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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fed Change to BAC For DWI Proposed - Steve Boyd; Part II

Fed Change to BAC For DWI Proposed - Steve Boyd; Part II

May 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve hearing one out of every four or five hours in Western New York pretty alarming. It's alarming and it's frustrating and we over the years we've dealt with a lot of families that have gone through. Very personal tragedies remember. A dead who was killed because a woman is driving the wrong way and the 190. Next week the -- sentencing for the girl who pleaded guilty to killing a three month Old Bailey -- These are real families that are. Devastated by these horrible accidents in if you think about every five hours there's an arrest. All through those five hours there are tons of people that aren't being arrested there's still a lot of drunk drivers out there. We know earlier I had issue that we and media are doing a good job and DW I awareness and you said yes but yeah I hope we hear a statistic like that we're wondering if we are because people. Aren't getting the message or is there an element that's just ignoring or message. I think that there is so much of our culture that involves drinking that that change can only come slowly. And I do think that the media here in western new York and across the country. Is doing a very good job of raising that awareness. Because if you think about it when you know you go back thirty years this was not an issue that we thought out and we know about it now. Wanted to ask you about that. Years ago police in many cases look. The other way when they came into drinking wondering why -- was that is that the culture thing. Well it was our culture back then it was our culture to think that you know. Maybe -- officer would not just look the other way maybe the officer remember there were two officers in a car one would jump in the other guys that drunk drivers car driving home. So they were doing some things about it but I think it it took the time. -- win on most and strong driving and some other advocate groups came out and started showing us the sobering statistics of just how many people were dying on the road. Because of drunk drivers. Two and get things turning around and I think they're still turning around but it's process and as we concede it's a generational process. There's been a lot of criticism on the last day or so that this is just a money grip going from point 082 point 05 the do you think it really could have. -- a big impact. It's had a big -- in Europe. Our. Change from point 15 in 1982 point -- four. Across the country. -- people -- was 2004. Cut the deaths and in half. We talk about the deaths the deaths aren't the only thing they're also very serious and devastating injuries -- -- you know he talked about tens of thousands of innocent people. That are affected by this all the time so. And I think it's a money grab I think it's it's you know that it National Transportation Safety Board has to make our roads safer and I think they see this as a way to do that.

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