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Lindy Ruff.

Feb 22, 2013|

Sandy and the crew discuss now former Buffalo Sabres' head coach, Lindy Ruff.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you were wondering I mean up to. -- didn't drive around from Tim Hortons to Tim Morton's. Long enough to remember enough so there. There -- and they were up adding a little humor right near the end of the as the press -- he showed immense class and that's no surprise anybody that knows -- dealt with them -- is very classy man and 10 what a way to go out that's how we'll remember his his goodbye. And so today's show is called Alan -- Limbaugh and Lindy and these goodbyes you have any final words the Lindy -- give us a call and share them with us. Also he composed the -- like two on our FaceBook page. The Limbaugh part of this is a rush said for the first time in his life. He's ashamed of his country and I was wondering if you share that. I'm Jordan let's go through a couple of entries and then -- postings in the mogul Leo phones. We take a couple -- ones next year's annual day -- loses a gracious statement from coach frost and class guy all the way -- and he was asked. How he felt about his current players and he was so. Classy I mean he said a video -- they did what I asked them do and they're working hard -- I mean it was a short side. That happened to me I'd sell you guys around him I would just say it's Tony's fault and then that went Tony was sick it was Jordan's fall but it's just. As soon as the way it's not mine don't look at me I'm fine at the exit of his degree Maryland erupt. No I as I said earlier can teach hockey. He can't teach class. He just has class that's what it is. Another George Nancy says there's -- -- -- hockey games that's why this town still logically -- well that's true way and that's a good good -- is through this that I mean if you look at the people who have been in them people whose names you know I mean there's a lot of people's names you don't know but the ones you do. Have been here a long time there embraced by the community it's almost like you've made an investment in us. Where making an investment in you -- just the way it works as opposed that somebody who comes in works you know a year couple years and is not without. When you put in your time in Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York doesn't forget. And I think that's good another place to Christen who says you're appreciated and inspiring thank you for all the great years best wishes and all your future endeavors yep we wish him the best and I he said that he is interested in coaching said he missed coaching already. And the only non coach one day. The team when -- and lost the game it would have been a nice that they have won one as a as a goodbye but didn't happen that's I guess that's in the movies doesn't happen in real life.

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