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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sequestration Frustration - Dave Levinthal

Sequestration Frustration - Dave Levinthal

Feb 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is our -- senior political reporter for the Center for Public Integrity morning -- Is there it -- with immigration when he said Tuesday it leaked immigration plan from the White House that talent talk about that. Absolutely and that this is something that is a little bit political gamesmanship as we see so much here in Washington that global. Local and -- but that's something that the Obama administration. You know they made a calculated decision to go and -- the -- out it's. It's something that really rankled Republicans Marco Rubio said that the plant would be. Yeah Ottawa at all it ever got through congress and the courts congress right now is working on its own piece of what display and so Obama administration out pretty much is to witness it it here at least. You optical and Eric. Republicans and Democrats in congress that you guys conducted herself in a conviction or you can pass -- on belt and I'm gonna be on your heels. My own proposal the only -- it says it's running -- -- -- -- here is back he's going to -- Republicans. And that perhaps to run the risk of having Republicans and Democrats. Not even consider the issue at the top -- among all the other issues the congress dealing with right now. At every able to talk about two sequestration. In Washington this is a term that -- admitted that came out of nowhere a few weeks ago when congress. There are few people. Our listeners. Who really understand what this is all about can you explain what is all about and plain English. I had it to -- we have thirty minutes here Bono. And the -- -- that ultimately what happens if it does happen in the next month would put in automatic spending cuts. What you caught the war but focusing very heavily. On the defense industry for example. That would effectively cause budget reductions set to take place automatically. And spending cuts -- to take -- exploited automatically that is something that congress decide it was going to be necessary that the president's. Years ago a couple of years ago -- the thought it would be necessary if congress and the White House could not to deal in order to make budget cuts in order is paid on the debt. And that it's something that ultimately would view it at that I'm the sort of a last resort but. Really consider becoming a reality is as far as we concede that the White House. And -- its that the itself at times the spoken and tried to -- there's been another and that isn't quite circuit clerk and draconian. But that eleven out of time here in congress has been on vacation Obama thought thought they would cycle words that doesn't appear like a whole lot of action right now it's taking place in the nation's capital. And the president we understand today's using emergency responders very standing with them. To show that their jobs will be on the line that the sequester takes effect. The that this is that true and both sides both Republicans and Democrats are trying to use at a political opportunity to show that their side is right there. Their philosophy is great but their plan as right. But at the end of the paper here no air. There is nothing moving forward. I it dispute that most people like it -- and it's very possible that that these sequester as it's called it's going to take place that the cops what happened. Of course congress and the White House can come back to the table. And the site to put in with some alternative plan in place but it after the fact but that could be a -- two weeks. -- -- Elarton took like everything here lightly at Washington. Every once in the likes to go to the land management is every final seconds but they have in order to get my daughter even goes beyond that on. -- they come up with a term sequestered. Don't know the quality of it that per say but. It's basically a technical term that says -- Certainly talked about the media that everyone's been using politically. But ultimately what it means is that they're putting away are putting aside all of these things that. With a lot of people might be very very bad for the country. As cots and that's something that would be a reduction in services that something would be. The defund it as a result of the need to. Eight down the national debt balance the budget and that as a result that this is determined that it would be US throughout it's not thing. Else could happen if nothing else would be put in place by congress in the White House. And there were kind of at that the -- -- right now something that what happened previously thought that was. But off a couple of months and here we are again all over again -- like the movie Groundhog Day except. Politically speaking. Okay Dave we'll talk to next week thanks for the time. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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