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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Doug Sherman is Riding for Roswell

Doug Sherman is Riding for Roswell

Jun 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I'm learning from Roswell. Because -- taken I'm married are my post and literature and barker at Roswell park. Terrific in -- copy yeah. Aren't getting along economic artwork and also among like also this is not something that there are always in ditches and Mario inspections and so what I -- the year. What the obligation that you work. And it is to get something back in would try to make it's on the other people have to -- How many years have you been during the rivals were. This -- this is not for -- doing it right well let's say our was my wife and I agree that other. While this is -- third here in the Polycom as well. Which the opening -- You brought up the obligation of the curious are one of the reasons or taken part in this. Well what are some of the other reasons or taken part. Well to tell us what partner our -- -- which is to. Wasn't sure and stop cancer. How the fund raising -- the pledging. Been going along. All wonderfully well Arctic ever I want and I read them. Probably are close to 6000 dollars to -- I sort of a goal of property 500 in nested last night late last night of your career. A contributor from -- mistakes and who was watching my -- my web sites. And -- and I was close to people and started the year over which are defined -- it's -- the hundred units are remarkably. -- under remarkably easy you know sometimes hard to ask people for money but. We discovered that if you ask your friends. No -- literally -- what you know 25 dollars fifty dollars -- more. And you know your coworkers at the same way. People like to ask and and -- well. Who contributed for the first time last year. Arkansas and I didn't know you're reading -- He told me that there aren't getting old law so it you know you're just captain -- just ask it's. In -- -- very committed to Roswell park in. Especially for our community -- know how important it is. So there. The woman that it's really no surprise in Egypt -- the riders are remarkable. Experience. Telecom and just beautiful -- water people writing. She -- to although it promote Roswell UB. And then you know -- and into the stadium be there in during the opening ceremonies. You know you can't keep the -- by its very emotional and just. A wonderful feeling exploration. And art itself and you know you're out there it was well. -- 1006. Your post -- And all doing the same thing in and and enjoyed that very camaraderie. And knowing that you're doing something for Coca-Cola.

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