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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Adam Arroyo- Police Shot His Dog

Adam Arroyo- Police Shot His Dog

Jun 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Adam -- lives on Breckenridge story and -- Monday he was at work Campbell he was at work the buffalo police barged into his house and they conducted. And alleged drug raid and is part of the raid. His pet pit -- Cindy the pit bull. Was gunned down and I am looking at the pictures of Cindy the pit bull post mortem. And it looks to me like got a shotgun blast was fired at. The dog looks like shotgun pellets in the wall. Mr. Arroyo's kitchen and also well looks like shotgun pellet type wounds in the body. Mr. -- pet pit -- sending -- royal was with -- right now at a Arroyo. And that Adam first of all where were all really sorry about what happened to your dog what what can you tell us about the kind of dog Cindy watts. -- -- that the great book mountain everybody assembled in the neighborhood laughter. Have not had a great supplement -- -- the -- dog I mean people want any debate my dog was so they can get -- That's how quick it was in the neighborhood. And tell us about when you left for work on Monday and how you left Cindy and your whole day on Monday up until the time all this happened. And it had a great day and I woke up -- everything was fine to play any other normal days. Com and my uncle my belt until -- came by. So. We feel that I always -- myself -- my dog that people follow -- house. So that they thought I would although my normal. I thought it credibility. We do. -- go to work you know within five and then I predict that could call my problem although the bill might not believe a little model. Obviously that was born I was -- popular I don't know that we'll probably any city. And so thereby -- -- -- -- find out why the Republicans called the medical school -- call me back -- like from him later. -- atom heart and what they suddenly -- dogma as law but network and they -- with a client. In this I mean I'm only a dynamic was the prop -- You know -- that like I gotta go home and I got a good values and for that one of my perfect trouble forming an art -- -- -- without but the united salt. All the -- Had a Arroyo is -- -- news radio 9:30 AM and 107 point seven FM WB -- he was the owner of Cindy the pit bull the -- slain by buffalo police on Monday during an apparent botched drug raid. Adam why your apartment what did the search warrant they left behind -- All of the important -- you know where the upper part. My is that upper rear apartment because on the bottom floors of the of the barber shop soldiers who. Oh well that's one of the upper -- up but reliable career. And dropped the ball as well they'll probably than the front has been hit that war because of drug activity. You know -- Then look at the big event that is the biggest that they -- home is -- full -- -- -- -- -- and -- did you know him. It is it. But without them vulnerable -- stability don't even though because I guess I'm tiger probably what the -- which is that it is because -- -- If you know. Well and -- the search warrant was it was the search Warrick made out for your apartment however much in ever it was. Probably they have not articulate that all of the blue or -- solutions but it didn't -- up over here doesn't think it stands now that blackmail. The critical -- They won't never had any help is never -- -- a bit ahead of from a list. You know then. Independent you know electronic army veteran head and looked at as a pick -- from server but it didn't get proper and they've got these it is. And not a game that is coming -- in the places don't that was. And in what way if there hadn't been there no. When you walked into your apartment on Breckenridge street. What did you see what seed in the of you know basically your whole place turned upside down did you see when you walk in from work. What effort they are going up with that. And capability the ability shortfall and it's definitely Paul didn't do regularly but look you know full well it is always gotten the open. And they don't come and hopefully there it is it. -- down that we can control. You know from all over the court but it was the look of The Who decides -- -- -- who. And then meet the from my left before the -- order to Kryptonite he. -- change. Well and can call them for school from you know like it was my -- I would go to war policy. And all -- All these people all over the wall -- the blood would. -- -- either I don't in my in my if you like coal output beautiful little outcry because it is not that you know. Because -- people that don't have the settlement that would look like that would ultimately the humble opinion and you sit in the with personalities. -- it was -- -- -- volatile food look at -- doing all content you can't know what's going on more applause. No than you know than the average fortunate that the old don't you don't know -- Now that -- one of the questions that that people are asking is well if your dog wasn't vicious how come that was -- up in the kitchen. Or anything because it by it was a bit or no. People like that when their board and other an alcoholic. -- I don't. But hold on it and he's -- out no -- thought you know what it does not live below you'll you'll there. One of the you know. No it was a update you about what. Their epic battle myself with -- 170 sponsors mr. you know it is it. Didn't -- that -- well. You know I I reached out to -- buffalo police department this morning because it wanted to get that -- side of the story and I wanna do things that bet I wanna share with few years bat drab. The buffalo police according to Mike George who is the spokesman for -- buffalo police one of the things that just doesn't make any sense to me is. They don't believe the dog was chain bit or at least ten frank. Think today that sounds like BS because it's a pure statement effect either the dog was changed or it was not change it this is not in interpretive. This is not a subjective judgment the dog was either change or wasn't chain can you talk about -- -- of the dark to what was the dog -- how much are one way did -- have -- On how long a leash was it capped. Was it was a chain was -- a leash tell us how you let that dog in the kitchen because. As I said the buffalo cops are saying well we we we don't believe the dog was chain under -- to that sounds like crap to me. Well that that regret you know. What is that -- we -- we vote hopefully we probably think he's yeah I think he didn't know there's in the and the as far as the change. And it hit the metal cage you know people is -- market. Let it be about little meeting like that they were saying. Well one. Public on the on the bottom covered but the -- Would that sort -- -- of satellite sloppiness. And they. I would like me that the -- finality in this country it is but the that this is part of my life on it in extracurricular well. The -- is the proper. Go toward the thought the war and that would result. And it's. I mean clearly. You can only it particularly -- beat -- because it will help what they extend. Look at all holes are what we don't have to be laying. There's. And it evidence to -- so you know. That the microphone keeps going off and I'm not doing that I apologize atom if it sounds like I've hit it sounds like I'm not talking I am talking but for reasons I don't understand the microphone is just that somehow going off of its own free will and volition I guess we have -- gremlins in the studio this morning. I wanted to ask -- was part of the search warrant is concerned. Was your name on the search war we know your address was but it did not specify upper rear upper front. What is your name on it. Note that my name is not on that also so you my also felt. It's always called buffalo city court judge but there's no secret of -- not a football. In any compromise. But you know whatever they had you know. Vice president but -- -- so whatever department and the big and can normally get as. But. Traders who authorizes war learned that whoever -- I don't know. Whom. Important it was that that's that's what I would like to. I mean I would like to see the are supporting affidavits and I'd also like to know the name of the judge who authorized the this search warrant and I would also like to know. Exactly how they could screw something up so bad. Follow got as far as the that your dog was left dead did behind it for you to find it when you came back to your place in Breckenridge street. Normal -- when I got here days. We don't really think that the animal so -- closer look at me that the president violence. Who took -- the police. Walker told people by the witnesses and patent -- wrapped up in attracts that in the religious or in the back -- the -- -- nothing that the people populist cry. But didn't that this is dolphins in the book one of the officers who had no compassion. No compunction whatsoever. And I guess I wanna point -- -- Adam you are an Iraqi war veteran you wore the uniform of the United States you helped to defend our freedom you know we just had a holiday for your colleagues and and Brothers and sisters in arms who did not come all that holiday was called memorial Barry I mean this has got to be just to kick in the nuts. Oh wouldn't do them all school library differently. And highway. They gave their life look -- you have a free country and automated. You know what I'm arms are so that we didn't so I mean we've got shot at all -- don't -- I'll let you be willing to walk out at the spotlight. You know every single bid of one well you know -- and I think they've been able to come home you going to be. It is that it is that it ligament in that we -- -- -- about the one foot in the door. -- an end in certain. -- Ed I know that one of the issues that has come up but this morning and at some of the news reports is you know who's who's gonna pay for the cremation. But of Cindy the pit bull and I just want you know and you know what it's like. How to say this and people are gonna think all he's just a grandstanding idiot you know just trying to make his own capital lot of various. Adam I've loved animals for a long time I've been a regular supporter of the SP CA serving Erie county and I want you to know. That I'm I've made a donation today which will cover the cost of Cindy's cremation. And is also going to. So there is also gonna pay for a memorial brick. On the -- way which is were all the memorial bricks are in this brick sideways sidewalk at the SP CA's serving Erie county. And that they're gonna be contacting you to find out exactly what you would like engraved. I'm that brick and quite frankly I think that's the least I can do for an Iraq War veteran who came home from work on Monday to this kind of an appalling situation. -- while thank you very much certainly not good. Under awkward outpost at these days you know everybody's here you know there's clearly you know to Canada. You know the story it and -- -- -- -- my pain in the under under but we're grateful for you know all support that I'm I'm cynical part of -- -- it is very much. Well and frankly as I said it is the least I can do sir you fought for our freedom. And one of my big concerns in our current era is the gradual erosion of freedom. And that frankly this is not the first botched drug raid of which I've heard -- people's innocent pets have been slain. I'm somewhat flimsy reasons. Did did send me your pit bull did she ever bite anybody will she ever aggressive toward a human being. Never never. And he's never gonna happen anymore I mean the little -- in the in the neighborhood I mean they have to be in the -- for your vote. The economy earn it I mean they're here because it's a great dog I want the I want a point now you know. It certainly gave the -- I mean you know to have like you know the paper -- so you can -- the ball well at least. You looking uranium apartment that they are part of -- heavily -- their delegates because that you're particularly my apartment. Without the ball might help animal control on site why not have a pager like communism is true but before you order image in minutes. It -- -- and look at the puppy dog -- you better you know whether it be spent quite popular you really took it you know of a political something. -- to -- could bring Gator company could go look at all. We -- and that we're talking with Adam Arroyo he's the man came home from work on Monday to find that the police are conducted. And apparently botched drug raid on Breckenridge street in buffalo and -- sometimes don't even know why I'm using the word apparently because if they have found anything in Adam's apartment I presume he would be in jail this morning. I guess Adam look at this look at the good news at least it didn't plant something on you. Caller I mean there's I don't think the big blue light day you know I mean has been really my game. It'll make a wrong word -- I don't believe the local police put. You know controlled by a -- So are evident watching LA cannot other watch and LA confidential on Cinemax on demand so you know the sometimes you beat these things stand out. Up here don't you need to get home from work your dog he is already gone transported in a garbage bag. To the after the into the animal shelter. And everything you have is strewn all over the -- all of your apartment as if it were a burglary. And I'm. Did they leave any note any indication for you behind as to what happened other than the search warrant which did not have your name and what you're telling me -- not even have your proper dress. Yeah that retro -- what. The what is happening yourself all the which analyst -- Had a -- parking area yes much better thank you -- -- -- -- the line but. I mean I edited Brodeur thought what I have a look at the police department. Aren't hurdle to find out what the golf -- -- if you look at the shelter. And dumb and hopefully in the number for a narcotic. I call. Ever into the Libyan leader called it a bit -- external affairs. And being that Americans don't wanna call executive you're expecting it like they don't care about them that they don't play. If you are -- are -- going on electronics Sydney yesterday. In Holland from there I don't know. Have you heard I mean -- obviously the story's been -- -- on the news. People are really outraged about this. And have bay since this story hit the media made any attempts to reach out -- Not. Object it will only be the quarterback at Ku credit they came by. Two you know schedule and they you know -- little little card that would get -- tinkered around. Other men in the you know. All right -- desperate. Just to backtrack for those who may be joining earlier -- or late rather Adam Roy ago. Is the owner of Cindy the pit bull the dog that was change up in the the kitchen. According to add and change up in the kitchen why. Because pit bulls and other dogs like that you want shoes when you -- but when you let them run free and that was -- way of making sure his 175. Dollar sneakers for which he works very very hard were not chewed up by a wandering pit -- that's why he says the dog which chain by the way. Photographs of the scene. If we don't already we will have them up but they are up right now WB EN dot com so you can I gotta tell you the graphic pictures Adam has shared with us on WB EM. But if you wanna get a better sense for this. So the lieutenants came by are you at liberty to tell us that anything that happened between you and those lieutenants from the buffalo police department. What I can never got totally out there I'm that your favorite you know 200 -- mr. You know he could not vote needed to get below a and that we can put down a particular kind of the girl was born on and the outcome a couple of great with the police department. You know I'm I'm not that apple got it you're you know. Everybody you know -- -- people got so people generally happen public know what happened exactly everything outlook our currency. You know -- Forget that the world. You know -- -- I have to say that if our police officer and a drug raid and any dog a pit bull -- police like German shepherd. Or a little -- came charging at me in and obviously aggressive manner I would probably use lethal force and I can't blame the police in situations like that. But if your dog which changed up in the kitchen. And therefore could not have posed an immediate threat. I don't understand the need to use deadly force on the -- -- And then to not even apologize because all that little. You know that little issue -- they got to address stronger they got they they went into the wrong place is particularly. On egregious and unfortunately all too common. The what what exactly -- open question have you retained a lawyer yet to look after your rights in this. -- critical -- would repeal bush relief but right now I have an inordinate. -- -- acquire the appropriate -- like your record release you know litigated there and he'll. And you can electrically reported you know -- worked together Bill Clinton. What what what you want what do you want right now from the buffalo police department. Are they got an apology apology and I want an explanation for it. Home what and why they let it go -- you know why you're being looked like or. Well people were telling them while they're popular -- -- regularly got the apartment. Block he's not even live there. In my -- either become a lecture about what they're gonna go to jail and I didn't even if it was in your natural -- I don't do anything wrong -- work. -- -- -- And you know what I hope Adam that you pursue this with an attorney and I'm sure we've got attorneys listening right now we're going to be sending me email who'd be willing to take on this case pro Bono in other words free because Adam. When you were serving in Iraq. You serve for a country. It the United States of America which supposedly respected the rights of the individual and the rights of the individual to be secure work in their persons and their property under the Fourth Amendment to our constitution. And it in cases where the police egregiously. Do something like this and were apparently I think negligent as you've said in terms of their intelligence and getting the wrong address I think it's important that people like you who have been victimized take this into the legal system to send a message that our rights are to be respected and we're not just peasants who should be told that shot up -- people with guns and badges. You know hopefully every actor Dario. You know it is -- law have a bigger -- -- law or something. As far as -- -- police using up you know proper procedure that the the dogged electors from like day would still -- pretty well out there -- that you'll ever dogged president. Definitely. Not restrict certain you know -- animal control of site. You know paper. I don't know pump their milk without using -- fortunately it was -- -- -- remembered for my. Daughter -- -- adult facility you can go to love. That result in it and you know if you're trying to -- -- violated dog or you know he murdered that it -- call it murder. Adam I wanna I wanna talk do you answer I wanna talk to support you feel like talking to some of my listeners or just talking to me. But I'm sorry can you say that again. Are there are really wanted to look at one of the leaders hope you'll work outlook and. Right two I need to break serve but we come back I'll see what my audience has to ask you how long did have a I don't wanna take your entire day. I mean I'm pretty much -- every now got a couple -- it -- do here -- a little while but it didn't turn -- of the year ago quarter. -- we're gonna put John hold and we're gonna join you on the other side here on news radio 9:30 AM and one of seven point seven FM WB EM and I do what you know that have been in contact this morning with the police spokesman Mike to George. The buffalo police are investigating bears aren't they are investigating the commissioner to render it has opened up a probe into exactly what happened. And hide it just boggles the mind to me anyway I'm WB. Point seven FM WBBM ended violently and that we're joined by Iraq War veteran and Breckenridge street dweller. Add them. Auroio adamant. Is well was the owner of Cindy the pit bull. Monday police. With. Apparently faulty Intel and and it happened on specific dress. The wrong address actually went in to -- Arroyo's apartment. Turned the place upside down in the a botched drug raid and bad shot Adam Arroyo's pit bull. Cindy to -- even though Cindy according to Adam was tied up in his kitchen where he was tied up -- she was tied up. Must've been a violent dog and -- was already told us why said he was tied up because Adam does not want his shoes chewed upon. By Cindy. And course anybody's ever owned a dog knows that sometimes -- let dogs for and that they'll find something on which to chew. Now I don't want you guys to -- -- that I have not tried to get the other side of the story on this and before I talked with Adams some war. Here is my response from police say a spokesman Mike the George Tom commissioner to render has already opened an internal investigation into the matter to be conducted by the internal affairs division. At this time. Police believe they had the proper address. And they don't believe. The dialogue which -- or at least I just wanna stop at that point you know Adam. They don't believe. But this did this to me is obfuscation because you're bought was either change wasn't change this is not a subjective interpretation that. It was either tied up in the kitchen or wasn't it's one way or the other. There are -- And you're maintaining that your dog was tied up as per always. I hope that I am that's what -- you know and that that would happen and I'm gonna figure on the the truth. There's always a good lie is no reason to fault but my my story it is what it is. Now allow -- to George also said deck because I asked if there was a video of the raided. Your questions are fair questions and the commissioner. Wants to get to the bottom of it. -- he does not know if there is a video of the -- do you know if police took a video of the rate and it should be for global freedom of information. Our I don't believe -- Okay and you want an apology from the police how much damage -- was done to your apartment I mean permanent damage that is gonna have to require either you to fix it up or your -- friends to fix it up. Although my doors completely courier where I had my local that they came. Compiled them like this kind of put it back together and million to contractors built -- -- -- -- Kind of know what bill together and he had from luck. That -- people personally that he ya. There he basically donate bleaker outlook my door. My weight bench who spoken and that it would do all my personal -- -- few weeks. Yeah outlook Adelaide and -- and in my house certainly -- so called the -- brokered. And it hit my mark Colbert the ball on the floor in -- triple flip. I mean you don't dictate you know -- You know probably you know they -- perfect everything. Your dog to the best of your understanding Adam how many times with -- shot with that shot him. Look I mean I'd. However that maybe want paper I don't think they don't want to -- but I think that it might not quite from what I heard outcries from from the Whitaker pick -- bigger. -- -- I mean I need to -- Probably -- -- -- -- -- -- -- shot in the back deeper but it'll blow hole and then we got the one big one. Our record -- like her hit area and -- America shotguns. On the wall so let -- -- -- our political -- and they really did got double that element etiquette or at least through Fort Collins. Now the the the damage I saw on your wall those look like shotgun pellets was -- evidence of that -- a larger caliber being used. I'm I'm adult that in there from from what I would -- created. It was still important in the neck and one in the -- vote for you beta as maybe any actually -- around it. Hello I'm guessing that those -- A different weapons than the go to guy and all the other -- -- We're. On the wall of the blood -- on the global water and vehicle might read this. The Clinton could confide -- And -- at the bottom of it. We're talking with Adam Arroyo how old would Cindy the pit bull. Part how old was your dogs in the boat were two. What did you get. I got our -- I got here on all the work out of buffalo arm. He could got a lecture dog -- and the dog com. Yeah that were here -- -- -- back yard he only credit quality and the team is going to be a higher. And I got there are correct him and because of how the news is that what we have -- And they expect people and enable -- -- locker and me. And it was a beautiful wonderful golf. Now Adam there's going to be people were gonna jump all over what you just said she -- seat she was being bred to fight originally and I just wanna tell those people that -- the pit bull my father in -- dog my ex father in law is now dead she judging from the wounds and scars on her body had been a fighting dog. But as a house dog as a pet. She -- the most loving and beautiful creature ever. You are -- are you how you work better. And me. There and they're very Smart dog and you could -- big wreck because people -- like a fighter. Because of the recorder -- Shaquille that it would look to build you know their very -- -- Can't play and Dallas. And -- way to do this to I have to do brick -- to get back -- on the other side and I get some folks on the talk with -- is -- fair enough. -- Seven point seven FM WB heat and the we're talking with Adam Arroyo. Cindy the pit bull with his dog -- the pit bull who was slain by buffalo police and a botched drug raid. And that frankly. As Adam tried to find out from the police exactly why they invaded and turned his apartment upside down and killed his dog. Basically you know he was treated like pair. He was treated like crap and this is a man who served his country in Iraq during the Iraq War lost two of his good friends fighting for our so called freedom in the United States. Let me go to Scott in buffalo on WBE and with Adam Arroyo Scott you're on what your question. Thanks for -- -- -- -- country and you deserve a lot better than what you got. I'm outraged that you have to explain why your dog fight are not quite. Catch your home if you can't hear dark. With the TV Remo Italy boy watching what went on that your business -- -- the governments that. They have no respect for illegal search and -- but not in the states. A cavalier attitude about what -- and it's just another example how would government and what happened in this country. -- -- everybody's right. All right Scott I'm sorry Scott I thought to redundant or hit the the off button. You wanna comment -- that what are caller had to say it. I think you're right any -- -- -- -- losses miles let him. -- really -- step forward who wanted to -- the outlook as it doesn't look firmer property got my business I mean I understand people are curious to know why it would have been. You know it's my -- by the what I wanna pay my bills you know you know that's my adult and I -- I don't. Who would like it was prepared. -- there's a tremendous amount of interest in this story end -- to give even a ten minute breather right now from talking to me and we're gonna get the other calls in after 10 o'clock and you're gonna stay with us to about 10:15 this morning for which I'm grateful and -- hopefully your finding the somewhat therapeutic is well and I also wanna talk Cuba there. When you went to the SP CA and and some of the support to receive their stay with us you're hearing news -- 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM WB -- more with Adam -- next. We -- talking with Adam Malia will be. Cindy -- pulled -- by buffalo police in that night. Don't know any other way to put it and apparently botched drug raid -- on Breckenridge. Mr. Arroyo lives in a by the way mr. Oreo is a Hispanic descent. The individuals police were looking for for possible crack cocaine sales. They were black guys. Point that out also. He lives in the rear upper apartment not the front upper apartment to -- correct so far animal royal. -- all right now. I was looking at pictures. -- your dog and the damage to the wall. Apparently made by shotgun pellets and looking at the looking at the dispersion of the pellets it seems as though your dog was shot at close range. Yeah there's sort of look like they're not being if they were. You know our banquet he says the book -- motivated you know look at Africa have been -- You know there have been a lot further but there's there's got closer together there was a picture of each other. Well except take some calls at a royal is whether this he just lost his dog on Monday and how he's able to have mustered his emotions and tell us what happened. It is I'm very grateful to him and a very sympathetic and understanding to what he's going through. You know I feel about animals dogs and cats and even little sparrows on the road so. Let's go to but that stops it hamburgers because of a hypocrite let's go to Rick. On WB and Rick hello. Good morning I'll be brief I've got a question for Adam. I saw the video on channel four last night and I saw the chain where he would -- the dugout and I saw the collar still attached. Now the cops shot that bogon he scored the dog was loose. As a college stole attention that chain. -- -- Well you know you -- backs -- to something I brought up earlier and I mentioned at the time that I thought grabbed the buffalo police saying and we let -- get the sorry about this but I wasn't expecting at bat off police don't believe the dog -- chain or at least that is a piece. BS from the buffalo police if either was or was not you can't not know that for sure. The dog was loose and they shot and I would think when they put the dog in the trash -- the -- would still be on the dog. Not attached to the chain in the kitchen. Where they say you were atoms so the dog was tied up it just got them excited that I'm sorry this happened in and of the police or not. -- -- -- -- All right thank you very much 8030930. Is the phone number four -- Arroyo was going to be -- for a few more minutes and after that we will let him -- so we can. Probably try to find somebody to fix up his door or go out and buy a new one. And that patch up some of those holes in the wall but what are your landlords say about all this. -- can we really haven't gotten back as popular briefly yesterday on her local mall and all of you know. You know everybody you know that your -- -- you -- there apparently -- really haven't had time to speak with her but I plan on calling her the day. And you know this. They haven't -- down or whatever it was he was you know what would you do that final living here much longer mean out for animal. Hopefully soon. And you know to continue living my life. Any any -- -- you -- state in -- horror got to go to another state. -- off to a failure bought black because -- corrective offered -- so our market beginning I would go back at the editor of the cannot early next month. You could I wanted to corrections and all school I'll be -- into -- National Guard. So I mean -- -- earlier -- like you know I'm going to do. Good in my life you know I'm not a criminal -- do drug -- I don't feel drug so I mean this is you know. Now let's let's just get okay. Let's just get this straight because one of the things that that often happens when people come out is you know the the smear campaign against those individuals start said the try to discredit your story. You you're an Iraq War veteran. You have taken the corrections exam and that you are joining or have joined the National Guard. Well and they act out what the gold -- today or certain couple little bit more into critical market -- but that is that I was mortar rounds. Because my dog created in all the fiscal Ballmer do an interview go to -- -- a fur -- thing that would be. You know commonly. Beckett go international -- com. No -- could confirm our country in the you know the regular. -- let me take get -- right now WB EN Al good morning you're on. I'm I consult their Lipton. Chemistry Barnum Brown walking on the street -- surrounded by. -- to please our boosters did he made a public apology. To this man in what is considered possible plane and doing to our. You don't compensate consumers lost. Actually a couple of good questions worth revisiting in the Byron brown one is a new one have you talked to the mayor's office at all -- Not at all dialogue in round I -- heard anything about it as he persevered. -- And again and as of yet other than the two lieutenants who visited you this morning. -- reaching out to you by the buffalo police or for that -- the mayor's office are about common council have you been in touch with them at all understanding that you've been very busy. No -- with the vehicle caught him Italy has my number and it's pretty eager to Albany. And I have a repeat -- and from and me and the you know law enforcement department as a tool credit they came the morning. Let's go to Bobby in buffalo WBM -- -- Yeah you don't got. On the cards -- -- this brief. You know on court for this historians are treated dog. But it's not the first time that the book to a police -- plot. There's so so called rage. You know. You know this happened many times. And they you know when -- do these things they failed to do apologize. Or evil. You know. For a -- concentration to individuals. It's just you know unfortunate that this thing had happened you know. Well this is not the first case I've heard a word dogs have been shot and killed during raids and that. You know there have been questions over the years as to whether the use of deadly force against dogs -- was really necessary in all the cases of which we hear. Yes yes that it shouldn't all of however you know. Unfortunately you know drug dealers they know they do have dogs. And use those dogs to protect your you know their drug -- Right Bobby thank you have very much appreciate the call on this wanna point out that that Adam Arroyo is not a drug dealer he's never been arrested he's never had handcuffs put on and in fact quite the contrary he has taken the New York State corrections officer exam. Not at this point you really want is what an apology from the buffalo police and that restitution made for the repairs. You have had to make. -- -- -- like you know later an apology you Norton -- it is pretty awful. -- my door and you don't break it is not -- a couple other item that I have here now. And I'll let you know will be follow -- I mean this is the norm. I capital at the -- I just one thing I do want to point out I'm not a lawyer but you don't wanna wait too long to secure the services of an attorney because when you file a lawsuit against a government entity there is a very limited time during which you can file the claim. So try to gonna try to retain a lawyer and get that claim filed. Within. Within a couple of weeks. Just so the chairman. I don't know if you could happen you know I'm lowered their commercial and out of openers go to come forward. And you know would like help me out in this case and then the coveted gold cup and try to you know -- an -- -- would animal great team oriented and duplicate -- Are Republicans and you know ignore. Is prepared you'll get prompted you know how to train your apartment -- computers and how they come there that there -- -- -- -- you know you can't play animal reasonable. Right -- recognized you know. You know like the you know. My colleague and earlier in the target being paid is the policy that was the -- Telus -- what happen to -- -- BCA. Talk a lot -- that you. Spoke with the coffee note your -- which is very lovely lady -- barber currently. -- your liquor wonderful all you can't throw veto. Spirit has helped me out that way but basically what they're not that -- cremated and you know -- they felt -- -- and you know it. That the very nice people there. All right so -- just to to recap by a couple of things I'm Evan you've been so and I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for you to send me the pictures of your pit bull Cindy who'd been shot and killed on I'm Monday. I could not even look at pictures of my cat who died a natural well that euthanasia. For a few weeks after it happened because I was just too painful elevate animals. Would you be able to send us a picture of Cindy when she was alive and well do you have one of those around. You ever feel like it is definitely couldn't -- Protocol global -- -- -- probably there. And if you could dead maybe take a picture of the search war not love to see the search warrant and put that up online if you could do that yeah. Well -- again one more thing I do wanna mention and that is. As I mentioned earlier. I'm making a donation to the SP CA serving Erie county to make sure you were taken care of in terms of the cost of the cremation number one. And some more to cover the cost of a memorial brick for Cindy your pit bull. That will be put on the -- way at the SP CA serving Erie county so you'll at least have a place to go to. You know remember Cindy and maybe see some of the other dogs on the walkway there. So I hope he'll talk with them to figure out exactly what you want engraved on the -- at such time as you're ready to do that. Paul Graham in a fair. That's definitely wonderful. Well Adam I want to thank you so much for your time and your composure. And everything you've told us and I I hope you get that apology and I really hope that there would be the public. Gets paid. -- credible explanation for what happened the other day so it doesn't happen to some other innocent person. And -- some other innocent creature. Your dog thank you so much. You know the Atlanta I am completely crazy policy you know and and then pepper you know people come -- like their corporate raider narcotic comfort -- the from the a particular part of it you know for -- I mean. That their opinion and hopefully it would definitely -- here comes in Orange order -- -- don't work. Italy's the letter of the law or something like yeah I mean you know there's an IPO that'll be great you know. What -- I I gotta be honest I'm not real big on new pieces of legislation but hey up policy just police policy that Eric Palmer cover situations like this because it just. It with -- that they were just so net so senseless or so so needless but that we'll see what the buffalo police have saved on the line. Adam thanks again. We -- very -- and thank you for your service to the country and my deepest sympathies on the death of of sending we'll talk about it our public. -- Arroyo joining us live -- news radio 9:30 AM and 107 point seven FM WB -- what we get the picture of Cindy when she was alive and well. And the search warrant will put it up at WBE EN dot com.

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