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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Eve Holberg, Ride for Roswell Participant

Eve Holberg, Ride for Roswell Participant

Jun 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doug I have the -- brought -- with Doug Sherman who is riding for Roswell and Doug first question very simply why are you running for all's well. While I'm learning from Roswell. Because -- taken on my -- my post cancer chair Barbour. Roswell park and terrific and -- copying you know. Or get along economic artwork and also among -- also -- something that there are always in ditches and Mario. Inspections and so what are called year. -- the obligation that you work. And edit to get something back into would try to make -- so that other people don't have to -- How many years have you been during the rivals well. This is this is not -- you're doing it like well say our because -- was my wife and I agree -- the other. -- this is our third here in the Telecom and well. Which is the opening right. You brought up the obligation of the curious are one of the reasons -- taken part in this. Well what are some of the other reasons or taken part. Want to tell us what partner sort -- mission which is to. Prevent her and stopped cancer. And I have Hummer Howard be -- elegant. How the power of the pledge raising -- how the fund raising and the pledging. Been going along. All wonderfully well Arctic -- my wife and I read them. Probably are close to 6000 dollars to -- I sort of -- offered 500 in nasty last night late last one of your -- a contributor from out of state. Who was watching my -- by web sites. In -- it was close to uncle and cited the over which are -- humbly in the -- hundred units are remarkably. -- under remarkably easy you know sometimes hard to ask people for money but. We discovered that if you ask your friends. No -- literally in Kabul where you know 25 dollars should be more. And you know your coworkers at the same way. People like to ask and -- well. Who contributed for the first time last year. Arkansas and I didn't know you're raising money for -- -- was only twelve year. Old law so it you know you're just captain you just have to -- it's. And people are. Very committed to Roswell park -- Especially for our community know how important it is. So -- in their woman in essentially you know surprising yet. You can. Are just experience its outlook the riders. Remarkable. Experience. What -- content. Just so beautiful -- water people writing. To Mike Hsu all the way to promote Roswell UB. And then you know all in into the stadium be there in during the opening ceremonies. You know you can keep the draw lines. Very emotional and just. A wonderful feeling of exhilaration. And -- itself and you know you're out there with well -- -- thousands of -- your post strong. And all in the same thing in in. And enjoyed the canary in the camaraderie. And knowing that you're YouTube so and so -- could call -- Party did a fantastic thank you very much. Trick -- tell our parents on my wallet and beat her. -- -- -- -- Hi it's complicated WB -- poverty there. While our -- security. We haven't April here in and wanted to ask you about -- Your experience were derived from Roswell and -- Please tell us about why you rivals well. Well I write for a couple of reasons I think the most important region is there any that I can do to help prevent anybody else from going through what he'd -- group. That would be. Enormous victory and I -- support well because Roswell. Probably -- my life. I had a tough struggle with Mikey answer I wasn't particularly pants but at some problems along the way. And the quality of care at Roswell park entered is. Not -- anywhere and nurses and staff people who care treat our our you know the middle of the night. Ethnic worked for me. The rival Roswell experience so what is it like to take part that bike ride into UB stadium. I can't I can almost not talk about it without -- not promote. -- -- -- incredibly emotional experience. What people are cheering for our. Only to -- you're that we had opening ceremony we eat and what a great move that was because we started a hospital. And you know used to be that it Telekom would -- hospital at ridiculously early hour the morning and work very many patients ground. Hopefully they're sleeping. I used to joke and savior at our good morning you're not honeymoon trip -- on. But now are there in the afternoon and patients come out car windows. And we salute the patient and we can see there outlined in the you know in peace and are not that we don't think in a -- -- reinforces. Why we're doing what we're doing and we carried -- -- -- and kick up the week and then it's just. If it is -- -- were carrying you know everybody out and then get eighty or clapping and cheering. Well. I don't think any more. And eve back. The fund raising experience. How has that gone. Well I don't think -- put it pretty well you know people are glad he can't collect animal. In helping you know Roswell Park Cancer Institute. You -- -- in important cancer institute also incredibly important for our economy. And people want to support it. I wanna know that it -- -- they ever need it and you know -- we hope they don't. -- bite you pretty you know I have to be honest in saying. You know. Get right -- the people are raising money at the hard part it's hard to call up people are right people you know -- won't should you need money only. Unexpected -- And graciousness and generosity. And the wonderful -- to -- that gap from people. Speak what I mean you know -- -- -- people for money I think I'd much rather to the public. Anything else to live up to the curator at the. -- Well I think Cochran and I heard heard what you were beaten on the pot meet decree -- active. The important thing -- can support the mission and understand prevent and cure cancer. And it just it is it is it an unforgettable. Experience with it just on Kirk article and I heard everybody. If you've never done it. You don't have to be a big power hungry -- you -- you don't pay -- Ian income on the end and I guarantee that you will. You wanna do it again and again and bring others to enjoy it with you because. -- -- -- -- Party and even respond to confirm the spelling of your last name please. -- -- Oh well be -- -- -- ERG Kohlberg. Over okay great. He -- Doug thank you very much for your time. Well thank you so much we appreciated and tablet look for a look at the web site for a the broadcast.

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