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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bauerle with Kevin Hardwick - Gun Vote Chaos

Bauerle with Kevin Hardwick - Gun Vote Chaos

Feb 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now Erie county legislator Kevin Hardwick who's been a very influential in putting the proposal together so that the Erie county legislature can vote to -- New York State to do away with the orwellian named it. And why safe act. Kevin thank you very much for joining us what is going on what is the atmosphere right now at the legislature. Well I just came out of a caucus meeting actually it was the entire legislature in the caucus it's open to the public no violation of the public meetings are anything like that. It appears that the chair of the legislature Betty Jean grant is going to try to send both resolutions. Our resolution calling for repeal and the democrats' resolution calling for public hearings. To the public safety committee now the public safety committee would have a a meeting next week. And this would obviously delay everything well. Nobody really getting OK well let's just the Betty Jean grant is against freedom Betty Jean grant is against the Second Amendment and she's gonna use her power as the head of the Erie county legislature to make sure these proposals -- Well other -- those are your words damn mind but obviously she's trying to delay the vote on this. She makes the case that that that one of the things we allege in our resolution calling for the repeal. Is the process was all wrong that this was done and hasty manner. And she says. And and we make the case that this should have been publicly aired and gone to the committee process in the legislature. She says we would be just as bad if we did the same thing here voted on this. -- Kevin you -- talking about this for ten days. I understand that they're actually. Legislator Ed -- from Amber's made that exact point. Well what we intend to do in the Republican caucus is to challenge the to cheer on their ruling and will have at least five votes to challenge their ruling to get this thing voted on today. If a Democrat -- justice will have six votes and I assume that we have six votes bit. To vote on it today than we have six votes to pass itself. Stay tuned. Yeah well -- Betty Jean grant is convinced me that she is an absolute. Well. She -- she's no friend of freedom and she's no I mean she's a liar I mean I I -- that I'm sorry but to say don't -- you're doing the same thing that Cuomo did is one of the most disingenuous or uninformed statements I've ever heard you've been talking about this publicly now for what two weeks. GGO. Betty Jean over the the the course of her year in and two months is curable legislature has actually been a pretty decent chair so I. I would echo that are you want to characterize it that way but regardless. Well I well you know I still hold the constitution have a very of the constitution sacred cabinet. You'll as delight but anyway you know what we're gonna try to do is we're gonna try to force a vote on this -- overrule the chair. That meeting will be at 2 o'clock that is open to the public for deplorable county at all. You know it should be -- should be interesting. Question are you hearing -- Cuomo is gonna show up at the legislature today. No that would that would brighten the heck out of me MEI think. We've had some discussions of life easier today and I think my a my best guess is it's poor timing on his part. Now I have another question for you and that is this the sixth vote you will need the way I figure it the most likely candidate to join you. It is Geary county legislator and restaurant owner Tom -- I I would -- disagreement. Any idea which way he's gonna go because you -- are -- -- now live really close to his own I don't. You know I think today he didn't participate in the discussion this morning he was present. Some of the others you know tip their hand I think everybody knows where we are. But. But no I I don't have a sense of which way he's going. Well I hope like Kevin that you call out Betty Jean grant and and explained to the people that you have been talking about this in the public. -- well again -- weeks. Again that's the point that -- raft made in the in the caucus meeting this morning two to the chairwoman. And I think it's one that that we all agree -- on our side anyway. All right so loved. Well we are Kevin on asking people to call out Tom log rental office -- office send an email would then have any effect or are we gonna be trumped by anything the Democrat he leaked an awful night on the line. I got to believe you know Tom is there is nothing if not responsive to his constituents. Well I hope sell and if he votes two asked the state to do away with and why it's safe I'll have to go there and order like the most expensive meal on the menu. -- you know he has a decent -- to tell my they'll I know you know that. Well if he votes against it on the received it yet. All right thank you very much I'm I'm glad you called -- -- Kevin Hardwick Erie county lawmaker on WB Ian.

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