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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tony Ogorek of Ogorek Wealth Management on Wednesday's Fed Announcement

Tony Ogorek of Ogorek Wealth Management on Wednesday's Fed Announcement

Jun 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I think in short term. You know the market closed just a little bit. Because the Fed did indicate twenty under estimation -- -- -- What can be about 100%. Higher than you were projecting eighty. Indy eagle range amnesty. And again with economy straight conflict that is correct -- yet. In case. You know interest rates for -- wouldn't write him while we're at. And that's really why would what it looks a lot a little bit and kind of the. How surprising is that to see 200. Point drop -- the down today as -- all of us. -- -- -- you know what the market 151000. To our contracts. And you know they'll give you can operate as we've seen the incident -- under our control -- -- You know later in the week in a couple of games like that -- Very concerned about it on bottom line against you know we're expecting me I'm partly to get down to. About 60%. Hopefully it means to me some time 24 cheap. It can't quite get swollen. Indicated it would be the only rates. One other thing to throw the next. Is that the president indications. Mr. Bernanke would be. On -- really this term and now the president you know it's patent on something else again. Don't know me Keaton positioning himself to begin unwinding this who worked on widened when -- -- someone else has so. Market digests all of this stocks. It comes up with -- number to me in the -- off a little bit. How good. -- shape as the economy right now. I don't think it Gary coaching quite. Like it happened still want to -- here. So mostly it's you've got historically low interest rates. On -- thinks that two and a lot of lobbying. People are continuing to do that ritual or reduce -- amount of debt on the balance -- You know we are getting some in -- and -- see -- die in mortgage refinancings -- confidence. Top to bottom line is -- what the actual economic growth numbers on June. They're pretty -- now from historical standpoint so. And again you know we're we're running. I'm very significant deficits and we're also learning. Very. You know subsidized interest rates we will look at all of post. You know I think. Would probably help you expect. You know work -- -- -- apostle. And we'll just not getting interest. So where do we go from here. Well I think that. The markets will buy justice again I don't think it can be major change in terms of policy soon. -- -- you know focus earnings you know what they look like they're also going to be focusing. I work with immigration. Bill which is going to be switched a certain industries. And I think it won't -- You don't just looking at what happens. Well you know in the Middle East and whether congress -- or -- -- -- you know potential -- so. You know sort of the status quo until the immediate sort of our numbers to double eagle.

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