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A female Pope? Part 2.

Feb 25, 2013|

Sandy has it out with a caller regarding the idea of a female Pope.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Passcode two a Bobble I think we'll disagree we may Bob Ben Clarence -- WDN. Obsolete connect disagreed -- the course fallacious. Proposition irritated. The Catholic Church considers limited you're -- clear anyway it's totally ludicrous and -- so the other women -- a pre Easter are. Well our -- Pope has nothing do -- intellect or degradation of women. What does this have to do less well what does -- have to do. It addictive effect make an analogy it's like out there in the gun that the situation what do. We can -- good actress felt like not to have guns but we have a constitution. The church Catholic catechism and that's our religious theology. That god forbid this pore over recent -- accomplished going -- right now I think he would be tested them should -- -- church is quality at the catechism. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well aware that -- -- come down for compounds resilient. -- that reasoning have anything to do with -- they felt that they were not up to the job. Now of course that its visitors that tradition. There's -- The maintenance of -- ideal location although reading scripture and I hit streak to do it anyway not a kind of it weighed in by means. I've -- just to come along and say that. We should -- we should spend our theology to the convenience of the culture so it works. It's not about it's it's not it's not like I'm saying if I making the argument. About equality between men and women that would be different you'd say well that's just because that's what we're trying to do sometimes women in combat now and things like that that's not what I'm saying all I'm saying that -- certainly -- women who intellectually could handle that job. And whose heart is is open enough the mother -- example is one I gave you admit. Denying yet and I'm not denying it but but -- that's the point the deployment is. Like say before you can make arguments against against the Second Amendment of 400 different reasons that sound logical sound very good. But did break from tradition. So tradition so. So yeah you're making me -- quite a second you're making the argument that I said I thought was a weak argument just tradition through traditions never change they never Alter. But did you -- never truly telling the if you believing it now that you believe is true for the potentially. Yes we have -- library in in our -- factory. Do you think that women cannot listen quietly let us and to meet I. Thought well I know it's a lot to say by -- appointed time to say it. Do you feel that that that women. Why why do you feel if they're sick or not a tradition would you feel -- qualified woman should there should be kept from. The opportunity like that for any other reason except tradition. It wasn't tradition if there were those scriptural there wouldn't be -- -- -- scriptures would -- to -- that nobody would get but so was I want to look at the Catholic catechism. Which is that this -- definitive. Description like they've gotten wind that you can vice -- for what was this historical references and experience. The literature that explains why did he. Arbitrary it will McConnell that would get -- a professional women there are many reasons behind the -- That the pyramid if you. But -- don't want wants to devote her that went on what let. -- -- -- but when a woman wants to devote herself to god and devote herself to good works and she is intellectually capable of doing a what is necessary. With the weight of the office of -- Why would you say now I just traditional doesn't -- would make. A pink carpet treatment that -- saying. An elite group that we don't particularly like what I have god does not let -- going to support but it's not the way our -- -- catch is that -- -- That's our you've got his tradition that's -- And -- important Catholic -- been around for 2000 it's because it's buildup. Immutable hasn't it changed its addiction that -- Epic charges what does that ways they're the big churches willing to let nuns. Play an important part is in in in their dealing with people. And -- spreading the good word wind not that wind not a level up to cardinal -- not a level brace cardinal and. Please help you know it's not a discount I think -- we have time to go to this now. Sports well OK I. It's -- -- that there and didn't play well rock. -- out but I'm thinking I'm thinking that's a week arguing about we have been commencement thank you. We'll be back Lamar.

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