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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Angelina Jolie's Surgery Bombshell - Dr. Shicha Kumar

Angelina Jolie's Surgery Bombshell - Dr. Shicha Kumar

May 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guest on the WB and live line is doctor -- Kumar. Assistant professor department of surgical oncology. At Roswell Park Cancer Institute doctor Kumar good morning and thank you for your time this morning. Good morning it's my pleasure to be here thanks for letting me. A lot of people are looking at what actress Angelina Jolie did. Is very extreme. Having both breasts removed as a precaution. But without naming any names of course we don't know identifying anybody but haven't -- local. Women. -- on or procedure as drastic. As this to prevent breast cancer. You know -- a lot of wouldn't hit and even an impact even Ahmadinejad that procedure. It actually -- you know exactly commonly performed for the reason why he had it done. Her -- Cano and I think it's wonderful that you would share hurt her story with the public the way he did. That her red. Being patient and -- -- -- carrier Israeli for developing breast cancer is really at high 80%. You know doctor she she did say that she had the -- one gene mutation which puts her at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. This testing that she went through is this a very accessible to people is it expensive. Yet very few people actually happening on this mutation that it called BRC a back -- -- -- -- and huge indication. Women who have strong family history of -- inherently men who have a personal history of breast cancer as well as other family members. First degree relative with -- -- location or a -- with breast cancer and family or personal history of ovarian cancer should consider genetic testing for it. It isn't very that the book has been cut it sell it at the black Catholic -- on the DNA testing can be done at the blood test or that lob. However we strongly recommend getting genetic counseling any time that tactic being performed. It's really important we know what you're Rick might be on what the result might mean for you if you do -- confident. Source negative -- -- Andy yeah it is a very expensive tacked on another reason to get the counseling to make sure that. It will be covered and he'd give me the indication for requiring the -- that -- -- -- at 3000 dollars. I guess what's confusing doctor is affected you so it's a very simple test. It that the tail and you mention it's a very expensive -- one who what why would that be. You know he did a molecular and -- it -- DNA testing done at central laboratory to send out -- you know it is a very kind of cap. Again very few people actually happy occasion but with those great actors and I mentioned a women should consider her risk of having. Is it covered by -- most health insurance. Indications are that her acquiring any accident. Doctor does a double mastectomy. Eliminate the risk of breast cancer. For a patient. It's not on it's not a 100% risk reduction -- however especially for women with again with immunity and I wouldn't advocated government -- me. For women win. I think the -- -- or for women act and slightly higher risk for developing breast cancer but it went well women with an indication. It can be treated they're written by over 95%. Additional any woman listening to our show this morning and our interview with you should know that all women can be interviewed. And tested for breast cancer risk but it's also important that they have a their family history of breast cancer along with them right. Right right -- history's very important and acknowledge their personal history. And company analyst together we can really wanna I one and -- and determine whether the -- is even necessary. And even women half thinking he and I think it's important. First heard the -- now. I don't think you know that. Even for women and whip -- -- -- he wanted to indication that although they're ripped a backhand -- can be a kite sixty to 80% and their grip of ovarian cancer can be as high as forty to 50%. Everything goes back and not absolutely necessary it is certainly a great option for Clinton in that situation and they definitely hurt my -- to think about it. However studied you know I think that showed that it can reduce the rate of -- can -- -- that -- over 1995%. However there are there actually isn't loud and very personal choice to me. There are other options. Doctor we have learned a lot from you this morning thank you Reid didn't realize our common in this surgical procedure was. Until you pointed about thank you for your time this morning. You're welcome I I think I can understand what went so that we we actually have hybrid program here at Harvard grad Rockwell. -- that made especially for women in this situation women without breast cancer who might have a higher than the average population rich and developing breast cancer. So women with known or suspected -- -- can actually integrate their medical and surgical care. Along with it like a social support that needed to genetic counseling that needed and he can't. Surveillance -- needed to help manage their increase stress. And we thank you for pointing that out doctor. Doctor -- Kumar assistant professor in the department of surgical oncology. At Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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