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Helen Cappuccino - Roswell Park

Jun 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is on target with any Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with the news features and special guests now here's your host -- Wolfgang. Colin welcome to on target and thanks so much for joining -- I'm your host -- will ganging every week we are here. To talk to you about different subjects that we think -- interesting and important in educational topical. And we are trying to cover all those issues let me be held or economics or are we talking about funding to do here in the summer months and what can do and change children we talked about that last week. That -- -- and so we're really ran the gamut and today we're going to be talking about something that of course in the news quite -- and it's nice on this subject and soon as people start talking about it I thought we should really get an expert in studio with us. To. Discuss this with our listeners because you know so interesting that as soon as somebody in the essential liberty comes down with some ailment or -- Or is diagnosed and disease. All of the sudden everybody is writing about it and talking about it so maybe in a way it's good that the celebrity status which usually. That people are talking about something you know ridiculous reality show or something like that. That is good no way sometimes that liberty can bring to the attention of the public. Sometimes very important issues regarding health or matters that are serious and I can tell you well -- only have been hearing that Michael Douglas for example when. His health issues and cancer and this relates to that -- Angelina Jolie. When everybody was talking within the last month to sell about the issue of her breast cancer she dealt with it and health issues and everything to do that and -- like well it's good in a way that this did come to them. Perception and to the forefront of the public's attention even though it was not a good way then to come. Because people are often talking about breast cancer and what to do about it and getting different and by and also hearing different recommendations. From the health industry. Regarding it and women particularly I think in the public's mind. It is the biggest fear that women have. Is breast cancer when you talk about what would you be -- -- what would you dread most happening TON. Actually and -- I guess it probably is not. The biggest health fear our health problems or even the most prevalent cancer that women I am an outdoor. More than thank my -- -- more dire planned heart attacks. Which is which is crazy because you never even think the women I never environment having heart attacks over the years and -- I come to China has serious and a the problem it is actually around again we talking too long. Well anyway today we are going to be the issue of cancer places treatment. Prevalence. And prevention of court and in the studio with us doctor Helen -- chino and she's so well known in the community. Because arms he is with Russell park cancer institute. With the -- surgical oncology oncology and -- Ireland now on to that as well being packed that there. Act -- the medical school and she general practice -- awhile and also she quoted in newspaper recently when they were talking about the Angelina Jolie story I guess. Which is one of the experts that the V reporters went to get good information. And -- surgeon who is right here in western new York and -- reminds me Austin say how many one you are an important. And professional doctors that we have ranked no matter what the problem and you're -- -- no matter what the little medical issue is there's somebody in New York in Western Europe and an expert I assure you -- today. We are or -- -- have to act cappuccino -- and I are joining here I am really impressed they. Quoted you in that you knew all of that in the newspaper he has what our network and I this. So it's always good to see they aren't so well known and well. If I'm excited and I ask you. To start out by. What I said. Which may mean our troops that -- really breast cancer are as serious as it is not the first call is on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And maybe you know and that could detect colon cancer or early. To screen for addicts you know obviously because of environmental actors and arm. -- -- and what New York as I always come to cease and desist six about that Harry. Daryn a lot of people smoke -- -- your land in what your question. Let me go back to the screen you like I said there -- changing only reading. If you see health care stories and newspaper. Or recommendation -- only saying different things and trying I think. To Conchita -- public Helen and so when -- it many years they would say you my every year. After I'm gonna make -- that age I think he says forty. -- and I think it -- stuck in my. That year you hadn't shared. A reminder C. At every year at forty and all of a sudden a couple of years ago you you pick up the newspaper and -- all of these. What we've been in medical medical of the American medical Warner. Our number two national bodies at court and -- And oh. There's US preventative health force that I was the one in talking a couple of years or to act. EET. I am leaning her when -- I'm not. Starting later HT. Court where actual evidence of literature and scientific studies is stronger older a woman for using an. And still I mean. Groups that advocate on behalf each and went in and are getting a mammoth -- every year two years Kenya Egypt forty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The earliest. That we're in your. And if you -- an entire population insurance companies and in a -- Will -- -- -- ration it's not worth the money and that's to be dynamic mark free or at least certainly like to be a little more aggressive about the screening even -- -- Regret and are certainly a and I know in order that would talk a little bit because it's common knowledge with any cancer as soon learned that you find it. The better your chances at rival treatments are right -- -- and and part of the argument about greening our inspectors are. Varieties of cancer cells and even -- -- cells are not entirely clear that we need to treat immediately. But certainly we can't predict which cancers are gonna mean more grass right out at. Or noninvasive right -- can't sell something we carcinoma and I too. Have we have a -- and I am a kind and we tend to treat and definitively the extinction and greet each. Or. That. That's when I was thinking about land -- we're talking that this is one of the reasons that there. Today -- recommend -- not -- not being screened as often out or not it's my screening because people are being told the patient. Was being told they might have a problem what -- people being treated. When they didn't have to be when it was something that wouldn't go away by itself and it was 98 -- that wasn't can't Sarah back kind of argument. And there is an academic argument -- How our am -- And you are actually on. And unease about rescue three years about it. But Aaron Harris right -- and increase -- in our cars and -- And it's not entirely clear. You need to treated immediately argument was act. If we wait until you enter a mammogram later on OE -- on. An argument to teach you a -- continue to something completely benign. It may result in what is -- I can't so there's a lot of mental anguish -- an end and I. Commanders there -- you ways -- relatively aren't they are minimally in any. -- -- needle to die now. Anything that ran on and so the market media doing a solo compared. Diagnosing. And and that we certainly aren't being more in terms. And another question Harry comes up relating to lean on my birthday is. They they don't always show and then they may be -- issues where Osama. Cancer is that wrong show or some disease that won't show on my -- me and so you need to have. There would recommend -- self exams. Which I always thought was. The hardest thing to think about or to do or are at an ordinary layperson who has -- training and that it was thinking -- More more than likely than not if you're doing that you might find Tony probably find something elegant by dumping. I only -- -- how green I have a lump when it you know basically. Nine and write something it. I Guerrero argument could just be out there and not be. And it's funny because you're absolutely right to an Akron -- next ten to 15% of breast cancers that can be anyone at any number of reasons. Why and -- Indonesian -- And or I -- all of our air conditioner on a yearly basis is important is. Anybody that I. Value managers as. 8000 people who don't need to be seen -- and -- one action and now it's critically important at your. I'm. Used to -- normal or are they at when nearest something different. You're at or are variations within -- -- -- -- -- you know and straining their -- detect the change right ankle and you'll know what's arm during. Think it's probably the ideal amount to be that's why you need when you have one you mean like a line you need to know what and ordinary look like. Alive -- -- -- add to -- there's something wrong and read that there's something a 100% -- at -- -- a lot of us now look very bad nine. And what Aaron recommending in. Ninety -- not doing something in terms of tissue diagnosis repeat -- six months. And increased -- our -- we know. And only you know I got my -- of medical degree from. Our house on the other -- anatomy that's why I knew that sent. You were hundred RA are so many years and never missed one. Run plan -- I noticed one class grade. So that's how came right in our case. I know it and to have a -- you know are talking to people -- -- and getting enough and get out so the other part is to talk about to go back to is starting with. Detection and now we know we mentioned all of this but no way there's no symptoms that person an ordinary person like if you have. All you -- little or pneumonia you start coughing and you know people say oh you -- you have this that. And it seems like in breast cancer and it wouldn't be a reminder Intel exam with -- -- and -- and I'll see him in your life. Am you you're not going to have systemic symptoms. That you. What you're looking for obviously as a natural and one thing -- -- -- church and especially glad it's something that we Wear it out and you might detect a company -- -- and that can be a disease in the issue. And sometimes changes in the end -- Barry Arrington aggress. On inflammatory breast cancer it will present with a threatening and -- the so -- they are. A number and herb is. In me. Don't packet like a couple of steps and talk talk about the call is. I believe in my mind and maybe in the general public mind. And that. I feel and I and we thank you didn't have anybody near you. Know your mother you -- and your sister. I I -- until now I could be like -- maybe I missed. -- -- -- or. But I think if you if you didn't have anybody that -- probably. In your mind anyway feel -- I'm not going to be going to toward nine no that's -- True or -- you -- once again. -- And -- at commanders in many women are -- the Romney and actions that not only protect from. The truth of the matter is more women got breast cancer. In any -- -- are. And and it's not just actual genetic transmission of breast cancer but it certainly in her. I am putting our -- and FEM lean even without indiscernible -- but it does it will be anti UE one remember where nobody. Are going to get a family history although. One. Way or the other known or aren't -- -- -- On an. Old older we get more. And your reproductive history plays a -- at. Child on each -- to men and women who never at a child. In. Her hands -- -- with them estrogen or. Prolonged unopposed. Stimulation -- in increased and so light eyes teen hormones. And then went on changed. It out it was very women remember when she and -- -- it's a dislike him or does it turns out that it does increase the rest at. Odd years. Diverging evidence about birth control pills and it. Ain't that the jury out there in. Her. And a woman. I am -- contribute in Holland eight. And it. -- is. That in prior history of -- as he. You know before we -- current men get back -- can't -- do and certainly Max I struck a -- Now relative to answer it in -- it's an important to know in. 101 resource and share your listeners -- latitude -- -- gunman and -- web site. There's actually a calculator. And -- I -- metrics. Including each age the current. That's good that's a good idea or good thing -- now to interrupt from -- you just tuned in folks you're listening to on target. With your host annual angle -- we are talking to doctor Helen cappuccino. Who is. Surgical oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. And down professor at the album and gore and also. Has been in private practice and is an expert that is kind enough to share a lot of information with us today about the subject of breast cancer so now. We can learn to talk about the treatment because the way we started to do the program the hole -- to begin with. Was because of all of this. And -- Angelina Jolie publicity. Where she. Had on treatment that she. Which I think what is very extreme in a lot of people are really -- -- shocked to read it out which was. You know and double mastectomy and everything she did it was because of something that. He has been in the news lately that most of us. Ali never heard. Africa -- her and say. Oh what good. Good question. And like you ain't got -- alacrity and brought in a really important. No other reason -- to generated discussion about the things that we're talking. Most aren't out there -- gene is actually in very small portion of the number are anti Dmitry. -- -- -- -- And general one member of the area and and there are not only cancer and ovarian cancer to that area -- marijuana and would certainly be -- or breast cancer in the genes in your goal dramatic. -- and just go back to her story a little bit her mother being not in. Our. And shortly after she had an album is Matt the news that she and her round. And and running and knees right -- and and being anywhere and eat eat. And it means you've got a free. Chance of getting breast cancer sometime in -- -- you can't get that Sheen. Sound Aaron getting a -- is important Russell -- -- department where we do genetic counseling when -- -- -- Stanley. Mall actually telling you are -- -- candy -- or not. And I mean you're out -- in your -- a person ends. -- -- -- Don't wanna have a healthy child a woman. -- action -- it tests one. To see it pitching she doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's important to get a genetic counseling. In terms. -- -- and imaging and it and top and a dominant sound out. Of the children are carriers will collect and she doesn't tell you what they're actually going to get it or not you -- are winning she used to approach and and number of different -- someone when -- in screening and other words starting their memoir he's earlier. -- getting am crying Indonesians. Iron. Sort of on and eating it needs. Some land and we'll do it may mean Angelina Jolie. Does dramatically. Although a completely down into the little. And medications that are improvements. In cancer. At a relatively well to get. And on the other number of other interest come into play is when you used to do a lot of men to their child -- press their children. I and all of that I'm in her purse and some. Of those or somebody. -- -- -- And for a long time before we started hearing about this strictly jeans which I guess who's maybe only discovered. Recently I -- I. There was also regarding treatment. I don't say issues -- questions but there are many there are a lot of different treatment that you hear and read about some. Our mark. Recent like it when we first heard about breast cancer in our first came to the attention of the public it would be you know a radical mastectomy that was the only thing to be done. But after that other other. The method of treatment started becoming available. Absolutely. Gold standard -- -- treatment -- breast cancer over many decades ago what can I ask you -- read a stat that not only have to each day of -- respect to end to all. Armpit area -- the sometimes even to them underlying. That is a very -- during operation with -- very. Signature and how the Haitian rain or you know -- your mobility. Arm in terms calling and -- -- And obviously I. Am over the decade a number of studies and time. Which as you. -- green tree NASA began by trying to order a bad. Well we can get away or not at all he is a lump out what it turns out is it a surprise well. Is exactly the when he joined me. Or to allow me a long has combined with the media should treatment. When it comes to cheating issue that's important at a march in a normal tissue all the way around the breast cancer. Norm I -- get it out with a margin of normal tissue and followed up the radiation treatment the world -- idols from breast cancers exact same. Is your Gary figure in a tournament. Yup -- actually her children went and I. Used to them all out. Down in many ways including a map what rate to zero and Amylin and drain our -- I just that one -- chill. Cleaner you don't have to have -- rest and so it actually makes a difference in terms of what you need to drain and place afterward. And should -- smaller you to eat. Fortunately it earlier detection and screening were discovering answers earlier are more patience and -- inning when morbidity. Thanking you here on Amylin. And also RO no -- chemotherapy. Is. I guess and the biggest fear on many of the big -- act and among among let me say that people have Molly heard and read about even that I guess over the years there have been improvements in the way it's administered and and. Not every woman has asked her and -- and on another meeting -- Eric. Adam. Determined based on -- Asian. Or. Whether or not the men are iron -- the -- -- the disease a woman's each. Whether or not their particular interest response of two hormones. May need. The women Snooki. Or or or women. Cancers -- hormones and you not to do a lumpectomy and radiation. Sometimes even the radiation. And and -- we're just -- -- years -- it. A teacher when you and why are in -- Are younger more of her grass right. Answer and larger she emerged limped out and I'll -- Those are in a two army. And there's also been many improvements in the reconstruction. Is that acts that they didn't know how to do years ago but -- you know you -- you read and even out and Angela Jolie and that's that is part of -- Treatment. Elderly and -- procedures are done better. Knew where I -- Indy volleying -- -- eating and preserve the nipple that breast cancer does Bob I would and are being war -- on I know that she went in and done she actually and I seized on in an Tunisian news and disease there. And she chose to preserve her neck all the reason mad at at such an issue is acted up she actually comes in through there. That apple two and you're never actually completely remaining issue and that aren't are leading an up or you are leading -- Many treatment options for reconstruction. Including at a I mean I. Mean Ursula on. They are issued transfers from your own -- we used to shoot around to -- combined tummy tuck operation where we are -- -- -- -- demand. On the -- while or how many -- tissue and my own I can see. Them out there are many many different option. Believe it or not -- are ready if you don't act in -- in New York. And you have any questions you need any article you need any diagnosis and look like all of available boy you people like act to -- it right here. At Roswell and very backyard so thank you -- are sharing all information -- really appreciate it after. And we hope that you have learned something her current nation who are in the week on on target. Have a good week thank you are listening in by everybody. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions. Please write to -- Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York won fourteen to six.

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