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Oscars Preview - Bob Thompson

Feb 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB -- line is our next guest -- -- front of the morning show Bob Thompson director of the bloggers under the TV and pop culture. At Syracuse University you know Bob. I -- -- pretty good company and this morning yesterday morning about the doctor's office and I'm reading Newsweek magazine. And I flipped the page and guess who want to. There's a story about Bob Thompson at Syracuse University -- you're gonna get around Georgia. Well I didn't know Newsweek magazine was still a legacy that but it was only a line. Dallas there was an old copy but you're talking about television shows and television programming and they identified you as a frequent contributor so. Very well. WB -- the Newsweek magazine but they let -- claim to -- peanut. -- -- It is sort. They've got on the Oscars -- with the best picture nominees there are nine this year do you think it comes down -- Maybe two of them like Argo and Lincoln. Well you know you're never you're never know that these these are not awards for objectively. The -- because of course we could never really. Figure out what that is. These are awards given by what the industry both -- and sometimes. The -- this surprise but while bill certainly. -- -- -- -- Interesting how we've got to historical period. Are going zero dark thirty clustered together and link and inject the one chain -- Clustered together all kind of like I put my money deadly skin but. Nine. They didn't ask you -- -- -- -- Bob let me ask you this you know you say you're putting your money on Lincoln's -- There have been some reports. That Steven Spielberg has been taking a little blue beating here and there because of at least water maybe more inaccuracies. In the field itself to be heard about that. Yeah that is true and I think we -- got so much attention and everything there's always the idea of of backlash I mean that the historical and actors the thing is always an interest in. Issue with -- comes to. Fictionalized scripted movies about historical periods. If you want accurate history get a history book and -- read about -- In the same is true for any of you know Pearl Harbor movies or. The I don't think these movies try to do is. Turn data -- experience. And I'm always kind of amused by people going to have a fictional movies and saying it was historical he would actor. OK speaking of reading books about history especially about Lincoln. Then you do not wanna read Bill O'Reilly spoke about assassinated Lincoln. They did that debt -- it. Should just. All ice futures say yep. Well you're right I mean it's different. You know that book is one thing unity. Serious history is another people wrote poems about -- They've effectively can still and I think all of us who went to school this country to two pillars was. First learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and this movie somehow I think managed to. Make it not seem light and make that period seem. They have many things in common with the very things were going through today and that's what I got -- which pension. But I have to say I'm more interested in seeing how that McFarlin dozens. Hoped I was just gonna ask you can't win. You know I was just looking I -- who hosting a series of Billy Crystal and he's not it's it's Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy creator do you think kill he'll be -- Well I mean in many ways it's -- geek speak it's almost like he was created in the laboratory to be hosted the Oscars got that beautiful -- Seems to compromise Ph.D. in broadcast announcing. He can -- he can they had. You can do all this stop and they're trying to get him to appeal to a younger audience. But then again they tried to do that James Franco and Anne Hathaway and look how that occurred. I mean you know but I think of those guys behave themselves felt McFarland. And you know I think this guy's got the potential to be another Bob Hope. I I agree I would put it more in the Billy Crystal category a little less. Frenetic but I agree I think he PPP and I think you are aptly write he would keep busy it's. And the the other people besides who he's put their two to appeal to. Com I think he's got the potential to be one of these legacy. Haute so that's why I'm really interesting to see whether or not that's going to. The Philip -- Bob Hope I think what eighteen times. Posted. Yeah there was complain -- don't ever winning an Oscar. Right yeah he got a couple of little honorary things but. Well there's a lot of people who have hosted the Oscars will never -- about a. Yeah you're right Bob it is always fun to talk with the thank you. Fine thank you Bob Thompson director of the Bleier center for television and pop culture at Syracuse you.

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