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Bauerle with Jim Tresmond

Apr 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right folks I started here about this over the weekend that people in New York State who had no issues with the law. Are having their pistol permits re bolt. Because. They take anti anxiety. Medication. Rumor. Or fact. Joining us right now from the -- law firm's Second Amendment advocates we have attorney. Jim -- and Jim thanks for joining us what is the reality. Good morning counseling -- having me the reality is that in effect. We are representing a client right. And -- we have. I'm sorry could you start again because your call waiting kicked in as it always says the minute I put somebody on the. -- -- The as I said that is effective. And and we are representing a client right now who is. Who has been impacted by this onerous. Activity. Of the government. So yes it is effect. How many permits to your knowledge have been revoked because somebody is taking anti anxiety medication in New York State. That is something I I don't know. The total number I know there are several that we are dealing with right now. But. I suppose. There are many across the state. Since this is something do with it just recently occurred to our knowledge. We are busy gathering the facts. Across the state right now we have. We have operators and now all the media and enough. Westchester County and down in Delaware and across the country to be honest with you there are monitoring. New York State. Now I have a question Korea how many of these cases. Are you handling where somebody. Has lost pistol permits simply because they take anti anxiety medications and for no other reason. Right now we're only doing two. But -- expect there will be more. Coming down coming down the road. How -- In the world. Did that the government. Find out they were taking anti anxiety medications how about well. Yeah how about -- that that's exactly what are. Inquiry. Was. We in we were kind of forward by this hole by this whole matter. The health information portability and accountability act is supposed to otherwise known as super. Is supposed to prevent this kind of thing from happening except. Gross invasion of our of our privacy rights. But which agency which agency is set. Is revoking the permits are we talking about the New York State Police or local -- We're talking about the New York State Police so. Shame on them shame on the New York State Police at all a concern. Right right based on information that the -- county received from the New York State Police. There are they. They've suspended. Licenses. So that's that's where that's coming from this New York State Police. Instigate the whole proceeding. As. And for those who don't Novak as I've explained on a number of occasions. The state police are part of the executive branch of government there Cuomo's army Cuomo can appoint the superintendent the superintendent of course there is the big shot at the New York State Police. And he is that basically he's during and he can make sure that that state police a follow -- Andrew Cuomo's. Dictates. That's true and that in fact that the two losses that we have that are ongoing right now. -- the new York state police commissioner in our lawsuits. About isn't this a violation. Of the US code with reference to civil rights. Well absolutely. Absolutely this is this is where we're coming from we. Have a request for hearing with regard to our our our clients in this matter. And that is one of the things that we're going to site. And look we looked looked out. It if we're not at top of this thing and I don't mean only me everybody every citizen should be concerned. About the violation of our of our rights. Pursue our civil rights -- are being eroded as we speak. The Fourth Amendment the First Amendment the fourteenth amendment to Second Amendment I think we can go on and on and it's just a matter of time. When -- before you before you can. Before you can react. They're going to hit the other ones as well so. Are your clients. Are you're clients willing to come out with names and tell us their stories. Because. Personally I believe. If we named the people it would be helpful and if we knew what court dates were in in store it would be helpful to mobilize public support. The show that the New York State Police have become nothing more than the -- stop well. Well. You know I had I had I had those same exact thoughts with regard to pitched a couple -- As if it was was it actually taught must admit but. Well look at pays me to say that -- -- long term supporter of the New York State Police and law enforcement collect all of his face imminent right now other acting like African -- Yeah yeah that's -- What we can't disclose that our clients right now needless to say that that there. There are under. Problems with regard to this and it's employment. It's that neighbors it's the all of the negatives that go along with being identified. By the New York State Police. And having having your own firearms. It's taken away from you like -- some. A common criminal than you did nothing wrong. But Jim Jim I have to interrupt you because. There are. Probably. Thousands. Of pistol permit holders who have never had any incident what so. Ever any untoward incidents with law enforcement work taking. Anti anxiety medications which medications are now on the banned list or you lose your permit. Correct. I would. Our clients' names will be out as soon as we filed the lawsuit. We're waiting for me. IE response from the government with regard to a hearing. That we have requested. A once we get a response and then no we will be required to have our client names out there. But at this point in time for very good reason tonight. Employment reasons and and others. We we have to withhold. Information but. Needless to say that that that information will be out in public shortly. Do you know which medications are on the -- -- list. You know that is that is something else that. That where psychotropic. Drugs in general and specifically. I can't name that great. BS SR us.

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