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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tony Ogorek, Ogorek Wealth Management, on First Niagara CEO John Koelmel's Resignation

Tony Ogorek, Ogorek Wealth Management, on First Niagara CEO John Koelmel's Resignation

Mar 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony from what you referred so far. -- what do you think -- triggered this resignation. Well I think extend her typical a couple of years I'll see you of course I -- career. You just look at performance. Or five years. First name list declined. About 40%. And can. Opt opt out there and it's 60% swing -- true crime. Market is up 20%. So -- -- now. When this first anchors to community. Which creates two extra will -- all year. You know we've seen it. You know general corporate financial. Hannity and up 20%. -- 17%. Market top ten on so ignorant and difficult time. Our earnings. And crying over the past couple years. England. I think he is Indonesian. While. Eckstein being footprint means and and he's been. Be interest to see -- position. Mean -- my agent Matt what. -- -- You know it was. Between you know on the board you know -- one vote in. Actors are the ones that he. Did get. Appearing this year and income piercing was -- point six point. Well again. You know we're paying more and then -- -- Run and bank which has its mortgage and. No better -- summer -- two years. It did appear that that this is just a matter. Poor performance and not anything as far as laundering and went down. Now I can see you know ever since but he you know the acquisition. Market. Pretty quickly. You know -- be -- This was. Not something what was being rewarded. And subsequently. You know we've seen although stack was recently. Upgraded. Some listen you appearance going to be on earnings this year. You don't senses. In proportion -- what cluster and the bottom lines you know. Normally -- here. And of course accompany me. You scored at least be. You know in the ball. Well benchmarks. Canyon. You know look at performance. Has two years you're you're right think and see those numbers change bad to share. And -- to share prices like. This. Are you shouldn't be surprising to see. Changing. Suite the only real question. How much patience. -- -- In current arrangement. -- men been located someone else who go. -- strategy going to be working here. You know -- --

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