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Joe Biden.

Feb 20, 2013|

Sandy discusses Joe Biden's suggestion that you go out and buy a shotgun.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph Biden vice president this is though from the weekly standard. Vice president Joseph Biden recommended that quote if you wanna protect yourself get a double barrel shotgun. If there's ever a problem Biden said he told his wife -- walk out on the balcony walk out here. Put the double barreled shotgun. The window here and fired two blasts outside the house -- specified outside aisles. That's good I promise you -- coming in. Walt. You do you don't either they are fifteen it's harder -- hardly used by a shot come by a shotgun. Well whether you wanna use and they are shotgun. As personal choice. But he's right about one thing a shark and is easier to use and I never thought I'd say he's right about anything. If you're thinking about a -- handgun. It takes a lot more training. And a lot more X. We're -- to hit anything with a handgun -- a dozen shotgun. Stevie Wonder to shoot a shotgun and hit somebody I'm just saying. If you as a measure not mean. A 180 degrees away from the target which Rangers shoot yourself. You can hit some it was shotgun and there's the sound of a shotgun is like mountain like no other. So I think Biden is right if if if that said. And so a lot of the questions we're gonna ask because it goes with the other subject about what the Milwaukee County sheriff had to say. Is if if have you thought about. Getting something for home protection because of all the talk about guns -- what's going on and if so what are you considering. I'm saying if you have no experience with guns you should still learn how to shoot a gun I shot them properly if you're thinking of a handgun. I wouldn't really recommend that are -- sure in my -- really wanna get training you wanna get training. That's fine but it does take awhile it's not just instant. And keep their mind. Most of the time when when guns are one hand doesn't show the very close proximity. 5710. Yards I mean it's not very far it's not like. -- shot while bill Hitchcock made which was legendary. Try to think of the exact yardage. Where he was in a gunfight and put people in right through the guy's forehead at an enormous distance. I can't think of -- distance but it's almost unheard of and it's still debatable. The old that whether that happened about well there's a lot of lower that went around 1 o'clock certainly. But what I'm saying is and I have you given any consideration. Two home protection as far as the guns are concerned. So Biden says he told his wife that if there's a problem a lot of in the balcony. Double barrel shotgun boom moment lovers come and it was gone. But I think they they do have an intimidation factor that is second to none. I mean if you look at a shotgun and you look at say they are fifteen and -- fifteen looks a lot more menacing. But takes. It's not that you know it's not a high degree. Of scale for an air fifteen which you know -- -- doing got an ocean going and definitely takes more -- --

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