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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sequestration Overview - Dr. Bruce Bryski

Sequestration Overview - Dr. Bruce Bryski

Feb 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More on this sequestered dilemma that's brewing in our nation's capital. Our next WB and live line just -- doctor Bruce -- professor of communications at buffalo state college fibrous. Good morning Bruce maybe you can addresses for us and for our listeners we're heading into the sequester. Thing on Friday. No matter -- from what we've been hearing. Why don't we have a federal budget how far back does this go. Well you know I I like police it was reported earlier this sequestered drama. And the thing is that -- -- it just turned from mr. Allen's. Everybody's blaming everybody else president's gonna blame the Republicans in congress. Congress is gonna blame the senate John Boehner is gonna blame the president. And they just don't play well together and they're running with scissors I mean it's like you did did just acting like a bunch of spoiled kids and quite frankly. I do agree wit Chris Collins did that I do not see this happening back Friday and you know the real losers going to be the American people look at some of these cops and how deep they are in everything is going to be affected. I just think that you know it shows that all stages a government here these you know these. Congress the the president. Every -- it's going out and so dysfunctional the American people. Don't even care anymore. Which you know -- the city of buffalo we have a budget the State of New York is on track to pass an early budget again. Why don't we have a federal budget. We know why I must say I sort of blame the president here on this one you know I think that you know quite frankly that's one that's his job and you know on the other hand if he's not able to even talk militia meet with with congress and the leadership on the other side of the aisle. -- I can see what we don't have the budget. All of this just reminds me of the ate chicken little story the sky is falling I mean. Is that what this kind of comes down to a lot of that. Unseasonably you know value but go -- well well always end I think about the fiscal -- in all the years dire predictions. What the typical Clinton and you don't want it turns out that these guys you know at the eleventh hour. Decided that they're gonna do something about it now here's what I think's gonna happen. I do agree with mr. college in that is not gonna happen by Friday but. It will happen eventually probably sometime in March. They're gonna realize -- the deadline -- -- now what do we do win that I think they're gonna have to roll your sleeves and get out of business because that they let this. Leader if he's gonna destroy the economy. Well Bruce is it likely that we're going to be going through. The very same thing next year at this time again. You don't gone absolutely. Unless. They -- get their act together and now -- know what I look like we -- that question. Are you know let's take care that now and make sure that it doesn't happen again in that these guys can get together hopefully that'll be the outcome. Have you heard about the release of these criminal illegal immigrants around the country from federal detention centers. And you think this is kind of. I just heard this morning and on your program I've been in Albany for the last three days talking to some of our row elected officials led. I hadn't really heard about it but again it could -- you know based away afterward to just political posturing how real is it. You know we can't even determine now whether when a politician makes a statement they needed -- they're just posturing for. Some political advantage. Are you perhaps that'd be washing -- Albany tomorrow Bruce we're just wondering head of the gun rights rally. No I've read enough I would I was there three days in you know you know trying to -- Even just meet with some of our -- assembly and senate leaders is it's really difficult to do I had to do it for a four union purposes and -- lobbying effort net but -- that nobody was there quite frankly and it is very frustrating season. Boy that we radio thank you Bruce thanks for joining us. Doctor Bruce -- professor of communications of buffalo state college.

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