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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-24-13 The Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

4-24-13 The Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Yeah. Yeah. How great -- and and one of them point seven FMW -- eating and how latest element I don't usually do there's and I don't want anybody like my bosses to think that I just try to mail in something but. Now -- focus it's only Wednesday out of mails up and it would be a Friday. -- about an elegant but this is. Look at this is a very important interview and I know we've been having some issues with the audio stream. And I need to get this information out there and I don't know better vehicle to do that and my show. Now if you're near a computer. We have the first and second hours of today's program already posted at WB -- dot com thanks to the diligence of -- mr. Joseph -- our call screener. But I want to replay for you. The interview that may impact shock New York State politics. The revelations that are coming later on today and they're going to be coming down the pike in the future are nothing less than stunning. I don't think I've given to hyperbole. I don't think I've given to. To just you know jumping all up and down up for nothing. Unless we're playing Right Said Fred and that's a different story but here's the interview with. Max tribesmen. From the -- and law firm. About some major developments today. On NY safe and you -- civil rights. What is new with a case of David Lewis. Good morning Tom thank you for having me I'm not an attorney at Aetna and the Darien and descriptive -- -- out there. However. With respect to David Lewis suite will be in court today it will clock in front of judge Russell Australia. In the new York State Supreme Court. 25 Delaware avenue. We have filed a subpoena producers -- him against the county Erie. Which city demand for the production of documents. Relating to -- David Lewis case. The county is indicated that it will not it will -- -- post subpoena. And once and -- -- the fact. About David Lewis case will come out after he -- effects on record the sex is -- recorded. The other week I told you we would be relentless in our pursuit of truth in this matter. And I think what what's going to with the public's going to see on this is going to shatter New York State. Will shatter New York State well and -- as -- Max I mean we and we've certainly been in in contact and that. One of the one of the things that become crystal clear to me over the course of the past few days -- few weeks a couple of record time myself here but. It is the fact that the rank and file of the New York State Police are absolutely dead set against -- say that they believe it to be unconstitutional. There is a big gulf. Between the the brass. And the people who actually run the New York State. Police PBA. And the rank and file people many of whom do not believe the PDA speaks for them anymore it's just gotten way too close to. -- on the politicians and -- really pissed off. Now that's one aspect of this which obviously were going to be looking at that down the line but when you say that then what you're gonna unveiled today will shock New York State. Max I don't think you're subject to exaggeration. If they're gonna -- -- they will be producing documents to Lake Erie county will produce documents today is that correct. -- they will produce documents. Up from there will produce documents demanded diverse communities used to. And I see what that means. Yes -- agree that this is chicken basically eighty subpoena. A subpoena is illegal document. Signed by judge. That requires a witness -- lighter here and testify in court. Or Casey -- -- it is used to commit a subpoena for documents. Or record. The subpoena based being made pursuant to New York State civil practice law lords. 2730. Which require about 24 hours notice to the county. Or municipal corporation. Before they actually have to produce the documents that bit on. -- this this as part just were reported this has nothing to do with the criminal case because there boulder that was a criminal case this has everything to do with the civil suit David Lewis is filing. Get that corrected and what what New York. Residents -- see. From the production of these documents they've learned. Is that states explanation. That they simply had a long Day-Lewis. Is not only. Wholly unsatisfactory. It is patently. Now Max I have said. That and and obviously we've done a number of that talks that together with each other and -- to the buffalo radio audience but. And actually be worldwide audience at WB Ian dot com but I just wanna be real clear we have said before and I and I had this confirmed and reconfirm. That the New York State Police brass explanation of these David Lewis -- is and how. -- -- Lie at New York State lied to the New York State Police brass liked the people of this state. And we have speculated that the reason is. They were not expecting David Lewis to get a lawyer they were not expecting David Lewis to get you guys as attorneys and they were not expecting the public outcry against the attempt to take away his pistol permit me this basically blew up right in their faces and are you telling me today next president that the documents are going to be out today which -- absolutely prove. -- What we've been saying to be absolutely sure. -- Wow. That's. You know they India according to federal law what they say sitting misrepresentations. -- statement that is not in court with that. And if there -- was a case for misrepresentation. On part of state. -- all cases it I I don't see how you can reconcile. What is in the record. And what actually happened. The blame game that they try to play on our fine county clerk Chris Jacobs did nothing wrong in car. They blamed him and the -- they told the state that they gave increased tickets. And they and they -- to investigate to see it was a pistol. Everybody's going to see. The -- is it true that the state police. They left paper trail. We're not going to let about it -- the disease that -- exit. Civil rights violation. Of the whose privacy was invaded. It medical records were exposed his name was dragged through the mud it was placed secure loose throughout -- They're. Really. Threatens. Papers -- relatives coworkers and is still. This -- is an innocent. Mild mannered librarians. And they may -- be a violent criminal we were raining embers still held court. I see -- -- -- -- some attorneys came up to a city. And while we are sort of the story broke. Davis who was just -- this was some type of gone -- maniac who had anger management. And now we find out that that wasn't the case at all this with this was defamation. -- nationwide. Level. It justice for -- in this case is just scroll because you don't have to -- got. He effected by what state was trying to pull here Russell morality people's medical records. Only people with -- could see that they never did or problems that they never had. Right now with the state with a steak is done he left untouched or create precedent. It may take your privacy and your medical records whatever they please without a war. We're here to say that not happening out in our state. While this I think this is really interest thing breaking news to say the least and ladies and tell -- I'm not ashamed to admit to you met I've been busting my hump on these issues over the past several weeks. You know looking to get. Documentation looking to get verification. And it now using the power of these subpoena. As the lawyers for David Lewis the -- -- is going to be able to reveal later on today. What exactly was said that by the New York State Police brass that was in fact an out and out lie. The -- but the public -- anybody who -- wants to come. Don't -- according to -- press conference is welcome to roll out its welcome which. -- the documents are gonna be presented in court today will I mean I know you'll make them available to me as soon as you have them. But will the public be able to meet -- revealed but had a big press release that naming names inciting dates and us and showing definitively that the people in power lied about David Lewis. While so it would where I mean look you've seen I mean you must have met some idea of exactly what has been said in these that note in this paper trail in the effort to grad David lewis' guns and frankly to violating his civil rights. Do you expect that reasonable people would call for the resignation of Governor Cuomo. And the superintendent of state police Demeco. That would not price means. It's governor Walpole involved and that's. Well his office certainly does he see he's had to be the -- mean for got stuck somewhere stop writing it off. Did he play any role in the lie about David Lewis did his office play any role perhaps in writing press releases about the David Lewis case. -- All my life. Well I tell you this this is huge now Max do you have any. Information and again this is a very very important because one of the things that I know we've been trying desperately to obtain documentation of and -- so far I don't know about you but I've not been successful. Is the documentation. That there is a special. Seven person. Secret squad if you will a clandestine unit between the New York State Police and the DC JS department of criminal justice services. Which has been given. -- -- -- I don't know how how much better you can get. That it won't pay personal witness. Problem as we have -- I don't know what what better witness you could get. An -- division of criminal justice -- -- employee. Who it's come directly to a to a four months. -- a certain number it's very unit. It exists. At all this person as a witness in court we would do so. When you're telling me. And I -- -- for the record and I gotta be careful because you and I -- off the year and I I really you know got to make sure that they're any private conversations we've had stayed that way for for reasons -- you know plenty. We're not we're not -- the unnamed sources or witnesses but I'll tell you that it's. We have witnesses. Or employees. Of the division of criminal justice services. Independent people who have controller. If there was -- the unit created. It is it while it's had its doubts that. Comprised seven people. They were tasked with vehemently. -- thought. It -- problems. And as they relate to legal investigations. God permits and anything else that might open to New York City criminal justice service. So. So sure Demeco. What we -- these planes are patently ridiculous. Or however he wanted to slip quietly dismiss this fact in the case. I was trying your sides or all night Ville sites. Exactly I mean that's all reason that's all reason that's what you'd have a clandestine squad to insulate the higher ups from any involvement and give them plausible that I ability like we'll -- I didn't know life. This was going on under me -- don't love it. Both deny ability unity in the DC chips with the opinion that it was created. In this. We have the witnesses. -- the simplest. Now this -- unit four in Albany by the way folks if you're just joining us that we are I think breaking a major story this morning news radio 9:30 AM to 107 point seven FM WB Yemen. Folks you -- believe me that that next president and Jim president and your humble host we barely been sleeping because we've been following everything like little blood hounds. You know a lot of the other people in the media you know all your crazy -- put your tin foil hat on. But L lo and behold I think later on today. I will be able to taste the sweet -- of a vindication this week why the vindication that's a good place to leave it because I do have to take a break and I just want to let sweet -- of vindication. Those magnificent words that I came up with echo through your head during the break. It's you know I don't really at its officers right zip on the -- a 21 minutes after eleven news radio 9:30 -- will continue with that interview with Max tribesmen. Just ahead right here its -- live from buffalo and WB and that -- -- we're gonna continue the recorded interview with the next president from president law after the news break just to kind of you know keep the local little bit -- go to -- get on the phone right now Rick what do you make of what you're hearing this morning and WBBM. Well I'm I'm a veteran you know they're. I just can't believe what's happening here I would just sort it all people -- democratic get out -- party. It's usually good if you want to go to the Republican Party go to conservatively in the image. -- I I don't know what pollsters say here you know I mean are. A year ago I would like to talk to Democrats dropped their market they wanna give illegal immigrants free college. Okay protectionist and that the Democrats. Well you don't -- Rick here's where I gotta go with I've I've believed that the Democrats and the Republicans are indistinguishable. One from the other at this point because you've got Republican prostitutes like Marco Rubio. Coming out and saying well you know what we need to pass this immigration bill you've got Republicans like George Pataki who signed. The in state tuition for illegal immigrants in the law both parties are complicit in the border destruction of America not just the Democrats to remember immigration reform one was under Reagan. Yeah well maybe we should former Iraqi party yacht and the next gubernatorial race. Well -- -- -- want to know what you were talking. It's structured in -- time in jail -- -- would have -- that we -- Dorn street fights. The first offense probably not but. I. Well yeah look I -- you're preaching to the choir on that one -- I thank you for the call I think prostitution ought to be legalized betting drugs ought to be legalized I think it's. Unconscionable. That we have so many people locked up in America because of what essentially is a medical issue. Drugs will ruin your life well is that the drugs or is it the being in prison for drugs I don't condone anybody doing drugs please don't misunderstand me more than it -- somebody being alcohol. But I just I find -- -- liberties threatened every single day. And the sheep simply go to air the home of Rush Limbaugh. Weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM 0107 point seven FM WB he had gotten. -- -- Don't know that buffalo. By Jon Fogarty and you know it dawned on me that that's August like twenty over twenty years old now. Jon Fogarty is August rock and roll girls say they'll say be a few emails I look I -- or haven't issues with the audio stream. You know what. If I could really you know. If I spoke what was in my mind right now it would get into trouble let me just say I'm aware of the problems with the audio stream and I apologize I figured I wish I could do I wish I could fix it I know it's a problem I can't do anything about it. I appreciate your patience and let's just say that you and I are on the same page and that and that's about as far as that while ago you -- -- the same page. All right. Yet yet to figure paycheck are so anyway it is at 1130 united news radio 9:30 AM and 17 point seven upn WB EN. So we are breaking news this morning on the buy -- program and I encourage everybody this year this and get everybody in my FaceBook because every time -- get something put up on my FaceBook. That's my communication. You know basically the show has evolved. Were devolve. To the point where you know we basically try to be active on multiple platforms. In -- that just doesn't -- corporate nonsense I don't know what does. Go forward. And forward we'll have multiple digital platforms but what I try to do -- share stuff on FaceBook -- image here so people tune in to that this stuff. We have the interview with next president on line now my understanding is you can hear that on line it's the live feed that is the issue. In which case you're probably about listening it is it's an issue. Anyway I'll pick up with the interview with men extras and -- the long and the short of years. According to Max documents that will be released in about two hours from right now will prove. The New York State Police brass lied about county clerk Chris Jacobs and the whole David Lewis gun -- thing. Furthermore we mentioned this earlier with David with that with the next president. Witnesses have come forward to confirm and they are willing to go on the record if called the court. Witnesses have come forward to confirm. The existence of a seven person clandestine unit. With the New York State Police and DC JS. Past with circumventing the Fourth Amendment and hit. To start taking guns away from people who have had. Anti depressants. Anti anxiety -- visits with marriage counselors you might be mentally unstable if people come forward to say what you reported first Tom is true. The people of conscience have come forward and said. You're right. This has to stop and I'm willing to put myself on the line to do. And again. It's not I just got to be clear about this advocates. When people. Just say it was all it was all on me. See now. I was I'm I'm involved in this and so is maxed and entrapment. It's it's the three of us and a lot of sources who have come out of the woodwork you'd be you be blown away at comedy. Law enforcement rank and file people have been -- us it's it's just it's our war. Absolutely -- and I just can't begin to thank those of you who are rank and file cops. For what you've done. As you are on our side and you didn't wanna be put the situation nor do you wanna be a situation where you are breaking. Your -- to the constitution. We still have cops who care about the constitution. And that's awesome. Now let's pick up again with the interview with that next resident here on that WB replaying the interview we did earlier this morning because I think it's an important. We have alarming news couple weeks ago. That -- hit -- a unit was formed by the state police brass and DC JS in Albany the goal of wise to circumvent the Fourth Amendment. Am here but. Alternately to use people's private medical records as a basis to strip them of their Second Amendment Rights you are telling us this morning you have people who were there eyewitnesses to this special clandestine unit designed to violate the civil rights of New York State residents who were willing to come forward and come on the record and be sworn it. Have they filed affidavits with you. Are. It's it's. Bit they're what they're people who can be put on the witness stand. More than one. Obviously this is a stunning development now. The documentation. That you are -- unveil today. In quarter that will be unveiled today in court. Does it lead directly to the superintendent of state police Joseph Demeco. At that void its site disclose that I would be disclosing too much the what would see -- failure however. The documentation in the county leads directly up the chain of command. Through the New York State division yet. A New York State division of police -- that. -- which is by the way to under the control of the executive branch of government and for those who have forgotten your high school -- -- the physics. But I civics well maybe physics -- -- civics the executive branch would be a Governor Cuomo -- you know that state police basically is that private -- are here sometimes we joke about themselves they were almost tax collectors which -- hazard has a ring to a so. I gotta tell it if if the state. -- I don't even know where to begin with the ramifications of this if our state. Was engaged. In setting up a special squad a clandestine unit. The goal of which was to circumvent the Fourth Amendment protections guaranteed all of us in the constitution. And -- protections and of course what good is here but if the Fourth Amendment and the constitution don't mean squat that's a fair question because that should be ultimately the basis of all law in the United States. If what you're saying is true. I have to believe that ultimately this has got the lead to the resignation of Andrew Cuomo. Well it you know. The rallying cry there at Albany is corrupt Albany is out of control. It's been used for so many years over so many decades that it almost lost -- This is far beyond the government could not control this government that is now called. We're talking about federal civil rights violations minerals. All rights violations. -- amendment violation it would be bad enough that if this exact. Began and ended the Fourth Amendment but this is beyond the -- This is the State of New York. Violating. The New York stay safe -- As it was written and they violated their -- law they violated the fourth amendment's. The Fourth Amendment says that the right person. To be secure in their right of the people would be secure that person's papers and effects. You know against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated in the -- -- should -- upon probable colts. That's next president with each present and law firm and I think where we're gonna stop it there because politics of phone calls and everything that we've gotten through today you must have some -- 8030930. -- -- 3180616. WB and the and of course said the show online WBM dot com and you'll be able this and all three hours once they're completed. Up so doc what were your calls coming up 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB and this this is pretty major folks -- let's get some calls on right now -- news radio 9:30 AM 17 point seven FM WBZ and and I apologize for keep and so many people holding up for so long but I had confidence I had to get out there. And a lot of interest in this actually from. From other quarters and let's go to Rickie Lee in the falls Rickie Lee hello. Well. I wanted to congratulate you for. Pushing back after -- emperor homeowners for Korean guards. And down. Or has basically what it is and I wanted to comment then you. I feel that you -- the quintessential example of what a proactive citizen patriot is. And I would hope that those that are. They haven't crossed the line yet but I agree with you. Will draw up the courage shown how to cross that line into being proactive. And actually joining the ranks would those that are actively fighting to preserve our rights because if we don't do it. We deserve to be sure. Now Ricky -- thank you -- thank you very much -- I'm not really good at taking compliments. To be honest with you but. In my world the courageous people are the people with whom I've been speaking over the past several weeks who are active duty rank and file law enforcement particularly. With a certain organization known for gray uniforms and -- cents. Yeah me. These are the people. Level or lose and I do if somebody raps about. Soul. Go to the courageous people the people who come forward even at the risk of being stationed in. Malone New York working nights in the winter. Let's. We got was that picked except the police said guys I -- said White Hall but I went with Malone if there's another more god forsaken Derek -- Malone let me know. Here is Garrett in the derby on WB end Garrett hi. -- -- First we'll look like a -- immigrant family your work. Arm. Colored banner every a story for sure are while others are retired law enforcement and this -- got me curious. Before he became. And off Serb Milwaukee. Ordered an attorney to clean up a misdemeanor on her record and now recently he purchased so far. And he's got a call from the eighteen out involved two weeks later and these. It together or your ammunition and all your firearms and -- meant. And why it. Because he he received a release so this ability. Ford became law enforcement. And they wanted to take -- firearms and all the ammunition from home because the attorney. Apparently didn't go through proper channels and report -- spot. After that also. -- -- I'm not a -- long way that this was a misdemeanor. That was. Thirty years ago OK all right go ahead. Are they wanted to turn everything and after that. And he went through when he talked to the GAQ up. He made mention to this panel well and also. You know he told him from now on when -- purchase. You may go through that every time. -- eventually get to keep his guts. Oh -- he he. He got to go on. The guy picked up a copy of the civil. The release -- -- this ability but I mean. You know honestly why why should you have to deal with every time -- -- so far. -- there's a bigger issue a year ago there's a bigger issue why in the hell is the ATF. Going through misdemeanor. Arrests from thirty years ago. To try to take people's guns away me how common is this. Garrett if if you'd like I'd like you to send me an email with details including a contact number for you and your data be happy to pass this along to it to the president's NC. If there's another layer to this magical onion. All right -- thank you very much my email Tom at WB -- dot com Tom at WB and dot com and just. Just so you know I cannot possibly respond anymore to each and every email. -- I'm sorry it's just. It's question of prioritizing and doing triage with one's time. Here is. Debbie in the middle port -- you're on WB and -- I can do you know whether -- -- all the names like -- -- candy candy. Even knows what he's been four and waters are around water cooler today. And do you know how many -- foods are filed at this point. Against the New York place that does seem like there's a lot. Yeah I was gonna say at least at least two or three. As far as is Cuomo aware of it what do you think. Where have I think that the superintendent of New York State Police really want to come to buffalo a few weeks ago to talk to Chris Jacobs. Am I correct them and fan noisy gotta go here in minutes trying to find out. Epic if Cuomo -- don't become snapped off he -- who's next time and Sheldon Silver. Well it -- right I wouldn't spend it may be I'm not really familiar with the with the big gubernatorial succession. But. You know it's immaterial because Duffy he's gonna be the same -- Cuomo and he'd just be caretaker like Paterson. And if -- another if another party was Smart they'd they'd start to organize now now. And I don't mean our options not you know what -- -- -- -- time. I'm -- -- -- in it disparaging way it's a turban and German and affection I often use which you'll beaver and he punches. Thanks to Chris Johnson master control Rob Lowe actress great work and Joseph Bieber who is just he's made this job his own. This this is the building Bieber built folks Tom -- coming up with news and Rush Limbaugh and sandy beach live local on WBM I'll preempt faith book.

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