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Lindy Ruff Talks About Firing

Feb 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think there or if you think you're so this is -- life or do and starting with the Knox family. Who brought me here is a nineteen year old player. I still have the indication training camp through the book. Certain 197 -- and good you know period employer you're an actor coach. Endeavored to their family for for bringing me here. Through -- family who. Nor should change kept me. Tom believes in me. Once and things. Two Tom real soon Larry Quinn and in the pool for you. Again through another ownership change. I'll skip on the -- going must. Disagree and I thank you for. No Larry actually our first conversations and -- -- and I said to me or maybe it's time believe me it's acknowledged that we can get to straighten. And we have two great years and I think that. Our defense couldn't get beat up against Carolina we we might have been. We're going to be. And out of your recent ownership who -- I'm indebted to him I think we have the best of worship and believe in the week. I just are a great big thanks to. The carrying can. And and what they've done for for our team for our city. Home. I've got to know I think people understand I think their fans understand I think you guys understand. -- great ownership we have here. It is -- -- first class. And my biggest disappointment is. It was not getting it done more. And you know just washing through over the last 24 hours of student if the biggest biggest disappointment on behalf. We'll -- right here. You've got to trust me. Because. He's he's a competitor use he's a fabulous guy to be around. And and it'll get done right I know it's painful right now we've been and will get done. And for me it's just. It's a great -- for forgiving me the opportunity. In this last couple years since you carrying cameras taken over. To Darcy who. Are very nervous -- coach. Because I know through sixteen years. This from the 99% of GM's we will watch the coaches certain time. And we -- into some tough stretches were he believed in me and said you can get these guys through. And he's a good friend. He's there he's a great -- man. And we went through locked together. And I'm indebted to him for entrusting me a lot of very tough situations. To my fellow coaches. But I worked with the trainers. Just a great big thank you. A lot of good coaches come through here. -- I've been here forever. Represented man I think. I'm -- Missing and second when it comes to warm -- silver. Trophy to buffalo. And he's been here since day one. I don't feel bad that. You know were parting ways and he wants nothing more than one cup for the city to. Twelve players. Past. Current and past players. Know the reason the coach's success is just players -- play from. Starting from doing my god heard -- name amidst all the turmoil. And I'm wondering as a young coach where they're I can get through it. Whether. I could get this group to believe them. In how we want to play and where we can get to. That was a special group we had have a special year. Which might turn that into a special three or four years and in came very close to. To -- what we want -- To a closer now. We heard. -- united group I don't know that sometimes you guys think it's been divided they're very united group or. Very in a place where they're trying to support each other pushing each other it's been hard it's been painful. They're working hard. The leadership from Jayson home and Nolan Ryan Miller Thomas Spanish town. And are they feel. I don't feel their pain at the same time and it's it's hard it's hard right now but I couldn't have been better days are right around the corner. And. -- -- Rick thanks to all those players from from day one. Can now from which relics and should -- for the world Packers to. To all our current players who wears the -- the players and if I have come and gone to endorse. You know last this long without. Good players and their players playing good for you and -- special goals and. I've had a lot of great memories so bad memories in this building shaking. No one will be fairly would be combat. And members in my office you can feel we are you could feel building shaking there was this incredible. So just a big banks -- -- players. Had come to address your man and Brosnan and most important. Is is our fans. Our season ticket holders see. How the people have made this place real special for myself. My family. -- Defense -- your number one hand. We really came to the forefront when. You know when I dealt with my daughter's medical condition. And -- -- got us through real tough. Real tough for our time and our lives. To end. And it was just frank your side of the fence. I like to put my thank you very next to him because. It's a special group it's. It's a place that. I called home. Always will call home. I don't feel like I mean to be ashamed over any regrets. From western New Yorkers is -- worth. And I love questioner. So just thanks so we -- on offense over all these years. -- -- whom he made this special person coach. I'm gonna keep this quick answer maybe a couple questions. And -- thanks. The camera lives. You know there's nothing -- right now it's -- it's just Clinton. Or just let things clear on what made clear right now. Which it continue coaching -- Got everybody listen to me. You know watched and more most people wouldn't but I watched the -- the first patent. Targets bits and it's a tough feeling it's very strange feeling but. And I had to keep going Obama became. It's through Wednesday -- this had a tremendous impact and your family. Your son tweeted several times. Asking for -- Thomas told them is there reform program. Idea if you know anybody was offended yourself real nice he's a great character. It has been hard on. -- the most emotional was talking -- -- So. I can walk you through Wednesday -- -- -- left here and and Darcy came up to to my home. And I saw my serve -- from the surrounding. Let's indulge their stories -- I I see it you've been my biggest backer. -- measures. You know I did I just heard -- felt that. And I think you -- sensitive to wind -- frustration to me and my answer those questions Austria wasn't -- I did -- apprehension I saw us going in the right direction in Boston against Boston against Pittsburgh here. Can take that step back against Winnipeg was. And as I can kick in the gut -- me. And you guys saw. I saw I felt it. And so I just asked him Iverson was not I'd like to go see McCain thanked them thanked players. Diminution. I said dude you better remember Nelson was just referred to McCain was because somebody -- we -- -- before you can use okay. Finish he said he was -- us drove to the bus no we don't know coaches know anybody under. I stepped on the bus thanked them. Thanks for all the work to real hard -- -- integrated practice we have no -- meaning as king. -- question that was some leaders -- mourning and it was. It is just very silent on the box you know walked off and you know players walked off into sort of excellence harmful. Two players yesterday they said they felt like they let you down in all fairness to you. When you look at this rosters are enough there to have the success. God they're really a lot -- comment on the team. They didn't run me down they gave. It could really gave what I asked. We have really come to agreement on how we're gonna approach the season and they gave me they gave me always had good communication and me. He input from from members of the coaches was it was awesome. We didn't. I've I've looked over have gone over every game like you know my office I grabbed my notes have grabbed game also looked at all the games and what the chances of look how we lost I. You know it's like I'm driving myself crazy but I. You know when I was done I should you know we gave three games away we could have been -- nine and seven in a pretty good place. Instead we're fixing can and and that it -- does fall actually said this that if that falls with me we. We weren't good enough to get through a couple of those games and some of it was system. Related some of it was mistake related and I'm not gonna get into all that and not gonna get into the team because. It isn't about right now. You mentioned you watched hockey if you watch the game last thing I -- one period and I just I found her incredibly strange I had to turn off. It was. What some might couldn't I want it to. But I couldn't. I watched through the night before -- talked to watched her through Pittsburgh Philly game. I watch -- have a later game. But. I'm gonna watch it just I couldn't get through last night there was it was. It was strange and I just again. I wanna thank everybody -- thank all of you I know it. You guys have been a total professionals with me and I know sometimes we've butted heads a little Britain. John I know you and I got almost -- So. If you were wondering what I've been up to and didn't drive around from Tim Hortons said Tim Morton's. Or not to -- right now so far. -- Right there is a former Buffalo Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff and wow what a what an amazing. Class acts. At at the arena downtown. I.