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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Market Making Waves - Tony Ogorek

Market Making Waves - Tony Ogorek

Mar 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony a court from Al Gore wealth management is with us on the WB -- lifeline the Dow is back. All the way back the Dow Jones Industrial Average regained all of the losses suffered during the Great Recession. And reached a new -- yesterday 141000 to 53 Tony good morning how big a deal is this. -- and I think it's a validation. Of what and that's a crisis total decline over time. And many clients are very difficult time trying to understand which is sort. Markets are cyclical. When they're going down on it it may feel like it's going to -- But it never does and eventually changed to recover. -- just able to. I'll stay with your initial completion of investing. -- overtime you'll be rewarded and I think yesterday was the I'll prove that after probably about. I would try to yet here period. -- -- totally over the years whenever we've mentioned this number and in this case 141000 to 86 the new record. We were told -- sort of a symbolic number it really shouldn't influence our decisions on investing money. What does this number really indicate. Well I think it's. First stop the Dow Industrials are -- -- aero. A joke about marketing activity salacious thirty companies. Com. I think it tells people essentially can't. The market. Did he can't very severe attacks during the financial panic of 20089. And things eventually do approve. Our academy tends to be I don't know working better. Corporate earnings are working better the Federal Reserve is massively underwriting our our economic growth that we're getting even though it's fairly slow. And despite all the problems that are out there. I mean just look at what we've got much higher unemployment and we had to count should happen. We used in a payroll tax capital gains rate dropped out to express its Europe. Gasoline prices are up. The sequestered government -- can be counted very latest GDP number it was pretty flat. Despite volatile if you're looking for that matter it too. The reality you feeling good about academy in really -- do that because of marches to it's own drummer and it looks out to to the future so. I think that significance of this. It's nice to know that markets can recover but unadjusted basis -- inflation adjusted basis. You know the markets still isn't it high when -- will pick in Afghanistan in 2000 and domestic -- There are it is still -- -- thirty or 40% and one Lance calling -- the most popular -- in America ample. It probably down about thirty or 40% but I -- -- -- even though that gal just could not and I yesterday. And it's a great thing to bring up to. -- Tony does it surprise you how long or how short it took for the -- to come back. It actually is no surprise you can check in is strictly debt when we have a decline in. After that round in 1929. It took the American about thirteen years you can't so you know when you look at the the prior crimes in October 2007. And about I think -- years. The market recovered you know probably 57%. Retracement mark which is really quite quite something but again. What I would costing people is that this market is actually being underwritten by the Federal Reserve which is pumped about three trillion dollars. I'm into our academy trying to support it. Any time that the there's -- -- sense it is that the -- is going to be calling back from a -- on the -- -- policies subsidized interest rates. The market is any different. So I think what investors have to watch out for is -- war defense policy is going to be going forward in terms of continue to support the cabinet. But I think for the time being. You know it looks as though on that and more people wine company in the markets. And it probably aren't going to be analyzing at least the short term. And also Tony I guess we should point out of the market for whatever reasons. Many of them. You mentioned just a couple of minutes ago really could tank again -- true. What you -- America can always in there can be abstinence outside and any yet and -- you know can pick market in the short term cash. But I will say -- the market. Is -- the good news is America is that is markedly cheaper. Then it was on years ago in 2000. And that it's also cheaper than it was in our 2007. When Indians -- are. So the good news is seeking to -- -- crisis. You're also buying earnings behind it. And I can see that the market is less expensive Kuwata churning that it was not yet I think it's good news didn't do it should be encouraged. Our tour investor so those as bulletin number in isolation I think he should look at capex. -- a runner and stand Colin I -- it's -- -- positive one point I'd like to review it. Is there with the markets and came -- advertisement now. The last two reaffirmed bond product for investors is they usually use the markets. Rather than letting them is huge you. That good point Tony nice to have you with us this morning thank you. OK guys are chatting with him. Have a great day. Tony Al Gore from Al Gore wealth management in Williamstown.

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