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Legislature GOP Asking For Gun Law Repeal - John Mills

Feb 21, 2013|

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Jon Mills as a Republican Erie county legislator from Orchard Park is with us on the WB Ian lifeline John good morning. -- Barry county is ground zero today in the New York -- fact debates so far more than twenty counties across the state of past resolutions against. The states sweeping gun laws and it's -- counties turn today there are two resolutions on the table John one for the Republicans and the other from the democratic majority what's the difference between these two bills. OR OR bill basically says that we oppose what. What happened at all in the fifteenth infantry worried we feel it's appropriate with the governor. Lacks transparency. Is that it certainly. -- -- top piece of our population puts in the it is is that a bad situation and political we have. And the the piece of legislation basically -- Phillips let's just kind of review things zealots. It's it's a very soft piece of legislation which really continued support. These safety -- to a resolution put forth by the governor. John have you heard from folks who live in your district about this. I heard from there are many many people they represent and drug about nine people you know -- ninety to the 10%. Did favor. Of what we're trying to do to repeal the safest. It's it's an appropriate -- I think about -- people the most it can choose that. The transparency and Howell also -- to the legislature. That this is something that needs to be aired in and discussion at public hearings and they think -- they're good. In parts of the state. Law. And mission very bad arts and I think that it does that put. -- -- I think it would have been good fruit for. Numbers have big gun rights rally. Outside of old county home at one this afternoon before your session begins at two do you think that this Israeli might influence today's vote. I'm hoping it does right I think that. We need just one legislators come. Torso agents with far -- right now -- we can make this happen. I'm just hoping that definitely count the Serb. Who work right now with this at this point to change her mind I think it's they're disenfranchising. People they represent their district. What happens if the Democrats well excuse the expression stick to their guns. Well. It's 65 and and then it goes to committee where it will be just kind of lost in the in the shuffle because quite frankly you know. We don't -- just -- legislature until after the rally in -- and leave and -- February so that's maybe that's our process. The other side they chose to look. Looked at dusk you know most -- it's clear a little bit. Things kind of down sometimes people look feel that this is no -- state news story people think it is it is displaced piece of legislation I think it's going to be. Continuing for many many months cup. We're talking with John Mills this morning Erie county legislator from Orchard Park you know John. It seems if you listen to the news and current and watch the news is great momentum for repeal here in Western New York but. After talking with a reporter at the capitol yesterday he reminded us that statewide. There is major support for the safe bill and all of this repeal -- It's frowned as he put -- the vocal minority do you honestly think that something may come of this repeal or change. Well -- is very significant invincibility. To -- And get things done because of the number of legislators have to stick to the population mixed but. Quite frankly think you know with governor and it it was sort of advice gesture that is coming to town today the talk about I think -- -- or something of the budget. And he would not becoming account in my mind. This early in the budget process. State budget process if in fact it was the agenda that are so. You know. It's going to be a tough. Stop both uphill battle with trying to this thing repealed but I think what we've beep beep and exploit an adult tickets -- sold to you know minority I think it's -- a lot of people out there and they're very concerned about what's happening. Both -- the gun -- but certainly with the way it was sort of put through the legislature I think at having. These people 300 miles away from what. Western New York making most of Albany. Kind of insulates them from from their constituents and I think that that's what's kind of wrong with state government. Are you -- gun owner. -- I only twelve gauge shotgun and he used on many many years and so young young man that took. I feel a lot safer with the they become I have. I don't have a pistol permit at this point in my life but. I think that's quite frankly. This is part of being being in living in America. Do you think it's just a coincidence that the governors coming today. You think there's anything related to what's happening in the Erie county legislature. In my mind I certainly feel Susan that there is there's certainly is an agenda here it's not just to talk about the budget a little early right now so you know the end of February to be talking about the April budget. I think there's another agenda maybe two. Reinforce. The fact that he wants the six members of the legislature. To who have sent this in the committee. John nice talking with you thank you for the time. What sort nuisance to return to the mistake. You -- John Mills Republican Erie county legislator from Orchard Park.