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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sabres GM Darcy Regier on Firing of Coach Lindy Ruff

Sabres GM Darcy Regier on Firing of Coach Lindy Ruff

Feb 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have relieved to Lindy -- As head coach of the Buffalo Sabres. First and foremost I would like to thank lending. As supplier. As a great coach. And an outstanding citizen in this community. And for all the work that he has done for the organization. And as I said four. Western New York. -- Ralston. Will be taking over as in term head coach. Ron is and note from Rochester will accompanied Toronto. -- we will meet with the players tonight. And with that I will take questions directly. -- it was -- prefer how the goal of make in the playoffs and unfortunately in a lack of progress. I think we are making some strides but it in the and for every. Two steps forward it was one step back and sometimes not not that in unfortunately. This is a time a year. When. You know the coaching is. This is probably the thing that's evaluated the most and -- -- News. One is -- be in room do you mean that you'll be in from from the rest of the season. Or are you in the process of looking for another coach at this point. He will be the end term for the rest of the season. And -- provide him an awesome opportunity to get to know each other and he'd he'd you know assuming things go well he will have an opportunity becomes the -- That's something -- talk about have not yet spoken about that will on the haven't thrown. Out. There that you. Well we started. Having conversations. Seriously. I just of late. So it was fairly recent but for myself -- and I had conversations about the team. About. The lack of progress what we thought. Was preventing us from making strides moving forward. And so it's been an ongoing thing with respect to talking about the team and why we weren't getting where we felt we needed to get. Between him and iron in on what you have to cross that bridge at some point -- OK he's still the coach and -- know we have to make them move you know you know he was there today. Actually prosecuted it was today if you're asking that decision that was made today down. And clean ones who made the decision and then you're making another decision are you are not going to try and get everything in order. Before. Now or are you gonna play out play another game in Toronto on -- mind invention and that of that of that thing I was. -- to do -- RJ two quick things here first of all how much is this enchantment of the fan base that we saw last night how much that impact the decision today. And secondly. Did you fire in the rough I'd be orders Terry rule given the number of public statements he made recently Lindy Ruff was not. Might my statements and and you and I are the ones that spoke. Were you the question you asked me was if he loses two out of three this weekend might. We'll do that -- weekend. Will he be fired that was felt that was the context that conversation so. -- I think you're you're misstating. What happened in your and my -- what about what channel two. Channel two I said I hope to to work with him for that from the rest of the press here but I also said to Adam at that time. That. For people who know only I don't make absolute statements. And never happen never will be for these reasons and what about the the disenchanted. Fan base. I think they prevailing factor. Here was where we are. Where we're going. Conversations. That I had with -- How he felt the boat where the team wise. I think last game -- it's quite honestly tipping point. And and it it was evident to me that you know we are searching for. Answers to too many questions. And you know that had a lot to do with -- as well. -- this is that production base business obviously the production was not there this year -- you personally having a relationship with when you that you did. How difficult was it today to have that conversation with a very difficult. Extremely difficult. But. You know this is this is professional sports. He understood it he was extremely professional. You know it's it's a tough day there's millions answer. Would you please explain the timing of the decision and this was a day that. I began by talking high school athletes would reach super Sunday and ran practice along one and that what passes as he normally does why didn't happen at this hour. Now we are having conversations while that was going on and it's usually on the air at that moment well the decision was being made that. -- you have. -- you have to sign off with terriers -- you are launching this. Know all these these decisions are ultimately it was my decision I made this decision. But these things are not done in the back of cell I'm in conversation with Terry. With -- black at times and -- Sawyer who's the senior advisor. And but like a lot of things here when it was -- and I or. Or ownership and myself. It's you're you're you're working as a team. No not right now I don't -- This is not a boat is not my day it's not about me. It's unfortunate that we're here meeting like this -- -- someone who is an outstanding coach. It's unfortunate word we we got this far so it's not about me. So. Yeah. All of that. No there's a lot of sides to it absolutely. Unfortunately coaches too often pay the price it's something that I. Not only avoid it but made it every effort to avoid in the past. Players -- Part of that I'm a part of it I'll start with I'm a part of it the players are part of it. The organization you go to scouting staffs pro amateur everyone here feels responsible. Garcia. Garcia I just if you could elaborate. As to what degree. Do you feel responsible. In terms of how this team has been put together some of the decisions you made over the years for right. And there's. Think there's a lot of unknowns with thirteen right now that we had you know you can look at the line of -- Leno -- and Stafford. And you can look at last season where they performed at a very high level we have seen that level so. There's there's a -- there are still remain. A lot of unknowns. And we'll continue working because of what we've seen what we believe in the players. That they can achieve certainly more than where we currently aren't. Hopefully it's a lot more but that time now. There's with what was said last year and locker clean now with you know they thought sometimes when he was too hard and I know -- changed this year we've we've talked about it with -- bomb. You feel there was a point where maybe he did lose the team in Los that the where guys just weren't listening or hearing the message anymore. He he didn't lose the team in any way with respect communication in fact communication has never been better and so there were huge strides and done that in in that regard. Unfortunately it -- didn't translate into the rights and for whatever reason. We we couldn't get any traction. Especially defensively. And he felt as. At times you know we do it if it was going to say confusing but. You know it was really hard to get different era -- have to get a grip on. You should a coach up to fifteen years be trying to reinvent himself and what did you think of that old notion absolutely need to. -- we have no choice either you have to change the people of the people have to change what you do you do it doesn't matter what we do. It's a bone growth if you don't if you don't embrace it and you don't find her try to find ways to become different -- become better. And with that unfortunately in this case that change I think I have created a risk. That. Didn't payoff you believe the players don't amount because that's a lot of people gonna say -- have said no not at all not at all. I'm he came in he asked me after I'm our -- house. Given the news if he could addressed the players. And he did so he came to the busted after 3 o'clock he addressed the group the group got off Abbas shook his hand some hugs. So now I don't. I I don't know I'd carry it I don't I wish I could tell you the exact reasons I don't know but he didn't lose to. -- -- The move represents certain. Changing of the guard. -- -- You feel like the players there are on the team right now you feel like. They can responded they can step up and pretty feel like there's more changes and you -- me here. Well right I think they're going to be if we can make changes to improve this team we're going to make every effort to do so. And that they recognize that's part of the business but I also believe that. I I I believe they'll respond. You know I mean again it's it's unfortunate that. We're here in these these circumstances but I think the players will respond I think you'll see. Improvements. Garcia on them on that note according McCormack -- wave today I mean you would talk over the weekend room when we discussed we have an interview that. You were looking to trade options to what degree do you feel as if this line up. Needs to be altered it. It -- does in some areas. You know the adjustment with Cody McCormick was based we will bring Kevin Porter from Rochester. He has performed at a high level -- in -- and rice she's true cinema. He's got good speed and and and he plays hard and and you know he's someone we think that. Can help us you know in the third and fourth line or -- RC Internet. -- -- hurt -- the last two seasons how much did short season played today accelerate its decision. The shortened season is impacting decisions like this from around the league I believe. I'm I I think that. It's it's measured against expectations. And expectations are high and are high here. And it influences decisions -- what have you seen from Ron Rolston. In Rochester that you believe he's right this opportunity now. Well I saw his -- for this reason are based on wasn't based on this decision but I saw his team play. In Hamilton the other night. Afternoon. And his teams play with. Structure discipline. They have work ethic I think he has a good hockey club down there right now and and he has -- playing very Arctic. So I think you'll see what you'll see some of those -- Along those lines I was gonna ask about Rolston is well. Certainly. The message and the system. That the sabres have played over the last you know. -- under under rough. Has come from rough. Is -- Along those lines he's coming from within the organization is it going to stay the same is he going to bring in his own what how how things can change on the ice Iran and without getting into us. Cervix is quite honestly I don't know -- them he he will coach his way and and and it is different. Is it drastically different probably not but there are some differences. Garcia. Obviously the coach takes some responsibility in a situation like this and you were with this coach for a long time. How angry are you in this group of players given the underperformance. Who with only a couple of exceptions under performance of the team that has a pretty big payroll. You tell me how much time you got from anger. I mean. And he never served me well. That's something and someone told me when time is something new during can expect the other got to die. So. You know to poison its I don't spend any time -- Mean clearly disappointed in these players and I'm I'm just part of myself I'm disappointed. Four Lindy. I'm disappointed. I'm when I see the players I'm disappointed for them to. We should all we do -- point. As far as anger we we we have too much work to do we can't. -- -- -- The defense has been some down time the last few years with Andy looking back and his entire tenure how should you hear them. There's a great coat and someone who should be. First of all I think you'll get it an opportunity if he wants to -- very quickly. And I think that you know. People who have been fired you have an opportunity to. Use it as a springboard. Or I -- to consider on this board and he'll he'll use it as a springboard if he if he wants to he'll have lots of opportunities. I I think back to. When we interview I called Scotty Bowman about him and he said to me. Since Scottie who would you compare him to and he said Darcy. He's a lot like Al arbour review older fans here. With a sense of humor. And I -- body was right. Yeah thank you. --

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