meant the first -- of people are pilgrims stepped up and -- and the world just -- You like a story at that work well out you know squirrel enable it jumped from treated treat from England to Virginia. Without without touching the ground -- -- not what it was like your initially. In the you know in America. The pristine landscape and under spoiled streams and rivers of America. Ought to -- you know what absolutely and just the idea. You know the fish that must have been in the harbor I -- I've been -- we've been up the Boston couple guys and you know other and the fact that on the track really shocked because it was but the big downer. I was gonna ask you if you made it to Plymouth Rock right across the street from the governor Bradford hotel in Plymouth Massachusetts on water street. Absolutely right right. About a block away from right direction they -- it's Fair Isaac is a wonderful restaurant. I don't know that a bit Isaacs but I will tell you that at Plymouth Rock a lot of people think it's his giant rock sticking out upon which the pilgrims first step foot. What the rockets like the size of a boulder the size of to sizing your couch maybe. You know -- to stick that thing needed. They didn't charge -- admission to people in the proper charge anything because. I know that people write to your outlook but -- -- I was up there just just yesterday yeah. Should they aggravated the mayflower I was talking to Lee who said that. When they saw that -- -- around at all. A point come back and there are. A little bit genocide that it was an awesome site that it was comic that it went comics particularly Robert BIR. Resent it and nom. You know what apple press renovated it every whatever evidence to -- and I mean it would've been interest and our. Respect -- a quarter a quarter province while back that same as it is today. I will -- -- that there was no spank the monkey in in 1620. The leather and Federer kept betting shop but in Provincetown Massachusetts called spank the monkey nor was there a crowd an acre. I'm guessing way back -- Yeah you know what I don't know we have -- -- it -- it can be done arm the national park like -- It's and it toppled the K. -- -- You -- the very tip of Cape Cod to -- the very tip the very head. There yes so quick to point out this. We we. Although people now go out there are water and -- out -- people. I mean Ellis. So and no. Crop. -- So it was kind of. Just a whale frolic and -- off Cape -- A spur oil load out thank you very much -- glad you called. All right there's a James -- a cell phone for for those who don't know Provincetown especially in the summertime -- -- well known let's just simply say. Artist's community. Let's just say the first ever went to Provincetown it was the first ever -- guys and ladies holding hands in public in more than a platonic way. The first I've ever talked about hockey between people of the same sex. So I beg my parents can we please stay all night and they said now we got to go home so that was unfortunate but in the event and he would like to receive. The -- to -- America. Would would we all -- real. We it was a great people confidence I have. I have a time machine and ever told you about Wednesday that it would just never came up I can take you from our break -- -- -- -- time utility -- division policy and why 030930. At WB Ian.

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