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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>HarborCenter Project Set to Sail - Sam Hoyt

HarborCenter Project Set to Sail - Sam Hoyt

Feb 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WB -- live line we welcome Sam Hoyt former New York State shall -- and and now a member of the harbor development corporation gonna talk about. -- under the brand new development across from first Niagara senator Sam good morning thanks for joining us. You're welcome good morning happy Kabila. You know this development does all going on of the inner harbor on the -- of the outer harbor really mean exciting times for downtown you know before you know it. There really is going to be a lot to do lots of attractions to bring people downtown what do you think. I think we're changing the image. Buffalo. Wouldn't all the excitement and partners that we're seeing an envelope on the awful waterfront. When I took this job -- Governor Cuomo he told me -- That waterfront development and making news prior waterfront city -- clash. Destinations is a priority for him and we're starting this is the difference of our labor mean it's it's. There is over. My question is. 240. Million dollars in private sector investment. Around -- -- around where. They -- -- more our territorial waters and emerge pretty excited about. Sam is every approval in for -- senator and if so when his groundbreaking. That triggered questions that are awful lot of approvals. -- there may be one final approval. With the buffalo common council that didn't happen yesterday it might be. Happening today. But it's my understanding. That the answer is yes that. All of it's they're in the Goddard and -- crossed. Which we understand that. Late march there will be our official numbers. -- tax breaks necessary for the project when. You know we all know Terry Google is not putting his last dollar out for this. Well it is I know that it can't afford the IDA. Yesterday and they show true. Provides some sort of tax incentives and I think that the you know -- that wisdom there was that given that magnitude. Of these investment in the that transformational. Aspect of it that. Some government assistance. Was -- I think it was unanimous vote. Each yeah radiate meeting yesterday in this this truly will be transformational. And in my opinion and and so I think some minimal government -- senses. -- -- -- -- -- -- what you personally really like about -- under those Buffalo Sabres project what's going to be in that building. That you think people are really going to be attached. Well it's it's something that the -- and then carry Pakula. Are taking extraordinary partner who. You were called it the original announcement call for a with the governor and 23 million dollars that's. It's gone up 270. Dollars and I'm told by insiders. That's in no small part because. The -- lose themselves want this to be a world class destinations and so they went from. You know -- mid level hotel development -- you know actually -- -- -- -- but I like the fact that it can repeat. I'm also an economic. Generator in the sense that that you're gonna have these two are accurate down their their goal mr. -- tournament. Virtually. Every weekend. -- and possibly have and as a home for. College Hockey program I think -- shut Tunisia is college and so it's gonna generate activity. Down the canal -- not just during the summer months when we're strong. -- -- -- -- I think that it is going to be here that you know as overused word maybe but a transformational standard create. Real. Energy and an excitement that we are seen -- down the floor for. Sham we're grateful to -- join us this morning thanks again. Sam -- formerly are still the Solomon now heading up the empire state regional development.

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