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Steven Aldtstadt of SCOPE- with Bauerle

Feb 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We here at the station of course as you know were sending had some some people on bus says. And people can register by going to WB EN dot com becoming an insider's club member. Were offering a free bus ride it's even made this clear all along I don't want anybody to not book with somebody else to cancel reservations somebody else because we're doing it for freezes -- were in a position to get sponsors. And you know we're able to provide a free service to a limited number of people but I don't want anybody bailing out of you guys or any other organization. If they've already booked because it's not about who quote on quote gets the credit it's about getting Danny's to Albany it's about showing at the legislature that we are serious about this that it's got to change. Yeah absolutely -- I mean we're getting to a point where. Somewhere actually it would turn people look -- who steps that we would. The post -- -- Buses that are planned -- what we don't want it's there's absolute dictatorship growing evidence exceed two but he also just go as. Steve and also thought is with scope shooters committee on political education he's -- -- this morning for a few minutes here on news radio 9:30 AM one of seven point seven FM WB Ian Stephen what are you hearing from outside the Western New York counties the seven or eight counties of Western New York your work -- -- turn back and we expect from. A central New York end of the folks or to the east of us but. Who who stopped shy of the Hudson. I'll bet we got number processor Camilo Syracuse area we've got a stomach more and should probably. From duchess. Just terribly. -- group's Long Island coming up boat -- share string number of people situation room. Which is steadier at sportsman's association for urban education downloads -- sending people up so that -- just Western Europe -- All the. Do you feel daughter drama queen governor saying that the reason people like you. And -- are upset with this law is we just don't. Understand. It you know we seem to be some well -- actually under revitalized and the great to Andrew Cuomo of course there is the superior intellect in the Roman and he's looking out for all of this of course. -- -- -- -- -- But military. You know let me try to tell us that -- -- they can't say at least he would fit that particular you know like a little more -- the Obama the more of the talks. -- -- You know Governor Cuomo seemed to backtrack a little bit last week by the way I thought it was delicious. Absolutely scrumptious the -- ball was in town and that day the Erie county legislature went on record by a vote of seven or. Against and -- I say I thought that was absolutely sensational. And I hope -- went back to Albany with his tail between his legs. You know I really -- -- of that type from. It's my understanding that the only. They were putting pressure on the democratic negotiators -- it's still vote now on that but. -- -- and I always did it is they've given given the pressure they were under again I just -- and because look like I said specifically Tom blog -- were gonna be watching you -- -- -- Democrat and all waterlogged and restaurant main street in Snyder were I'm gonna go there and order -- expensive off the menu. He he voted with the minority as did Terence McCracken and other Democrats though. They heard their constituencies. And they blocked the party and whatever the party could've done for them in the future. Yes that's littered with constituents and they didn't give him credit or scaling up we're -- people and and not his -- party -- so. Here's what here's what concerns me here's what concerns -- ago. -- -- talk with Steve and all stuff from scope we're just the first part of the show because -- just wanna get some more information on how everything's gonna pan out Governor Cuomo says well you know there might be some tweaking of this Scott and -- safe thing. And by tweaking you and I both know what it means they're gonna change it for police officers but they're not gonna change it for the rest of -- because you know we all of the police officers lead fine wine the rest of -- simply lead sludge. -- does that worry you that they're going to. Other gonna make changes that are simply cosmetic without addressing the fundamental issue which is one of freedom of the Second Amendment. Yeah absolutely. You know we don't believe there should be traditional classes of people. I don't either I mean look I wanna come to come out on top and every gun fight and also want law abiding citizens to come out on top of every gun fight. Yeah absolutely so so -- It's. You know I'm not. I'm not sure -- -- to -- -- -- look at other -- amendments to success. It's Serb positions that we would like she -- -- stepped. And they're gonna kill our people Thursday in all the Rachel on the same thing. Somebody sent me email Steve and again I should know I mean I guess and I worked in Albany had no more about the process than I do but there's somebody set me. An email that was filled with -- all kinds of technicalities about Albany and -- works basically that. If the senate were to re open this thing. And then send it to committee it could actually stay on the books but not be enforced because it was something that was still. In consideration for amendment are you familiar with that at all to explain that properly. I don't think that they can do their own entity assembly as well. Which need to educate you Sheldon Silver and there's. This Apollo. Lyrics and Democrats so much. I don't see that being -- realistic. Advocacy epic -- also it's it's as likely. When I received -- out one more thing and that is the Albany rally this Thursday the 28 I think if we viewed that as the culmination were going to be making a very bad mistake because one of the things the so called progressive liberal socialist -- will do. They take an issue they do not give up on the issue until everybody who disagrees with them is personally professionally and politically destroyed and they get their way through litigation legislation through intimidation. They're willing to do anything to get their way are we willing to do that are we willing to accept the fact that Thursday is not the be all and the end. Oh no it is it is it's not -- And that's one part of or what we're doing. Afterward having -- bogey at which leaders and elected lieutenant just it put two seats. Resolutions calling for the repeal we are also moving forward with so lawsuits so will be filing a suit and the that this -- future -- -- the well super agent present -- -- and put forward so no this is not the end this is just one part of that. Not to relate to play not -- different this. Okay a quick question for you the lawsuit by Jim president last time we made contact with the -- law firm we talk with Jim's son I think it is Max -- or call off hand but there. At what progress is being made where does that stand right now in the class action lawsuit terror and getting an injunction against this law taking effect assigned by State Supreme Court justice. What he did come to our meeting last Thursday night on the report that they have trial which -- And adjourned until April -- there so. I'm not saying it's terrible for political system that soups. And they are -- going to be an expert jury trial and going to war. Forward in just children that judgment about. -- -- a 11 power to issue essentially and undergo surgery travel. Well -- you are looking forward to their -- and again I mean that's that's a lesson we can learn from the opposition the opposition is so much better than we are taking an issue and not letting it go until they get their way and destroyed all opposition. We've seen it happen before. And it's gonna continue to happen go ahead I'm sorry demeanor after. I don't know that they like. It's that this is this is not going away this not going to be one time thing we're net estimates. Make a protest people. Are not going to. He assessed by the throat that's the sensor that's changed to. All right Steve and also got to put a link up to -- your -- scope. Page and again because this isn't again I I cannot make this any more clear this isn't about getting credit. This isn't about Stephen -- not giving the gold medal or Tom -- getting a gold medal or Tim Howard getting your gold medal or anybody else getting a gold medal Carl Paladino this is about. Something that we all -- it has to be changed and I'm you know you don't strike me as the kind of guy who wants credit for what you do I'm certainly not. I don't think Carl is we just want this overturned. -- -- it's about anybody in the credit it's it's about the job -- That's -- our motto for the security Hyundai each. So our rights went all the paperwork the other troops. -- my motto is you got to fight for your right to party but I think that's already been taken. Stephen thanks very much idea I'm happy to talk with you and I'll give people the website today as we say site and are so I have a good one we'll talk real soon okay. We're gonna come see me when I'm -- Albany gonna stop by and they get on the air live. I'm sure you know we're going to be. That's a good question. Look for the adoring women staring at me that will be -- Well I'll be up there. Maybe Tuesday socially but it -- -- Well I'll be there I'll be there Wednesday that yourself -- -- future attacks and worms there. All right thanks very much.

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