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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Forum on Downtown Stadium Tonight - TImothy Hogues

Forum on Downtown Stadium Tonight - TImothy Hogues

Feb 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome Erie county legislator -- at the hole which is a Democrat from buffalo is on the WB a live line to talk about a forum today. To discuss the prospect of building a downtown sports stadium. -- are good morning thanks for joining us. -- Oregon -- you don't. We're doing Thomas -- before we talked you're about to your co sponsoring of this forum. We'd like to hear how you plan to vote today sooner when these two resolutions come before the county legislature. On the future of New York State's new gun control laws better known as the New York say effect how do you plan to vote to him. Well there are a couple of resolutions put before us and so there'll be some discussion. And at 930 pre caucus session to see if either -- will go to the floor for a vote so. We have to wait and see. Both on both their majority and minority see. That it's important for us to look at this item we both agreed that it was pushed you already usually there's a -- was. A couple differing opinions on how we should address it so well they're good discussion. At -- 930 meeting and then we'll see what happens from. -- we talked with Betty -- grant a little bit earlier this hour who said she'd like this to go to committee. For further exploration but to think accounting needs to take a stand on -- one way or another. Well actually said and so a lot of the the citizens of New Yorkers are upset because of how. That was pushed through rather quickly without too much discussion. And so I believe Betty Jean's point and I agree with -- that we should have some type the discussion on this so we can make sure that we're presuming the best. Request possible to the state. Legislator John Mills also talked to us earlier this morning he too thinks this thing is gonna wind up in committee. Do you think it will. -- It would depend on our discussion this morning and -- again my interest is so on making sure. That we handle -- the right way and we just still rushed to put something forward I know a lot of other counties have put something forward. But I would like to -- did you do our due diligence and have the proper discussion on the. But I got a lot is known about these resolutions of the Republican resolution the calls are ripe for the repeal. Of these tough new gun control laws while the democratic resolution. Looks for changes that would be acceptable to everybody so. I mean if we all know this why don't county legislators Elvis. Well we really need to spend that time to have that discussion hopefully after this 9:30 meeting this morning we. Well we'll see what happens and either way on the will come out with -- and that is acceptable to the citizens. And we would like -- we will do -- due diligence on the one way or the other. Okay ten year also hosting a meeting tonight at the ACC city campus. And the prospects for downtown stadium tell us about it. Yeah and so the group to greater buffalo sports in a table complex as opposed building retractable roof stadium which -- about 72000. And the other exciting part of it is it is not just the stating -- talk about this economic development in the downtown area that includes museum. He's in Rochester has partnered up with them talks about all trails. Dining and parking space will. As we know well -- stadium is aging. And become the title we're gonna ask you a part ways with -- and I believe building new stadium and if we're talking about building a new stadium. I think you have to look more than just stayed have to look at the ability to attract people so we know that stadium. Is not -- year round it's. Today. And so this proposal. Talks about -- dome retractable stadium. That will have other things that will attract the public on a year round basis suitable space for conventions. In most the thing. That sounds good sounds sort of like a dream. Doesn't have any potential to really getting off the ground. At the great question yeah and so. The -- awful sports entertainment complex has presented in front of our economic development committee. They've been throughout the community I think they've talk to the governor few times. As so that one question I still say itself there is how well they've raised the floor and you do this and they they're -- they're big push is saying that it will be mostly private money. It is so as of today we have a singles player and clear which stated. That's how they're going to raise -- London though they mention. Mr. Nicklaus Strauss they won't mention. That he has -- investors ready and cabinet the -- to jump on board but we just haven't. And so I applaud them for the vision that people forward is that some energy and excitement around the city in the and it's called for a lot of discussion. But we really need to see those details and specifics of how they're going to raise at one point -- do. Look of the site are you looking at. Is there a specific site in mind. What they're looking at the outer harbor and so all the renderings that they've put forth Shelby Al arbour. It's. Magnificent. Rendering it gets you excited. It talks about the involvement of chrome DM. It shows the the retail space hotel space. Well once again that that major question is it's around how how they're going to raise their private funding for that is. Tim good to have you of those this morning thank you. Want you to -- until the hogs the democratic member of the Erie county legislature.

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