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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>When Will Spring Be Sprung? - NWS Meterologist

When Will Spring Be Sprung? - NWS Meterologist

Feb 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

National Weather Service meteorologist Kirk apple and the buffalo airport weather station is with us on the WB and landline morning Kirk. Good morning we're looking ahead to spring are trying to which is only about thirty days away but this forecast hasn't shown any signs of spring doesn't. I know we've got to -- a couple of called data had a that's a little bit of snow across buffalo metro area everything over the next couple of days but. It's on the bright side there is it is not a leap year or so -- have to go through February 20 ninth to get to bring. No one is the official arrival of spring -- -- march 21 I'd be out march 20. March 20 -- late in the evening probably. Act 702 AM. His appear appear at your watch. -- has it really bend stepping out of a winter forests. Well at all it's actually been a little bit -- milder winter and a little less now than normal although compared to last year certainly seemed pretty harsh that. We're running about that 26 inches below normal person they'll fall at the airport. And temperatures are running a bit about normal were actually out of a 143 years it's the 21 warmest winters so far this year. Room -- with Lake -- on track to not being frozen over completely. For the second year on -- roll boy we have to hope there were none of in for another one of those springs. You know those frosty mornings -- -- killer frost and kill our apple tree and other budding plants I mean this happened last spring. Oh well I didn't eat we did have that unusual event although if you remember from like you're part of the problem actually was it was so night. In March that a lot of things started -- early. And then when we have a normal April it caused the of their problems we got one significant cold snap. And and that caused the problems that are just that happened last year and we're going on -- a little bit of a similar track doesn't mean it's going to happen this year. Will will ice cover on the lake diminish the threat of you know pretty heavy winter. Storms hitting us anymore. I will lay it is true that I'd normally in February when Jiri is that it's it's frozen over it diminishes some -- he -- the lake those off of that lake but that's. It. In a week we still. Which right now partially frozen frozen. And it may or may not ever frees up right now it's looking like it may not quite make it clear that. It doesn't we still be around -- chance of some lake snows but it is diminishing as we get that cultures spring of course. You know we know a lot of guys are out there and who they are ice fishing this is really safe to be out there. I'm I'm not really sure I'd I would go out there. And I'll admit it's pretty rare though we don't get that freeze over completely to have two years without that's frozen Lake -- isn't. I certainly doesn't happen very often and and I'd I can't ever call off and whether he had two consecutive years where we have -- present over completely of course. We have a little time -- psychic completely rule it out but right now it's looking I'm looking like -- second struggled a breeze completely cover. Okay well we just wanted to look ahead to spring and thanks for doing that with -- Kirk we appreciate it are brought out by warmed up then yeah we did that National Weather Service meteorologist Kirk apple joining us from. The National Weather Service office of buffalo airport.

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