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Two states.

Feb 26, 2013|

Should New York State be split into two? Sandy sorts it out.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New York City and the rest of New York State upstate or what was his collar -- state. But it's the city. And everybody else is New York. And the State of New York first of all it's not a marriage made in heaven I don't think it ever was a marriage made him. When Donny and Marie used to saying onstage I'm a little bit country. I'm a little bit rock and roll okay well I think that basically we are about as different between upstate New York. And New York City as it can yet. New York City is very happy to be New York City I think jobs stated very happy when not New York City I mean that's just the way it is. If you'll like New York that's far have no problem with that some people like that some people don't -- could care less about it via surrogate. About some people of New York that's fine. But we had to all different entities under the same rules. And because of that because of where the population. Is where the majority of the population is. In the city oftentimes. They have a greater they're more votes -- greater representation that we do an upstate. -- because of the density of population. Saw a lot of things just get -- rotted through. The New York State Legislature and we've got to be along for the ride I don't think there are many times when it goes the other way around. Maybe with the Buffalo Bills. You know stadium repairs and things like that that might be about it but basically. What New York City wants New York City gets. And we have to go along for the ride and we have to throw in our share of paying for now to be fair I'm sure they pay for some of the stuff that we get to. But I'm saying in a perfect world. Why not have to entities. Why not have these state of New York City and the state of anything else for lack of voter turnout Barley was try to get people to name it I don't have a name -- But I think. It's a great idea. I wish that have been done a long long time ago and there is an assemblyman out of Batavia wants to wants the put his total water in and check out. To see how the population of New York State as a whole feels about it. I'm more working from the WB and web page. Steve -- is his name he is an assemblyman from Batavia. And he has a bill that woods separate New York City from upstate. And he would like to like to see how that would work out quote it's measuring the support of the citizens of the State of New York to look into and see. Well what the support opposition might be perhaps dividing New York into two separate states. In other words he wants to gauge. The appeal of this says -- like to have voters and in every county consider the question at the ballot box. And then get some statewide. Feedback on it. He says he has no problem with his downstate colleagues -- I'm sure Shelly -- takes -- -- -- today. But says lifestyle -- -- city of Long Island is just different. Compared to upstate New York you'd think hook. Up a event in my -- But where were under the same -- so we really shouldn't be. He points out the many New Yorkers pay high property taxes. Fuel by unfunded mandates including Medicaid a government funded health program for the -- it cost they are 55 billion dollars annually more than any state. So he wants to dip his toe in the water and see how you would feel. About having. Two separate states New York City as one state and the rest of us as another I think it's terrific idea and swat. -- if I would doing this show in New York City if I wore on them WABC's say in talk radio in New York. And I did the same exact show the people in New York City would be just as happy to think about separation. As we are thinking about separation now we have almost a record number of hits on this on the FaceBook page already my guess is even though I haven't peruse them. He that most of the people on there. Are going to say great idea let's get harmless now Tony you've you're reviewed it and Jordan is here and he's pouring over and as we speak. But I like to keep them fresh in my mind I don't read a matter of time. And I'm guessing that most people think it's. An idea you are correct great car and see how -- have mine. Finger on the -- -- why -- think I've been here for so long is because I know every thought about every western and they know mine. Charges guess if you look at. It like I had gases that one that was really hard. That would be like fighting on Angelina jewels and -- sleepless. I mean it that way. She mine. Do you ever eats away. We've horse course and human. Lingered and Mark Burnett from the -- Meet said that it would have a name. It was either Brad -- picture no -- -- If you -- to seek to heat up did OK all blockade up then yeah now don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I've never had to say that anyone could you know it's it's item I've I've never had to say that you know there -- phrases that each of us have never had -- and that's that's mines that don't hate me because I'm beautiful it's great I feel IPO. Liberated because of that it would be shackled you know if -- Cars with great -- in -- and has always wonder. People love me because my great beauty. Or because of my core value. Or earbuds just buy bonds as I. -- have never had to worry about any of that stuff. There at the -- about never having been good looking as you don't get worse as you get older and it. Oh those are are really like hot -- school as it looks kind of gold goes out the and that about it not me. That may now I'm in good shape. -- back and hear from you all three on 9301 and hundreds it was a night of music that -- thirty. Do you think a separate state and New York City. Two separate states would be better than me while we have right now what I have now is which is sitting on we go along for the ride while Shelly silver. And are rubbed our drama queen governor decide what's good for us. It was scallops are doing them.

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