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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Trayvon Martin Case; 1 Year Later - Peter King

Trayvon Martin Case; 1 Year Later - Peter King

Feb 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- not a Florida CBS's Peter King. I'm Peter has been our CBS news go to correspondent. Many times in the past year as a cover the shooting of young trip on -- young black boy who was shot by. Neighborhood watch when George Zimmerman. Good morning Peter. So Peter where does this case stand now one year since that happened people are wondering. When and if it's going to go to trial. Well two -- June -- And yet it will go to trial okay so that's like six words. Government was charged weeks after the shooting with second degree murder he is out of jail. You know hiding for the most part -- is movements restricted. But his trial is scheduled to begin on June 10. This story -- a gun violence in vigilante justice it went national but the spotlight national spotlight has since stated is -- going on today in Sanford to remain well. At thirty candlelight vigil tonight at Stanford there's also -- at the University of Central Florida. Which is just a few miles away ya hear Orlando every New Yorkers. A rally. After -- union square so. I'm assuming that they're going to be candlelight vigils in the number of places around the country the -- union square is the one where -- -- about -- -- Family and others will be tonight. Is this a story about the shooting your trip on -- still consuming. The community Peter -- just dying down to -- It has been consumed the community to -- -- Casey Anthony case did. My guess is that you know the fever pitch will pick up as we get closer to the trial but you know when various news. It's is generally covered heavily doubt here. Every every court hearings of course. It's something we all have to pay attention to. Last week for example there was a hearing in which the defense wanted. Martin's parents lawyer. To be deposed about an interview that he did with the key witness and the should be judged. No that doesn't happen app but he doesn't have to answer questions. But for the most part it's not a fever pitch but it was a year ago and -- really there haven't been. A lot of rallies -- public events. Things quieted down Stanford has moved on the part of new police chief by the way and that. You know people in Stanford are are saying that it's seems like you know things are pretty much back to normal there is a little bit of a worry though about what happens. If government is acquitted. One trade funds parents are they still in the spotlight. -- as much is they can be you'll want to be even Iran piers Morgan last night on CNN. But you know basically there's nothing new there they've they have tried do I get Florida to change its stand your ground law which is of course. Self defense -- here. Are the governor's task force -- had decided there should be any changes at all we were on -- about -- last I think that all along it's not that they want to. -- Zimmerman convicted before trial they've always said. We just wanted to go to trial. And they will buy it -- whatever. You know whatever happens with the process they just want to go through the process. Peter -- called after the shooting and there was some controversy over whether or not neighborhood watch officers. Should be carrying good guns as a gun control issue that's. You know permeating the nation right now -- debate in Florida about firearms. I wouldn't say it's life in the debate any more here than anyplace else. There have been runs on weapons some gunshots from people who were afraid. They might not be able to Bible weapons or ammunition if the laws change but you know. That's not different here it's no different anyplace else. What is the thought to one and they outcome of the trial is the community bracing for possible acquittal. Well you know what to -- where instead worry right now nobody's bracing for anything yet. The trial is still once the way people are watching it there's not a lot of but there's not a lot of you know talked about it. And quite frankly I don't think that there's going to be. There was not a violent response last year would Zimmerman was not. Arrested and quite frankly the organizers have prevailed applaud people not to respond violently. At any time during the past year I think there'll be people upset of the physical. Acquitted but again. You know the system that the system and as I've mentioned a couple of moments ago. You know a trip -- Martin's parents have said all along. We don't want people to react that way we want the system we -- this government to go through the system we wanted to go to trial. And we will abide by it whatever happens of course doesn't necessarily mean they'll be happy with that but you know I don't think we're gonna receive explosion. Okay thank you Peter nice talking. With. CBS's Peter king live from Florida.

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