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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Oscars Wrap From LA - Steve Futterman

Oscars Wrap From LA - Steve Futterman

Feb 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS's Steve but -- is with us now on the live line fresh off covering the Oscars last night. Morning Steve good morning you covered a lot of the -- yes how does this compare. Think it was a -- show I don't think this will go down in in history except if you wanna look at what Daniel day. Lewis did it was a -- show you didn't have one dominant film infect them I'm going through the Oscar research right now this was a very rare event. Where you have the top six award. Going to six different films and try to research now the last time I see it happening with 1957. They've only happened twice before in Oscar history but you had oracle winning best picture Lincoln's best actors silver linings playbook. Best actress best supporting actress went Elaine is a -- Best supporting actor Genco in -- and and best director going to. Like -- -- of -- mutual to have such a split among the top six awards is the buzz. From Hollywood now and Seth MacFarlane is host. I think in mixed buzz -- there was some great moments some very tough jokes and maybe some. Questionable saw the -- at some parents cringing as their kids were watching with them last night when he sang a song about women's breasts. But up I thought there were some very good moment but I also thought that opening monologue to -- just dragged a bit too long. -- would have been a bit better I thought but getting mixed reviews not to all thumbs up but certainly not all thumbs down. He has I think already said he's not gonna do it again as the Oscars so looking at younger crowds in trying to bring them in maybe people like get a they've been trying to do that forever and especially the last ten years remember a couple of years ago they had. James Franco and Anne Hathaway co hosts and matches went. Down the tubes James Franco. We were told the time could do everything what we've learned that one thing that he could not do which was host the Academy Awards I don't know who they will -- it's a very tough job to do and they'll. You know what people don't wanna do it. It -- it was a surprise last night might have been from like a pint which won four Oscars yeah I think so I think so and Ang Lee winning best director was a bit of a surprise other. Total shock in fact I tweeted my predictions before night. Heading only winning best director most people thought that would go to Steven Spielberg I think that was the biggest surprise of the night to begin -- -- Total surprise the other award that was -- a bit of a surprise maybe jango and change. Christoph Waltz winning best supporting actor most people had Robert De -- the favorite for silver linings playbook Tommy Lee Jones that great Roland. Lincoln but Christoph Waltz was a strong third and we all knew that was -- a category that was really wide open. What do you make of the split you mentioned it earlier the idea that a lot of different movies picked up -- down were were none of them good enough to rise to the absolute top. Or where they'll go I why I think you may have had a very strong here I think you had really some good films this year. I thought really the top five of -- this was the old Oscars where you had only five best picture nominees I think you would have had. Obviously -- Lincoln. Lleyton is who would have had zero dark thirty in silver linings playbook all those were very strong films and -- -- the four extras. This was just a good year for films in Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar with a trip. Literally right that's right she fell. Wearing a long dresses I was telling people every time I've worn a long dress like that I've had difficulty walking -- well. But -- -- don't help I know it's just so difficult but you know at the end. There wasn't a silver lining but there was a golden lining she was holding that -- and situated at the end so what who cares if she tripped and by the way. It's a trip seen around the world a million people sought she's probably more well known to -- because of that trip than if she hadn't fallen. You sound awful perky and good parties last night that you know I don't get invited to the parties all right fair enough -- I wish I did. I wish I could say yes I turned him down but now -- must be addressed the ethics out all right Steve thanks for joining us daycare that's CBS's Steve parliament in Los Angeles.

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