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Bauerle: Being ready for a fight

Feb 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the things that you have to be aware of and these political circles and these -- -- circles. And somebody has to say it. There are a lot of little people around here who have very big egos. And they think that there little groups. Are the reason why we have anything like a rally or agreement on a particular issue. And if anybody else has the same opinion as their group. They regard that person is being an interloper and to their group fundamentally it's based on insecurity. I have no use for people like that in my life I could care I could not care less who is quote -- quote credited with a turnout in Albany that is insignificant. It does not matter what matters is that thousands of people show up on this one issue that tell. Mick -- Cuomo that he got a wrong that he totally misjudged the people of this state and that he has to make it right. And if Cuomo and the assembly in the New York State Senate do not wanna listen to that. Then it's gonna be time for some other measures and if you can't make progress in this state because the way all the districts are gerrymandered. Well it. Something that governments have found out from the beginning of time it's people will take so much. But then there's that line. And once that line is crossed you either backed up over that line or get ready for a fight. And let me just remind you of Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein led Iraq. When Saddam Hussein was at war with Iran Saddam Hussein was our body. Because we hated the Iranians because of the hostage thing Saddam Hussein was killing Iranians good for Saddam Hussein. But then Saddam Hussein following that. Became belligerent he became a bellicose. He overplayed his hand Saddam Hussein. Decided. To go in to Kuwait's. Well guess what that was the outline in that the senate and that was the expression used by major media. In describing George Herbert walker Bush's reaction to his former buddy Saddam Hussein going into Kuwait. This will not stand he over played it he crossed a line. And he wasn't gonna go out because the United Nations said he had to get out he wasn't gonna go up because it was the right thing to deal. He went out because frankly he was forced out by the force of arms. Otherwise it's still be in Kuwait and he'd still be running Iraq. -- -- As -- played his hand we need to call on who we need to call his bluff. We can't let this ago. We cannot let this go. Because he wants to ride this to the White House we need to knock them off its high horse.

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