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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>IN DEPTH: Breast Cancer & Mastectomies - Dr Shicha Kumar; Part I

IN DEPTH: Breast Cancer & Mastectomies - Dr Shicha Kumar; Part I

May 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are following up on actress Angelina Jolie's disclosure of a preventive double mastectomy. And joining us in studio this morning we're very glad she could be in your doctors to check Kumar from the department of surgical oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. We did talk to you yesterday and turned on its source Oakland that you could. Answer questions as the story was breaking. Now today it's kind of sunk in for so many women so many families. This idea of preventive double mastectomies. In in that Angelina Jolie's case you know she made this decision Hampshire wasn't a quick decision and it's not a decision. That every women every woman can make. That quickly right. Absolutely an interest of the morning -- and thank you so much for having me as happy day. And joining yesterday on the news broken in them it's really pleasure for me to be here today this is a topic that's actually very very dear to me. You know this is something we council Lotta patience on and it's things have been getting phone calls myself without. Since yesterday morning an even in my clinic yesterday patience and bringing it up. So I think it's important nearly -- as he couldn't really get the information out there. And I think Angelina Jolie is very strong in in making the statement that she means a lot of people. It's it's such a -- personal ordeal to go through a lot of people would keep it personal and she's such a public figure to begin with sent to share that I think it. And I think it's amazing that she did that. -- yesterday who you rate this is really not something for every one really -- I think you know I think Angelina Jolie did a great job in the op Ed article to really describe how difficult decision lies. And she went through some process. Doctor you said you received a lot of calls yesterday after the news broke and without mentioning names and becoming too specific. Give us an example of what some of these folks who called you -- say. You know and I I think that's how -- in in some respects in the article is very well written but I think he can be misinterpreted in a lot of ways to think that this. Bilateral mastectomy or or prophylactic or preventative mastectomy is the right operation for everybody. And and you know and that's really what a lot of the phone calls and my patient visits or about luck. You know tactic Torre said I shouldn't have the other side removed and you know there's there's a reason why. I advocated for not removing other brass at the time that they had their breast surgery. Totally different situation injuring -- -- -- had -- known gene mutation. Having -- gene mutation -- BRC a one or of the year CH two gene mutation. Can increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and breast cancer specially up to 80%. Adding she could at 87% in her article and that's. I mean that's a huge amount of increased risk and that risk does need to be managed and one of the options for managing that risk is to remove both breasts preventative. How emotional now and can this testing -- I mean you don't just rush into it it's and we when he test positive or negative it's it's not for the scene of her I mean there's a lot of psychological things are going to this -- right yeah absolutely here here on your -- on it that's that's absolutely right. On and that's one of the reasons why we really don't advocating anybody to have the genetic testing which is a really easy -- to do it's just a blood test than anybody any physician order. Or -- test for DNA. Really anybody can do the test on however it's expensive and has a lot of psychological ramifications to it personal it's not always positive or negative. Secondly. You might not be the best person to be tested so really the best person to be tested in a family is the person with breast cancer or ovarian cancer. And having done -- tested and then knowing what -- if they are positive. What genes they're positive for and then testing against that for you if you're not affected is really the best way to go about testing. And and it's going to be clear only a few percentage of the population even. Meet criteria for testing for this this is not a very common disease pay doctors to -- who -- is in studio with us.

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