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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Latest Boston Bombings News - WBZ's Karen Twomey

Latest Boston Bombings News - WBZ's Karen Twomey

Apr 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and live line is Boston reporter parent to be a problem of member of the WBZ team. That covered the Boston Marathon bombings last week Karen good morning thank you for your time this morning we appreciated. Our your rock and we understand of the nineteen year old bombing suspect. You know our -- now offers -- being questioned but he cannot speak. And -- because he's not a forum to. That picture yet CBS news is reporting that he is actually communicating with the investigators who are out in his hotel room. But these -- our planet cannot -- apparently he has full alert in his leg and apparently not just the MacBook afloat regions so he's writing out all of the answers to investigators right -- -- -- We have been told any of that and nor will we be -- and -- nature of the investigation. But they are getting information comments about is something pretty significant. What are you hearing about. The charges that will be placed. So far we have not heard much of the US attorney's office has said that repeatedly. We know you want answered that we really can't talk about them right now it's just too early in the investigation. I mean this kind of paint a picture for you here. The area where all of this happened on Wilson street the -- one of the Boston Marathon you still shot off. They're still combing that area they're picking up. What could be called evidence I mean in truth most of that evidence was already collected but the area still shut off they're still. Going through all of that and be part of that they're considering this really the heart of the investigation so. Where we're at yet even begun to talk about charges yet we haven't even accumulated all of that information but obviously they will be significant. What about the neighborhood in Watertown who evacuated our folks still temporarily staying somewhere else who have friends and relatives until they're allowed back. No doubt there are allowed back a lot and would -- did apps like around 6 o'clock and that's like before they actually found a burning up. And they -- it to light as you look back to normal I was actually in the neighborhood where he was caught. On Saturday morning and everybody was you know back to their normal routine. The whole lockdown was lifted and people are moving and I am coming and going really is as they had been before all of this happens election. Exactly normal as far as the physical -- in a bank but. Clearly there's you know that. It's big thing hanging over all of our head that would try to -- rapper felt. Around and what about the people who lived in that house was at Franklin street in the backyard. Where the ball was worthy of suspect was citing. Who -- -- yellow crime is that they're still investigating all of that but. But they are back to normal -- it's it's kind of interesting I -- and I without their. And I commented deeply it was so quiet so tense. For the entire -- up you're down there and the next it was -- quiet. But -- quiet by independent. People that's kind of like a breath of relief. It's a different type of feeling even though obviously it's not going into knowing that he's caught people seem to be. -- -- You know after this week that -- cost and I mean it is a new work week now and many a new reality to look for residents there do you think. Well I think that. But they've got a very good job everybody. The leader of this town of the date. A trying to pull out the positives here you know I think it'd be different -- -- had all this happened we've talked about it we. You know gone over it it could be a part but I really think that in general Eric the feeling of of accomplishment you know we have. We have found -- sky one of them did get the other guy that they're suspects the court but the other suspect in custody. And we're gonna survive -- it's -- for the victims but that also feeling -- we're gonna pull together and make this flight back into reality we're dealing with now I think. It takes some time for all the Atlanta. We're talking live with a Boston reporter Karen -- from WBZ. Radio -- What about. All this talk about these guys might not have acted alone is there. Much talk of the Boston area lots of buzz over the prospect may be more people might be arrested. -- I think that the authorities pretty much believe they did act alone are obviously doing a lot of questioning and that -- -- important. About talking to. I don't have right now we know what he acting alone but at this point they have been pretty emphatic that they believe that the -- There will be a moment of silence we understand at 215 this afternoon a lot of participation expecting in this. Yep all of the radio gig on the TV station everybody will be doing that and error and have been airing out. For the past several days just to let people know nobody is surprised. Who definitely -- participation across the board. -- -- -- at the height of this so tsunami of a media that flooded the Boston give -- any idea. How many news organizations may have sent people to the city the cover the story. That is a great question I'm I -- there and I've got to tell you -- accurate 9/11 as well in and it was. It would like that it was just what are the eye can see just hundreds of reporters really and I'm not -- Cameron only after run we thank you for your time this morning we're very grateful to vigilance. -- -- -- this Boston reporter Karen to me a member of the WBZ team who cover the Boston Marathon bombings.

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